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By MustangPaul

5 years ago

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#48 5 years ago

Where can you get the OCD controller?

I think one of the best parts of the game is the quality of sound and variety of call outs. Even more then Tron / IM , I always seem to hear a call out that I have never heard before. I put an FF speaker system in my game and as expected it made a great improvement.

I recently had a chance to trade mine for a very nice game and just could not pull the trigger. My wife also likes the game so it most likely will not be leaving for that reason as well.

It is interesting how people trash this game but love IM. Just because of one ramp? I am not sure how this is not in the top 100, especially the LE. Maybe I am influenced because the game personally taunts me " I don't think you have enough balls , Sully".

4 years later
#1433 10 months ago

Re joined this club! I sold my LE a while ago. Just picked up a nice pro. Except for a few key inserts going to stay incandescent. All the flashers will be changed out to LED's. A lot of the GI's are LED's all ready.I have a blue LED Display that I am going to install. Speaker up grade and speaker lights coming. I remember upgrading the speakers made a big difference on my LE. I guess I also need a shaker.

The call outs on this game are great. Stacking multi balls just like BSD for me on this one.

#1435 10 months ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Good to see you back, think the pro will keep you happy.

Thanks, I think so. The LE Chrome is really pretty and I miss that. I thought I would miss the NAVI ball but actually not. From what I can tell , the same game with out the dolls and opening lid. It is a fast paced, flow type game . The sound package is really good and gets better with better speakers. Changed some flashers to LED last night and that really adds to the light show pop. Tried changing the inserts to LED and UGH. I know, I could buy an OCD board but the incandescents actually look better in this table then others.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get a Mustang Boss /LE and an Avengers LE back into the line up. It is funny of all the games I have owned I miss them and Avatar the most .

1 week later
#1441 10 months ago

Was working on mine and added a Stern Red filter for the DMD. I like the look versus the blue.

A27BD655-24D3-49C8-AACA-FC7575087936 (resized).jpeg
2 months later
#1453 7 months ago
Quoted from ZEN:

So, I am officially back in this club. I purchased a very unique Avatar, a new in box LE, that has some damage. It was a unique find and game that needs full teardown and disassembly before I can even put a ball on it. I have some videos and I am documenting the journey.. I'll share soon.
I missed my Avatar pro so much, hopefully this will payoff.. here is a taste of what I'm dealing with..more to come Avatar fans.. if there is a mech or teardown you need help with, I have done it..[quoted image]

Wow, cool project. Where was it stored ? How does the chrome look?

3 weeks later
#1457 7 months ago

I just added a color DMD to this game. A always, this mod makes a nice difference as you can see significantly more detail on the DMD versus the standard DMD.
I have added FF speakers to the back box, a powered sub,LED's in the flashers. I have to swap out the back box speakers with the type more compatible with speaker lights (No spacers on the speakers) and get a shaker. This game, like Ripley's, I like better with incandescents in the GI's/inserts.
This game gets a lot of play in my collection. I always seem to hear different call outs from the movie. The back box speakers make a big difference in being able to hear the callouts. Spending more time understanding the rules. The light/sound show on Link multi ball is real good. I have not been able to stack all three multi balls, yet, but working on it.

Definitely, on of Stern's most under rated DMD games.

"You have no balls Sully"

#1460 7 months ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

You can't stack 3 multiballs

Oops you cann’t?? I could have sworn , you could when I had an LE. Guess I will not try so hard to stack all three then!

Quoted from DugFreez:

Getting the speakers that do not have the spacer rings on the front of them is only needed in SPIKE games. With the SAM games like Avatar the Speaker Light Kits will work just fine with the upgraded speakers with the spacer rings attached. Even the longer hardware needed for this type of install is included. SEE ATTACHMENT
As you can see, the spacer ring sits ON the light frame (not IN the light frame) and mounts just as easily as the speakers without the spacer rings.
If you are planning on getting the Avatar acrylic designs to use with the Speaker Light Kit....I would recommend mounting the acrylic designs in the front, then the light frame and then the speaker grill between the back of the light frame and the front of the speaker's spacer ring. This will make it so the speaker grill is not between the back of the design and the light source....giving the design a cleaner look.
Doug (SpeakerLightKits.com)
[quoted image]

Thank you Sir. Lights installed!! I will never buy speaker lights from anyone else then you ever!

I guess I win the dumb post of the day award LOL! Still a great game

F5A7C338-65C8-4862-BD21-26E33C3CE3D5 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#1474 6 months ago
Quoted from Collin:

Also, is 1.1 the most recent software for the Pro?
Stern's website shows 1.2, but then the readme refers to 1.1 being the last version (or 2.0 for an alternate boardset.) I thought I'd seen chatter in here indicating 1.1 was the latest, too
[quoted image]

Not sure if it is or not. I tried to down load the LE and the pro software and neither would down load for me. I have never had this problem before.

2 months later
#1485 4 months ago
Quoted from trazy11:

Well, I’ve been keeping my out for a little while hoping to find another Le but also open to a pro as well. They pop up less and less. Especially the LE’s. Tried to grab a nice pro locally that popped up on Craigslist but someone beat me to it. After that nothing except a couple of pro’s on EBay that we’re overpriced. Finally decided to check the pinball classifieds. There was one LE NIB listed from back in October of last year. I threw out a Hail Mary and low and behold the guy still had it. He had bought a pro and and le at the same time and said he was happy with the pro and never opened the LE. We were able to work out a deal. Very nice person and a
Pleasure to deal with

Need to see pics of this bad boy . Please Please please

Any problems with the batteries leaking?

#1490 4 months ago
Quoted from ZEN:

Not the last nib LE.. I'll share this story of this one in its own thread[quoted image]

Looking forward to hearing about it! What is interesting to me is there were supposedly what 250 of these and in a short span there is posts about 3 NIB still available.

1 week later
#1496 4 months ago
Quoted from cad-kid:

Got a deal made for this huo pro that I helped to unbox 8 years ago. And yes those are the original number of plays on it. Future mods will include color dmd, leds. First purchase will be metal leg protectors.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Upgrade the back box speakers. Makes a big difference.

#1498 4 months ago
Quoted from cad-kid:

Great idea. Did you go with a pinball specific setup or something custom?

Flipper Fidelity. You will hear a lot more of the sound track. Definitely worth the money.

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