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By Pin_Guy

3 years ago

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#192 2 years ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

In other news, I installed a full set of Cliffy's based on the original AFM design. The 3 bank protector worked without a hitch... The mothership one was a bit of a challenge. I couldn't get the two posts to come off to the right and left of the drop target (yes I removed the nuts under the PF ya dingus), so I had to slightly enlarge the holes to put the Cliffy over vs. under them. As mentioned by somebody else in this thread, I also had to trim a bit of the metal on the upper right of the protector as one of the screw holes did not line up. Definitely doable (I'm barely literate), but perhaps worth waiting for an AFMr revision

Thanks very much for posting!

#202 2 years ago
Quoted from antpsuesq:

I apparently received my email a week ago from pps to make my final payment on an LE. They actually called today to follow up so I'm hoping mine is ready. My question is this. What do I need to buy in advance to keep this rather pricey toy as mint as possible? Do I need to get a set of cliffs or protectors for the flipper buttons? Any other suggestions. My first nib!!!!

We put a full set of Cliffys including shooter lane on every NIB before we plunge a ball. I guarantee you pulling apart a brand new machine before you get to plunge a ball is torture!

I really get cranky when a brand new machine starts chipping and believe me they chip everywhere there is an edge that the ball hits. Scoops and shooter lanes mainly. This is an awesome thread and I am sure there are plenty of happy owners that will recommend more things to do. Enjoy and happy flipping! Great choice for your first nib!

2 weeks later
#318 2 years ago
Quoted from AFM95:

It's official! AFMr - 154 with martian green trim has landed!


#323 2 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

We've had ours almost 2 weeks and have more than 250 plays on it! We love it

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. With so many machines, to get that many plays on one machine, machine must be good!

#394 2 years ago
Quoted from AFM95:

I submitted a ticket this morning with CGC for replacing several plastics because of cosmetic cracks. As others have already mentioned, I received a phone call from Doug Skor. Not only did he inform me that my new plastics will be shipped out next week, he spent another 20 minutes with me talking pinball, assembly of their games and future CGC projects. He couldn't have been a nicer guy.
Hats off to Doug and CGC's employees for excellent customer service and one hell of a game.

Please... tell us more. Future CGC projects?

4 months later
#2625 2 years ago
Quoted from getadam:

So I got my AFMr LE yesterday. Number 799/1000. The dealer and I set it up and sure enough I knew right away something was wrong because the topper only had the alien's eyes lit. Otherwise the topper was non-responsive.
Then I played it. OMG - the flipper power was so high! Air balls left and right, balls flying off wireforms, etc. Basically unplayable. So now I have the beautiful machine but it's really unplayable. Of course I didn't adjust the flipper strength lower because we've been told not to by CGC. Yesterday I put in a support ticket for the new chip but I've yet to hear a response.
Does anyone have an idea how quickly I'll here a response and get the updated chip. It's so disappointing waiting all this time to get the game and then have it staring at you, unplayable.

The guys at CGC are extremely responsive. As long as you have your ticket completed they will contact you.
The original was the same, air balls everywhere when new! We have the new PIC V2.0. Do not expect the new firmware to resolve all your air balls, it does go a long way to helping as the default flipper strength on the new firmware is weaker than 1.0. The new firmware is untested in the field so we have left our CGC menu strength settings to default for now.

#2629 2 years ago
Quoted from PinLen83:

From what I've read, and asked multiple times, you should be able to now adjust your flippers without being in fear of destroying the board. If you adjust a couple notches down, you should see a noticeable difference

Yes CGC have said we can adjust the flipper strength if we want. We just made a couple of air ball protectors instead. Machine is still really fast and smooth. The default strength on the new firmware is weaker than before so that helped as well.

IMG_4425 (resized).JPG

#2633 2 years ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Airball protectors? Wow. Hopefully they are temporary. Once a pinball machine is dialed in, airballs should be a rare occurrence.

Hopefully yes, they are temporary. We have not dialled anything in yet as we cannot stop playing it. My wife absolutely loves it so I made the protectors while the machine was down. If I cannot get rid of the air balls like GBLE (left ramp) or Met (sparky) I will get some nice ones made up at my local plastics shop.

#2654 2 years ago
Quoted from bitpatrol:

It's interesting that mine is cracking exactly the same way, with that small white crack near the black rail showing now. I've turned off my shaker for now.

Cabs have been cracking like that from every manufacturer for a long time. Very easily avoided. A drop of wood glue in the top where the two sheets of plywood meet stop it straight away.

#2655 2 years ago
Quoted from sirlonzelot:

I checked mine and it’s also beginning
Not more then 50 games played..
So let’s See how cgc will handle that

You can save yourself and CGC plenty of heartache by dropping some wood glue down the hole now. A wet rag will remove any excess. Our AFMrLE did exactly the same thing.

#2662 2 years ago
Quoted from bitpatrol:

Where else should I apply wood glue?

We only put a drop (outdoor wood glue) in each front corner and push it in with your finger. If it is cracked all the way down, keep pushing in the glue until you can see it all the way down the crack. You can wipe all the excess of with a moist rag. Saves a lot of heartache. Replacing a cabinet does not take a few minutes. Usually the cabinet splits there because the leg bolts are done up too tight and/or the glue was missed in the corner and or the ply s are coming apart.

Good luck!

#2664 2 years ago

Pleasure! That is what a forum is all about. Helping each other and sharing info. Pinside is awesome for that.

#2668 2 years ago
Quoted from Miknan:

My splitting cabinet. The legs weren’t that tight so I wonder what caused that. Are all pinball cabinets put together with glue?

Thanks very much for posting the photos. I just checked ours and it is the same. I ran some wood glue down there as well. From what I can work out, it is the glue that holds the cabinet all together. The staples hold the cabinet in place until the glue is set. Pinball news did an article on Churchill cabinets and playfields in 2015. Check it out! https://www.pinballnews.com/site/2016/11/04/churchill-cabinet-company-tour/

#2675 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

You can spend 5 mins and $10 fixing it this way or go through the aggravation of getting Cgc to do something. Life is short, I like simplicity. That said, it is good to document it with cgc so others don’t experience it.

Well said!

2 weeks later
#3121 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

I think what baffles me is that even Stern decided to replace pfs on Ghostbusters due to ghosting, but on a playfield where ever edge is chipping away, so of us just turn a blind eye.
It makes absolutely no sense to me. I love every detail on my remakes except the chipping. If CGC got this under control, it would practically be a perfect machine.
But having people that condone poor quality control makes it tougher to force improvements or action.

I do not like chipping either however the market has forced playfield manufacturers to use extra coats of clear on their playfields. This makes chipping a lot worse on newer machines than older ones. My solution is Cliffys in all the areas of concern before you plunge a ball. No issues then. You cannot blame the manufacturer for chipping.

#3124 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

How is the manufacturer not responsible?

How is the manufacturer responsible? If you drive your car on a dirt road and chip your new paint is that the fault of the car maker? Chipping is not new and is here to stay. Plenty of different protection around, everything from Cliffys to PU shooter lane protectors. I cannot stand chipping either so we fit Cliffys. Chipping is one thing you can control.

#3125 2 years ago
Quoted from bitpatrol:

Is it even possible to clearcoat a playfield in a way that chipping will not happen around holes? I can see using a harder wood for the playfield making a big difference for dimpling... but at one point, does it not just become a polymer/plastic playfield if you have so many coats of a clearcoat mix which can handle chipping?

I am no playfield or clear expert, maybe some of the playfield guys can chime in and help out. What I do know is that since the playfield manufacturers have been putting on 3 coats of clear is when all the chipping started. We have been in the hobby a long time and never saw much chipping on any machine before GB. We have been fitting Cliffys on everything since then. AFMr was no exception. A full set of Cliffys went on before we plunged a ball.

#3160 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

My point exactly. It is a problem that is game specific.

No. Mantis style is still a protector. It stops the ball running over a cleared edge therefore protecting the edge from chipping. All the 90 s BW playfields that you guys keep saying have no issues came out came out of the same factory as the CGC remake playfields.

#3163 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

This is out of context. The discussion was not about the Mantis, all of the AFMR have the Mantis. The discussion was about chipping on one game! Read the threads. And I have no idea where you came up with 90s W/B playfields. That was not in our discussion at all. That is a totally different discussion for a different day.

All good.. Happy Flipping!

#3195 2 years ago
Quoted from bitpatrol:

Luck for what? I just thought having a simple list of issues will help guys like me who spent all kinds on this thing only to find out there are a bunch of hidden unknowns over and above what someone would usually have to deal with on a brand-new game. I did not know before I purchased this pinball that the payfield would chip so easily, I was sold the idea that AFMr was one of the best if not the best out there. I did not expect my cabinet decals to start cracking, I was sold that CGC has been making cabs for years and not to question the quality. It was the most expensive machine. I did not expect to get left out of the loop on major issues, specially after my dealer would not budge on the price and justified it as "not dealing with a guy in his basement in his underwear". I did not expect to have to resort to taking time out of running my business to investigate and gather information to put my mind at ease that I have not overlooked or missed issues which a seasoned pin guy would see. I can go on and on, but the fact is, I bought a TNA instead of a MMr. At this point, I would not buy another remake from CGC.

It really is all part of pinball. Most of us have had to learn the hard way over many years. Pinside has some exceptional help and information from plenty of genuine people that post daily. There are also people who prefer to stir the pot and cause issues where there are none to be had. Pinball is really about you and what you want. If you are not happy with something, chances are someone on Pinside has already had the issue so you have info to help you out straight away. If the pin is new, the correct way is to contact the manufacturer and lodge a ticket or enquiry. Vote with your wallet (I see you have already done this) and have as much fun as you can!

We love our AFMrLE and have ordered a MMr. We also, fit Cliffys (helps stop chipping), playfield protector (helps stop dimpling and ghosting), glue the corners of every new cabinet (helps stop cabinet corner cracking and decal splitting), and fully check any new machine before we plunge a ball. We have been doing this since 2015. I want to make sure I have done everything in my power to control what I can and enjoy the hobby to the fullest. we have also found Stern, CGC and Jersey Jack all to be extremely responsive and extremely helpful in resolving genuine issues.

Happy Flipping!

#3339 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

Don't blame you a bit for feeling like that. I believe this issue is whats driving people to just pick up a nice original or a different game. I am on the fence right now on purchasing another remake. I was planning on getting a MBr but with the playfield issues the originals had, I can't say I can count on CGC to remaster that game. That pf needs serious remastering (improvements) otherwise it will do the same thing the original did. Now the clear coat seems to be a problem. I restored a MB I know what needs to be done to that pf to have a reliable machine. The originals had warping problems too. That game will need a real solid clear coat system to go the distance. Especially around the Drac Trac! Of course you could buy one and buy a pf from Micro and just throw it in there from the start. Or buy a pf protector and put it on right out of the box.

Vote with your wallet. That is the best way to get your point across. I can see the remakes having all the same issues as the originals. The playfields and cabinets come out of the same factory as the originals did. We are looking forward to what ever remake CGC be bringing out.

#3552 2 years ago
Quoted from kapsreiter:

i just ordered a LE
i am happy with my MMRLE
but sounds like a lot of quality problems on AFM LE ?!?!?

A bit of dialling in needed, same as the original. Not too many quality complaints I think. CGC are extremely responsive to issues. They looked after us and we blew our solenoid board around Christmas time and we live in Australia. We love ours so we ordered MMr as well.

#3727 2 years ago
Quoted from TVsFrank:

I'm going to take off my lurker hat for a minute, and say that this is exactly why I'm no longer going to order a Classic edition next month.
While I've never bought a NIB pin before, I'm aware that all have a risk and sometimes you need some things fixed immediately upon opening it. However, this whole game of only telling people "no" through phone calls so that you can avoid public statements around things that may be wrong is just disgusting. Telling people on phone calls that having an ENTIRE COLOR MISSING from their playfield is okay, and its just "artistic differences" between machines is the biggest middle finger to their customers I can imagine.
I've wanted this game since it was announced. This was the game that I found in a pizza parlor in college that turned pinball from "fun in an arcade" to a hobby for me. I've saved, hit setbacks, kept on going, and gotten the go-ahead from the wife because it was THIS title, the one that was so important to me. I know a purchase like this isn't a big deal for some people, but for me its a huge step in the hobby-as well as my only chance to ever feel comfortable with the price of this title.
And now I would be playing roulette if I ordered one. There have been quite a few people posting problems with missing colors or other playfield issues, yet all we hear are a few brave people saying that they got a phone call saying "no."
I'm out, and I'm more saddened than angry. The titles they have waiting in the wings would have been my best chance for ever owning those machines for a price that I'm comfortable with, machines from my era for really discovering pinball.
My Grandfather always said that you shouldn't measure people by their mistakes, but by how they deal with them. While I'm still waiting to hear Onwallst's story, I have a feeling that given the overall silence by people having larger issues, what he is saying is correct and that there is very little to measure in CGC's business practices.
I know that the loss of one Classic Edition won't hurt them at all, but I do want them to be aware that future buyers who aren't vocal on forums are watching all of this very closely.

Listen to your Grandfather.. "My Grandfather always said that you shouldn't measure people by their mistakes, but by how they deal with them"

Have CGC given you any personally any reason to doubt them? I too an very interested in Onwallst 's story, but that is his story and not mine or yours. I thank him for posting his info, that is very much appreciated. Sharing information is a positive thing on this forum. If you look back through a lot of this thread, nearly every issue has been resolved by CGC with the end person happy, including us. I can only find a few people that are not happy with their result. onwallst is still pending and I wish him all the best. I will be extremely surprised if CGC cannot come up with a good outcome for him and look forward to hearing the outcome from him.

We have a AFMrLE and absolutely love it! With us, CGC resolved our issue promptly and we are extremely happy with the result.

#3735 2 years ago
Quoted from TVsFrank:

That's kind of why all of this has been so confusing. Smaller matters and parts have been taken care of so quickly and amazingly well that its so hard to believe that its the same company. Yet, I haven't seen anyone with larger playfield issues saying anything other than they were told "no" on the phone. I don't think there have been any positive stories out of those instances. Still, you're right, its not my story and I should wait to see how things unfold. I'm just hoping they unfold a lot more than it seems they will.
Apologies for my original post, it wasn't supposed to sound so much like an woe-is-me angsty teen who just broke up with his girlfriend.
Snaroff: You'd better believe that if the stars align and make it possible I"ll be ready! (This is my second post in a year, I'll learn how to multi-quote next year.)

All good! Lets see what happens. I think CGC are ringing their customers so they make the contact personal. I think this is a good thing, much better that take your ticket and wait. I see that as wanting to a resolve a larger issue personally with the owner of the machine and a senior member of CGC. I can remember when Stern used to do that.

Keep smiling!

#3736 2 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

This was a well-written post. I’ve been reading all day contemplating what to say if anything and I couldn’t have said it better (likely wouldn’t have to be honest).

There are quite a few of us on here that are genuine people that genuinely love pinball and want the hobby to be a success for a long time in to the future.

Happy Flipping!

#3751 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

You would think so and I would be the first person to agree with you if they resolved the pf issues with that phone call. But that's not whats happening here.

Do you have some first hand experience you could kindly share with us on what is really happening? I found CGC fantastic to deal with. CGC resolved our issue quickly and we are very happy. I know of many AFMr owners that are happy with CGC and very few that are not.

#3753 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Really, man? Everytime someone posts a comment about an issue they're having, you just write something unrealistically positive to discredit them? Maybe you're on the CGC payroll (I personally am convinced you are), or maybe you're just such a fanboy that you'll take a bullet for them.
Either way, it's not your place to tell anyone that they should just be happy with what they have, when they've just spent $8000 on a game.
Maybe your game is great. But don't assume that is everyone's experience and opinion.
And it's utterly insulting to say that any of us with an issue are sabotaging the success of pinball. I've bought 4 new games in one year, had countless argumeiwith my wife about it, and I have introduced numerous friends to the hobby that have resulted in more sales. If anything, I love this hobby as much if not more, because I know that when a company does right by it's customers, it's succeeds!
Maybe mention that to the guys at the CGC cooler tomorrow morning!

I agree with @mschonbrun. We are on a forum and everyone has the right to express themselves. Vote with your wallet dude. That can work both ways. If lots of people agree with you it forces the company to change or they go broke. If not many people agree with you, the company does not have to deal with you any more and prospers even further. No more wasted time on people that cannot resolve their issues. Constantly looking for an argument is not in the good spirits of Pinside.

#3756 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

Do you have any playfield issues? Any of the planking, chipping, wrong colors, mystery rubout marks?

No, I do not. That is why I asked if you personally have any.

#3763 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

Then this is not about how good CGC is in handling your situation.

Do you have a AFMr that has issues and lodged a ticket?

#3769 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

Why would you care about that? Do you work for CGC?

I do not care to help you at all, you are only on this thread to cause issues and you do not like anyone calling out your BS.

#3791 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

I didn't ask for your help, nor do I need it and that wasn't the question in first place.

You are on this thread just to cause issues for CGC. That is not in the good spirit of Pinside. Most people that have an AFMr love it.

#3792 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

It's a fantastic hobby, albeit an expensive-ass one! I'd much rather us be chatting about how awesome it is to reach RTU, and how close we might have come to completing it a second time.
Let me clarify things, since my recent posts in this thread probably just sound like complaints. I also own an MMR LE, and I've had so much fun with it, I could drone on and on. I've owned it for about a year, and it was the first machine I ever owned. Had some minor issues with the flippers out of the box, but LTG provided incredible support and I learned a lot about my machine quickly.
Even my wife, who would put pinball so low on her list of interests, enjoys this game and actually completed Royal Madness for the first time the other day, and it was pretty awesome to hear her talk about it.
I had so much fun with it, that when I saw the shooter lane starting to get chewed up, I just emailed Cliffy and got the set ordered. As I was installing it, I noticed every single edge of the game was chipped. Abd I said nothing! I put the protectors on, and went back to battling for the kingdom. And I enjoyed it so much, that I ordered an AFM LE!
But when the game started chipping after less than 100 plays, I was shocked. When I realized there were a bunch of people that had this problem (and inevitably all of us that don't put on Cliffys), I felt like something should be said.
The worst part of this, far worse than the chipping itself, is how poorly CGC has handled this. Look at the content in most messages now posted in this thread. It's predominantly related to unhappy customers that have received unsatisfactory service.
I'm hoping that CGC steps up and tries to resolve these issues. I wanted to buy every one of their remakes. But what I've been reading lately is troubling, and will be the reason I don't spend more money with them should they not make an attempt to sort these people out.

You are extremely vocal about CGC and how they have treated you. I cannot see many "unhappy customers" on this thread, just you and one other that are constantly doing your best to derail CGC and this thread. You are doing your best to use this forum to get what you want from CGC. This is not in the good spirit of Pinside.

#3795 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

You'd make a great dictator
Recently, there have been a lot of disgruntled customers on this thread, and as a result, many potential customers that have cold feet. Not just two of us
If you receive a product that is defective, it's in your best interest to contact the manufacturer. That goes for any product, especially one that costs as much as a small car.
Feel free to check out my other Pinside posts. For the most part, I'm posting excitedly about my games.
You'll also see that I had a plethora of issues with my Dialed In, but was quickly sorted out by Jack and his team. They actually did way more than they had to. I'm not only happy with my game and experience, I'll also be buying their next standard body (Toy Story).
I'm giving CGC the benefit of the doubt. I'm awaiting a reply from them to see what they plan to do about these issues. I want them to do right. I want them to succeed. I want to be a happy customer and buy all of their remakes.

Thanks for the compliment! If I was a dictator, there would be pinball machines everywhere!

You are doing your best to put pressure on CGC through Pinside to get what you want. Encouraging owners to complain to CGC so ultimately you get what you want. No I do not work for CGC, I am a happy owner of a AFMrLE. There are plenty of us. There are not "a lot" of disgruntled customers, that is just what you keep saying.

#3801 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

My game has none of the playfield issues (any issues really) that some people are having and I consider myself fortunate. It seems like its coming out of the later runs (I've had mine for six months and a ton of plays on it). If I was CGC, I would work to make these right as some people have legitimate gripes (like the off color and prominent wood grain). They need to step back before dismissing the complaints and ask themselves if they would be happy if it was their brand new 8k game? I really doubt they would and if that's the case, action needs to be taken to make it right. The sales of game three depends on it.

I do not think that CGC have dismissed any claims and they are handling them accordingly. I agree, CGCs next release depends on how they handle their complaints and issues.

#3804 2 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

I don't see anything wrong with sharing your experience (positive or negative) with any pinball company here on Pinside as I've done both over the years. I also think it's important to follow up on your experience should it change because of how a company has decided to handle your personal situation. Owners should not feel threatened or concerned about posting here one way or another.
I look at it this way. If a had something significant (positive or negative) happen to me as a customer I would certainly go out of my way to share that with my friends/family to help them make a sound purchase decision. I consider most of this community an extension of pinball friends and would not hesitate sharing info in the hopes it would influence their decision to purchase (or to not). Share what you think is SIGNIFICANT...what you would want your friends/family to know.

Very well said! Totally agree

#3815 2 years ago
Quoted from snaroff:

I know of disgruntled customers that aren't Pinsiders. The notion that everyone who owns a pinball machine is represented here is flawed. I also know of disgruntled customers that watch Pinside but don't post. Not everyone is as vocal as we are
Only CGC has the "real" disgruntled data. As a result, your claim isn't factual unless you have insider information.
Not trying to say the sky is falling, just that all of us really only know our own experience (with CGC). Everything else is speculation.
Intuitively, if the number of PF issues is *really small*, CGC would be foolish if they didn't take care of folks (since it wouldn't put a big dent in their bottom line). They are a fairly new company and their quality and approach to service is likely a work in progress.

Hey Snaroff,

I totally agree with you and I am not questioning you. I respect your comments and I know you are genuine. I know that you had a few genuine issues and your outcome. I thank you for your honesty, it helped me a lot.

I too am also am hoping that CGC do resolve all their issues big and small and keep their customer base happy.

#3816 2 years ago
Quoted from Onwallst:

So here is the full version that was requested as it was a busy holiday weekend.
I put in my ticket on the CGC online system. I received an email and call promptly the next day, I returned the call the following day. The call was from “Doug” as he is referred to on this thread. He started the call off asking about where I live etc. His children live here and he went to College around here etc. Asked about my business’s etc. We then began the topic on the AFMr and the issues regarding the playfield. He said they would immediately send out the plastics and they use the same manufacture many others are using and not sure why they are having the issues. He said that the playfield manufacturing is mostly by hand. Only the routing is automated. It was stated they purchase their wood from a “secret source.” It is cedar and ash. I asked which the ball surface was. He stated that cedar was the playfield surface but said he may have that backwards. Since it is a handmade product no two are alike. I mentioned the color issues and was told that this was “artistic character” and was to be expected on a handmade product. They view this as completely acceptable. He said in their view they build the world’s finest pinball machines. They use a 13 layer screen process where Stern only uses a 5 layer process. Other playfield manufactures use a more automated process which they believe is inferior. I mention the wrong screen colors and again was told that is up to the “artist.” He said the inserts are also hand installed and also will be “unique” between play fields. I asked about the planking and he said it is not planking but was in the surface prior to screening from not being “a fully prepared surface” and that it would not get any worse. This is expected when you are dealing with a handmade natural product. I stated that it is getting worse. He disagreed. I also stated that I own many pinball machines and many of the recent pinball playfields were made in his shop and they aren’t doing this or look like that. I also stated my MMr LE does not look like this. I also stated I can’t find a AFMr in Colorado that is not doing this. Even the one at the local dealer looks like this. He stated that they have only received a few complaints and these artistic characteristics are to be expected and acceptable. He also stated that the Warranty is at CGC’s sole discretion and is only 12 months on the LE playfield which he was willing to extend to 5 years. (Medieval Madness 12 month’s electronic/6 months other, AFM CE, 6/3, AFM SE 12/6 and the AFM LE 24/12) He did agree to send me the diffusers that I could never get from my dealer on my MMR and that I could not get CGC to send directly to me in the past. At this point he went into pinside and the things people are posting on there. He said he has a few employees and friends on there. He said all these things are completely normal and people need to stop posting. At that point I told him I was a poster and had posted things on there. He said people need to understand we make the best pinball machines and this is not like manufactures issues. He said that I need to stop posting. I changed the subject and asked if they were going to send me an email in writing on what we chatted about. He said it will be in the ticket. At this point he brought up the posting again and began pressing that they do not want people posting issues. I finally had enough and politly said thank you for his time and I am looking forward to the parts.
After I hung up I felt like I was just bullied and smoothed talk to believe and accept what they are telling me. I immediately notified my dealer that I was uncomfortable with the solution.
Fact #1 The warranty is 100% discretionary by CGC and the customer his no recourse.
Fact#2 The CGC system is great for small items but large items are phone calls with no documentation. One can’t record a phone conversation with a person in Illinois or PPS in Nevada as you need all parties to consent to the recording. Many have recorded them but can’t publicly display them.
Fact#3 The product comes in a box. One can’t inspect a game until it is opened at that point one owns it and it is under the full discretion of CGC if they deem it is “defects in material or workmanship”
Fact#4 When I bought this game the sales sheet did not disclose that this was a handmade product and it would be different than pictured. It did not disclose that playfield chipping may occur, grainy lines and planking are acceptable, putty maybe in the shooter lane and colors will not match. When I buy a “remake” I assume it is going to look like the original that it was re manufactured from. This includes the correct playfield surface and colors. Chipping is not acceptable in my other games and should not be accepted here. If the above disclosure was made most of us would not purchase the product.
Fact#5 The sales sheet did not disclose that only the original purchaser is covered by the warranty and that CGC, at its sole discretion, will be liable to repair or replace components which are returned to CGC during the warranty period. CGC will repair or replace any covered part at no charge, exclusive of shipping and handling charges or any labor to install the part. Unless instructed otherwise, all defective parts be properly packaged and returned to CGC freight prepaid…No one is authorized to make modifications to this limited warranty.
CGC or “Doug” will not fix these items immediately once someone opens a ticket as many believe. They do this only on small items. CGC is illustrating to consumers chipping, wrong colors, insert ghosting, planking, poorly prepped surfaces, and putty are all acceptable. They can increase the warranty 20 years if none of these issues are covered. Everyday for the next 4 ½ years I get to look at playfeild that looks like crap is the bottom line. If CGC is not going to Warranty their products on major issues then I will warn suspecting new buyers. We all are doing that. I wish mine looked like some of yours. I have had a few friends just sell their games and take the loss. It is the luck of the draw and you will never know what yours looks like until you open it. If new major issues emerge looks of luck.
I currently own 27 pinball machines which I believe are the top games and ones I enjoy. I also bought and sold around 75 games to find the games I like and ones that are in better shape with great mods. I am not a new person to pinball. I have bought games from every manufacture and have never seen such a disregard for the customer. Don’t tell me you are the best but show me. No one would be posting on here if that was the case. I bought both the MMr LE and the AFMr LE from CGC with matching numbers. Few can claim that. I have talked to many other customers/friends that wont post on here that have moved on. I will receive hate emails and pm. Some of these are friends of the manufacture and others I assume are employees. If I too take the loss and move on CGC is off the hook since it would be second owner. This is what they prefer one does. No more warranty liability for them. No one posting has any personal agenda as we all have games only a few months old. I got lucky on GBLE but unlucky here. QC is not there. I want my game to look the way it should and the warranty to be the way it should. I am a pinball customer and I buy new games and share experiences with no agenda.

Thank you very much for taking the time write and post your experience. That is really not good from CGC and I would definitely not be happy with that. If I was your distro I would be doing my best to get you a good resolution. Good luck!

#3954 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

Weren't doin that in first place!

Yes, you most certainly are. Plenty of rumour and Story telling. Shows you how self destructive some people in the hobby really are. Such a shame that a handful of people can cause so much drama. Doing their best to remove the smile from people that have spend a vey large chunk of their savings on a pinball machine.

#3956 2 years ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Many distributors are also collectors that have been "around the block". If a distributor is convinced a PF has significant flaws, then they should apply sufficient pressure to have the manufacturer correct the situation (not specific to CGC).
The distributor should be an advocate for the buyer. As I said in a previous post, that's what happened when my AC/DC PF had flaws. From my perspective, a distributor driven resolution is more desirable than having the credit card company intervene. Why? I really loved the game and just wanted it to be "right". I really wasn't interested in merely getting my money back.
In my case, Stern "did the right thing" for me and many others. If Stern didn't do the right thing, I would have spoken with the distributor about potentially buying back my game and issuing me a credit on a future game.
Like it or not, CGC will be compared with Stern and JJP quality and service. That's only natural and completely valid. On paper, CGC's LE has the best warranty in the business.

Well said. This is what I would be doing. Best option.

#3961 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

That's fine you can take the opportunity to attack me in your attempt to distract what is going on here if that's what you need to justify your position. I see through it and so does everyone else here. Your attacks are petty and meaningless. I do not have to explain anything to you. I support everyone who just wants what they paid for.

No. you are so wrong. Using the the word "everyone" is not true as I do not agree with you at all. There are plenty of us. You are trying your best to derail CGC. I happen to support and like the company. You will not share your story like many of other genuine Pinsiders that are happy to share their experience, me included. You are making an opportunity to cause issues. I am not attacking you at all. Just calling you out on your BS. Notice I am supportive of all other genuine Pinsiders.

#3971 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

Please tell us what rumors and stories you are referring to.....

All your stories. You are yet to post what your issue is with your machine. Always answering a question with a question.. sidestepping if you really have any issues with an AFMr or even if you really own one. This is an owners thread.

#3974 2 years ago
Quoted from Pin_Guy:

LTG, you do provide overwhelming support to ALL of the folks here on Pinside and those who are aware of the scope of support you provide are grateful for the time and energy you put forth on a daily basis to help folks out on this website; your support is in the true spirit of Pinside and will never be overshadowed but a few folks casting a wide net of allegations.

Very well said. ltg we thank and support you every step of the way.

#3976 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

WOW That's a lot of stories! I have posted on here a lot, for a long time and about a great many subjects and your saying they are all BS! . ALL of em Really
You know that sounds like an attack on me. You have no idea who I am buddy. And I do not have to reveal anything to you. If you have some beef with me you can PM me. This is my last response to you.

See... more stories and you are trying to twist my words. You still refuse to post what is wrong with your machine. I have no interest in PMs. It is not a personal attack and I have no beef with you. You have the right to post and so do I.

#4062 2 years ago
Quoted from bitpatrol:

How do I clean my Attack From Mars Remake Limited Edition? Is there a special procedure, for example if it was on a route? Do I need to use wax? I have a full playfield protector.

We have playfield protectors on every machine we own. We like to keep the playfield as "minty" as possible. We vacuum the whole machine inside and out and around the playfield. We spray Novus no1 on a rag and use that the clean the playfield, rubbers, targets, etc etc. If the protector has been on for a while and you feel the ball is slowing down on the protector, we put a small amount of Novus No2 on the protector. Enough not to leave a residue. Machine will play like lightening! We have never fitted a playfield protector to a routed machine so cannot help you out there. Good luck!

#4258 2 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Still waiting to see a list or speadsheet with all these wide spread major issues.

I think you will be waiting a long time..

#4266 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

I have not heard anything back regarding the warranty extension, but Doug did say it could take a couple weeks.
I'm just hoping that we all see some sort of action from them before Texas. I was chomping at the bit for that Monster Bash before hearing all of these people that had unresolved pf issues (not plastics replacements and shooter adjustments).

Politely, It is only really 2 of you complaining. It has been said before, start your own thread. We are in for a Monster Bash LE! Bring it on and we cannot wait for the announcement.

#4282 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

BS interactions

You hit the nail on the head!.. BS. enough said!

#4289 2 years ago
Quoted from Pathfinder:

I don't think the shooter lane knot is really all that bad. It is really tiny - look at the size of the screw head. Plywood is not perfect on the inside. The knots are only really fixed or avoided on the outer two plies. Inside, they may use filler to fix a knot if no-voids are specified. This is when they made the plywood not after. Is it an assumption that someone tried to repair the thing after machining? Making plywood that is perfect on every ply would be really expensive! So this one playfield just happened to have a knot there and there is a tiny cosmetic blemish in an area where few people would even look. If it isn't failing, I'd say that all is good. Why should CGC take a $1K+ hit for this? If anything, the local distributor could have accepted a return/exchange from the customer. It just isn't a warranty level issue. Maybe it is a return shipping cost issue if it was mail-ordered?
I'm also not getting why the nude paint is such an issue. My version has the orange, but it takes quite a keen eye to figure out that it is different than a nude color on the SOL lights. This is another blem that probably warranted an exchange at purchase rather than a repair after the fact. So maybe it took the owners so long to see these things that a return/exchange was not possible. Speculation on my part, I know, but inspect before your accept. If I were CGC, I might offer a discounted playfield to these owners, but little more... IMHO it is the distributor that should be flamed if they refused a return/exchange for these games.

Very well said. There are a few doing their best to put pressure on CGC through Pinside to give them what they want. Not in the good spirit of Pinside I think. I am with you. There are no real issues.

#4296 2 years ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Good lord are you guys looking at the same pic? so if you guys just paid $8300 for a NIB LE you would be satisfied with that play field? If so thats great for u, but if mine showed up that way I'd be irritated (as would most)...Thats by far the worst NIB shooter lane I've ever seen....I've seen better shooter lanes on play fields with 10,000 game plays.....CGC should be embarrassed that it left their factory.

Everybody is different. I think plenty of hype has been created over nothing. How do you know that the photos are genuine? I have seen 4 Pinsiders post the same photo claiming it is their playfield. I am sure if there was a genuine serious issue, CGC would do everything in their power to resolve it.

We have a AFMrLE and are very happy with it.

#4318 2 years ago
Quoted from JJHLH:

You aren’t an owner but you continually come on this thread and repeatedly bad mouth CGC. 82 posts now, all negative. Several owners, people who actually spent hard-earned money on the game unlike you, have politely asked you to stop. Instead you insult them by saying they must be shrills, dealers, or employees of CGC since they praise the game and company. That’s not right. It violates the spirit of Pinside.
I would ask the Moderators to consider banning you from this thread. Rule #1 on Pinside is be nice. You’ve violated that repeatedly.

And I would like for this also. A little respect for owners would be greatly appreciated.

#4321 2 years ago
Quoted from cocomonkeh:

Just set up LE 901 today. Haven't noticed anything yet out of the ordinary.

You will love it, just like we love ours!

#4358 2 years ago
Quoted from PDX_Pinball:

I'm really excited to order an AFMr SE, but at the same time I'm worried about the color and planking issues. I'll get cliffy's so not too worried about the chipping. Finding a used one in my area takes way more patience then I have. I feel like I'm rolling the dice by ordering NIB. Odds are I won't crap out, but I don't really want to put $7200 on the Pass Line (craps reference for those who don't gamble).

You have nothing to worry about. The issues are claimed by a few Pinsiders only. With respect, the photos could be from any AFM and not necessarily from an AFMr.

#4365 2 years ago
Quoted from Onwallst:

My ticket number is 1999. Lol you talk about people posting to much you need to stop as you know that is completely false that it is AFMr LE and most are either LE’s or SE’s. I bought matching numbers as my MMr LE which I was the original owner and number.

My post was not about you. I wish you all the best and hope you gain a resolution in the near future.

#4374 2 years ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

You have no idea if thats true or not? Just out of curiosity do you even own this game? The reality is buying any NIB pinball game comes with a level of risk. The manufacturers are already reaping the rewards since they rarely offer any service, which is where the big costs are. They all rely on end users doing all the work so when a big issue comes up they need to step up to the plate. If I was a customer who unfortunately had major play field issue, and the manufacturer blew me off I would be irritated as well. If the customers in question (and I'm not one of them) don't come to some mutual resolution then I hope they sue their ass as its total BS.

Yes I own a AFMrLE. Do you own one? This is an owners thread so I hope you do, if not and out of respect to owners take your comments elsewhere.

We are a NIB buyer and have bought plenty over the last 7 years. We have had every issue from small to large (playfield replacement) and every manufacturer has resolved all our issues, including CGC. You guys are just creating BS for no reason.

And yes, I question all the photos put up on this thread. How do we know they are genuine?

#4375 2 years ago
Quoted from Onwallst:

No I understand your point but if you buy and sell you might own two games but 8 would’ve in your history. Shows experience as was the point. Having nothing there is suspect and following Doug at CGC. All posts are “cheerleader” posts.

I do follow Doug at CGC. The guys there have been fantastic to us and we love their product. If you want to see our games all you have to do is ask.

#4379 2 years ago
Quoted from Onwallst:

Yes I do own a AFM LE as posted many times. “We” (you referring to actual owners) aren’t creating BS. There would be no BS if issues resolved quickly as “we” all hoped would happen quickly. You are the one that keeps talking about it as I tried to change topics many times. I don’t want to beat a “dead horse.” (You can tell the difference on the pictures by the leds) If you got a new playfeild swap why can’t we?

I have no issue with you. I have said this many times, I hope you get a resolution soon. CGC did not give us a playfield replacement. Stern did. We had a blown solenoid board and the issue was dealt with straight away. What I do have an issue with is people that do not own a AFMr posting BS on an owners thread.

#4380 2 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I’d like to see your AFMr LE numbered plaque with a piece of paper with pinballaddicted written on it....that oughta do....

Now lets do the same with all these supposed issues.

20180301_122456 (1) (resized).jpg

#4383 2 years ago
Quoted from Onwallst:

If you go back the ones you are accusing have posted pictures of their games either NIB or after adding mods and sharing with all. I wish I could get a populated playfeild swap but it is “not” going to happen from CGC. We are all realizing that. I have had friends sell their AFMr at loses and just moved on. New buyers of NIB games are then walking right into the storm if they don’t check prior to taking ownership.

I wish you well. Good luck!

#4384 2 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Nice! You do own one....

We love it! And, we live in Australia.

#4387 2 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

It’s a fun game for sure! I picked up a super nice Micro playfield that if need be I’ll swap into mine some day but so far so good.

Hopefully you will not have to do that. Ours is pretty good. We had most of the issues owners are talking about, air balls, shooter not shooting straight, pop bumpers not adjusted properly. It is a pinball machine and needs massaging to make it play how you like it!

#4395 2 years ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I own them all .... my collection is public...your the one hiding stuff....u have no idea if its BS....

That is awesome dude and I agree with you. Is there anything wrong with your game?

#4398 2 years ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I had a few minor issues i.e. right green side armor had a chip in it, small ding in the bottom of the cabinet....CGC sent me a new rail, and told me there was nothing they could do about the cabinet....I let it go since it was somewhat minor, but supports what others are seeing....they are great at the small stuff, but will fight like hell to not do anything about major issues....mine wasn't major or else I would be fighting them....that being said my cabinet should not have shown up with a ding on the bottom...I installed Cliffy's everywhere day 1 since I'm always concerned about chipping...

I am happy everything worked out for you. That is what I am talking about, most issues with CGC are sorted quickly. Major issue could take longer.

#4407 2 years ago
Quoted from mrWol64:

Snap,.. that is at least 2 LE’s in Australia being loved and played!! Got hooked by the SE at Pincadia

I think that there are 60 or 70 in Aus! All loved and played.

#4411 2 years ago
Quoted from TOLLS:

No 286 here in Adelaide Australia, loving it. NIB Alien arriving any second now. Nose on the window waiting for the truck.

Alien! Congrats dude.. you will have to post all about it..

#4412 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Hey looks like you got some planking and chipping right on that womans hooters above the flippers, that couldn’t have happened on a worse part of the playfield.....damn!!

That is from me loving the hooters way too much!

#4453 2 years ago
Quoted from estrader:

So you don’t know exactly how many but you know they are all loved and played. How you even know 60 or 70 people with this game is beyond me but the last part I don’t know how you could possibly know if all those games are played and loved. It’s comments like this that make you seem suspicious.

We have our own forum and our distro is on it. Do you have a good relationship with your distro?

#4465 2 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Who is the real pinballaddicted?! LOL

I love that! I think we are all pinballaddicted!

3 weeks later
#4802 2 years ago
Quoted from kapsreiter:

i set up the game now
Cabinet perfect
PF smooth and without any damage
technical, all is working in test mode
the Topper could not be connected
i had to remove a pin at the pcb
the machine was built 1 month ago
so why ist this still so in production
and not a manual included at the topper ?
but LTG answered with in 10 minutes
so i am very happy with this purchase

Welcome to the club! Every topper had that issue, easy fix.
Happy Flipping!

1 week later
#4855 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Nudge like Hell. That saves mine most of the time when I see it heading that way.

That is us too. I even have my wife Nudging!!

2 weeks later
#4959 2 years ago
Quoted from JJHLH:

Just installed Pinstadium lights in my machine. I’m now enjoying my all-time favorite game more than ever!

That looks awesome. What do the pinstadium lights do when you are playing strobe multiball? Are the pinstadium lights on or off?

#4982 2 years ago
Quoted from JJHLH:

During Strobe Multiball the GI portion of the Pinstadium lights turn off (just like the game’s GI) and the UV flashers come on whenever the strobe flashes. But it may vary depending on what flasher you connect to.

Thanks! We are thinking about buying a kit to try it out.

#4983 2 years ago
Quoted from JJHLH:

Thanks! I'm in the same position. MMr and AFMr LE are my only 2 games and I'm tempted to stop there, but probably won't be able to resist MBr if that is remake #3.

Sounds like you are already hooked. Start building or change your house around to fit more machines in. This is more an addiction than a hobby. Still a lot of fun!

#4994 2 years ago
Quoted from PinLen83:

Yes they are. My god are they gorgeous!
Took some pics tonight. Very, VERY photogenic!

Best Topper on any machine ever!

1 month later
#5290 2 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

Yes. Contact Chicago Gaming and ask for the updated metal ball guide around the pop bumper to fully resolve the issue.

Do you know what the difference is? We have been patiently waiting for this issue to resolve itself.

#5293 2 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

Small metal ball guide by the pops was incorrectly curved more than spec. It was slight and I could barely notice it on the game I upgraded. But it was enough to be in the path of the ball sometimes on launch and take the inertia away. Was a small number I games and is now corrected (has been for months). If you’re still having the issue, contact support for a new ball guide.

Thankyou very much for the info. I will have a good look at our game when I get home tonight. I did notice that MMr ball guide is different and MMr has no issues in the same spot. MMr ball makes it around every time.

#5320 2 years ago
Quoted from DeeGor:

My machine was one of the few that had the bad orbit guide. My success rate for making an orbit shot was about 3 in 10. Now that I have the replacement in, I'd say it makes it all the way around 9 out of 10 times.
Here is a picture comparing the original guide and the replacement part CGC sent. The original is on top.

Thanks very much for posting, much appreciated. Ours looks the same as your original one. We have a replacement on the way too. Awesome after sales service from CGC.

1 week later
#5398 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

I’m not a fan of dots either. All my pins have color DMD and I put them on high res or smooth whatever that setting is. Much prefer they to dots but I know lots of people with color DMD that put on dots.
But it’s too bad they didn’t offer a choice of dots or smooth because I’d much prefer the cartoon look. My two cents.
I’m so excited about my new AFM it’s on the truck just in Kentucky now. Hopefully it’ll be arriving Friday but I’ve got no delivery notice yet.

Agree with all 3 of you guys.. Hi res here too! AFMr colour big screen would look awesome high res! Hopefully we get an update that allows us to changes over from dots.

1 week later
#5509 1 year ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

My brand new Afm SE wont power up after 2 weeks and of course I am out of town for the next 2 weeks . Any of you guys had this problem ? Is there a previously noted issue ?
Where to start .? Help

So sorry to hear that. Best thing to do is lodge a ticket with CGC. Sign up if you do not already have a sign in. Check the simple things first and that the power point is on. With machine off, check that no wires are loose inside your machine.


and go from there. The guys are extremely responsive and I am sure will get you sorted quickly. I do remember a few Pinsiders having issues with their power supply.

Good Luck!

#5513 1 year ago

Pleasure! You will get plenty of other Pinsiders help too I am sure.

3 months later
#5971 1 year ago
Quoted from ausretrogamer:

Thank you pinballinreno and LTG - you guys rock!

As long as you are confident in taking all the balls out and lifting the playfield. If you cannot do this, get some one to help you for the first time. This is easy too!

2 weeks later
#6034 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I have terrible power as noted many times on the Houdini thread.
My power goes from 113v to 124v in a single 4 hour session almost daily.
My AFMr at high voltage throws the ball around like crazy and cant even keep it on the wireform.
At low voltage the ball goes SDTM off the SOL every single time and I cant get the ball up the ramp.
One of the joy's of pinball is the "unregulated" power system in the game.
Few, if any, games have power regulation (Houdini might be the first?) to insure even, constant game-play.
So, I put it on a variac at 118 or 119v, adjusted all of the game settings and now its amazing! Super consistant and a joy to play.
My TH cant make the windlance shot consistently unless on the variac or I fiddle with game settings daily.
I just got tired of adjusting my coil settings daily, I regulated the power instead.
Stick one of those little AC outlet voltmeters in a socket on the same breaker as the game, and look at it when the game play seems off.
For me it was enlightening.

Thank yo very much for posting this. We are experiencing a similar issue since we had out Tesla Powerwall 2 installed. One day balls are flying everywhere, the next the ball will not go up the ramp. If we switch to main power only we get a constant 247 Volts (240V power) and machines play awesome. If we use battery or solar power the voltage can vary between 210V - 240V. The voltage can vary quite a bit. We understand what is happening and have not come up with a solution yet, Tesla are doing their best to help out with firmware.

Could you please give me a bit more info on what a variac is and where you bought it? I am think it is a voltage regulator? Could you please confirm name, brand etc, etc.


#6037 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

If you are looking for a low cost variable ac transformer, and you are 220-240v, something like this maybe:
Volteq 2KVA Variable Transformer 2000VA 0-250V 220V AC amazon.com link »
2000w is plenty for 2 games on each variac.
You must use a voltmeter to adjust them as the dial is very inaccurate.

That is the information I needed, a brand and model. I will get my wife to order one from somewhere here in Aus and try it out.

I find it very interesting that the voltage changes affect each game differently. EG. TAF flipper strength goes up or down. IMDNLE, AFMrLE plunger strength becomes inconsistent. Some games you do not notice any changes.

Thanks very much for your help, I really appreciate it.

1 week later
#6081 1 year ago
Quoted from Our_Man_in_Oz:

Just noticed your post. I haven't had a single issue with my AFMrLE, plays exactly like my original AFM in regards to flippers, plunger, and general coil strength. A little surprised you're having power related hassles like that here in Aus. My Houdini similarly has no issues.

We have only had this issue since we fitted a Tesla Powerwall 2. The Powerwall controller isolates the house from the grid when the battery has charge to run the house. When on battery or solar power, the voltage can vary from 220V - 240V depending on load and how much power the solar panels are making. On mains power we are a constant 245V. Tesla are doing their best to resolve the issue for us with firmware updates. Tesla are yet to confirm if we can run a voltage regulator on our pinnys. We are lucky enough to have some super switched on pinsiders (pinballinreno) that suggested a voltage regulator. We bought one, switched the house to main power only, turned the voltage down and all the older games (BWs) and Stern SAM) lost flipper power. New games not as bad.

We have no issues with any of our games when we are running on mains power.

#6097 1 year ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

I got my side mirrors in and either they don't fit, I'm doing something wrong, or Cointaker sent me a bum set. I ordered the Bally/Williams DMD Mirror Blades and they look like they should fit, but when you take the side bolts out of the cabinet and try and install the mirrors the hole doesn't line up right. They are like a quarter of an inch off. If I try and move the hole up the top of the mirror hits the top of the backbox and it just does not fit. If there is something easy I am messing up please let me know. Bad pictures attached.
I am trying to put these in an AFMr SE.
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Bally/Williams DMD Mirror Blades
SKU: B/W Mirror Blades
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It is not just you and you are not missing anything. You do not have to remove the bolts to fit the mirrored blades. We have had a couple of sets like that, the hole in the blades is not in the correct position. Get another set from who ever you bought them from.

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Quoted from Lermods:

You DOhave to remove the hinge bolts on AFMr and any bw game. The bolt is what holds the mirror blade to the cabinet. The bolt also sits proud of the cabinet unlike a stern, which sits flush. You are correct that The mirror blades he has appear to be drilled incorrectly.
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Sorry about that. I get the guy that makes ours to cut bigger holes so we do not have to remove the bolts! much easier to fit.

4 months later
#6741 1 year ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

I wouldn't do it if so. Game is going to play differently.

How do you know this?

Do you have a playfield protector on your game?

#6742 1 year ago
Quoted from SeaLawyer:

Just bought #840 LE, NIB, black trim. Delivery next week.
Is anyone running one of these?
ebay.com link
Is it worth installing on a new playfield to keep it new?

That is up to you if you want to put a playfield protector on or not. Some people like them and some do not. If you know what you are doing, you will have the protector on in one afternoon. We have games with a protector on and games without. I cannot tell the difference in play between the two.

I am not confident of any manufacturers playfield quality so I have started putting playfield protectors on every game we own. For us, we think the investment is well worth it. As long as you keep the maintenance and cleaning up, you will have no issues. I definitely do not miss ball track marks, dimpling and chipping on all the new playfields.

Good Luck and welcome to the club. Game rocks!

#6762 1 year ago
Quoted from SeaLawyer:

Thanks, guys. Yeh, I guess if I absolutely hate the way it plays, I can always remove it. I wouldn't consider it on a used game, but I'd like to keep the playfield pristine, even though it's only HUO. I don't have them on any other machines, but I bought one for the new CPR Gold TAF playfield that I'll eventually get around to installing. Same rationale.
The other alternative would be this:
ebay.com link » Attack From Mars Pinball Machine Complete Mylar Set Enhanced Set
Does the remake come with any mylar?

Playfield protector is easy to cut off if you do not like it. Plenty of people on here always pushing their opinion down your throat. Do whatever you decide is best for you and your family. Game is super fun.

There is some mylar around the pop bumpers and the SOL scoop. I think that is about it.

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#7034 1 year ago
Quoted from SeaLawyer:

It took me about an hour to install with disassembling half the playfield. I could remove it in 5 minutes by lifting from the bottom and cutting...

We have a playfield protector on our AFMrLE. We put it on before we plunged a ball. Same with the Cliffys. Playfield underneath still looks like new! Shooter lane still looks like new and no dimpling or chipping or any other playfield issues. Game has 1500 plays. Installing a playfield protector is about what you want for your machine. Not what other people want for your machine. If you do not like them, do notvput them on or play a machine with them on. Easy.

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#7107 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinball-Wiz:

That playfield is not "OK" for a 1-2 year old "LE" that was sold for top dollar as "Mint" with "low plays".
You're crazy IMO. But when it's dealing with someone elses problem, it doesn't seem as bad does it. I've been in a bad spot like this before (mis-represented game with a BS story behind it) and it's not a good position to be in.
I'd be going all the way through to make this right if I was holding it right now, I can tell you that. I thought Chicago Gaming prided themselves in the quality of playfields, more so than any other manufacturer? If they don't make this right, I'll be giving my MMr purchase a second thought (I have one on order due for next month).

This is not CGCs issue. CGC have been clear they will only apply warranty to new machines for original owners. The issue lies with the buyer for not inspecting the machine before purchase. A second hand game is a second hand game, buy as is.

I personally think the playfield is ok. The ribbing is extremely hard to see in normal light, once the playfield dimples it hides the ribbing anyway.

Maybe you could read all the warranty clauses from CGC before you buy the game so you understand what you are covered for and what you are not. It would definitely make things a lot easier for you. All new games are far from perfect. Ribbing, insert crazing, decals cracking and other playfield and cabinet issues have always been around.

#7114 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinball-Wiz:

I think you're confused, this isn't my game. I'm only providing my input.
So with saying the playfield is OK, you would accept this during a sale of the machine with no negative consideration towards price? Just curious.
If you say this is NOT CGC's issue, then I ask you this- Why is it that, over 10+ years of Stern ownership, including games that I have owned 10+ years or more (LOTR, TSPP, etc.), do I not have one Stern (or even JJP) that has this issue? If this is "normal" for a playfield to do this, shouldn't other Pinball companies playfields exhibit this "normal" behavior?
Again, I'm playing devil's advocate and trying to place myself in the shoes of the person who owns this machine.
Let's do a poll here, how many here, upon inspection, have an AFMr (LE or not) that has this issue (I believe too little clearcoat and evident settling).
And again, I speak with my wallet. If you're telling me that CGC doesn't care about their quality control, then why should I pay $8K plus shipping for my upcoming MMr?

I understand the the game is not yours. All good here!
The game you are talking about is not new. It is used and the warranty expired once the original owner sold it. Why should CGC accept any warranty claim?

We have always resolved any NIB issues with the manufacturer. We have had our fair share of issues and some take longer to resolve than others, everything has always worked out. We are reasonable too. Sometimes people set their expectations of a new game too high.

We have MMr and AFMrLE. Both playfields have a little bit of planking and MMr inserts have a little crazing. We are good with it. The only place it is an issue is Pinside

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Quoted from pinballinreno:

I have an LE and the topper is still in the wooden box lol.
I never installed it.
I may some day, but for now I dont need it.

I suggest you give it a try. For us that is the best topper ever made. We have had the game for one and a half years and still start laughing every time the topper works! The topper is coded in to the game and it also works in attract mode.

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#7895 6 months ago
Quoted from Dan1733:

I would appreciate any guidance. Can anyone please tell me what you believe an AFMr LE might be worth, that has been out on a route for a year or so? It is in good condition -- for a machine that has been on a route with about 2,600 plays. Thank you in advance.

I think you could be focused more on condition rather than plays. As an example our AFMrLE has 1900 plays and it is in our lounge room since December 2017. Only my wife and I really play it apart from the occasional get together. 2,600 plays for a site sound very low to me. As long as the game has been looked after and is in good condition, that is more important, I think.

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