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#5998 4 months ago

Eat at Eddy's Building is in stock at mezelmods!

#6001 4 months ago
Quoted from mrs_mezelmods:

More in production! Sorry they went so fast- well, I'm not sorry they went fast but sorry we don't have more now! Soon!

Whoa...they got out of stock that quickly? I was slightly worried that I had waited an hour after getting the notification email to place my order (I was sifting through the rest of the site looking for anything else I might want with the order), and … looks like I should have been worried! Glad I still got one though.

#6006 4 months ago

I did my first cleaning of my AFMr, just a standard cleaning with Novus 1.

However....I was hoping it was going to be easier to clean the orbits/pop bumper areas, seems I would need to take off most of the ramp plastics to get back there? Any suggestions on best way to clean the orbit?

#6017 4 months ago

Decently new to quick question. Is post passing fairly difficult on this pin? I can post pass no problem on my IMDN, but the ball follows a much different path when I try and post pass on AFMr. Just want to know if post-passing is/isn't feasible depending on the pin...

Also, in my home use environment...I notice a fairly decent amount of...static/ "fuzzy" type noise from the speakers. You know, lets say the speakers are not actively playing a sound, but I can still hear background noise. Definitely louder on the AFMr than the IMDN speakers. Should I check for anything upgrading to flipper fidelity speakers the only way to reduce it?

#6022 4 months ago
Quoted from Zennmaster:

In my experience, post passing can vary depending on the design of the game, flipper angle, material and age of the rubber parts, etc., just curious, on your AFM are you able to post-pass reliably?

#6023 4 months ago
Quoted from ctviss:

BTW, if you adjust your backbox brightness, is there a difference between MAX and -1? For me, there is zero difference.

No..they are exactly the same for me.

Quoted from ctviss:

Same here with mine. If I set the backbox brightness to MAX or -1 I can hear a soft fuzz when in attract mode (when I'm playing I can't hear the static/buzz at all), but if I adjust the backbox brightness down it gets progressively worse; -2 is more static-y and -3 causes more of a high-pitched buzz, which sucks because -3 would be the perfect setting for me. MIN is only slightly noisier than MAX. I may poke around inside to see if it's a grounding issue, but I'll probably end up opening a ticket with CGC.

Whoa...this is exactly what is happening. On Max and -1....I just get normal speaker sound, no "buzzing" (max and -1 are the same brightness so same sound coming out of the speaker). As soon as I go to -2 the buzzing comes back. -3 for a higher pitched buzzing...a clearly different tone. Min has the same tone as the -2 setting.

I would really like to have the Min backbox setting....because it has much less glare on the PF glass. IMDN is nice because there is a setting where you can have the backbox be at a different brightness level during gameplay and then back to normal during attract. So...I have it at 10% during gameplay to eliminate glare.

#6036 4 months ago

Love the mezel mods eat at eddys building! Just echoing what everyone else says about looks like it was supposed to be in the game. I didn't put tape on the seems to stay in place just fine by itself. Plus if I taped it, it was close to blocking a screw on the plastics below it. I like mods that I can easily reverse.

20181115_171225 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#6073 3 months ago

Bought to place a titan competition rubber order during their sale. Any suggestions on colors that look best on an LE?

#6076 3 months ago
Quoted from TOLLS:

These are superband translucent green. Comet rings on the bumpers was also a great investment. Really lights up under the pops and the ring looks great. The trough lights are now on both my machines. The backlights are also great, illuminates the back art beautifully. I will post my Titans for you on the DI page for that machine.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Nice pics! Translucent green looks awesome....too bad Titan doesn't offer that color (just solid green and clear), though they do have a UV glow color that might be interesting on AFM. Those pop bumpers look really good too. I was going to do a comet order as well.

What color did you use for the popbumpers? Natural white/Natural white?

#6078 3 months ago is another quick question. From Titanpinball's says:

The Ultraviolet LEDs output light that reacts with anything containing phosphors. This means day glow playfield inks such as Monter Bash, Attack from Mars and others have the potential to fluoresce under UV light. The Titan Pinball Glow in the Dark Competition Silicone Rings reacr with these bulbs. Check out the pictures below.

AFM_glow-800x800 (resized).jpg

I held a flashlight to the playfield inks and they didn't glow? Do they only react with blacklights or..with these special UV leds? Do AFMRs have the special reactive playfield ink?

4 weeks later
#6200 86 days ago there any way of changing the speaker volume besides the main volume option from the coin door?

In my home game room....AFMr is just loud. I have 0, 1, or 2 as my viable options. On my IMDN, I have 1-6 or so before it starts getting too loud, and on my Dialed In, I have a lot more (1-22 or so). I would love some more volume options besides 3 on AFMr. If I had some way of turning down the volume somewhere else (menu, hardware, etc) then I could get more options when using the main volume.

#6201 86 days ago
Quoted from Strummy:

I saw somebody posted that they put theirs in a few posts back but this thing looks way better in person than it does on the mezel mods website. Wicked cool mod that I almost didn't buy!
[quoted image] was a pretty straightforward install. way I could see making this instead of the red led strip, if someone made a fire led strips. Like, comet has some 4smd "fire" led bulbs that is supposed to simulate a fire. It would look awesome in strip form inside the building...

#6205 86 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Did you go into adjustments and lower the minimum volume over ride so the coin door buttons go lower ?
LTG : )

Yeah, I just looked. It was set to 'yes', which allows to go below the minimum level. Factory default is 'no', which sets volume minimum at 8, which is blaring.

#6213 85 days ago
Quoted from Budman:

Agreed! Is it possible to purchase a splitter from Comet and simply run another Fire strip off of it as well as the red one that came with the mod?

Well, yeah...but...I don't know if someone makes an LED fire strip. The comet "fire" series are bulbs, not strips.

#6229 81 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Please go to and under Support open a ticket on the help desk. It may go to me, I'll alert it to the engineer.
LTG : )

Wait, so you handle support for both JJP and CGC?

3 weeks later
#6335 57 days ago
Quoted from neverahighscore:

Have it on mine and it makes a huge difference. One of the best upgrades to purchase almost for any pin.

Agreed. AFMR uses a lot of bass and a subwoofer makes it sound awesome. In contrast to my Dialed IN....which barely has any bass so I could barely tell I hooked up a sub to it.

#6347 53 days ago
Quoted from rrosenhouse:

Is there a connection for a subwoofer on AFMr? If not, how would one hook it up?

I used alligator clips on mine...took all of 2 seconds.

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