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By Pin_Guy

2 years ago

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Post #1 PinGuy's links to unboxing and SOL potential issue. Posted by Pin_Guy (2 years ago)

Post #5 SOL protector issue Posted by Pin_Guy (2 years ago)

Post #73 LED info Posted by stpcore (2 years ago)

Post #145 Cliffy install info Posted by evh347 (2 years ago)

Post #149 Firmware 1.0.0 Posted by Pin_Guy (2 years ago)

Post #189 info on using AFM cliffys Posted by GorillaBiscuits (2 years ago)

Post #357 Topper connector issue Posted by LTG (2 years ago)

Post #366 Image of Cliffy addition to scoop. Posted by sparechange1974 (2 years ago)

Post #368 Cliffy install info Posted by sparechange1974 (2 years ago)

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#105 2 years ago

Ok, so I am 58 years old and thinking seriously about buying this Pin. I have a pre teen and a teenager at home that I think will enjoy it with friends..... any of you club members close to my age? Am I just a big kid?

3 weeks later
#262 2 years ago

I'm debating between the LE and SE. I'm not a topper guy so would hold and sell it at some point. Did any of you buyers ever see them both side by side? Is the multi colored mini saucers that much cooler looking ? If the topper is worth say, $200.00, then the extra warranty, mirror blades and saucers for $500 is worth it, I think.

1 month later
#640 2 years ago
Quoted from gjm7777:

I'd like to see a pic on where you guys have these aligned - Mine seem to be aligned with the guides but now I'm not sure.
I'll also second the drop bank "droop" it drives my wife crazy!
I'm hoping at some point the LEDs for the mini saucers become available for purchase, I see the holes for them so I'm guessing they will?

I just sent an email to Doug inquiring about the possibility of upgrading the mini saucers on the SE in the future. I would buy an SE right now if that is going to happen. I could care less about the topper..... even the paint.

1 week later
#753 2 years ago

How far in advance to receiving your game did you have to pay the full amount?

#779 2 years ago

I am about to order and choose a color for my LE. I would appreciate hearing from those of you who chose black. Some pictures I have seen look like it is more of a matte finish vs. glossy. Yes or no? Are you happy with your choice? Any pics posted here would be appreciated.

#796 2 years ago

I'm goin black! Thanks to all for the input!

#842 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Damn that sounds like a winner to me
I've never had to adjust the flippers on any pin I've bought. Is it an issue with this one? Mine is arriving soon hopefully

Mustard and onion on those coneys? Nothin better than Skyline!

2 months later
#1848 2 years ago

I am ordering soon from Planetary Pinball. Are there manufacturing dates / timeframes that seem to have the plunger issues you guys are experiencing or is this the luck of the draw?

#1988 2 years ago

I'm ordering next week and trying to decide on black or stainless. If anyone has a pic of their black game in the light, and wants to PM me, I would appreciate it.

#2162 2 years ago

CGC has hinted they may offer a saucer upgrade to SE owners in the future. Not being familiar with the playfield mechs, would you anticipate that being a simple changeover ? Do the saucers simply plug in or are solder skills required?

#2251 2 years ago

Between paying my property tax early ( new tax law) and these issues..... I'll wait awhile to order.

4 weeks later
#2924 2 years ago

Given the recent issues with this game and / or in general, do you see an advantage to having a distributor in close proximity to you or is their role handled adequately from “Anywhere USA”?

#2927 2 years ago

Input is much appreciated, thanks! The closest dealer is 3 hours away, not exactly local , and doesn’t have my first choice of LE finish available, thus my question.

#3098 2 years ago

I have an LE on the way this week. I ordered Cliffys( 4 week delivery), Titans and Nifty Cool white LED’s just to experiment. Am I missing anything? Opinion on plastic protectors? Extra Mylar?

#3251 2 years ago

I just got my LE two days ago. It arrived in perfect shape, great playfield and ball plunges pretty darn good.... I get a 1 in 10 fail rate. I haven’t checked the build date.... where would I find that? I will report back tonight.

#3258 2 years ago
Quoted from Budman:

I just got my LE two days ago. It arrived in perfect shape, great playfield and ball plunges pretty darn good.... I get a 1 in 10 fail rate. I haven’t checked the build date.... where would I find that? I will report back tonight.

January 31, 2018 #652. I am getting a more weak plunges; maybe 25% of the time. Interestingly, all of the auto plunges are strong. This is a great game, high score 3 billion which is good for a hack like me!

#3275 2 years ago

Speaking of high scores, I can’t seem to be able to erase the high scores that were on the machine at unboxing... can someone direct me ? I checked the manual and coming up empty. I’ll never beat the scores currently on there!

#3318 2 years ago

Are chrome balls safe to use in my AFMr ?

#3321 2 years ago

Ninja chrome balls from Ball Baron

#3440 2 years ago

Changing the conversation for a second: I am a 6 day old owner; beautiful game but darn difficult! I walk over and play STLE with its smooth flow just to get a break!
I have my game at 7.4 and flippers at -3 and Titan flipper rubber. Everything else at default. My games are normally under 1 billion but had a 3.5 bill and total annihilation twice..... very sucky, I know. I brick a lot of shots and seems like “cheap drains” quite often.
I’m thinking of expanding the ball save time and playing with the outline posts. What does it mean to make the outlines easier? Am I “ raising the posts “ and if so, am I literally screwing them out of the playfield a touch? Aside from more practice, any suggestions that has mercy on me until I get a better hang of the game would be appreciated.

#3447 2 years ago

Ok I’m feeling better and not alone!

#3504 2 years ago

I think Planetary has some

1 week later
#4197 2 years ago

I was told by Doug that no promises, but looking into it down the road as a a mod for purchase from CGC.

#4359 2 years ago

I echo the same sentiment. I worried too but ordered and received a perfect LE machine from Planetary Pinball. Doug even personally put the Pic 2.0 in it before it shipped. I would guess that the pins are getting further scrutiny before leaving CGC given the forum posts here. It’s a great game !

#4546 2 years ago

I watched the video posted by LTG on how to change out the balls but unclear what switch that has to be pulled out in order for the balls to be ejected from the trough? Can someone give me a visual?

#4547 2 years ago

Figured it out thanks

#4556 2 years ago

After just over 200 plays I wiped down the playfield with Novus 1 and replaced the balls( pretty scratched up) and plays a lot better/ smoother. I think the SOL scratches the balls quite a bit. Will get expensive if I make it a habit!
Am I being obsessive?

1 week later
#4696 2 years ago

Perhaps Doug will be attending TPF and can answer the concerns posted here face to face with some of those customers adversely affected .

3 weeks later
#4881 2 years ago
Quoted from Newbie979:

Quick question guys on my AFM I notice when I play and I hit the left sling it sometimes makes it kick like 2 or three times. It’s not every time I hit bit but it’s alit during a game. Annoying as shit. Any ideas how I can do a quick fix on this problem? Also have rattling on my glass. Tape? Thanks in advance

Sometimes new rubber needs to be stretched a little. Sort of pull out on the rubber and rotate it around on the sling.

1 week later
#4947 2 years ago

Same here. Stainless is the safe choice and I guess boring. However, I do like how this finish choice matches the silver saucers and the grey portions of the playfield.

2 months later
#5303 1 year ago

I can’t seem to find in the manual how to replace Replay award with an extra ball instead. Is this an option? If so, can anyone give me some guidance?

#5305 1 year ago

Cheers to you Lloyd, thank you!

2 weeks later
#5383 1 year ago

The shaker also goes off when you earn an extra ball .

#5386 1 year ago

Shaker activates just before multiball starts.... when the video mode shows the missle hitting the saucer.
It might also shake when you hit a jackpot during multi ball ?

2 weeks later
#5544 1 year ago

I never knew you could increase the strobe MB ..... will have to give it a go. The default setting effect is already pretty cool.

#5555 1 year ago

Are we starting a sub forum titled “Ask Rai”; for medical advice ? .....us old guys need a lot of it!

#5558 1 year ago

Ok , let’s see what he says. Dr. Rai, I seem to be having trouble in the “ romance / bedroom completion department” .... if you know what I mean. Should I start taking the blue pill?

3 months later
#5952 1 year ago

Has anyone heard an update from Mezel Mods concerning the Eat at Eddies building mod availability??
How long can it take for China to bang out 1000 of these?

#5956 1 year ago

Mezel Mods emailed me today .....a new shipment of Eat at Eddy’s building mod ships in 2-3 weeks.

1 week later
#5992 1 year ago

It awards the multi ball lock.....

3 weeks later
#6109 1 year ago

Are your saucers matte grey or shiny silver?

#6118 1 year ago

It would be great if we could order by a certain date, send $ and they make a run to fill those orders.

1 week later
#6139 1 year ago

Just ordered the Eat at Eddy’s mod.... only two left now in this current batch!

#6153 1 year ago

Advice please. I am getting the Eat at Eddies mod and also want to brighten up the playfield . I would also like to light the SOL hole and outhole. Is Comet the best resource ? Is it easy to install? And would Pinstadium drown out that proposed lighting if I purchase that as well?

1 week later
#6188 1 year ago

Holy cow......I’ve owned mine for 10 months and haven’t come close. You must be playing with 10 balls!!

#6190 1 year ago

Fantastic !

#6210 1 year ago
Quoted from Gogdog:

Yeah..it was a pretty straightforward install. Now....one way I could see making this better....is instead of the red led strip, if someone made a fire led strips. Like, comet has some 4smd "fire" led bulbs that is supposed to simulate a fire. It would look awesome in strip form inside the building...

Agreed! Is it possible to purchase a splitter from Comet and simply run another Fire strip off of it as well as the red one that came with the mod?

#6220 1 year ago

I would like to light the scoop hole and welcome anyone’s recommendation. I see that Mezel Mods has one.

#6241 1 year ago

I added the Eat at Eddies Mod, put in new balls and cleaned the playfield with Novus 1.....wow...... fast, furious and fun!!! Now to install Pinstadiums?

3 weeks later
#6333 1 year ago

The sound is already fantastic, doubt it would be needed, but will defer to the audio experts

1 year later
#8337 70 days ago

Anyone see the movie, “Ad Astra”? AFM is in the first scene as Brad Pitt walks by it on his way out to work on a low space antenna.

#8339 70 days ago

Nothing like me being 5 months behind. Is disco still a thing?!

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