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Attack From Mars - Scratch Build

By WizardPinball

1 year ago

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#101 1 year ago

$2500 would be amazing. I’m so far beyond that with my homebrew right now, it’s crazy how little things add up (on top of the big things). But a year + couple months to build and code it will be impressive. Hope it goes according to plan- Best luck 2 u!

#102 1 year ago

Mbecker I hear you. I may go over or not (budget wise)....not sure yet. I had some old parts from another game we are using to start with (from an old fireball that I bought without the head) so....there's some savings (lockdown bar, flippers, etc) I'll upgrade them later once we are on the final game....but for now ....they should work fine for a white wood and testing. I'll see if your build is on here....be fun to see it!

#103 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardPinball:

Mbecker I hear you. I may go over or not (budget wise)....not sure yet. I had some old parts from another game we are using to start with (from an old fireball that I bought without the head) so....there's some savings (lockdown bar, flippers, etc) I'll upgrade them later once we are on the final game....but for now ....they should work fine for a white wood and testing. I'll see if your build is on here....be fun to see it!

Sounds like you have done well with used parts and such So far which is awesome. Hopefully you can get a harness because wiring is a pain.

I’m on here, yeah. Fight club homebrew. I prob post too many details at times but have backed off a bit. Here’s where I’m at so far:
001EA243-4661-46BE-AFD7-6B7018D6403A (resized).jpeg

#104 1 year ago

Mbecker Dooooooood! That's sick looking! Are you using the P3ROC too? MPF? Crazy awesome, I'll look for it and take a peek through for sure!

#105 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardPinball:

mbecker Dooooooood! That's sick looking! Are you using the P3ROC too? MPF? Crazy awesome, I'll look for it and take a peek through for sure!

thanks man!! This is with FAST boards, an yea MPF. long way to go, but just finishing wiring up insert lights, thus the pic i posted

#106 1 year ago

Sorry for not posting very much. I'm working on finding that slot cutting bit. If I cannot find it, I'll got the old fashioned way. Score the wood with a blade at 2 angles, make a groove for a saw, and then go at her nice and slow. hahahaha. I'll be posting soon one way or another.

#107 1 year ago

Love this thread. I can’t wait to see the final result!!

#108 1 year ago

mrossman5 Thanks. I'm just as excited. Hahahaha! Thanks for following along!

#109 1 year ago

Just a heads up...I got my glass in for the translite! Woot! I will be putting photos of that up as well as the side rails (I gave up on finding the router bit, by hand it is) when they are installed and I can show step by step progress. I'd love to say a lot will happen this weekend...but we'll see (personal/family/work stuff). Why can't work just be Pinball! (#dreamjob - hahahaha) I may post something else though in the coming days....a link to another thread I'll be starting here....hopefully a really fun project.

#110 1 year ago

Man, I have no idea how on earth this will cost 2500. The boards alone must be 800 dollars. Playfield 800. I just dont understand? Those mechs are gonna add up quick. Coin doors have to be 100 dollars. Decals a few hundred.

I am super excited for you. I contemplated doing my own mm a few years ago, but realized that the wire harness would be beyond my abilities and didnt try. But we are talking, at the time, a machine over 10 grand. This you have to be below 6 grand to come out ahead.... but it sure must be fun!

#111 1 year ago

jorant Thanks. Yeah....so far I'm sitting less than $1500 in. And with only a handful of mech/parts to buy, the sale at pinballlife.com soonly approaching...I feel like I'm going to be pretty close. As I mentioned, I'm going to do something different than a coin door since this is HUO. I won't be doing traditional side art and I'm making the playfield myself......lots of money is saved! I'll keep counting the $$$$ but I should be pretty close to my end goal....I hope. Hahahahaha.

#112 1 year ago

Alright...A slight update. Dealing with no router bit it took a while to find a working solution to cutting the t-molding slot for my glass channel. The end workaround was to use my large chisel bit with my woodworking hammer, hammer it into the edge to create a lip.
IMG_20201009_142459 (resized).jpg
Then I would use my flush cut Irwin saw to cut a groove, then finish it off with my old faithful handsaw to widen the slot.
IMG_20201009_142441 (resized).jpg
Finally......one side done ( Installed, stapled and ready to go). Once I get the other slot finished, then I'll tape and screw the side rails in and move onto the bracket that holds the playfield in place. (Gotta love how now I'll find my bit like tomorrow after searching for it hard for 1 1/2 weeks...Haha)
IMG_20201009_142426 (resized).jpg

#113 1 year ago

Was finally able to finish up the slot for the glass channel t molding. Ugh...never again...ugh! I'd rather shell out the $25 for another slot cutting router bit before that again. Stapled them down tight and away we go!
IMG_20201013_140007 (resized).jpg
Clamped the side rails down tight right where I wanted them and then drilled the holes for the carriage bolts. Hammered them in with my wooden mallet to get them keyed in place, and then screwed them tight with nylon locking nuts.
IMG_20201013_140944 (resized).jpg
The 3M outdoor adhesive tape held great and adhered quickly to the unfinished wood (trust me, the side art is not going to be a problem...I know that typically you would apply that first. Trust me...just...trust me. Hahahahahahaha).
IMG_20201013_143351 (resized).jpg
IMG_20201013_143438 (resized).jpg
IMG_20201013_143406 (resized).jpg

#114 1 year ago

Well op, you are obviously a bad ass, but I still would have used repro cab and playfield.

At this rate ,I'm shocked you don't just paint your own translite lol.

#115 1 year ago

jorant Hahaha! Thanks....no...although I may touch up a pinprick scratch on the one I got to make it 100%. hahahahaha. Now...My other project I'm working on will have custom art (About 60% Done with the art for translite). If you wanna check it out (No pressure...hahaha) https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/tron-pinball-1982

1 week later
#116 1 year ago

Sorry for the lack of uploads. Been dealing with mold in the basement and getting that remedied. So....Now that it is safe to be down there, moving my games/Pinball machines there and will continue to work on them!

#117 1 year ago

Welp.......small progress.........but I finally got my glass and mounting hardware. Never mounted a translite before...but think it turned out A' o.k.IMG_20201026_021101 (resized).jpg

#118 1 year ago

Threw it into my who dunnit to make sure it was a good fit...and..yay!IMG_20201026_121353 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#119 1 year ago

Just a quick update. Life has been crazy between work, COVID and X-mas on the way. I'll be hitting the Pinball back up when I get a chance early in 2021. Sorry for anybody waiting by the computer for any updates and not receiving any. hahahahaha.....I doubt there are any. lol! Thanks everyone and I'll see you in the new year. (P.S. - I did receive my final shipment from Pinball Life and will go over that as well in the new year (Haven't really even looked at them...just ordered and made sure the stuff was there).

3 months later
#120 1 year ago

Hey there all...Starting up this again after a long COVID slumber over Christmas and the new year. Luckily stumbled across a posting in the classifieds here for a used AFM playfield. The price is right, and hopefully it will work. I still plan on using this to make a copy onto my whitewood version so that I can reproduce it later on to make it 100% homemade. but this is faster and since I don't own a CNC machine, cheaper than prototyping and cutting it myself. especially since I didn't know how I was going to the art as of yet. Anyway, after I get it in the mail, I will post some pics and start hopefully regularly updating the thread. Looking forward to be being back in the groove of making this game!

2 weeks later
#121 1 year ago

Gonna be ordering some more parts here. Anyone know where I can get the under the apron ball guide?
02 (resized).jpeg
Pinball life does not stock it and I'm just looking to find one. I'll be updating soon with pics and what I'm thinking to do next. Thanks!

#122 1 year ago

Nevermind everyone.....I just found it through Planetary. Never used them....but apparently I'll be placing an order. Hahaha


1 week later
#123 1 year ago

I really wana do this and I really appreciate this project Really gives alot of insight into the project.

1 week later
#125 1 year ago

thanks woody76 and Pinballw8zrd. I promise there is stuff coming soon. I have the playfield now and basically all the parts minus the rails. I'm hoping to go through planetary pinball for these....but I've seen some threads that say they are somewhat unreliable and take forever....no customer service. So I'm hesitant. However...these posts were quite old....so I'm hoping to hear from people on if they are reputable as of now. Thanks again and I'll post soon here.

5 months later
#126 6 months ago

Alright...here we go. I'm super sorry I've been lacking in my posts on this game build. Life has been crazy with work, kids, life, COVID etc.......the excuses go on. There just hasn't been ti.......I haven't been making time for the hobby. Hopefully over the course of the winter here, I'll get more and more time to work on it physically as well as software-ly (lol). I have recently been building a cart on pinball life to finish getting everything I need to mount this playfield to the cabinet and have also been working on trying to get the head for this cabinet built so that I can get the full cabinet assembled. I may wait till Black friday times to see if there is another sale like last year, and grab these parts at a bit of a discount (fingers crossed)

I'm sad that I couldn't make Expo or MGC this year...So I'm really hoping to be able to bring this or TRON (in prototype condition) to one or both next year. I'll try to be more active on here and keep the updates coming. Sorry again to anyone biting their nails waiting (I'm assuming there are none...but just in case)

Thanks for hanging in there and I'll post again soon!

5 months later
#127 44 days ago

Watching this thread plan on doing the same myself.

What are the hardest parts to find
Ramps rails plastics harness
Coils etc?

#128 44 days ago

CGC remake - so pretty much everything is available somewhere

3 weeks later
#129 20 days ago

Just finished my Afm scratch build...so nice to have it playing. Some final touches to go!

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