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Commodore Amiga discussion /games thread

By cdnpinbacon

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

I started the thread looking for a couple of hard to find Amiga 500 disks. I was lucky enough to find them! Anyhow, I thought I would keep the thread open for further discussion/pics/games/tech help.

#16 5 years ago

Desert strike (return to the gulf) ..one of the best video games I have ever played.

Anyone remember a game called "another world" Fantastic game and brutally hard. Amazing concept, graphics and gameplay.

#17 5 years ago


#19 5 years ago

Hey frolic did you ever go to comspec on dufferin st? I recall buying my earl weaver baseball game at Canadian tire back in the day.

#20 5 years ago

Other great games: impossible mission and impossible mission 2. Amiga Wayne Gretzky hockey
my friend also has an Amiga, we brought it out to the man-garage on the weekend and it was a big hit. Barbarian was a favourite.

#26 5 years ago

Can't wait for the Amiga modulator to arrive in the mail! Now I can start gaming a season of earl weaver baseball. Nice kijiji guy has copied the hard to find commissioners/teams disk and cannon fodder /Wayne Gretzky hockey as well for me. The modulator will allow color conversion to flat screen. Super pumped, like waiting for Santa to arrive!

#32 5 years ago

The pinball series is rated very high ,,top 10 I recall in most greatest Amiga games. Considering the number of games, over a thousand of them, The pinball series is definitely on my hit list. A friend of mine also has an Amiga and prefers the new drive that allows downloads. I'm old school and like hearing that spinning drive and organizing my cool collection. I have owned many arcade machines and sold all but one. The Amiga is a perfect portable arcade machine that offers tons of great games that aren't typically offered on raspberry pi etc.

#51 5 years ago

Now is the time to get joysticks. I'm thinking a pair of Wicos but haven't decided yet.

#53 5 years ago

I agree.. I forgot obout the epyx handheld! Great joystick

#54 5 years ago

the epyx xj 500....I am not worthy.

#55 5 years ago

Mail arrival status of class A parcel (containing Amiga modulator and rare games)

eta: tomorrow 11:08 am eastern standard time. Relatively clear Weather pattern holding for morning.

..mail lady may decide to drop off personally cause we're on good terms and I always get stuff.

should I leave a sign on the mailbox saying not come to my house??
Option 2: send a drone up around 10:45am?
Option 3: pickup mail as if nothing is to arrive?
Option 4: call mail sort terminal and request a pre alert, go directly up the chain

1 week later
#58 5 years ago

Scored 2 epyx joysticks by fluke and red necked the Amiga into an arcade!

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

1 month later
#60 5 years ago

Balance of power and port of call..a crazy strange ocean shipping simulator are games I have played alot lately...my buddy has an Amiga and gave me a copy of world beach volleyball...great game and we laughed when we saw the nude girls on the beach sidelines! Also played turrican 2 ...pretty hard but brilliant design..kudos to all the developers on this thread. It would be great for any developers to provide a list of the games involved in. I will definitely try them all.

#63 5 years ago

Old sink pipe working perfect to keep joystick panel open and beer does not spill from my custom holder!

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

#66 5 years ago
Quoted from marcand:

I loved my Amiga. Moonstone was a favorite and of mine it should be ripe for a remake!

Awesome looking game ..have to try this one for sure

#88 5 years ago

Amiga arcade lookin fly! Fun project

image (resized).jpeg

#89 5 years ago

The Amiga video modulator has worked great for conversion. Anyone looking to buy/build an Amiga, make sure it's on your hit list.

#96 5 years ago
Quoted from pmWolf:

Wait...what did you make??
Now I'm curious to know if I ever played one of your games...

Lords of war: air-hockey type game smashing opponents castle with a skull ...thats why I love the Amiga!

#116 5 years ago

Winter games wasted a lot of my teenage years

#119 5 years ago

Great memories of attending many computer shows in the 80s..Me and my buddy would take a bus to downtown Toronto and we loved every minute walking around the convention centre with our goodie bags filled with computer stuff! My friend decided to mount the convention ctr computer show map in his room...lost touch but I wonder if he ever did find a girlfriend.

#120 5 years ago

Anyone have any games they are willing to Swap/trade/sell me or to the forum?

I have been through a huge lot of copied games, unfortunately 50% partially loaded or not at all. One of my favs is balance of power but it's unplayable because it constantly crashes. I'm old school with my collection so disks only. The working games I have are;
Wayne Gretzky hockey, life and death, boxing, ports of call, earl weaver baseball and all star teams disk. Earl weaver commissioner disk, turrican2,beach volleyball. None are original disks except earl weaver baseball.

Disappointed cannon fodder didn't work!

#126 5 years ago

Luzur.fishing must be good on the Gulf of Bothnia!

#127 5 years ago

All of the games listed above are games I'm looking for, especially balance of power..nightmare level bring it on!

#128 5 years ago

Complete Amiga 500 on kijiji for 300

1 week later
#135 5 years ago

Just played "run the gauntlet" ..Amiga games are not short on difficulty

1 week later
#141 4 years ago

Picking up a boxed,complete version of balance of power and boxed Jurassic park ,sim city, sim life games tomorrow. Pretty excited.. Jurrasic park looks pretty good. 25 bucks for all.. can't go wrong and close to my work for pickup. He says he purchased a separate b.o.p. manual that's included? Looking forward to seeing that.

#142 4 years ago
Quoted from BOBCADE:

Wow just found this thread. Amiga nut here and have two 1200's with 030s, 3000, 2000 (with 030 and vid card), a stock 500, and three 1084 (one a s). Now to read this thread

Welcome! This thread has been a great help for me in finding great games and is interesting to read the posts from writers/developers/fans. I remember computer class thinking how I wished it was an Amiga..great times/memories.. the games, programs and system have aged like fine wine.

#144 4 years ago

Cool manual was purchased separately overseas. Great deal!

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

#145 4 years ago

Darn! Game loads via boot disk but no mouse pointer?? Lame. I hear Nelson from the Simpsons laughing somewhere.

#147 4 years ago

I think my drive is pooched..

#153 4 years ago

I purchased a fair sized misc. collection of games. I don't think too many originals but should be interesting to see what games are in the collection. Couldn't go wrong with the price so decided to make the deal. What decent Amiga stuff that hits kijiji moves pretty fast in my neck of the woods.

#154 4 years ago

Collection growing!

image (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

6 months later
#195 4 years ago

Calm down bubbles it's not like it's helix or anything...lol

image (resized).jpg

1 week later
#201 4 years ago

Also have one of those micro joysticks ...Size of a "Loonie" canadia dollar eh

1 year later
#207 3 years ago

Some of my favourite times as a kid traveling to the computer shows with my buddy.
One time we went to the computer show and then checked out the star trek convention show all in the same day...heaven!

2 weeks later
#225 3 years ago

Yeah me too...may try as well. Premium edition (physical software) I --50 bucks. The software that comes free 5 or six games includes pinball.

1 month later
#229 3 years ago

Found a retro bit gameboy emulator for sale at my local convenience store. Wanted 60 bucks.
Pretty funny

#230 3 years ago

Debating about creating info thread on the pandora pcb . Decided to keep it here.
I have an arcade cab ready for the adapter that allows seamless jamma hookup kind of regret not buying the original version. The bootleg does not store highscore saves or allow a favourites list.

1 month later
#238 2 years ago

The best hockey simulator of all time is still Wayne gretzky hockey ...it's 2018

3 months later
#239 2 years ago

Bump to keep thread alive

#241 2 years ago

Took a trip to Walmart today. Wife said I'm going to look for bowls. I said meet me at electronics section. Picked up commodore 64 mini. .beyond cool

#242 2 years ago

Returned mini with the news of a full size functional keyboard replacement coming soon by same company. Mini was ok but game selection was kind of lame aside from winter,world,summer games and impossible mission series.

3 weeks later
#243 2 years ago

Found a mini on Kijiji for 50 bucks...hardly used, couldn't resist . May as well have both versions .
Nib at walmart $99 so at least I saved 50 bucks.

1 month later
#244 2 years ago

Get your geek on! Just arrived today the Konami gameboy Hyperboy. Turns the gameboy into a mini arcade and magnifies image. Better quality than I expected and speakers/joystick work great. Super cool!

02B9BD7F-56E6-47C5-8E57-DD3DFF507842 (resized).jpeg45CC70A2-F976-48A7-AB55-0BE60E5A374C (resized).jpeg4B75EDC9-246F-4875-AC9D-A0F56310C5F4 (resized).jpeg5BB57B72-4BF5-4150-82DA-8A9B17C1ADA2 (resized).jpeg739244AB-E6F3-4A69-981F-75F797AEE59A (resized).jpegDD9B6197-C9B2-451C-9E0D-694BCFEE5CDC (resized).jpeg
#245 2 years ago

I would also change my opinion of the mini 64 games selection. Many more games are excellent. Great buy although the joystick is chinsy

1 year later
#262 1 year ago

What games? Like to play them

1 week later
#264 1 year ago

How robust is the games library ? Such as Wayne Gretzky hockey series...seems only certain Amiga games offered.

#270 1 year ago
Quoted from dmilo:

I don't think I understand your question. No games are included. The Amiga Core supports Amiga 100/500/2000/3000, Amiga 600/1200,4000 almost all OCS/ECS/AGA custom resolutions, PAL/NTSC. The entire game library should work, especially if you find a version of a game without copy protection. I have not found any game that doesn't work. I have probably have a couple thousand games on the VHD image (including Wayne Gretzky 1 & 2), The VHD doesn't have every game, but those aren't included you can download and run as a floppy.

Yes I know ...just wondering what games are available these days. I am interested in making a Dedicated Wayne Gretzky hockey arcade game. Love your help to be honest. The Amiga tank mice are a perfect start for controls.

4 months later
#289 8 months ago

I say again ..The greatest hockey Simulation of all time , to this day , is Wayne Gretzky hockey With the commissioner disk is perfection. Earl weaver baseball is the reason i begged my parents for an Amiga. 1-2 may favorite Amiga games.

#296 8 months ago

Can we as a group , design our own “Amiga pie”?

#297 8 months ago

Balance of power

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