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By Pin_Guy

2 years ago

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Post #1 PinGuy's links to unboxing and SOL potential issue. Posted by Pin_Guy (2 years ago)

Post #5 SOL protector issue Posted by Pin_Guy (2 years ago)

Post #73 LED info Posted by stpcore (2 years ago)

Post #145 Cliffy install info Posted by evh347 (2 years ago)

Post #149 Firmware 1.0.0 Posted by Pin_Guy (2 years ago)

Post #189 info on using AFM cliffys Posted by GorillaBiscuits (2 years ago)

Post #357 Topper connector issue Posted by LTG (2 years ago)

Post #366 Image of Cliffy addition to scoop. Posted by sparechange1974 (2 years ago)

Post #368 Cliffy install info Posted by sparechange1974 (2 years ago)

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#6303 1 year ago

I have AFMr LE next on my buy list too.

2 weeks later
#6377 1 year ago

Joined the club. #860 LE!

3 weeks later
1 month later
#6635 1 year ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Hey guys...
I'm new to this thread and pretty new in general.
I just very recently acquired my FIRST pin - JJP POTC CE.
I'm considering an LE AFMr to pair with it.
(Two drastically different games ... and that's what I'm shooting for (see what I did there ))
Are you guys still loving it after X months of owning/playing and what do you think about the pairing?

I have JJPOTC and AFMr LE. They are a good compliment to each other, each scratching a different itch.

#6646 1 year ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

There’s a fair good chance you already informed me, but I figured it made sense to post it in the official thread as well.

My AFMr LE sits next to my JJPOTC LE and they get along well.

DAD1B255-497C-44BA-9B46-CA4A00B970EB (resized).jpeg
#6648 1 year ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Good mix of games! Impressed you got SW. That game is one intense mutha.

The hyper loop is sweet. But the game is unfortunately up for sale.

#6656 1 year ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Did you blow up the Death Star yet? Go Endor for the easiest path. I always recommend getting into a game and blow it up with a bunch high scores before you say good bye to it. You own some great games, but SW is by far the toughest game you own IMHO. It will be frustrating but will make a a better player. If you haven’t had a bunch of good play on it I would use it to work your flipper skills before you say bye bye. I mean you already own it anyway.
For me AFM is a super fun game. Just hit start again and again and have fun. MB also. Those pins do the job well. SW is different. It is “intense” fun. You enjoy watching your team play when the score is tied with five minutes left? Yes, but you may feel antsy and nervous while you watch and will get excited or down with the results, but you will be back to watch again next week. Why would someone put themselves through that?! That is SW.
That is the difference between all the types of games for me. Good to have choices and some variety, but everyone is different.

I have not blown up the deathstar yet. I've been playing the heck out of it though while I have it and will play it up until I sell it. I'll have to try the Endor path. If I'm not mistaken, this route you basically complete all 3 endor missions in full, then complete endor multiball and it blows up the death star right?

Hyperspace multiball is awesome. I've had 4 balls going in the hyper loop so far as my best yet.

What I love about AFMr is just the timeless campy theme. And CGC's remake is just beautiful, an amazing looking game.

#6661 1 year ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

I spoke with Kayla (Automated) and she doesn't believe they have the Martian Green trim available.
Is it "truly" gone NIB?

I'd say yes.

#6666 1 year ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Yep. They currently have pretty much 0 inventory period.

I'm honestly surprised inventory lasted this long since CGC stopped making the game many months ago.

#6673 1 year ago

I just waxed it and played.

#6676 1 year ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

I'm good with that!
Pirates is a project and then some. It would be "nice" if this game didn't have to be.

My pirates wasn’t a project. Also just waxed and played.

#6689 1 year ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Wait what..
It’s recommended to lower default flipper machine on this particular game?

Not necessarily. Just like any game, play it first, then adjust as needed.

1 week later
#6760 1 year ago
Quoted from wackenhut:

Can you reset number of plays on these new remakes? Just curious when updating code, etc.


#6818 1 year ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

And here I was thinking I needed a MBr next! =P

I’d recommend Oktoberfest or black knight.

#6837 1 year ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

I held the left flipper and it did NOTHING.
There’s definitely an issue.

You hold left flipper, then hit launch button while still holding left flipper, let go of left flipper once ball starts moving. Ball should go all the way around the top orbit and come down to your flippers and you should have red arrows lighting lanes to try and hit for super skill shot. If it doesn’t do that you’re probably doing it wrong. :p

#6855 1 year ago

Does the classic edition have a subwoofer? If so, is it a 6" sub vs the 8" in the SE/LE?

1 week later
#6948 1 year ago
Quoted from nitrojcrawf:

Topper alone is worth it

Agreed, the topper is easily one of the best ever.

1 week later
#6969 1 year ago

As was stated previously it’s the drop target resetting. Totally normal.

Quoted from joseph5185:

Alright so an update from me ..
I turned the flippers down to -2 and it does seem to help with the air balls. I was hoping this would prevent that clicking/switching noise I'm hearing when I hit the saucer because the idea was it would be hitting it with less velocity. Nope... that's still happening. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
I couldn't find where to reduce the plunger/launcher power? I see the Auto-launch power set to default, but couldn't find the other. I think it is launching too hard because I sorta paid attention and it seemed like every time the ball would get saved it could make it to the pop bumpers just fine.

#6976 1 year ago

There is an edit button.

3 weeks later
#7015 11 months ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Do a lot of people really do the playfield protectors on this game?
This is only my second game that I own and I haven’t been bothered by this.
I guess what I’m getting at is that I haven’t installed playfield protectors before. Though I’m sure I have already tackled more mechanical challenged related tasks.

No way. PF protectors suck. Don’t ever use one. I know a handful like to but vast majority do not.

#7055 11 months ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Yeah previous pricing had the CE at $6500 and the color Chip would bring it to $6900?! No way would you consider that with the SE at $7300. That being said folks should keep an eye out for a HUO LE. It is a nice all round package.

Agreed. The LE is awesome and that topper is one of the best I've ever seen.

#7058 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Yep. Blows the Monster Bash topper away. CGC set the bar so high with AfMrLE's topper they couldn't get back to it on MB.

Quoted from SeaLawyer:

Agreed and Agreed. For me, the LE was a no-brainer. If I couldn't have found one NIB, I'd have waited for a low-play HUO, which come up pretty frequently at less than what I paid for my NIB. Worth every penny over the CE and SE, IMO.

The alien being interactive with the game just does so much to give the game a "personality". You really feel like you are fighting against the game and it's engaging and awesome. I don't see selling this one for a long time.

#7117 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-Wiz:

I think you're confused, this isn't my game. I'm only providing my input.
So with saying the playfield is OK, you would accept this during a sale of the machine with no negative consideration towards price? Just curious.
If you say this is NOT CGC's issue, then I ask you this- Why is it that, over 10+ years of Stern ownership, including games that I have owned 10+ years or more (LOTR, TSPP, etc.), do I not have one Stern (or even JJP) that has this issue? If this is "normal" for a playfield to do this, shouldn't other Pinball companies playfields exhibit this "normal" behavior?
Again, I'm playing devil's advocate and trying to place myself in the shoes of the person who owns this machine.
Let's do a poll here, how many here, upon inspection, have an AFMr (LE or not) that has this issue (I believe too little clearcoat and evident settling).
And again, I speak with my wallet. If you're telling me that CGC doesn't care about their quality control, then why should I pay $8K plus shipping for my upcoming MMr?

My LOTR playfield has lots of ribbing. *shrug*

#7118 11 months ago

I checked my AFMr LE and there is a very slight hint of this ribbing on the PF, and the inserts have just a slight outline around them.

6 months later
#8014 5 months ago

This machine has been here the longest of any in my home. People message me all the time wanting to buy my LE it’s crazy!

1 month later
#8239 3 months ago
Quoted from Flynnyfalcon:

Was able to bring my AFM home today. Looks awesome lined up next to the other 2. Now to see which lasts, MB or AFM, I’ve given myself a month... maybe 2[quoted image]

Having gone through this myself, AFMr is still here and MBr has moved on.

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