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1 year ago

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#1017 1 year ago

In Adelaide Australia, we had the final payment call a few weeks ago, hope you are right and they finally hit the sea.

#1021 1 year ago

Amusement Worx

#1022 1 year ago

Full payment was due last day of September. Should have been on the water a couple of weeks ago.

1 week later
#1069 1 year ago

That’s really cool. You should talk to the powerblades company. Copyright could be an issue though.

2 weeks later
#1216 1 year ago

You guys are lucky, the Aussie machines are still on the water, it’s about to stop in Columbia on the way, anything to speed things up is ok by me.

#1219 1 year ago


#1294 1 year ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

I bought the power blades but It seems to be dead on arrival.It didnt ship with any instructions and the AFMr one is different than the the other Bally/Williams ones. The horseshoe connector is too wide for the powerbar slots and the PSU is may be defective. So I'm waiting until Pingraffix has a solution.

I just don’t think they look that great. I prefer the standard mirrors adding depth and reflecting the light show. Have bought rear board, trough leds and bumper ring leds. Still waiting on machine delivery and no image of exactly what I bought online. (Green left and right rear, blue trough. Red upper bumpers and white under bumpers.) will post when all together, hopefully before Christmas.

1 week later
#1438 1 year ago

Still waiting here in Aus for ours but the buzz is contagious. From what I have heard and thanks for posting the vids, CGC should win construction team of the year to put it in F1 terms.

#1595 1 year ago
Quoted from pocketscience:

Glad to see that the Maersk container ship Brani has resurfaced in Auckland Harbour, NZ. We still might receive our AFMr machines this side of Christmas here in Australia!

Sydney should be ok, Adelaide might be Martian free at this rate. Fingers crossed.

#1611 1 year ago
Quoted from rockrand:

Any ideas for mods,I was thinking star post LEDs.I quess it is so perfect that owners never thought much about it,,of corse back in 1995 mods were just not around

I got green back board leds, looks a bit dark back there, blue trough leds to go with the blue near the flippers. Also got green translucent rubbers all round, the green Super Bands should blitz the black ones. Also got transparent and blue Super Bands just to see how it looks. Still waiting for my machine but looks good in my head. If it takes any longer I will end up with police lights underneath.

#1737 1 year ago

What 4 pins did you buy. Is this the start of your collection?

1 week later
#2024 1 year ago

#286 just arrived, went with green translucent rubbers. Love the glow effect.

2862D98C-7956-4E60-A5CF-D0FE8617F18A (resized).jpeg

5FDB7FDB-E180-414A-865C-A66878FF89A3 (resized).jpeg

476DFFC1-2DD2-4509-A230-0DE40946A5DB (resized).jpeg

C4EF65A7-80D2-4DB4-9488-43107D1065ED (resized).jpeg

#2084 1 year ago

I have the same launch issue as most. Just noticed though it seems to work more reliably if I hold the launch button down for just a sec instead of a fast press. It might just be a lucky patch but wondering if that happens to anyone else.

1 week later
#2426 1 year ago

Total change of conversation. Right in the centre of this shot is what I can best describe as a hexagonal riser with an open top thread. It can be easily unskrewed but seems to serve no purpose. Any ideas what this is. Is something missing.

4D53CD87-BD68-4E76-8E7F-A72AA83A2E35 (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#2863 1 year ago

Beer fixes both problems

#2879 1 year ago
Quoted from abagwell:

For every good score I put in on it(and I'm sure I'm not alone in this)I get totally wrecked by the game 10-15 times, even with my outlanes lowered. It's a brutal game, but that makes it immensely satisfying to have a great game.

I thought it was just me. Sometimes get 6 or 7 good games thinking I have this thing under control. Then it slams me for three times that.

#2884 1 year ago

Comet bumper rings just fitted. Even better that I expected.

6AE6A049-AC4E-45F0-985E-75585AF1CA35 (resized).jpeg

51300077-FCFA-4BF6-BA4F-9F9EEB5BEDB4 (resized).jpeg

23B1A9F1-B23A-4225-883E-7D756670050A (resized).jpeg

#2929 1 year ago
Quoted from abagwell:

Thanks sir...any pics out there of the various colors? There's some for the green rubbers but that's it on that page, and they don't show the flippers. Really curious as to what the red rubbers look like.
e. Nevermind, looks like I can just go off the colors on here:

Pics with green translucent rubbers. Also green backboard leds, blue trough leds, which is when I changed the flipper rubbers to blue trans to get them to glow like pf. Lermods leds, all I can say is wow, and Lermods are legends for service and that’s from Australia. Comet bumper rings, white underneath, red on top.
Project finished. Freaking beyond anything I have ever seen.

8E3ED74C-6632-47A3-B7D4-8277B92EAEE8 (resized).jpeg

D01362BE-0FDA-4009-AEE9-9456ECAFB6CA (resized).jpeg

D1888CC7-36A8-4A08-86D3-4F07A9285289 (resized).jpeg

B7716245-F8F2-4834-84EA-9A391C098DDC (resized).jpeg

488C87F0-24D1-4227-8417-08A3CED02393 (resized).jpeg

#2931 1 year ago
Quoted from abagwell:

Thanks for the pics guys....TOLLS where did you buy these green translucent ones at? I don't see any translucent green ones on the Titan website.

From a place in Melbourne, I just found by google.
The brand is “Superbands” great to play with.

#2934 1 year ago

Just got strobe pinball with new LEDs as above. Had to share. Picture doesn’t do justice but shows the idea.

C264732A-11F6-4162-A548-F48497792EF2 (resized).jpeg

4 weeks later
#4409 11 months ago
Quoted from mrWol64:

Snap,.. that is at least 2 LE’s in Australia being loved and played!! Got hooked by the SE at Pincadia

Quoted from mrWol64:

Snap,.. that is at least 2 LE’s in Australia being loved and played!! Got hooked by the SE at Pincadia

No 286 here in Adelaide Australia, loving it. NIB Alien arriving any second now. Nose on the window waiting for the truck.

EE8971C4-F8F3-420E-A59E-9B4A323503BE (resized).jpeg

#4477 11 months ago

Martians are here, now the Aliens have landed. Both absolutely great games and totally different. Don’t forget for a second how lucky every one of us are to be having this discussion.

4B8FBE6F-FB5E-496B-8262-62B878A37410 (resized).jpeg

2 months later
#5110 9 months ago
Quoted from Mrawesome44:

Anyone with glow in the dark rubbers. Do they actually glow or should i just get Green?

I have glow in the dark flipper rubbers with blue trough lights and they glow white. The glow is from the lights not the rubbers in the dark. They reflect the light. They perform well as flipper rubbers.
I have green incandescence rubbers on the rest of the field and they look great in both dark and light.

2 weeks later
#5211 8 months ago
Quoted from SMI3:

All my solonoids are dead, any suggestions?
Game starts up.
Shaker works.
Running 2.0.

Try open the door, there is a metal bit attached to the door by the hinge that pushes the solenoid isolation switch in when the door shuts. It cuts off the solenoids for your protection when the door is open. Try bending it a bit towards the white button switch to ensure it is pushing that switch in enough. That happened to mine just suddenly. It must have been bent just enough to work then maybe the game got shifted with a bump.

1 month later
#5483 7 months ago
Quoted from QuickSilverShelb:

Exact same thing happens on my game.

Mine did the same. I saw someone post here to use a long socket extension. I slid it through the ramp wire running over the shooter ramp. At the point where the shooter ramp is slightly bent down I pushed down to decrease the angle on that bend, slightly on the outer side. It flexes when you do this and only slightly alter the angle as you can only push down just a bit before it bottoms out on the pf. Never had a problem since.

#5533 7 months ago
Quoted from stavio:

I put a little bit at the bottom of the wire form and haven't had a "hop" from in lane to out lane since

Any idea what this drop dead tape is called outside the pinball world. My DI has the hop problem quite badly and to get some tape shipped from the US is crazy expensive.

3 months later
#5993 3 months ago

Have been trying a change of tactics. Just focused on ramps, loops and multiball. GC went from 18.6B to 32.6B. Kept away from the temptation of going for the ship until multiball. I know it’s nothing new but if you haven’t given it a long term trial, it’s a must.

3 weeks later
#6074 84 days ago
Quoted from Gogdog:

Bought to place a titan competition rubber order during their sale. Any suggestions on colors that look best on an LE?

These are superband translucent green. Comet rings on the bumpers was also a great investment. Really lights up under the pops and the ring looks great. The trough lights are now on both my machines. The backlights are also great, illuminates the back art beautifully. I will post my Titans for you on the DI page for that machine.

4D580BCD-CC0B-43A2-AF46-362AEEA6A275 (resized).jpegB0E05812-EF42-462B-9154-2ACFC2168DF8 (resized).jpegB983AF9A-57EA-4411-8141-CCDC9381B471 (resized).jpegF29EBE53-1848-45EB-96F4-86830160C0AE (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#6177 59 days ago
Quoted from JoshPA:

Post is off center. Once you see it, you can't unsee it =( I'm fairly certain it is drilled straight through with no room for adjustment. Left side post is dead center and inline with the black painted circle.
[quoted image]

Looks like all of your printing is to the right. It doesn’t line up with the holes.

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