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4 years ago

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Post #149 Firmware 1.0.0 Posted by Pin_Guy (4 years ago)

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#36 4 years ago

Only reached out to my vendor about 2 weeks ago to ask about the AFMr, got my deposit in for the LE shortly after. Sounds like I'll be one of the last to the party in terms of receiving it, can't wait.

3 weeks later
#172 4 years ago

Seeing you guys getting them is getting me hyped, my order quote was put in on 6/6, so hoping I hear something soon!

1 week later
#276 4 years ago
Quoted from Knx873:

I would say it's worth more to me. Look at what stern has for 500

Was going to say exactly that, the GB one is just an interactive light and it is $549. When comparing the two I felt like the extra $$$ for the LE was a no brainer with how close it was.

#281 4 years ago
Quoted from MrSanRamon:

I just refused delivery of S/N 34...shipping damage.

My heart sank when I saw that picture, sorry man. Hoping it gets replaced quickly.

2 months later
#928 4 years ago

I got to play both the new LE and the original at the Expo this weekend and man there really is no comparison, they feel identical and the remake just looks fantastic. Ironically on a single game on the original I got closer to RTU than I ever have before. I had 5/6 lit and only needed 2 more cities saved to light it. The game was goofy, I drained my first two balls immediately then racked up 3 extra balls on my final ball and completed 5/6 RTU and 4 cities. After that I drained the 3 extra balls almost immediately too. Cannot wait for this thing to be in my home forever!

1 week later
#1013 3 years ago
Quoted from pocketscience:

Us folk down here in Australia just received emails asking for final payment! Container could be on its way as early as next week...

Huzzah for you! Also hopefully huzzah for me since the quicker you guys get yours the quicker I may get mine here in Elgin!

1 week later
#1103 3 years ago

I like those cupholders but I'm too nervous to have any fluids around my machines....how bad is a spilled beer on a pinball machine exactly? Are they sealed to where the liquid isn't going to get under the glass easily?

#1140 3 years ago
Quoted from Rascal-911:

Soon joining the club, just put my deposit down on a LE version. I was surprised there were still LE's available, but I am not sure what number I will be getting yet. Hope to find out in a couple weeks. I wanted a new pin and even though I never played AFM, I know it will be a safe bet. I had to have that topper.

I was fortunate enough as a kid to have an AFM in the mall arcade growing up in pretty good condition, excited for you to get to play it, it is hands down my all time favorite!

#1184 3 years ago
Quoted from chrisnack:

Got my call this morning for final payment, looks like my game is shipping monday and should have it tuesday. I will NOT be at work next week

*heavy breathing* This has me hoping that I get a call on Monday or Tuesday and I can get it here before Thanksgiving.

#1192 3 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

both great games - a hard choice !

Ozzy I wasn't a classic owner but I've played a ton of games on classic, figured I'd throw my two cents in. I even got to play both of them side by side at the Chicago Expo. They feel identical in terms of their play, the remake just looks a lot prettier...and the extra large color screen is something else(not on the version you are looking at of course).

#1253 3 years ago

Got the call from my vendor today, they are getting one allocated in the first shipment on Monday and I'm first in line. Possible delivery before Tuesday.

#1334 3 years ago

#533 reporting for battle soldier! Took me 4 games to knock off the default GC. I'm having the same issue that stdminstl and others reported by the way...majority of my launches rattle around and either drop into the right orbit or doesn't go all the way on the super skill plunge.

IMG_0815 (resized).JPG

IMG_0816 (resized).JPG

#1342 3 years ago

This game has the best extra ball callout/graphic of all time, no discussion, and the giant color dmd makes it even more glorious.

#1343 3 years ago

Question: I am getting a rattle from the bass when the volume is cranked up, the glass is rattling where it meets the backbox.....is something loose? If I press down on the rubber on the glass up there it gets substantially quieter.

#1368 3 years ago

Seems like a lot of my shots that enter the left orbit rattle immediately and drop back down, I'd imagine any that enter should go smoothly, is the shot just tougher to line up than I remember or is anyone else experiencing that?

#1370 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

It can be a tight shot.
Adjust the flipper power down a bit. Im at -2 right now and can repeat the left or right loop when its open several times.
Its incredibly fast after the third loop!

Yeah I switched them to -4 and the game feels a loooot smoother now. That default flipper strength is like firing the ball out of a cannon, every single shot up the lock ramp was flying off either into the gutter or into the shooter lane.

#1407 3 years ago

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but some aspects of this machine are bothering me. Apparently I have to get some specific types of washers/bolts to shim up the right rail to stop the launch issue, and almost every one of my full strength shots into the lock ramp (even at -8 flippers) sends the ball flying off the rail and either into the plunger lane or into the gutter....how did stuff like that get missed in testing? Why am I supposed to be adding washers and bolts to an 8k NIB game to make it function correctly? My NIB GB Pro played perfectly other than the mylar strip needing removed which was causing an orbit rollover issue...did I just get lucky with GB or is this pretty standard behavior with a NIB game?

#1411 3 years ago
Quoted from SDTMinSTL:

Regarding the rattling, read post #1232 in this thread. I had the same issue with failed launches, and it is now fixed.
This game seems more sensitive to setup than most to be perfectly honest. When you hit that sweet spot though, man it is wonderful. I finally did that, but it took a lot of fiddling with things. Each game is different and you will have to just play around. I tried to get mine to play as close to the original as possible. Airballs were pretty prevalent in the original, just as an FYI. My flipper strength is set at 19 and those green targets still get it up as well as the saucer occasionally. I feel it resembles the original at 19, at least on mine, the most, but YMMV. Slings are set to max. Without it, the slings hardly ever get the <M><R><T><I><N> targets which was a trademark of the original that I had a lot of time with. My right ball guide needed a little tweak (high tech: a careful butter knife pry) to keep the right orbit balls off the right sling. I finally settled on dead nuts 6.5 deg right above the flippers in line with the infamous bubble.
Good luck with the tweaking. Don't get frustrated. It is there, you just have to "unlock" it. You will know when you do.

I've actually been tweaking my flipper settings a bunch just now and I settled on -18 before seeing your post. No more ball flying out of the lock ramp anymore and the game feels a *lot* more like the classic in terms of the flippers. It also could've just been that I always played on routed AFMs but the ball seemed to travel a lot slower than it did on that default setting. I also always remember having to let the ball come out onto the flipper a bit and then a flip would send it straight up the middle (will never forget clearing all 10 shots in a row on my last ball at the arcade as a kid to destroy Mars, didn't miss a shot). I have to let it roll out onto the flipper a little at -18, just like on the classic. Is there a way to tweak the SOL scoop power? I didn't see anything in the coil settings.

#1420 3 years ago

Nostalgia makes you forget how many times a pin kicked your ass...this game was always this brutal wasn't it (it was).

#1422 3 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

It’s the hardest game in my collection but it’s also the game I forgive the fastest.

That is perfectly said.

#1451 3 years ago
Quoted from KingNine:

OMG our LE is simply the most amazing Pin we have owned! I told Doug at CGC while at IAAPA that their price points are perfect along with what they offer as upgrades between the 3 models and I’ll keep being a customer if they can keep them there.
After lowering the flipper strength to -8 we still get balls flying off the return wire form from the lock shot. Some are lucky and jump to the shooter lane but All of mine jump down the outlane. Is the best fix to lower flipper strength even more? I swear I had it happen on a ball that wasn’t even moving very fast once. Also, would love to know if there is a way to install a headphone jack easily to the game. It is a feature we love and have installed them on almost every game game we own that is doable.

Try setting it to like -16 and see how it feels. I have mine set to that and I'm still able to make all shots and it no longer flies off the wireform. Protip though, don't set it to "Min" unless you want a good laugh, it reallllly means "min".

#1559 3 years ago

Can someone point me to a good guide for how to adjust flipper position? I think my left flipper is the tiniest bit off, balls have a tendency to bounce as they roll onto it just enough that it keeps throwing off my shots. I could also be crazy, but it really looks like the left side is a bit higher than the right side right?
IMG_0838 (resized).JPG

#1564 3 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

There is a little hole in the playfield, just under the flipper bat. If you remove the flipper rubber, and then place a toothpick in the hole, the flipper should rest, touching the toothpick. You then tighten the flipper in that position.
Does that help? It should at least help you figure out which flipper bat is in the wrong position.

Thanks will give it a shot, it's definitely the left one that is off, balls flow perfectly smooth down the right flipper but they tend to hop a bit when coming onto the left flipper, it's a very noticeable bounce.

#1565 3 years ago

This is the position adjustment bolt right?

IMG_0872 (resized).JPG

#1568 3 years ago

It's on there pretty snug, first time working on my machine (minor thing I know), but being overly cautious. Give it some oomph to loosen it, then adjust the flipper and tighten it back up? Thanks by the way, appreciate all the kindness and helpfulness on this forum, everyone is so great in these owner threads.

#1570 3 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Yep, that's pretty much the drill.

Got it, thanks again everyone.

#1572 3 years ago
Quoted from abagwell:

Got it, thanks again everyone.

Spoke too soon...I loosened the nut and aligned the flipper, then tightened the nut back up, now every time I flip the left flipper it resets to a position further up each time...nut not tight enough?

#1574 3 years ago

Cranked it, good now, and I got my first dirty pool!

#1578 3 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

Huh? I did not think Dirty Pool was implemented in AFMr.

So if I'm not mistaken on the old AFM a dirty pool was when you left a ball behind the target bank after killing a ship (has to occur during multi ball). The video I saw online of a "classic" dirty pool showed it give the pool immediately after the ship bank was back in the full raised position. I got a ball behind the bank in my game on my AFMr and it was just sitting there laying against the raised target bank for a while, nothing was happening. I decided to shoot at the bank while the ball was laying against the targets and the force of my ball hitting the front of the targets kicked the ball behind the targets up and into the open ship hole, at that point the game flashed Dirty Pool and destroyed the next ship automatically for me!

#1684 3 years ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

I service a guy's pin that is exactly that type of person. I get called to get a ball unstuck because he doesn't want to learn how to take the glass off.

I thought I was bad!

#1704 3 years ago

unnamed (resized).jpg

#1738 3 years ago
Quoted from TOLLS:

What 4 pins did you buy. Is this the start of your collection?

#1779 3 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

After making the same adjustment to the plunger coil that Snaroff was kind enough to illustrate with pics, and then levelling the machine side to side at the back and near the flippers, I'd say I have my pin working about 95% to how it was designed.
Still appears as though the left orbit guiderail may have been bent or something, but I'm going to play it this way for now and consider replacing the guiderail some time in the future.
I assume nobody else is seeing rejects from the left orbit? I can make the shot 3 times in a row on some games, but there are times when the ball seems to hit that guide rail and loses all steam, immediately. Definitely not the way it's supposed to function.

My left orbit rejects semi frequently as well.

#1781 3 years ago

The voltage thing is odd to me, I've had my other two pins for almost a year in the same spot in my basement and the flippers are totally normal. Default on AFMr was like firing them out of a railgun.

#1794 3 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

Something must be going on with some of these games where the game is not responding to the adjustments. Have you tried setting your flippers to Min just to see if the game does indeed turn down the flipper power? I set my flippers to -2 and the game responded perfectly. I do not have any air balls (very few) and I do not have balls coming off of the ramps anymore on the (perfect) lock shot especially.

My game definitely responded to the adjustments, -18 is a noticeable difference compared to default. Also min results in my flippers just limply moving upwards slowly, ball won't even get more than a few inches off them. I still have an occasional ball fly off the rail at -18, but it was nearly 100% of the time at default.

#1795 3 years ago

So Pin_Guy, you said you can hold the left flipper and super skill shot all day and it never has an issue getting all the way around the upper orbit? Seems like this issue started to occur around the "middle" run of these machines, like something got off over time at the factory as they built them.

#1798 3 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

I have never experienced this and I do that skill shot on every ball.

What # is yours?

#1914 3 years ago
Quoted from bitpatrol:

How do I prevent the glass from rattling when sound plays or the shaker enables?

YMMV, but I asked about glass rattling a while back. Some different kinds of tape on the top of the glass were suggested, but I realized that I had put my glass in backwards the last time I took it off. I flipped the glass around and the rattling stopped. *shrug*

#1920 3 years ago
Quoted from bitpatrol:

I'd never route my AFMrLE, BUT... I've been curious to find out how much one of these typically brings in at a busy location? I know it's difficult to tell, but I'm sure some have done this already and justified my purchase by convincing myself I could always put it out on the street to earn money if I ever needed the income? If it can make money, than I can justify buying more too.

Putting that poor young AFMrLE out on the streets to turn tricks for you, you should be ashamed!

#1941 3 years ago
Quoted from pocketscience:

Launcher issues here. The super skill shot is basically impossible - 1 out of dozens of attempts. Even standard launch fails to get where it should >50% of the time and just dribbles back down the right side. Will wait to see what CGC come up with before I start bending stuff or adding washers etc...

Pretty much my current position as well, hoping CGC comes up with a proper resolution for what is obviously affecting quite a few of the machines not made in the first run.

#2021 3 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

OK Guys How many saucers have guys shot down in the video mode? How many do you have to hit to get extra ball?

It seems to be tuned to be way more difficult than it used to be. I've only seen an EB once and I couldn't hit it. I used to just sweep back and forth but it seems something always gets through with that strat, and I've never seen the mothership.

#2033 3 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

I got 28 last night with no extra ball. Ill look later should come down at 30 and mother ship at 40/50. You get 1 smart bomb.

Ahhh I had no idea it gave you a smart bomb to start with, I thought you could only use one if you had earned it before the video mode. Thanks!

#2040 3 years ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Had three originals so a have an idea of the rules.
None were as perfect as my remake and don’t let anyone tell ya different
Had to work out shooter lane issues on two of the three but none were as hard as this to tweek in

Oh that stuff doesn't bother me too much, it's been made pretty clear that this is the sort of thing that can happen. I'm more wondering if AFMR is going to stay in my collection long term to be honest. It's great fun and my nostalgia shades from being a kid heavily drove my interest in owning it but it just seems a bit lacking for a machine I paid 8k for. That's in no way a dig on CGC or anything obviously, as it's a perfect remake. I'm just comparing it to my restored WC94 that was only $2600 next to it and it seems kind of lacking in longevity. My brain keeps wandering off to more involved/longer ball time games I could have in its place (really interested in owning a Hobbit at some point).

#2058 3 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

You can easily trade it but give it time. Adjust your ball save time if you have too.AFMR by no means is an easy game. Its a pure pinhead game. If you want long ball times and more modes look into some modern sterns. I highly suggest you wait a few months and explore all the modes and watch somd videos of what there is to offer and what to do

Oh of course, I'm in no rush or anything, I'm talking long term like a "forever pin". I'm never getting rid of WC94 and I really adore my GB Pro for the art and callouts alone(enjoy the gameplay as well, hoping the final code update makes it truly fantastic). I've put around a hundred games on my AFMr and I've already gotten 5/6 RTU. I absolutely love it and won't be getting rid of it anytime soon.

#2114 3 years ago

Well I noticed my outlanes had slid up as well, moved them all the way down after wanting to throw the thing outside from all the constant outlane drains. I adjusted my left flipper again as it still seemed a bit off, and it actually seems like the head of the flipper is a bit higher then the right flipper...will take a pic later to show what I'm talking about. At any rate, very first game with the outlanes moved down:

afmr1 (resized).jpg
afmr2 (resized).jpg

#2150 3 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Congrats on the RTU!
What do you have your flipper strength set to?
I seemed to be getting really decent scores at default setting, but then reduced the strength to prevent air balls and have noticed a dip in my scores.
Also find it very hard to get the 5-way combos.
Anyone else notice this difference when lowering flipper strength?

I have mine at -18, wasn't having any issues making shots, though I always feel like the 5way is such a crap shoot, especially if you are trying to alternate ramps. I try and mix in a lock when I'm going for it to give myself a break or wait until my orbits are open. Also I was looking at the original AFMs high scores on here and people were saying that they "3x RTU'd", but after I finished RTU the game didn't reset. It just stayed with every city lit solid, Mars was flashing, and the saucer drop bank stayed down with the back target up. Every hit on that target for the rest of my game gave me 100M. I had several balls left after I RTU'd and this never changed...how are you supposed to 3x RTU or was that something they changed in this remake somehow?

#2157 3 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

I tend to agree but the manual info for the topper leaves a lot to be desired!

My vendor said the same thing about the topper/manual. He had to clarify with a buddy when hooking it up because it didn't 100% match. Damien I'm pretty sure I'm at 6.8. I've been using the PinGuy app to measure on the playfield but I probably need to get a digital scale to be certain. Even at -18 I occasionally have a ball fly off the lock rail, but that only happens about 5-10% of the time.

#2158 3 years ago

Also this is what I was referring to when I said my left flipper seems to be higher than my right one. You can see more of the wood outline inside that black circle on the right one than on the left. Slow rolling balls still bounce when coming onto the left flipper a bit and make shots feel awkward, and this never occurs on the right flipper. Every ball that enters the right flipper goes smoothly down it with no bounce.

IMG_0978 (resized).jpg
IMG_0979 (resized).jpg
IMG_0980 (resized).jpg
IMG_0981 (resized).jpg

#2176 3 years ago
Quoted from DngrWillRobinson:

For those that are having problems with the topper, is the problem not being able to connect all the wires? The reason I ask is that on mine, a couple of the connectors had a piece of plastic (like a plastic pin) blocking one of the holes. I have no idea why they came like this. I was hesitant to try and remove the plastic pin but it was obvious that the only way to connect the wires was to remove those pins. I used needle nose pliers and they didn't exactly come out easily but once out I connected everything and the topper works fine. Anybody else have these plastic pins blocking holes on their connectors?

This is the exact same way mine was, and it's what my vendor was confused and cautious about because nothing in the instructions mentions this. He figured the plastic pin had to be removed but the manual doesn't say.

#2182 3 years ago

Goofy side question: what's with people flagging the reviews rated with a 10 as bogus in the Top100 rankings?

#2184 3 years ago

I submitted a ticket with CGC for my flipper position issue and also mentioned my shooter issue, CGC sent me a PDF with instructions for bending that shooter lane ramp so I guess that is the established fix at this point for the issue.

#2187 3 years ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Bending the shoot lane ramp is a partial solution. Hopefully the instructions mention aligning the plunger, which for me was a bigger deal.

Gotcha. The PDF mentions that you can move the plunger as well by loosening the screws and adjusting it. I'll play around with both this weekend and see if I can get it firing perfect.

#2217 3 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Not so sure about that. My airballs are pretty must resolved by turning flippers down to -5 or more. I was playing at -10 the last month or so, and I barely get 5 billion on a good game, and find it hard to get a 5-way combo.
Turned it back to default tonight after reading your post, and on my second game I got RTU with a new GC of 41B!
Pretty clear to me that dialing up the flipper strength made it easier to hit shots consistently. So not sure what CGC is saying here.

Ahhh thanks for the clarification on the RTU. As for the flipper strength, calling BS on CGC saying that it has no effect. There is a massive difference between default and -18, and if I set them to Min my flippers barely even move. Setting them back to default for now regardless though so my machine doesn't explode(that saucer destruction effect is super realistic!).

#2298 3 years ago
Quoted from Pin_Guy:

Game rules from PAPA by Brian Dominy
The Stroke of Luck is a pseudo-random award. Possibilities are:
25,000,000 points. Awarded immediately.
50,000,000 points. Ditto.
Light Extra Ball. Shoot Stroke of Luck again to collect.
Light Lock. For the first multiball, this will light all three locks. After that, it will light one additional lock, regardless if lock is already lit or not.
Award Lock. If Lock is already lit, then that lock is awarded and no lock will be lit. Otherwise the next unlit lock is awarded.
Multiball. Forget the locks, just start multiball.
Lite Martian Attack. Shoot Stroke of Luck again to collect.
+5 Bonus X. Same award as regular skill shot.
Hold Bonus X. Bonus X will not reset to 1X at the end of this ball.
Strobe Multiball. Starts immediately. See below for more details.
Video Mode. Starts immediately. See below for more details.
Sneak Attack. One of the four martians will begin jumping. Shoot immediately to score 150M; the value counts down quickly. Hitting the martian also awards 2 additional Martian Bombs and lights Martian Attack if it isn't already lit.
1 Martian Bomb. Added to any you already have.
The award is pseudorandom, because sometimes it can be predicted. The third Stroke of Luck award will normally be Strobe Multiball. Stroke of Luck will award Video Mode the first time it is hit after Super Jets has been completed, even if it is the third time. Strobe Multiball will then be the next Stroke of Luck award given.
Stroke of Luck will normally award (regular) Multiball on the last ball of the game if multiball has not yet been started.
Stroke of Luck will normally award 1 Martian Bomb if it is collected during Martian Attack, before Martian Multiball.
Stroke of Luck is not available during any multiball. The award can only be collected from the front entrance to the scoop.
If tournament mode is enabled, then Stroke of Luck always awards 50M and nothing else, in order to de-randomize the games.

Question on this, the rule says you can only collect awards from the front scoop of the SOL, but I have collected them from the back entrance to it (from the jets) multiple times. I've collected it in single ball play when Martian Attack is lit, and I've also collected it during multiball play when I have extra ball lit. This has happened a lot of times, so it isn't a fluke. Additional Martian Attacks don't activate when entering it from the jets though(I've never had a 2nd extra ball collected during a multiball that I can recall).
Also my first time getting video mode after learning that you get a free bomb to use resulted in me blowing up the mothership, though no EB ever showed up...must be like Fish Tales in that you aren't always going to see the EB. For anyone trying to get video mode as well, it definitely can't be awarded early...I always have to clear a few cities first or get 3-4 SOLs.

#2299 3 years ago
Quoted from JJHLH:

I agree with the others. CGC specifically stated that the topper (which is pure awesome!) will only be available for the LE’s. Their communication has been outstanding so I don’t see them going back on their word. I persona :twisted:lly like having a distinction between the various models. There are still some nib LE’s available for those that are interested.

Jumping in with my opinion too, I was just going for the SE until I saw the topper. Once I found out that it wasn't going to be sold outside of the LEs I was all over it...would be silly for them to do a 180 on it now and offer it to everyone after stating they wouldn't.
P.S. Selling my topper for $5k if anyone is interested!

#2345 3 years ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Hi Marc, so based on your comments, can I assume you would have no problem if the cool topper was sold to SE owners? That's really how some of the chatter started. Like you, I buy games to enjoy them and don't consider them investments...

You are coming off as pretty hostile I'm not sure it's very nice to accuse all of us with differing opinions from yours to be buying games only as investments and not to enjoy them...

#2366 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

The topper discussion is perplexing. LEs are still available for purchase. If you want the topper, buy an LE. It's likely going to cost much more to add the mini saucer lights and topper (they are not going to be selling it anyway) later. It's a better deal to just buy the LE.
I reached attack Mars for the second time since ive owned this game and failed. How many shots does it take to blow up Mars? I had the planet down to just a few chunks before the ball drained leaving me drenched in foul language. I've been playing the crap out of this driven to get RTU. This game is crazy addictive. It lets you get so close to winning and then steals it away forcing you to press start again for another try.

10 shots to blow up Mars, but it isn't like the
other cities, shots to the saucer targets don't count, only shots to the saucer scoop count towards the 10. You can activate a multiball to make it safer, but I honestly feel better just getting the timing down to hit it ten times in a row since it returns it to the left flipper every time....plus you get to see the awesome ending if you beat it in single ball play.

#2375 3 years ago

So now this thread is only for non technical discussions and the other thread is technical? I feel like this just splinters the group and makes it more difficult to get technical questions answered unless they are posted in both threads depending on who is reading which.

#2384 3 years ago

Miknan your left flipper is drooping just like mine was based on that photo.

#2400 3 years ago
Quoted from DngrWillRobinson:

I was getting frustrated with this machine a lot lately because it felt like I couldn’t control the ball very well which led to some really disappointing games. I was really not liking the flipper rubber, it was extremely hard to control the ball because it bounced way too much and it created a bunch of unpredictable spin. I ordered the complete set of Titan rubbers more or less because I liked the looks but hadn’t got around to swapping them out. But tonight out of desperation I decided to do a quick change of the flipper rubbers. What a night and day difference. I can actually control the ball now, what a novel concept. I played a couple of games and I felt so much more in control, the second game I was back on the leaderboard for the first time in a while. I love the Titans, I’m glad I gave them a try.

I might give this a shot then, I too am kind of annoyed at how impossible it is to trap/catch the ball...I'll trap it and then watch it suddenly fly off in a random direction from a crazy amount of spin that it got from it touching the flipper.

#2401 3 years ago

FYI for anyone looking for the PDF for the shooter lane issues from CGC, I've uploaded it to Dropbox, you can access it at this link:
For reference you do *not* need a Dropbox account to view it, just close out of the popup for Dropbox that shows when you open the link.

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#2552 3 years ago
Quoted from bitpatrol:

I was not notified by anyone that my AFMrLE had defective flipper firmware, and when I opened a ticket, I was told my dealer should have contacted me. Did anyone else get overlooked when it came to being notified of the flipper default setting? Are there any other notices I should be aware of? My dealer was Player One in Canada.

My dealer at Hemispheres Amusements in IL sent me an email with the CGC statement. Tried a few games with the default flipper strength and every single clean lock shot went flying off the rail and into the outlane/shooter....machine is getting left alone sadly until the fix.

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#2793 3 years ago

Hahahahahaha first thing that popped into my head. Oy vey.

#2876 3 years ago
Quoted from Azmodeus:

This has been my number one pick for my next purchase. But I started having second thoughts.
It was because everyone is so good on this game it's starting to tire me.
But it's is still my number one pick. If I don't like owning it I will just sell it later. It's a great game. I wish I could afford more.
I still Hate that everyone is so good on it. It's a little rediculous. I guess I just need to get better, myself.

For every good score I put in on it(and I'm sure I'm not alone in this)I get totally wrecked by the game 10-15 times, even with my outlanes lowered. It's a brutal game, but that makes it immensely satisfying to have a great game.

#2881 3 years ago

Overwhelmed by the Titan page, want to order the flipper rubbers...how do I know which size to get? Are you guys only swapping out your flipper rubbers or are there any others I should swap out? I'm in the camp that feels like the stock rubbers result in almost no ball control with a really awkward feel so I want to give the Titans a shot. I assume the "Flipper Rubber" is the standard one that I should be getting for the flippers but I wanted to make sure.
That's the page I'm on right now.

#2916 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Get a kit - https://www.titanpinball.com/kits/ AFM or AFMR - same same.
Then as you gain in knowledge and experience, order what you want.
LTG : )

Thanks sir...any pics out there of the various colors? There's some for the green rubbers but that's it on that page, and they don't show the flippers. Really curious as to what the red rubbers look like.
e. Nevermind, looks like I can just go off the colors on here:

#2917 3 years ago

Actually better to just ask if any other owners out there have changed out with different colors that wouldn't mind sharing some pics. I remember someone sharing a photo of the glow rubbers if I'm not mistaken.

#2930 3 years ago
Quoted from TOLLS:

Pics with green translucent rubbers. Also green backboard leds, blue trough leds, which is when I changed the flipper rubbers to blue trans to get them to glow like pf. Lermods leds, all I can say is wow, and Lermods are legends for service and that’s from Australia. Comet bumper rings, white underneath, red on top.
Project finished. Freaking beyond anything I have ever seen.

Thanks for the pics guys....TOLLS where did you buy these green translucent ones at? I don't see any translucent green ones on the Titan website.

#2939 3 years ago
Quoted from TOLLS:

From a place in Melbourne, I just found by google.
The brand is “Superbands” great to play with.

Was able to find them by googling "green translucent superbands", they are on Pinball Life like DngrWillRobinson said...thanks for the input guys:
Last question then is are these a different feel from using Titan rubbers or are they identical? Dngr I know you said that the Titans made a world of difference in how the machine played and that you(like me)weren't very happy with the feel/trapping of the standard flipper rubbers. I was going to get Titan due to your opinion but they don't have this green translucent color that I like. If Superbands is an entirely other style of rubber then I'll just get a different color in the Titan.

#2944 3 years ago

Thanks again all, Titan it is.

#2954 3 years ago

Hemispheres in Hampshire IL has the 2.0's in as well, they are 12 miles from my house so I'll be swinging by once I'm back from my work trip to pick mine up.

#3018 3 years ago
Quoted from Newbie979:

So after the pic 2.0 I’ve been having more problems it seems then before the new chip. Lot more balls dreading out on then left ramp and had like 3 balls not launch all the way up to the jets. Seems like it’s always something with this machine. Can never just function like it’s suppose to.

The Pic 2.0 had nothing to do with the launch issue from my understanding, have you performed CGC fix regarding bending the steel exit ramp from the shooter lane that seems to be resolving the launch problems?

#3104 3 years ago

Pic 2.0 installed, definitely a noticeable change....orbits seem to be hitting cleaner now, wonder if the weird flipper power was causing those orbit rejects too. Still going to be playing around with the flipper strength some though, I disagree on the -4....flippers seem too weak, I moved it to -3 and it felt better, going to play at that for a while and see how things go. Flips definitely feel "smoother" now if that makes any sense compared to before. I'm still dealing with CGC on my left flipper issue though, they've had me adjust the left lane multiple times but it doesn't fix anything, slow rolling balls still hop over halfway down the left flipper in midair...making shots really difficult from that side. I've sent them video and pictures showing the hop and showing that my left flipper is very clearly mounted too high compared to my right flipper. Is anyone else having this issue? I'm getting the feeling that CGC isn't wanting to address the fact that my left flipper mount was drilled in wrong.flip 2_4 (resized).jpg

#3107 3 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

It's probably your left guide. See if you can loosen it up and move it a bit to guide the ball over the flipper.

As I said, according to CGC's instructions I've loosened and shoved it as far as possible up and to the right to try and get it "above" the flipper. If I leave the left ball guide very loose I can force it high enough to make the ball roll normal but once I tighten it it goes back to bring too low so that the bounce starts occurring again. Also regardless of that, that image clearly shows that those flippers are not mounted anywhere near the same spot in the green circles.

#3109 3 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

OK what about the flipper shaft bushing? Can it be moved or remounted so the flipper will move a bit? Beyond that you will have to take some measurements
to see where that hole is. I cant believe the factory would drill that hole wrong.

Newbie to working on machines so I'm not sure how to check the bushing, I've adjusted the "droop" of the flippers by loosening the screw underneath the pf, could you explain how to mess with the bushing?

#3113 3 years ago

Alright thanks for the input guys, I'm sure that action is old hat to you guys but the details spook me at my level of expertise haha. I'll see what CGC says about this and go from there, my distributor is 15 miles from my house so I'll look into that too if the CGC thing leads nowhere useful.

#3178 3 years ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

Did you put your nutsack on my AFMr?

No, I was watching Cops.

#3255 3 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

I am unable to figure out how to quote this properly since it’s in the other thread, but in the CGC Production thread, Doug had this to say 51 days ago. New games coming off the line should not need the shooter lane ramps bent. If something isn’t right, opening a ticket is still the right way to go.

Hello Everyone!
This year blew by for me and I can’t believe we are knocking on the door of Christmas / New Year’s 2018. We accomplished many great things at CGC this year. Most notably, I believe we are assembling / shipping an amazing product and we are hitting the promised timelines that we have made. The past many few weeks have insane with all that we have been shipping, considering all the various products that we produce.
1. Overall our games are performing amazingly. However, there has been a small number of reported concerns, on very recently produced games, of the balls trajectory as is comes out of the shooter lane. This really came to light as people opened tickets and we were able to piece to together the problem. By Monday morning our engineering and production team were working on a fix. Let me be clear, there are no failures; rather, the ball on these games comes out of the shooter lane and does not properly travel to the gate or around the orbiter loop. As mention several times, we work very methodically here at CGC. It might take a few days before we release the correction. Regardless, it will be an easy correction and we will post it on our service portal.

Is this just Doug saying that they were going to release the "fix" for it soon....that was the PDF that told us to bend it right? Unless I'm missing it I don't see anything in what you posted about them correcting this issue on the assembly?

#3424 3 years ago
Quoted from Nexyss:

To the people who are having the balls fly off the wireforms: Is it possible that the wireforms are bent down a bit on the outside? My Metallica drops the ball off the right one once in a while, and I just need to bend it so that side is a bit higher to alleviate the problem. I haven't put much pressure on it yet, so it seems to bend back after a while.

Pretty sure the ball flying off the wireform issue is directly a result of the flipper strength issues. Original AFMs that I've played never had ball speeds anywhere close to where the AFMr was originally, setting it a few clicks down on the PIC2.0 results in zero balls flying off. Also I like all the posts, as a newbie to pin ownership it's interesting to read through the debates and discussions...granted I'm sure someone with 15-20 years invested in collecting may have a different opinion. This is the ownership thread though, and it's the only place on the internet where owners of a machine are going to gather and chat from what I've seen so I don't see the need to restrict what people want to post within reason. Hearing all the opinions has helped me to temper some of my early frustration at the issues I was experiencing with this NIB pin. Speaking of which my titans came in while I was gone for the weekend, hoping to get around to popping them onto my flippers tonight to see how they feel.
CGC also got back to me on my left flipper situation, they sent me some washers to place into the left ball guide screw holes to help shunt it up a bit higher to hopefully stop the ball bouncing...giving that a shot tonight as well if work doesn't keep me tied up.

#3426 3 years ago
Quoted from Nexyss:

I was specifically thinking of the guy who posted recently that the setting below the ball flying off seemed to be too weak. That seems to me like it might be an issue with the wireform based on my experience with my Metallica.

Gotcha, I guess that's a good point...going to play around with the game some at default strength to see if the ball is flying off. Default strength obviously shouldn't be sending the ball off the wireform if everything is working correctly.

#3459 3 years ago
Quoted from Budman:

Changing the conversation for a second: I am a 6 day old owner; beautiful game but darn difficult! I walk over and play STLE with its smooth flow just to get a break!
I have my game at 7.4 and flippers at -3 and Titan flipper rubber. Everything else at default. My games are normally under 1 billion but had a 3.5 bill and total annihilation twice..... very sucky, I know. I brick a lot of shots and seems like “cheap drains” quite often.
I’m thinking of expanding the ball save time and playing with the outline posts. What does it mean to make the outlines easier? Am I “ raising the posts “ and if so, am I literally screwing them out of the playfield a touch? Aside from more practice, any suggestions that has mercy on me until I get a better hang of the game would be appreciated.

7.4 is pretty steep for me, you might lower that a bit and see how it feels if you are having a hard time keeping balls alive. The "outlane posts" themselves are the rubber posts above the left and right drains. If you lift the playfield you can loosen the screw on them and then slide them up or down. Moving them down(towards the drain) narrows the gap through which a ball can get through to drain down the sides. So lowering it results in it being easier. I dropped mine after a while and I enjoy it a lot more now. Aside from the game right after lowering where I somehow RTU'd I've never been anywhere close since and have only destroyed Mars twice(and I'm no slouch) so I definitely don't think it makes the game too easy. Also go nuts and do whatever you want in terms of that if you find you aren't enjoying it as much as you should.
Also one quick tip if you feel like you are experiencing a lot of cheap drains down the middle, be selective in when you shoot for the ship targets, especially if the 3 bank isn't opened up yet. The SOL will usually award Attack Wave Start which will safely open the bank up. Direct shots into that bank can easily result in your ball coming back STDM. Also don't forget that if you hold the left flipper and launch the Super Skill Shot will turn on which lights all ramps/orbits/mothership 3 bank for a few seconds. Hitting any of the orbits/ramps will automatically complete the ladder for it, but more importantly hitting the 3 bank once will immediately open the mothership. With the ball save on for a few seconds even if you nail it and drain STDM you will get your ball back. Almost all the casuals that play at my house will just hammer at that center target and it results in a lot of lost balls.

#3584 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Anti-rattle tape. Problem solved.

It is goofy but I just reversed my glass and it doesn't rattle anymore.

#3677 3 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

In a more polite way yes. They try and convince you that these conditions are normal and just part of a handmade process. Funny, they also claimed that the process was not correctly administered. ?? Mixed signals.... The bottom line is these pf s are either not holding up or look like crap from the start. I wonder how many owners that have grainy wavy play fields were told "oh that's normal" and they believed them and just moved on?

Could someone copy and paste the support thread from a conversation like this with CGC? I'm really curious to read it.

#3726 3 years ago

I consider myself fortunate that my machine isn't showing any of these massive defects, but yeah you can definitely count me out from buying from CGC anymore if this is the way they are going to treat customers.

#3877 3 years ago
Quoted from bitpatrol:

I'm starting to realize it's not as bad as it may seem in here, not that there are not issues, but why is the top 100 dominated by CGC? I'm happy with mine too, just looking for a perfect pinball It asked me for my initials for the first time today and played a special song at the end for me. I got $6,800,000,000 or something... what do all you nancies have to say about trying to top THAT score!


IMG_0968 (resized).JPG

#3880 3 years ago
Quoted from Onwallst:

Now that is a score

I haven't even broke 10B after putting that up, game regularly slaps me around.

#4123 3 years ago

Finally got around to putting my red titans on my flippers/bumpers, man do I love these things...feels so much better. My first game after them I managed 3 super jackpots in one MB, never even got more than one before. Ended up collecting one more in a later MB for 4 total SJs. I'm at 244 plays on mine, everything on it besides the titans is factory. LE#533


#4124 3 years ago

I've also noticed that I'm no longer getting rejects from the orbits...anyone else still getting those? I wonder if that behavior was just typical for a NIB AFM until it has been broken in a bit.

#4140 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Both your slings don't have the rubber resting in the channel on the back star post in those pictures.

Crap haha! Thanks for pointing that out!

#4326 3 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

To the two main poster of “all the problems” (not calling you out by name, that’s bad form): CGC has fully addressed my major issue. Do you understand? My issue is resolved. I’m saying it. Done.
To the dude with the weird knot in your shooter lane: is your problem resolved? If you don’t reply, we will assume yes.
Why is it that the ONLY people harping on the “issues” are the people without them? Or not even owners of the game! Drop it. For real. I had real and serious issues JUST LIKE THE KNOT. They are resolved!!! 100%. CGC took care of me and it was simple and quick. Personal contact with excellent customer service. They like to keep stuff personal and not blab all over. It’s how they choose to do business.
If anyone still has actual unresolved problems, feel free to post. But this thread has completely been ruined by a few people who won’t drop this discussion despite a complete lack of evidence of unaddressed issues. Take it elsewhere.

Thanks for the update pay.

#4327 3 years ago

Also fourthing (fifthing? sixthing?) the other posts, a non owner shouldn't be constantly posting the same negative stuff and accusing literally everyone that disagrees of being affiliated with CGC. If you are an owner with actual issues you can complain til you are blue in the face here, but you've got no business otherwise, pinball owners don't need white knights, especially since some of them already have a black knight! *rimshot*

#4341 3 years ago

Returning for a second term in office!

IMG_1465 (resized).JPG

IMG_1464 (resized).JPG

IMG_1466 (resized).JPG

#4345 3 years ago

My right ship target stared to lean to the right a bit and I just pushed it to the left with a little bit of force, now it's straight again...not sure if that is the *correct* fix but it isn't tilted over now.

#4348 3 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

That’s an incredible score. How long was the game?!?!

Never really think to keep time....maybe 20ish minutes? I chained Martian Attack into Total Annihilation three times and I think that really caused my score to jump. I was also able to keep my ball going for a while after RTU and I got a decent amount of victory laps. WC94 used to have my favorite moment in pinball (beating Germany in the finals) but man nothing comes close to the feeling of RTU!

#4440 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

I was always curious how you guys that play this good can enjoy pinball. I would think that you would get bored of most games in very short time. After seven months I'm still working on destroying Mars. This game and TWD just kicks the dick off me 98% of the time. Its that 2% rush that keeps me sucked it.

As I said before, you aren't seeing all the games where we do nothing and get beat down by it, no one is posting those scores! I'm at around 280 games now and I've only RTU'd twice, and I've only been 5/6 RTU one other time. I couldn't even get past like 3 cities when I first got my AFMr and I've played it quite a bit in the past when I was younger at arcades. I got fed up and moved the outlanes down and I'm enjoying it a lot more now...though I'm going to move them back up now that I've sorted out my flipper issues and replaced with Titan rubbers so that I can actually control the ball now and my left flipper isn't having the ball bounce halfway down it. I think those two things along with the PIC issues were resulting in way more bricked shots than usual for me which resulted in more outlane drain threats.

#4464 3 years ago
Quoted from estrader:

does it come with titan rubbers? what are you switching to? im by no means very good (just started playing in november) but i noticed the ball bouncing more than my other games off the flippers. i like the rubbers on my dialed in but i dont know enough about them to change everything yet. any guidance is appreciated.

I'm not sure what the style was that it came with, but several others in this thread have also said they felt way too bouncy and difficult to control the ball with. I switched from those to red Titans on my kickers and flippers and it's a world of difference in my opinion. Here's the kit to start with on Titan, then you can customize to only buy what you want and change the color as well:
I can't speak for all of the parts in the kit but the 2.5 inch and the flipper standard ones definitely fit the kickers/flippers.

#4508 3 years ago
Quoted from inputusername:

How do the Pin Stadium lights work with Strobe Multiball?

They better turn off! >.> I've got mine at max strobe in my basement and it is a trip.

#4534 3 years ago

So is there like a well known Pinsider who always gets the 1000/1000 serial number of an LE game? Seeing games in the 900's so I'm curiuous who will get the final one. Also good to see more people going with the red titans...good taste.

#4543 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Well you can order MMr matching numbers from CGC and they got produced early, so not all sequential.

Right I learned about that from my vendor that a lot if people get theirs matching...was just curious if someone had the "final one" locked down normally...neat info!

#4614 3 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

Thank you for posting this! I had wanted to try some of these and the discount is a good reason to place an order!
Happy weekend everyone!

Let me know how these turn out if you don't mind, I'm going to be in the market for some new balls soon and I've really got no idea which ones I should be buying.

#4658 3 years ago

Onwallst I'm sorry about the lack of support you received with the issue. You can count me as another buyer that won't be shopping from CGC in the future....thankful mine looks great so far but I won't take another chance if that's how they are going to treat playfield quality issues.

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#4767 3 years ago
Quoted from MANOLIKI:

Hi everybody. I have been reading this post for a long time because I am in love with attack from mars pinball and I decided to buy a L.E.
Yesterday I recived the number 943 and it could not be more impressive. I live in Spain (sorry for my english) and I think is the only one in this country. I show you some pictures. The place where the pinball is in the pictures is not de definitive. Thank you for all of your help in this forum and enjoy with your pinballs.

Congrats! Only the cool kids get the Martian Green trim!

#4823 3 years ago
Quoted from Zennmaster:

Ah, yes, the shot that, more than any other has caused me to "just walk away"...

I always give a little nudge if it is rolling out of that lock, always keeps it away from the right outlane.

2 weeks later
#4923 3 years ago

FYI, my distributor Kurt at Hemispheres Amusements(who is awesome) has a single LE left, in black. He keeps his website updated pretty frequently so I'm not sure if it has been sold yet.

2 weeks later
#5062 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Narrow the outlanes to the minimum.
This is not a hack or a "cheat"
This is an operator option to make the game as fun as possible to make more money.
Open the sling leaf switches slightly so they are less sensitive. You can tighten the slings and widen the outlanes as you get better at the game.
You can adjust pitch of the game higher or lower that the 6.5 recommended.
Most of the operators have the games set for a particular ball time. This is why it lists it in the audits.
They generally make the game easy to play when they first get it and record the ball times.
If they are too long they adjust the game incrementally harder as the players get more proficient.
Pinball is about fun. And fun for the money.
If the game ends too quickly its not worth the money.
If the game is to easy you will get tired of it quickly and stop playing it.
I set my games up to what I consider "just right" not brutally hard but also not easy either.
Pinball should be challenging but still alot of fun.

Excellent post, I had my outlanes at default to start and it was so brutal, and any AFMs I play on location are the same way, constant side drains. I really wasn't enjoying it much at all...I bumped them down and I love the game now. I still have tough games but balls aren't just vortexed into the side drains and I am looooving it now. Those difficulty changes are there to bring in more money on routing the games I feel like.

#5071 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

The post is in a slot cut in the playfield. Under the playfield is a locknut and washer. Loosen the locknut, slide post towards front of game. Retighten the locknut. Done. Now the hole the balls goes to the outlane in is smaller.
I've attached one of Damgiao's pictures with a red arrow pointing to the slot you move the post back and forth in.
LTG : )

LTG says it better than I ever could.

2 weeks later
#5181 3 years ago

Odd, I've never had an issue distinguishing which of my TA shots are left to complete. Is it that difficult to see for others? Wondering if there are any differences between machines or something because mine are super easy to distinguish. AFMRLE for reference.

#5210 3 years ago
Quoted from Atrain:

I am going to be joining the AFMr club on June 12. Very excited. But I purchased a Special Edition, not an LE. I guess I want some comforting words that I didn't mess up the purchase by getting the SE. I love how it plays do I am confident that all will be good but I have some concern from the ratings only rating the LE and almost everyone seems to have an LE and not a classic or SE.

The SE is awesome, you aren't going to regret that. My LE was only like $500 more and I got it for the topper and green trim which I really wanted, but the SE comes with the giant color screen which I feel is the biggest draw.

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#5249 3 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Just noticed today some scratches on the mirror blades on the left side, Im so sad! I dont even know how they got there, I never lifted the playfield. the only thing I did recently was I put some felt tape around the edges of the glass because it was rattling. Man! I wonder if the ball hit that area cause that.. anyone have any scratches too?

Just looked and I actually have some on my left side as well, in about the middle of the blade...

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#5297 3 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

Small metal ball guide by the pops was incorrectly curved more than spec. It was slight and I could barely notice it on the game I upgraded. But it was enough to be in the path of the ball sometimes on launch and take the inertia away. Was a small number I games and is now corrected (has been for months). If you’re still having the issue, contact support for a new ball guide.

They are sending out replacement ball guides now? The last I heard they just sent the PDF out with instructions on how to bend the existing guide to make it work...if they are indeed sending out new ones I'll contact them for one.

3 weeks later
#5457 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballer73:

Couldn't agree more. Initially I didn't want to change the angle of the flippers, but I just can't get used to aiming my shots with the offset. Played AFM a lot over the years and the angle on my new game just doesn't seem right. I'll be adjusting mine next chance I get.

Agreed on this.....any routed AFM's I play feel extremely off compared to mine now that I've "toothpicked". Also is the accepted fix for the flippers being too strong and sending lock shots flying off the rail still to leave it at -2 flipper strength with 2.0? I kind of liked the faster play with the stronger flippers but even at -1 any clean shot up that lock flies off into either the shooter lane or the right outlane.

#5484 3 years ago

Even at -3 I'm still getting hard shots up the lock ramp flying off the wireform and into the glass/shooter lane/right outlane....anyone came up with a fix for this? The shots are already pretty weak at this point at -3....I'd really like to have the game on the default settings for strength but it's really frustrating to get punished for making the lock shot.

#5495 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I was getting some balls flying off the right wire form into the outline sometimes into the shooter Lane.
I bent the mounting clip above the right slingshot up a little bit.
I then put a little more twist in The lower part of the wireform to give the lower edge of it more Bank.
Balls are staying on the wireform for the most part and my flippers are on default settings.

Thanks, will give this a shot!
Could you maybe just take a picture indicating where exactly you bent the wireform? I just don't want to bend in the wrong spot and screw anything up.

#5497 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

There is no right or wrong spot but if you look at the last 8 to 10 in of the wire form where the last Bend is.
You can see obviously that if it was raised up it would increase the bank then the balls won't fly off of it.
I have never "not" had to bend and adjust a wire form on a pinball machine.
They all need to be tweaked here and there it's just wire, bend it as you see fit to make it work properly.
There really is no right or wrong just whether or not it works.

Understood, thanks for the info!

1 week later
#5579 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

It can be fixed in less than 5 mins.
When you have your own game you can tweak them fix them adjust them and make them play perfectly or better than perfectly since of course it's your game and you can do as you please.

This exact issue was occurring on my LE, but on my left flipper when I got it. The ball would take a severe hop and go airborne for over half the flipper length at any speed. I talked to CGC a lot and they sent me some washers to put into the holes that the left ball guide sat in. They told me to push the ball guide downwards while screwing it in with the washers and that made it about 95% better than it was before. It still looks like the flipper is slightly out of alignment compared to the right one but the bounce has been reduced to a very tiny hop and only on extremely slow rolling balls so it isn't affecting my shots anymore. Did anyone else have this issue out of the box?

#5601 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I had this issue on my LE, left flipper too; it was driving me nuts. Almost stopped playing and selling the game altogether cause of it. I tried adjusting the flipper alignment, I tried 10 different pitch settings, I tried adjusting the lane guide and tightening screws while giving pressure to one direction. In the end...I found that one of the lane guide posts (top one of the 3) was too tight. The first few times I loosened it I didn't even notice. Loosening all 3 dramatically one day budged the post free, the little lip of it was caught under the lane guide. It's 99% good now so I'd recommend checking those lane guide posts. If you need a pic or further understanding let me know.
On another note; am I the only one who has flipper strength in the positive? I usually run it at +2 or +3 strength; then again, I am at 7.6 dig pitch so that may have something to do with it. Couldn't imagine playing it slower - game is brutal and I love it

Would be happy to have a picture with some additional info on this. There's still definitely a verrrry minor hop to the left flipper on a very slow moving ball so if there is something else I can do to make it "perfect" I'm definitely interested in trying it.

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You can get lock awards from the SOL shot , its normal.

Not from the right ramp though...maybe the guy was just putting it in the SOL scoop on the right and mistakenly thought that was the right ramp.....goofy mix up if so though.

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Just so I know?
To get Dirty Pool, attack wave started, then start multiball, complete attack wave and get ball behind force field before it raises then hit force field bank?

Mostly...the mothership hole will still be open while the force field starts to come up so you have to kind of rattle a ball up there so that it doesn't also go into the hole. Once a ball comes to rest behind the forcefield you have to shoot a ball into the forcefield and get the force to knock the ball behind it into the opened mothership hole, once my ball landed in there with the forcefield up I got dirty pool.

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Absolutely a genuine play, but likely a little of both in that you have achieved a bug by getting a ball to sit in that spot after the field is up...clearly a coder just had some fun with it. Apparently you can even take down Mars itself via Dirty Pool but I've never managed that.

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