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Avengers Infinity Quest Thread.

By Napoleon

4 months ago

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Post #143 What we know 29th August Posted by NeilMcRae (4 months ago)

Post #2643 Stern fix for subway hangups right before VUK Posted by Fezmid (23 days ago)

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#756 4 months ago

Very interested in this beast.

#919 4 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

I guess someone mocked this up and messaged me about doing this for their premium. Not a problem and I’d accent with yellow bolts
[quoted image]

Knowing the amazing work you do, you could add a yellow metal flake to the clear coat on the armour for that extra pop.

#931 4 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

I’d do big ol nasty gold flakes in it

I did this to my Tron, very hard to take a pic of it, but it's blue flake on ink black. Wanted it to look spacey.

IMG_20200528_193725 (resized).jpg
#992 4 months ago
Quoted from yancy:

Ah yes, Tron, the famous outer space movie.
(just a little friendly ballbusting)

Quoted from yancy:

Ah yes, Metallica, the famous outer space band.
(I'll be here all night, tip your server)

I was told to try the veal.

Discount Thursday nights.

#1078 4 months ago

In on a le

Can't wait to wrap my hands around that Thanos banana!!

#1090 4 months ago

The le has a built in vibrator.... Errr.... Shaker motor.

#1099 4 months ago

The rollercoaster look of the captain marvel ramp is still my favourite thing to see in the pics.

Just wow!

#1101 4 months ago
Quoted from TheCoinSlotTC:

Had an LE setup for a local customer that passed if anyone looking.

T-minus 5 minutes

#1241 4 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Your math is close, and the mirrored backglass probably can't be bought separate unless you own an LE.
Means alot to some people, nothing to others.. I don't have yellow armour on any of my other games, and like the LE package...just me though...

Not just you. I literally said this to a few people. I like the look and I have nothing else yellow.

#1244 4 months ago
Quoted from MightyGrave:

I'll treat all "limited pre-orders" to their limited edition, but after a short calculation, the premium is enough for me. After modding the premium up to an LE (exepct backglass) I save about 1000 bucks and get the same gameplay...I'm fine with it.
Maybe someone can so some mockups for the premium trim color.

How do you calculate $1000 saved?

Unless you aren't doing all the changes, there's no way you'll be able to do it all for only $400

#1247 4 months ago
Quoted from MightyGrave:

In Germany the price difference between le and premium is about 1800 $ incl. Tax.
The Upgrades (colored trim incl. coindoor, shaker, invis-glass, custom inside Art blades, and a "small" Soundupgrade is about 750$.
Coated trim $250
HD Glass $192
Art Blades $90
Shaker $142
Speakers $75
+ diy speaker lights and shooterrod for about 50 bucks but it's diy.

Now it makes sense. I assume most people on here talk in usd.

$1400 usd for me is almost $1900 cad (depending on the day)

Now I understand

Le was still my method of choice though

#1268 4 months ago

This was similar to the art blades on iron maiden.

They looked alike but we're missing eddie's and explosions I believe.

#1275 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Here's the "animations" all put together for those that don't want to set foot in the evil empire of Facebook to see what they look like...[quoted image]

I'm so excited

#1283 4 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Looks better than Deadpool so far IMO. But still looking very retro video gamey.
Im not a huge fan of these still/fake moving images - everything begins to look the same, but it seems the way Stern is going since LCD.

I much prefer this to the 3d effort on TMNT.

I respect the animator and the efforts made, but the 3d animations did not match the zy artwork at all and it really throws the game off.

These carton style 2d animations fit well with the art and I like them a lot.

Curious to see proper in game screens before I make any final judgement though.

#1600 4 months ago

When it comes to pinball, I'm totally not a deep rules guy. I like a nice shooter and something easy to understand off the bat. It doesn't mean don't add depth, it just means have a good starting point so anyone can walk up and play it.

I think that is done here and will likely be polished up to be more friendly to everyone.

The biggest issue with the stream last night is that you have a game that was set up VERY difficult (said so on stream).

Add in you have the best players in the world (literally)

And they know the deeper objectives to go for so are strategizing what to do.

This takes away the luster for the non-pro player as it now screams difficult.

This in my opinion is just an illusion of the stream.

Wait until jack danger plays it solo, without major depth to startegy due to lack of game knowledge. He is an amazing player, a great showman, and will rehype you into loving the game.

I think we all go into the reveal expecting fireworks, but without knowing what to look for you may not get the feeling of what it's actually like to play.

#1729 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

I'll do my best to explain what's going on for Friday's stream.
If we can't fully explain whats going on since we'll have a guest host with us, I'll give you a deep-dive next week from my studio!

If it weren't being streamed with marvel specifically, I would have loved to see you dressed as superman or batman just to troll the whole video.

A superhero is a superhero.... Amirite?

Just kidding of course, but man, I feel a lot of your regular viewers would laugh.

We need more jack costumes.

#1825 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

*Opens secret closet full of Fedoras*
I gotta do what I gotta do.

if the secret closet is where I think it is... Make sure to shake off all the spiders.

#1826 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

Make it 10K and I’ll ONLY be wearing a mask. Rawr.

Where do I sign up?

Is there an option for private party?

God I hate my puns.

#2068 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

FOR SURE this Wednesday (usual time)
We might stream it the day prior as well, just to make sure we're brushed up on the rules and shots for the Front Page the following day.

Gonna set it up outside the studio? Last I watched you were jam packed...

Bonus: if you're outside, you won't need to forget to lock the door

#2075 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

I may have to set it up ON TOP of some other pins

Good thing you have the height advantage.

I rarely feel short at 6'1, but when we met at pinburgh a couple years ago, I felt like a child.

Makes sense though, I'm often referred to as a man child.

#2121 4 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

Well if Keith says so... bottom setting for my outlane posts it is

You're a better player than that.

No posts!!

#2169 4 months ago

One big thing I hope can be changed is explaining the gems to the player.

They only tell you what there "power" is once you place it on a shot.

I think if the mode select screen said something before you even select the gem mode it would be more user friendly. (Especially if you don't own the game or have had limited playtime)

This gives a player who may not be a pro at least a choice of something to boost a shot that they are aware of before having to win it.

Add to that, to place a gem you have to shoot the shot, which means, you likely arent looking at the display when you do it.

Just my thought, and I hope it makes sense to those reading.

#2180 4 months ago
Quoted from skogen75:

I think there is a selectable mode at the start. I’m sure I saw it on the first stream at Stern. Ray demo’ed it once, unless I’m making that up.

Usually the reveal stream has dev code that they can just select stuff that the avg code won't give access to.

It was shown on Ghostbusters code update and dwight listened to the people and gave us access to are you a god ....

It's awesome.

#2186 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:


Stop it, you're making the english Canadians uncomfortable

#2210 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Loose tilt, 10 ball, death saves a plenty.


He literally dropped the Bob into the cabinet where the coin box goes...

Actually not sure why it was giving him dangers still.

#2214 4 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Still, he's pretty f ing good. Tilt bob or not.
He got through the game on 5 balls with death saves and EB's. Didn't need 10, the final 5 was just chopping wood
I mean i'm 6-3 and 230 and can throw a pin around but he's 6-7 and just leverages up on that thing!

It's not always about physical strength, Jack has serious skill and knows exactly how to shake and wiggle.

Even with the loose bob, he had a miraculous right outlane wiggle back without even a warning (prior to the youtube portion)

He has a ton of technical skills.

He knows how to manipulate balls.

#2215 4 months ago

Yes, I chose all my words exactly as I wanted to in that last post.

#2230 4 months ago

As good as this one was, there was a better one. It was while Gavin was still there so jack would still be wearing his mask.

#2234 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It’s based off the comic books[quoted image]

This is where I get hella confused...

Isn't the gauntlet supposed to be the left hand?

I'm not a comic aficionado, so I'm happy to be corrected.

#2259 4 months ago

LE's on the line and officially being boxed up for delivery!

FB_IMG_1600463692394 (resized).jpg
#2263 4 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

European. See coin door.

Good eye, but still means they are on the line.

There was another pic of others on the line

#2267 4 months ago
Quoted from NC_Pin:

Interesting, if that was all lines that would put their yearly production at 12k-15k a year. Figure 5 models a year....they are building 2000-3000 of each model.

That's based on even split math though.

We know some games run while others don't. We also know higher demand games will run more than lesser of course too.

1 week later
#2316 3 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

Be a shit player like me and every games a winner and a lifetime keeper

Not according to your scores ans ifpa rating

#2319 3 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

I have an ifpa rating? How did I get one of those? I haven’t even played a competitive game of pinball at a comp, ever.

Maybe I'm mixing you up with someone.

I'm not even sure anymore.

#2322 3 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

Don’t need to check I know meegis has me mixed up with someone else, I’ve never played in a comp so I’d be worried if I had an ifpa rating that was anything but bottom of the table

I apologize my stalking skills are not up to date in the uk.

Who am I thinking of?


#2327 3 months ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Congrats! Though your story seems a little far fetched. “Every game I want” appears to be only one game, in the middle of an empty room.
Just sayin.

What if he only wants one game?

1 week later
#2371 3 months ago
Quoted from pinlawyer:

But it then let’s go. The balls don’t actually lock there.

It's only a momentary hold. It does not stay there.

The only time I believe it holds longer is for a super jackpot shot it will hold one until you knock it out. Even that will eventually drop too.

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