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By Pin_Guy

3 years ago

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Post #1 PinGuy's links to unboxing and SOL potential issue. Posted by Pin_Guy (3 years ago)

Post #5 SOL protector issue Posted by Pin_Guy (3 years ago)

Post #73 LED info Posted by stpcore (3 years ago)

Post #145 Cliffy install info Posted by evh347 (3 years ago)

Post #149 Firmware 1.0.0 Posted by Pin_Guy (3 years ago)

Post #189 info on using AFM cliffys Posted by GorillaBiscuits (3 years ago)

Post #357 Topper connector issue Posted by LTG (3 years ago)

Post #366 Image of Cliffy addition to scoop. Posted by sparechange1974 (3 years ago)

Post #368 Cliffy install info Posted by sparechange1974 (3 years ago)

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#46 3 years ago

AFMr SE #1092 lives w/ me now...

FullSizeRender1 (resized).jpg

FullSizeRender6 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#130 3 years ago
Quoted from toasterman04:

Sorry guys are you saying cliffys won't fit on the remake? I have been waiting three weeks for cliffy to send me protection for this game.... for the saucer hole, SOL scoop and the drop target? Should I get a refund from cliffy? Does CGC sell protectors?

Cliffy has just mailed me the 5-piece (SOL, drop target, saucer, and shooter lane) set so I'll post back how they fit sometime early this week. I also ordered rollovers for the out/in lanes.

Has anyone lit their SOL hole yet with a mod?

I can't wait to get a LE topper. The SE clearly has the capability to accept the LE topper and the same mini-saucer lights that the LE has if they were to ever offer them for sale in the future. There are holes in the mini-saucers where LED lights could fit.

#145 3 years ago

Got the Cliffy's installed today on my AFMr SE.

In order to install the Cliffy SOL front/back protector, I had to remove/relocate the cow ramp, ramp protectors, posts, and a mini-saucer cap. Also, the SOL ball guide had to be removed and to do so, you've got to temporarily disconnect a couple wire harnesses (no big deal). Lastly, I had to hammer/chisel out the Mantis protector from the SOL. The Mantis protector popped right out with a couple light taps. In my opinion, the Cliffy offers just a bit more protection above the lips of the SOL. The Mantis protector only protects around the inside of the SOL. Don't get me wrong, they mylar'd the heck out of the playfield in these areas, but why not bulletproof it, right?

The 3-bank drop target Cliffy installed with no issues, as did the shooter lane, and rollovers.

The mothership Cliffy had one hole on the front right that did NOT quite line up with the metal ball guide (above the playfield) which guides the ball downward on a shot intended to destroy the saucer. The hole in the Cliffy was about 1/4" too far forward from the actual hole in the playfield. And after the 3-bank drop target was installed, I had to raise the 3-bank drop target a bit so the ball doesn't ever get stuck on the small width of the Cliffy (now above the playfield) whenever the 3-bank recesses into the playfield per regular play.

In review, I would absolutely recommend Cliffy protectors for the 3-bank and the mothership if you really want to protect those areas from abuse.

You can still follow most of the install instructions on Cliffy's site, so not much has changed there.

Be advised, you're going to need to temporarily remove ramps, martians, the mothership, plastics, posts, and there is some disconnecting of harnesses in order to access what you need to get at to install all of the pieces. It was about a 3-hour job (by myself) to install while taking a lot of pictures along the way.

IMG_5537 (resized).JPG
IMG_5535 (resized).JPG
IMG_5536 (resized).JPG
IMG_5538 (resized).JPG
IMG_5534 (resized).JPG

#162 3 years ago

I installed Cointaker mirror blades on my AFMr SE with the help of GRC's YouTube tutorial yesterday. I'm very thankful for Ray's tips.

The new code is pretty cool too. I set my strobe to the setting just under MAX (+1?) and it's bright enough for my tastes.

I've got just over 300 games on it so far.

You peeps waiting for an LE are NOT going to be disappointed. Man I hope CGC announces MB or CC is next.

IMG_5545 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#254 3 years ago

I was on a location where an AFMr SE has been for just over a month...I couldn't help but notice how the clear coat was holding up near the SOL with just the Mantis protector.

For me, installing a Cliffy there was the right decision.

FullSizeRender (2) (resized).jpg

FullSizeRender (4) (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#553 3 years ago
Quoted from Dr_Smith:

Just got my LE today and noticed two bolts and a thingamajig loose in the bottom of the box that I'm at a loss to figure out what they are for. Any ideas?
Also, what's the blue plastic thingy for that was in the bag with the power cord cover?

The long thin tool on the right is a flipper height tool.

1 month later
#912 2 years ago

I added Lermods back board and trough lighting last night. Now I just need CGC to release the mini saucer lighting upgrade as a stand-alone.

6DD605A4-B0CE-4B4C-A691-DB546E82A46C (resized).jpeg

1 month later
#1288 2 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Any clue where this piece came from? Found it under my right martian on the playfield.....can't seem to find it's home.....thanks...mark

a better pic:

It goes under the top of the right ramp. I had to temporarily relocate the right ramp to get my SOL Cliffy installed.

The stock screws securing this piece to the ramp were way too short. I went to the hardware store, matched them up with longer screws, and re-installed the ‘mystery metal’.

A4E60280-DF55-40D3-B0EC-D7BDC67D8BFA (resized).jpeg

#1298 2 years ago

AFMr SE with PinStadium...blowing the saucer up just got a lot more fun!

Video of UV+Glow flashers tied into the saucer dome...

after (resized).JPG
before (resized).JPG

#1306 2 years ago
Quoted from Cyrus:

Hi Everybody. Hey, my wife bought me the PinGraffix power blades for my AFMr SE as a birthday present. I got them on Friday and tried to install them today. The blades were easy to put in, but the power supply that came with the blades will not power up. I have the wires correct (kind of hard to screw this one up) but no dice. I double checked the connections with my Fluke to ensure the contacts were touching. I contacted PinGraffix and the reply was to switch the wires in case they were "mislabeled." The color code was correct, but I tried the suggestion anyway and again, no luck. Has anyone else bought the power blades for AFM and if so any issues? I can't see how I could have missed a step. It was pretty plug and play. Suspecting faulty power supply. Sort of bummed because I blew my afternoon trying to get this to work.

Make sure you got the right hookups.

pingraffix (resized).png

6 months later
#5264 2 years ago

I just started getting a credit dot for a 'Check L. Gate Stuck Closed' in test....where is that?

#5266 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Please check page 1-57 and 1-58 in the manual. It's a few things that need to happen or you get the error.
Your left gate isn't likely stuck closed, it is near the top center of the playfield where there is a left gate and right gate above the lanes that feed down to the pop bumpers.
LTG : )

Lloyd, you are a gentleman and a scholar! Solved the problem straight away, thanks!

1 week later
#5270 2 years ago

Quick question, is there an easy fix to why sometimes the plunger is weak delivering the ball all the way thru the gate while holding the left flipper for a Super Skill Shot? Mine seem to be about 50/50 at making it thru lately.

#5300 2 years ago
Quoted from evh347:

Quick question, is there an easy fix to why sometimes the plunger is weak delivering the ball all the way thru the gate while holding the left flipper for a Super Skill Shot? Mine seem to be about 50/50 at making it thru lately.

I reached out to CGC a couple days ago, opened a support ticket, and got this notification today....man that was fast!

There have been a small number of games that were shipped with an incorrect bend in the upper right-hand Jet Bumper Ball Guide. This incorrect bend resulted in balls ricocheting as they came out of the shooter lane entering in to the Top Orbiter Lane. Balls as a result were not properly traveling around the Top Orbiter Lane. Not all game required this update
I will go ahead and send you the Metal ball guide.

Thank you for your patience,

2 weeks later
#5370 2 years ago

Are the AFMr ‘eat @ eddy’s’ versions out of stock right now?

#5406 2 years ago

So are they temporarily out of stock or what?

2 weeks later
#5564 2 years ago

Eat at Eddy's, Atomic Blaster, plastic protectors installed. Also, that's Lermod's backboard and trough lighting strips.

Thank you Mezel Mods for some great add-ons! Installation was pretty easy.

EDIT: And those are PinStadium lights as well

I'm hoping CGC will soon announce the availability of a AFMr mini-saucer LED upgrade for us SE owners like Doug alluded to many months ago.

IMG_6399 (resized).jpg

#5569 2 years ago
Quoted from neverahighscore:

Very nice. I'm not a fan of the Atomic Blaster. It seems out of place. How does it look in person. Maybe the pictures make it look funny. Mezel Mods rock. Love my Eat at Eddy's!!!

I don't think it looks out of place, but here's another view. It's just a static toy and does not light up.
A previous author recommended temporarily removing the 'N' standup target so you can get a good grip with a pliers on the nut underneath...that's a good tip. It might be harder to notice the atomic blaster toy without the PinStadiums right there to illuminate it.

I'm hoping MezelMods releases a cow or crab mod as well.

IMG_6401 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#5637 2 years ago
Quoted from Gacknacker:

Chicago Gaming sent a curved orbit part to fix my LE shooter lane not sending the ball around. The instructions to replace look complex. Anyone complete this repair yet?

Yes, I did as well. Instructions are accurate. Takes about 20 minutes.

#5644 2 years ago
Quoted from Gacknacker:

Thanks for the replies, and boost of confidence with the repair! Did it solve your shooter lane problem?



5 months later
#6357 1 year ago
Quoted from wolftownjeff:

Thanks, so mine in the picture is backwards?

I still have to adjust mine a bit maybe a bit more over to the right, as I've gotten one ball stuck on the lip of the left side of the Cliffy; however....Here's how I installed on mine:
IMG_6798 (resized).jpg

#6358 1 year ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Remake NIB owners. Did all versions of the game come with the manual?

My SE came w/ a paper manual. I don't really use it though. I downloaded the PDF and I refer to that far more often than the paper manual.

#6362 1 year ago
Quoted from derekbro:

ill try again,
does anyone know If there are LED flipper buttons that work with CGC remakes?

Here's a writeup on how to connect a MMr, maybe it works w/ AFMr?



3 months later
#6751 1 year ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

Welp, the game just arrived around 30 mins ago. Here soon I'll work on getting the legs on, leveled, all that fun stuff.


2 months later
#7229 1 year ago
Quoted from tpir:

My left flipper is noticably lower when in the up position than the right one. I don't notice anything out of the ordinary in the down position. I assume this is something easy to fix but could use some help diagnosing it. Does this mean the coil is dying and needs to be replaced?

Doubt it. Try this first...

#7234 1 year ago
Quoted from atrainn:

Has anyone bought the orange plastic protectors from Cointaker? I'm about to pick up an AFMr LE next week and was wondering what those might look like in action. I'm either going to get those or the green ones from pinbits.

When I ordered my set from Cointaker (June 2017), the protector set came with two orange and two green protectors...

2FD9B9C9-DD7C-4ACE-ACAE-C51A8284B066 (resized).jpeg97EA6C98-16E1-4766-A2AC-F3485FAD7C23 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#7357 12 months ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

I'm just about ready to torch the right hand scoop.
Has anyone got this consistently hitting the middle of the left flipper? I've tried about everything. (look at Bowen's tutorial video, the PAPA AFM is super consistent and that's what I want).
any ideas welcome. I've swapped the scoop out for a NOS one. changed the coil but its still inconsistent. I'm wondering if the game isn't storing enough power to make the coil fire at its fullest?

My MBr scoop has a lot of slosh in the coil under the play field. Installing a spring washer in between the coil and the coil stop took up that slosh and really helped in the consistency with where the kick out landed on the left flipper. MBr recently came out with a code that added options for that coil power output which helped too.

You can get those spring washers at most hardware stores:

#7361 12 months ago
Quoted from pninja005:

Ordered a LE green trim
Friend told me I need to replace some kind of chip? Anyone can share any info on this?
Thx in advance!

Contact your distributor for it.

2 weeks later
#7502 11 months ago
Quoted from tilted81:

Do the pinstadiums turn off for strobe multiball?


In installing the Pinstadiums, you'll wiretap the GI and (more than likely the saucer) for the flasher. When the GI goes out during strobe multiball, the GI on the Pinstadiums also goes out.

#7507 11 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

So, I'm really on the fence about adding Pin Stadium lights, mainly due to the cost of the mod. For those of you who have them, I was wondering what your thoughts are once you've owned them for awhile and played several games. How might you persuade met to go for it, or do you regret your decision in any way? I've seen every post related to Pin Stadium in this thread, but they are somewhat limited and I know that photos probably don't do the lighting justice. Also, I'm sure everyone posted when they first installed the lights, and opinions may have changed as time passes.
My main desires are as follows:
- General better illumination of the middle of the playfield
- General better illumination of the back of the playfield
- Making the UV reactive inks on the playfield pop/glow (e.g. the green saucers, et. al.) - this would also be good for my Titan glow rings.
Also, have any of you purchased them at shows, and was there any kind of discount for doing so other than saving shipping? If I decide to buy them, I'm not sure I can wait until TPF 2020, but depends on if they offer a significant discount.

Pinstadiums are a polarizing product/mod. You find people that either love them or loathe them. Lately, responding to a Pinstadium query in a club forum just invites downvotes...so, I'll be brief w/ no intent to persuade whatsoever.

I have them on all of my machines, including AFMr and a fifth incoming machine. Each set I own has been outfitted with 'invisi-shields' and 'hovers'. I had no interest in the Fusions and the new Omegas are apparently not compatible w/ the hovers I have.

It does all of the 'desires' you bulleted. Only you can justify the cost. Use discount codes like 'buffalo' or 'SDTM' for a 10% discount if you don't want to wait for a sale.

I'm not a fan of the older magnetic mounts. It's a PITA to remember to safely remove the lights every time you need to raise the playfield. And the magna-mounts do wear out over time, meaning, they don't hold as well and they get scuffed from raising/lowering the playfield to the point where they need to be replaced. The invisi-shields do not prevent light leakage from all viewing angles from the side...meaning, you will still see rainbow LED reflections if you're looking across a stretch of machines in a line. I got better at installing the hovers w/ practice, but my first couple attempts were embarrassingly bad. The app works fine, but right now iOS13 is not fully-compatible w/ the app...it works, just not entirely as intended right now (not Pinstadium's fault).

Overall, they are what you think they are.

2 weeks later
#7623 10 months ago
Quoted from pninja005:

Also where should the pitch bubble be placed? Whatever I do the bubble remains stuck to the top.

Check your manual, but this is the basics. NOTE: I don’t put much faith in the pitch bubble. I prefer using the Pinguy app on my phone to level my games. My technique is to start with the legs cranked up and then I lower as needed.
FED85EBC-8232-4BDE-A244-0819C318B2D2 (resized).png

2 months later
#7999 8 months ago

The Big-O Jiggly Martians look cool, but I do not want to permanently connect them using wire taps. Mods should be able to be reversed.

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