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Attention! Don't get scammed!

By robin

1 year ago

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    Post #127 New Site Feature - Address Verification Posted by robin (9 months ago)

    Post #201 Guide on identifying scam game seller websites Posted by ForceFlow (4 months ago)

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    #18 1 year ago

    A friend of mine and fellow pinside member recently sold an expensive machine on here in the 10k+ range.

    In doing so he supplied character references to the potential buyer as part of the process. Basically he gave the buyer the contact information of 3 established pinsiders who know him personally (myself included) that could vouch that he did indeed own said machine and it was a legit sale.

    This probably won’t work for the random person just selling one machine. However anyone that’s been around a while shouldn’t have a problem supplying this.

    #26 1 year ago

    For what it’s worth, these sort of scams are not unique to Pinball.
    I’ve been involved in the collectibles industry my entire life and this sort of thing is happening (and has been happening) in nearly every field.

    It’s sad, but it’s the world we live in.
    Be smart and don’t take unnecessary risks.

    2 weeks later
    #67 1 year ago
    Quoted from robin:

    Besides address verification and the ideas mentioned in this thread, I'm also looking into the possibilities of a Pinside escrow service, where Pinside would hold funds until an actual game arrives. A panel of volunteer Pinsiders could anonymously judge any disputes.

    That’s a really interesting concept and I’m curious to see where you go with this.
    I belong to several trade organizations within my industry that have similar systems in play for dispute resolution.
    Disputes go to arbitration and both parties plead their case before a panel of their peers. This is legal and binding.
    I.E. by agreeing to go to arbitration regardless if you win or lose the descion made by the panel is final and you forfeit the right to legal action by going through this process.
    The organizations obviously have a code of ethics and bylaws that you need to adhere to as a dealer. Normally this is not an issue and arbitration’s only happen when people skirt the rules. For the most part self regulation with an industry is a good thing as long as there are well worded rules, guidelines and a code of ethics outlining how one is to conduct themselves in a transaction.

    1 year later
    #231 42 days ago
    Quoted from ant68:

    Just thought I would let you know the truth about the Austin Powers Pinball I bought from Rob RVDV.
    Firstly take a look at this video, it starts off in slow motion then towards the end there are before and after photos.

    In all honesty I am the one that got scammed, and I did not claim the full amount back from the credit card company only part of the amount to help me move it on and recover some of the shipping expenses which ended up been a waste of money. Don't believe everything you read !
    This was only after I reached out to Rob to inform him how I was mislead by his false description of the pinball and that I paid way over market price for a pinball with these defects, and then incurring the cost in shipping it all the way to Australia in which he refused to help.
    "Well I’m sorry I guess your disappointed
    But machine is out of my possession for 5 months
    And it’s in Australia so nothing I can do"
    The pinball is suffering from bad planking and as Rob suggested for me to claim it on the shippers insurance to cover this, well that is totally wrong ,and it seems to me Rob pre had it all planed out.
    "Go and sort this out with your agent who received the machine and transported
    I assume you had insurance on shipping this game "
    Photos of the scrapes, scratches etc etc were existing on the " Mint Pinball " shown in the photos taken in his home ( prior to packing ) but the photos were taken conveniently in a dark room I reluctantly missed seeing the defects. I guess it's my fault for believing and trusting him, how was I supposed to know he is a dishonest person.
    Goes to show you what type of charter he is !
    Take a look at this youtube clip and let me know your thoughts, if the pinball was "Mint" when it left his home and in the 4 months of transit time of which it was on the water for about 40 and days all this planking happened and the scratches and scapes happening in transit happen to be exactly the same scratches and scapes shown in his photo prior to it leaving his home.
    In my and other pinball collectors view, planking like this happens over a period of years when the layer of ply start to seperate caused from a manufacturing fault.This can't happen in a 3-4 moth period . If you look closely in my video you can faintly see planking in the white part of the cabinet before the pinball left his home. Also I bought over 6 other pinballs at the same time in the same container and all arrived sound and safely with no issue whats so ever.
    As Rob put it
    "The game was mint on the cabinet not a scratch or Nick on it, no discoloration "
    Hope you all can understand the position I am in now after you have learnt the truth.
    Beware and don't be caught out like I was and be more vigilant, and as Robin ( Alkmaar) advised I should off requested photos be taken outside in the sunlight and not in a dark room.

    That looks like rough cut wood to me, not planking.
    Is the paint actually chipping in the raised areas?
    If not, looks more like a function of the factory not sanding the wood first.
    The back of my JJP GNR is exactly like this and its brand new.

    I have bought several machines from Robert and consider him and outstanding and honorable individual.
    Guess there are two sides to every story though.

    Quoted from rvdv:

    Just wanted to warn people about pinsider: Ant68 in Australia
    Im an idiot for doing this transaction so no one to blame but myself
    but im a very trust worthy guy and believe in good people and always been honest so was not expecting this.
    well this pinsider is not - Mr Tony if you reading this !
    The story is this - we communicated and all was great , Pinball was delivered to his shipping agent , inspected and received in good order
    5 months later he emails me- machine is not as described - planking on the cabinet and that I'm a liar.
    wants some money back since he feels he overpaid- of course my response is no way i delivered a game as described in great shape(see my ad)
    Then he files a claim with his bank and gets all his money back which i received via paypall ( as friend and family supposedly )
    so now im out a bunch of cash and he keeps the game.
    lesson learned here.

    #251 40 days ago

    The more I look at this thread, the more I think this is BS.
    If you look at the original sales listing of this machine, it’s clean as hell.


    No rust or oxidation under the lockdown bar AT ALL.
    Inside of the cabinet is flawless with the goodie bag still attached.
    Coin box looks like it’s never been removed.
    Even has LEDs, lighted speakers, color DMD etc.

    I’ve been to Robert’s house on a couple of occasions to buy machines and this guys games are nice.

    This is BS IMO.

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