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#1447 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Agreed the boat just landed in Europe for ours so hopeful for next week!

Hey Neil, presume you ordered yours from Pinball Heaven? I'm waiting on an LE on the same boat I believe. Next week would be great! Haven't heard anything from PH yet, think I'll drop Phil an email.

#1497 1 year ago
Quoted from BentleyBear:

Can anyone give me some info here please ?

Mine hasn't arrived yet, but from what I've read on this thread , best to get protection. I've ordered the full set of Cliffys, think it was about £88 delivered to UK

1 week later
#1890 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Yes I have, but honestly I wouldn't email Phil - he's pretty good at keeping us in the loop when it all moves and when things happen he keeps us in the loop.

Hi Neil, is that yours I've seen on Facebook today? Mine arrives tomorrow, what's your initial thoughts?

#1951 1 year ago

LE425 arrived yesterday, totally enjoying the machine, I have the shooter issues like many others, but as I'm a total newbie, I'll raise a ticket and see what transpires.

20171222_205350 (resized).jpg

20171221_181349 (resized).jpg

20171221_181854 (resized).jpg

#2152 1 year ago

Hi All, I've had mine around a week, and love it, there's just one thing that's bothering me, the left popper takes multiple attempts before the ball is ejected. Sometimes it takes a couple of attempts but it can take up to 5 or 6, which is a bit annoying. Has anyone else had this? It's set to maximum strength in the settings. Any advice on how to rectify, or should I raise a ticket? Thanks for any advice.

#2368 1 year ago
Quoted from monte_:

I noticed while playing today and yesterday the ball would take 4-5 attempts to pop out of the hole after getting into ufo or ball lock. I tightened the metal hexagonal piece that sits next to the black metal piece where ball comes out of and it fixed problem 95 percent of time, but still can take 2 attempts for ball to come out sometimes. Is this normal/okay?

If that's the left popper, yes I've had this since I received the machine. Sometimes it can pop out first or second times, others it can take 5 or 6.Theres no consistency to it all, I've raised a ticked for it and had some advice from Lloyd - check for anything bent or obviously not right, couldn't see anything and I've tried different popper strengths (again suggested by Lloyd) but the issue remains, he's going to discuss with one of the engineers.

I would suggest a ticket, thought I was the only one....

Interestingly the SOL popper always ejects first time but increasingly delivers straight down the middle, I saw someone else had that problem, again no consistency to this either. Very odd.

#2370 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

I had this problem on my original after it's restoration years ago. All it needed was a VUK (vertical-up-kick) adjustment. Since the black chute is longer than the SOL vuk, it's more finicky (in terms of precisely where the ball hits). I'll let CGC reps advise you on how to adjust it, however it shouldn't be a big deal.

Thanks, that's good to know.

2 weeks later
#2820 1 year ago

I've got a bit of an issue with the translite, and would appreciate your feed back as to whether you think its something I should follow up with CGC.
I noticed it on delivery, the guy who put it together said it was probably condensation, which given the long journey to the UK and the low temperatures during transportation, sounds about right.

As you can see from the photos, the Martian "picture" looks as though its sort of delaminated, so there's what look like large bubbles behind the glass, it looks like the picture is a bit buckled behind and not flush against the glass. To be honest it's far more noticeable with the lights off, but still noticeable when the machine and lights are on, and possibly bugs me more than it should..

Let me know your thoughts, thanks.

20180123_205031 (resized).jpg

20180123_204848 (resized).jpg

20180123_204813 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#3010 1 year ago

Pic 2 fitted, have to say the old pic was uncomfortably tight to get out, but once out pic 2 was very easy to fit.
I tried - 4 for flipper strength but have to say, flippers seemed a bit weak, I've got it at - 2 at the moment. Maybe I just need to get used to the reduced strength for a while. Thanks to Pinball Heaven in the UK and of course CGC for sending the fix out.

#3019 1 year ago
Quoted from Newbie979:

So after the pic 2.0 I’ve been having more problems it seems then before the new chip. Lot more balls dreading out on then left ramp and had like 3 balls not launch all the way up to the jets. Seems like it’s always something with this machine. Can never just function like it’s suppose to.

Similar here, its almost like everytime I switch it on it behaves differently even though its on the same settings, some games flippers are OK, others very strong. I've also had many balls go straight down the middle from the right (sol) popper, which is frustrating.
First game flippers very weak at - 4, then another time very strong so reduced to - 6, still have some air balls, not like before though.
Only settings I've changed are flippers, tried adjusting right popper but didn't help.
I'll give it time and see how others get on, have to say though it's much better than with pic 1.

#3021 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

The LE's are supposed to come with coin mechs installed.

Dont think they did in the UK? Not on mine anyway..

1 week later
#3541 1 year ago

New to owning a pinball, so each small step is a learning curve. I've had and sorted the left popper, pic, and ramp issues, so far so good. I've bought a full set of Cliffys, installed the two easy ones, moving target and ball eject, got four left to do. There are instructions on the website for the mothership and sol, so will do these, even if a bit daunted.

I can't see any info however on the lock and drain hole cliffy's, just wondered if anyone who has fitted these has any photos or advice?

#3567 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

look at the key posts, there is a post earlier in the thread with a lot of pictures.

Yes, but not with the drain or lock hole cliffys, (not that I could see) all others but not those two.

#3798 1 year ago

Guess it just shows how much luck is involved. I've played almost 400 games in the 2 months I've owned it and love it. I had the shooter lane issue, left popper taking numerous attempts to eject the ball and after close inspection chipping under the mother ship, but nowhere else.
CGC gave me fixes for popper and left popper, and did so very quickly and effectively, and I'm grateful for the support recieved. I've fitted the full set of Cliffys with the exception of the SOL, I did try to fit it with the existing protector, but even after slightly bending, it affected the way the game played, so took it off. The existing one seems to do the job anyway and looks better.
All my issues are small, and to be honest as a newbie, I have learnt so much through the small fixes and taking bits off to fit cliffy's.
But....... I wouldn't be happy if the wrong colour paint had been used or I had major playfield issues, those that do - I hope you get them sorted to your satisfaction.

#3923 1 year ago
Quoted from paynemic:

I’ll chime in. I’ve had a few issues with my LE and Doug has resolved them to my satisfaction. Somebody put a vote on this thread (owners only): “are you satisfied with your purchase overall?”
I’d vote yes so far.

Yes, I'm very happy too, and I imagine that the vast majority are very happy. But I do understand why some aren't, the question to ask is how many of us very happy chappies would be very happy if we encountered some of the colour/playfield issues that a small minority have? Probably not so many and that's why I understand their angst.

#3925 1 year ago

Wow, I'm only just 30 billion behind you, some score .

#3926 1 year ago
Quoted from extendo:

I see a technical question posted on here and I wait with anticipation with a answer from you. Thanks for taking the time and helping us novices, it's people like you that make me enjoy pins even more

Agree 100%

2 weeks later
#4588 1 year ago

Just announced, delayed release of remake no 3.

1 month later
#4932 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Did any of you get lock cliffy when you ordered the pack?


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