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Avengers Infinity Quest Thread.

By Napoleon

4 months ago

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Post #143 What we know 29th August Posted by NeilMcRae (4 months ago)

Post #2643 Stern fix for subway hangups right before VUK Posted by Fezmid (20 days ago)

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#1544 4 months ago

Tonight was a blast!
Thanks for tuning in folks.
Friday is gonna be a more “Solo” vibe with direct audio.
Next week will be another front page stream, from my studio, just me... you... and the game. ❤️❤️

#1581 4 months ago

Here is the Youtube VOD!

#1610 4 months ago

I’ll do my best on Friday to explain what I’m doing on the game when I’m shooting. There will be a guest marvel host on a zoom call with us, so it won’t JUST be me.

We’ll also have direct audio off the machine for Friday.

ALSO, we have our Avengers coming to the studio, so I’ll do a “Just you and me” stream early next week. ❤️

#1615 4 months ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Thanks Jack. Much appreciated. Who is the guest marvel host?

A good friend of mine and one of Marvels hosting team. Not sure I’m allowed to give anything away.

#1616 4 months ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

what are your thoughts about this game?

I like what I shot! It’s hard for me to focus during the reveal streams because my mind is on the technicality of the broadcast, and with the little internet hiccups we were having, I wasn’t all there.

I get a real feel for the game when I’m in my studio with the chat solo.

I WILL say, whatever you WANTED to shoot, the ball just went there. The gauntlet ramp hurt my head that it was working from that top flipper so well. Haha

#1617 4 months ago

If I had to pick a “hardest shot”, it’s the little loop from the top flipper, but that’s the Elwin special! ❤️

#1635 4 months ago
Quoted from Potatoloco:

Widescreen lens at a shallow angle dramatically alters the presentation. I wish more would do it this way.

I can promise you, with the utmost confidence, this would not work/look good.
If you want a "Pinball Arcade" view, then the players can't actually play.
Simple as that.

#1639 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Bowen seemed to do it fine. Unless I’m misunderstanding.

Bowen is one person, of one height, of one playstyle.
Once you get different people who move, are taller/shorter, etc, this falls apart.

#1641 4 months ago
Quoted from Potatoloco:

It works. I do this at home during practice to see geometry from a first person POV. All it takes is a rolling rig that places the camera right above the apron. Unless someone is literally leaning on the pin or is 3 feet tall, it's not in the way.

How can you get the players view without a camera being in the players view?
Take into account I'm 6'7 and move a lot when I play, Ray is 5' 10(assuming), this isn't obstructing anyone's view or playspace?

#1644 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yep. Harder with more people, but can still be done. Everyone is taller than 5ft so just need to have a tripod about 3-4” away from the front of the game and allow the player to stand behind it and look over it. Not the most comfortable for the player, but it can be done.

I've done several broadcasts with a camera between my legs to show off the playfield for stranger things.
It sucks. I kick the damn thing ALLL the time. haha.

#1649 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

This is what it would look like. As long as your arms aren’t super short, should be fine. But if you’re an animated player, you’ll have to chillax a bit. [quoted image]

Yeah this is what I did with stranger things. After about 20 minutes, if I wasnt kicking it, my arms/back hurt.

#1655 4 months ago
Quoted from Saddath:

tbh i could not play with that. I'm fairly active while playing. Straining some muscles during play is absolutely possible
that thing would fall over in Ball 1

I literally slapped the camera over trying this setup with Star Wars back in the day.
(Trying to use the action button)

#1658 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yeah it’s easy to have this idea, but when you see it in practice, or try yourself, it’s not comfortable. If it was, this would most likely be a standard cam angle for streams.

If this was comfortable and practical for everyone, this would be the norm.

#1660 4 months ago

Anywho, thanks sk8ball for the hangs last night.
Game played great, and now that you posted the rules, I'll tear this baby apart Friday!

#1663 4 months ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Y'all got to step up your game.[quoted image]

I mean, if stern will spring for it, I'm game. HAHA

#1669 4 months ago
Quoted from PoMC:

My crude home brew rig using an iPhone as the camera that clamps in the gooseneck holder. The camera is just a little behind the lock down bar and in front of my chest. Nothing is in the way of my legs or in front of me. This gives me the best view for anyone watching when I stream on a Facebook group. Gets the entire play field and the DMD or LCD screen in the frame with a slightly more POV versus top down.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Yeah when my gear is MIA, the phone "all in one" layout is a nice fallback.
That basket tho!

#1672 4 months ago
Quoted from NC_Pin:

As someone with several YT buttons hanging on the wall I can attest that the Dedflip set-up was very solid. I am assuming that you used a Stream Deck to manage the feeds? Nice job pulling it all off. It is much harder than it looks.

I have the little baby stream deck. LOVE IT!
My rig is becoming too much for laptop use, and I might have to finally splurge for a desktop computer. :O

#1677 4 months ago
Quoted from NC_Pin:

I was wondering about that too. You are keying out the background plus managing multiple video streams. I can see it being stressful.... not to mention managing in blips in the bandwidth.
I use custom built Origin laptops. They will actually make you one with the guts of a desktop, so you can drop in a high-end processor and graphics card.

Yooo message me. HAHA

#1678 4 months ago

I'm excited to see how different the pro plays.

#1698 4 months ago
Quoted from spandol:

One thing I really missed, like on the JP stream, Elwin walked through the game at the beginning.

I'll do my best to explain what's going on for Friday's stream.
If we can't fully explain whats going on since we'll have a guest host with us, I'll give you a deep-dive next week from my studio!

#1798 4 months ago

Some notes about the Marvel stream tonight.
Front page so... good luck chatting.
1080@30FPS (Marvel’s tech orders)
Just me physically playing.
Second remote (Celeb marvel host) will be fielding question for me from the chat.

I’ll explain what I can, but this stream is about showing Joe Q. Public how fun pinball is and more specifically; Avengers.

#1802 4 months ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

we're plunking down 9k cuz we saw jack danger in a mask showing off a new pin? cmon...

Make it 10K and I’ll ONLY be wearing a mask. Rawr.

#1804 4 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I thought it was too funny about you being a hipster.
I don’t know exactly what a hipster is but i did just google and this is one image that came up. Just saying.
[quoted image]


#1807 4 months ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

hehe, to be honest i bought most of my pins because you showed them off in an entertaining way and got me interested.
i have no possiblilties to test the games, so i have to order them blind.

Heck yeah mar dude!
This Wednesday, I’ll be streaming the game from my studio... THATS the real test of a pin. ❤️❤️

#1809 4 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

Thanks for doing what you do Jack. It definitely helps when most of the country can't go out and play a machine in person.

Literally my pleasure.
I need to make it up your way once it’s a little safer to do so!

#1815 4 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Sorry Jack, WE know youre not a hipster but a tall, thin, sometimes mustached, well dressed guy who is into pinball checks a lot of the hipster bingo sheet. Wear a fadora in the next stream and even I might start to doubt you lol.
Ok now you HAVE to rock a hipster hat tonight lol

*Opens secret closet full of Fedoras*
I gotta do what I gotta do.

#1817 4 months ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

Looking forward to the stream tonight, sir. Do you know (meaning have you played the pro enough to answer) about the "Change GEMS" question I had earlier in the thread? The insert is on the right Pym target with no VUK, so it can't hold the ball to actually move the GEMS around.

I haven’t touched a pro yet.
Going in early to learn all I can!

#1848 4 months ago


#1880 4 months ago

Ayyyy thanks for all the kind words, folks!
That was a blast.

Huge shout to marvel for trusting me to take over their channel. Justin, for those that don’t know, is a buddy of mine and Food Network royalty!

I got my premium ready to come to the studio for the big test!

#1928 4 months ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

remove it anyway. Who the hell wants look at those guys?

Well now you gone and done it. Gotta make my face cam bigger now.

#1929 4 months ago

I’m excited for Wednesday.
The game we’re taking home is Elwin’s personal game. Un-serialed. I think he may have cried when he rolled it over to me.
I heard him whisper “my baby”.
Couldn’t tell if he was referring to the game or if he was crushing on me.
Either way...

#1931 4 months ago

This game’s code, in theory, feels like Batman 66.
There is the stuff up front everyone can do, it’s fun, easy, and accessible.

The gems, and their placement, can become as challenging as you want to make them (like the minor villains in BM66) Collect them for their primary objective ezpz, or exploit their nuanced powers and go for some strange/exciting scoring setups.

#1934 4 months ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

I think Jack just sold a ton more games for Stern with this format.

Thanks dude!
We’re gonna give the LE/Prem the old DeadFlip studio gloss once it gets to my place!

#1948 4 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

You're like pinball's Bob Barker lol.

This may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me period. Haha

#1958 4 months ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Hey, leave us terrible players alone. Limited flips won't come into play.....

Last night I thought about why I felt so different after one stream versus the other, and I think it boiled down to professionalism. The Marvel stream was obviously influenced by the way Marvel oversees all of their content. Jack was a little more restrained and focused in the Marvel stream as opposed to being off camera a lot chatting with other people in the same room, etc.. Having Justin Warner on there, a seasoned TV personality, really helped as well.

Marvel’s only rules were no swearing, no mentioning third parties. (Thinking back, I don’t even think ‘no swearing’ was even a rule)
They hired me to do what I do. (I want a heart emoji on Pinside)
I actually requested Justin, they had another person they wanted on stream with me.

#1960 4 months ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Was it Josh Brolin?


#2060 4 months ago

More Avengers this week?
You know it!
Also recording a physical shot/rule walk-through and my first takes for the YouTubes as well.
There wont be an "unboxing" video, since we're getting Keith's personal test machine. :O

#2062 4 months ago
Quoted from zeldarioid:

Hell yeah! Do you know yet what day you’ll be streaming AIQ?

FOR SURE this Wednesday (usual time)
We might stream it the day prior as well, just to make sure we're brushed up on the rules and shots for the Front Page the following day.

#2069 4 months ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Gonna set it up outside the studio? Last I watched you were jam packed...
Bonus: if you're outside, you won't need to forget to lock the door

I may have to set it up ON TOP of some other pins

#2074 4 months ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

what're your personal thoughts on overall feel of the game in relation to other games in pin history?

I can't really focus on a game when I'm doing these reveals.
This Tuesday and Wednesday, when we stream it from the studio, you'll get my full review as it happens!
I've changed what I think the hardest shot is btw. The sanctum target might be the toughest shot.

#2081 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Cherry bomb is great fun. Sometimes it’s fun to know you just have a certain amount of time to rack up all the points you can. A welcomed alternative to some mini wizards that are over in 5 seconds.

That dam mouth opening and closing while you have every ball on the playfield is maximum frustration fun!

#2082 4 months ago
Quoted from skogen75:

Curious to watch the stream coming up to see if the Captain Marvel wireform that feeds the right inlane Skips lighting the “O” in Iron. And that only the other wireform ,”Panther” would light it.

That wirefom, if I'm not mistaken, isn't supposed to light the "o".

#2106 4 months ago

Tune in tonight!! It's the LE/Prem we played last Wednesday!
6PM C.

#2109 4 months ago
Quoted from steele67:

Can we get more than Board shots of it tonight?? Jazzed fer this Cabinet #YELLOW

I plan on getting the camera reaaaaaaal deep in there.

#2112 4 months ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

Seems like only yesterday that Uncle Gary only trusted you with Pro models, lol. Don't think I'll be able to watch live tonight, but will catch the replay.

Those were the days.

#2124 4 months ago
Quoted from AJB4:

played the demonstration Pro game at Trent's barn
shots are smooth, easily findable, but you need to hit them with authority
mix master sling ring thing seems harder than it looks
flow on the pro is excellent but the right side of the game feels empty for some reason.
right outlane is a gobble-hole
overall the game is going to be a big winner
I am in for an LE but the game play on the pro is outstanding and is just fine.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Trent gets ALL the cool toys.

#2126 4 months ago
Quoted from japespin:

Wow. Thanks for sharing. What's underneath the portal windows, where the subway normally is on the Prem/LE? Is it just bare wood and LEDs, or did they dress it up with artwork underneath?

There is recessed art under the windows, of the DR. Strange portals.

#2134 4 months ago
Quoted from freddy:

What time is the stream?


#2136 4 months ago
Quoted from freddy:

What time is the stream?

The game is arriving late, so the stream will be starting as I'm setting the game up.
It'll give ya time to go grab a bite or something

#2137 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

The game is arriving late, so the stream will be starting as I'm setting the game up.
It'll give ya time to go grab a bite or something

AKA Gavin is off playing it somewhere before he drops it off I bet. HAHA

#2149 4 months ago
Quoted from djsoup:

Killer stream deadflip !! That Cradle ball/Death save you did was the stuff of legends.. wow!


#2150 4 months ago

Here is the Twitch VOD if you want it now, the Youtube version will be up later.

Rules explorations, Ray in chat to guide us, we end with a 10-ball exhibition game to show off what we can!

#2151 4 months ago
Quoted from djsoup:

Killer stream deadflip !! That Cradle ball/Death save you did was the stuff of legends.. wow!


#2156 4 months ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Great stream again.
My only complain is the language
On a previous stream, i asked if there were negative shots during battle. You said no. Don’t you think it could be a cool feature to have negative shots like on Alien during battles (or at least for one battle)?
All battles are in the same « conception »? Hitting colored shots of the avenger to defeat the villain?

I do TRY not to swear, but sometimes a game just pulls it out of ya. Haha

#2163 4 months ago
Quoted from ViperJelly:

Really liked the stream, great job Jack. A little concerning that Jack beat Thanos on his 5th ball with limited playtime on the machine. He is obviously well above average but wow. I saw the death saves and I know the tilt bob was...inactive but still.

10-balls Yes
Deathsaves Always
Tiltbob was on, just mega loose. (I trolled with a bob I had from my Sam prototype)
Exhibition games are meant for easier exploration. Also, Ray said he fixed some of the stuff we were going through last night.

#2177 4 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I'm laughing at that one because there are 26 trophies? We saw Jack go through how many balls and time on that game and didn't come close?
Maybe we can get a trophy carryover for the mere mortal crowd? Come on man!

I busted my A$$ for 11-16 of em.
To be fair, I wasnt gunning for them.

#2181 4 months ago

By the way, if last night wasn't enough for ya...
We're streaming it again TONIGHT on the Front Page of Twitch.
If you got some time to chill, swing on by!

#2183 4 months ago
Quoted from pterofractal:

What time are you planning on going live tonight?
Also now that you've had time with the game, do you think there are a variety of good strategies when going for a high score, or do you need to follow a specific path?

Tonight will be just casual, and I'll periodically explain what I'm doing while playing.
Non-pinheads dont give two craps about rules, but if you tell them that you're trying to hit one thing to make something big happen, THAT they can get behind.

I don't have gameplay strats yet, but gettgin all your gems asap seems pretty legit.

#2185 4 months ago


#2198 4 months ago
Quoted from djsoup:

That was the first time I've ever seen a death save. I had no idea this was possible. Like, this literally blew my mind. I mean I'm still new to the hobby, but man.. I really want to learn how to do this.

Don't learn how to deathsave!
You'll never be the same!

#2200 4 months ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

Yeah, and disable that restart feature. Your best ball of the game doesn't need to be ball 1.

That's my OCD kicking in :O

#2220 4 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Finesse and strength. I saw that right lane wiggle back. That was crazy. It was like a 25 foot jumper that bounced around the rim 10 times and then out.
"Manipulating balls" is a crucial thing.

I'm not angry at this conversation about my "Ball Manipulation"

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