"ATTAAAACK!!!" No Good Gofers Club. All welcome.

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"ATTAAAACK!!!" No Good Gofers Club. All welcome.

By Apekop

4 years ago

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#491 2 years ago

Me too. Favorite pin bud and Buzz are hysterical.

1 week later
#494 2 years ago
Quoted from BobC:

are the callouts on different rom versions different?

My understanding is the newer rom version has more family friendly speech.

#500 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I don't think you have to worry much. There's a menu setting that makes Buzz & Bud calm down for the family.

Yes, you ideally want the older one as the gofers are ruder in the speech, but the older one doesn't have the option to kick out through the pop bumpers so you have it shooting SDTM all the time.

#505 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

What version is the ruder version?

It looks like that is the version 1.0, 1.2 made the speech more player friendly, but also added the no kick down the middle option as well as a number of other improvements.

1 month later
#541 2 years ago

Finally got NGG back up again last night after having the batteries leak on the board. Amazingly after years in storage, it all appears to work. Just have to go through and get all the bulbs working again.

How do you guys level this one? I do level in basically resting on top of flippers at bottom and then level at front of upper playfield.

#545 2 years ago

my rubber sleeve between the 2 ramps is destroyed, what size is it please?

#546 2 years ago
Quoted from Robl45:

my rubber sleeve between the 2 ramps is destroyed, what size is it please?

And is there any place I can get it from for a reasonable price with shipping?

#547 2 years ago
Quoted from Robl45:

And is there any place I can get it from for a reasonable price with shipping?

I found a black one that I can use for now. Considering the rest of the rings seem good for now, does anyone have a yellow rubber sleeve that goes between the bud and buzz ramps they could drop in the mail for me? I'd be happy to paypal the money to you.

#549 2 years ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

They are $0.55 from Pinball Life: http://www.pinballlife.com/index.php?p=product&id=72
Get a bunch of maintenance parts so the shipping isn't as painful for just one part.

8.50 shipping, and I really don't need anything else right now.

#550 2 years ago

Playing with the kids a few games and a couple of times the slam ramp didn't activate. It seems to be working most of the time, but definately a couple of times when we did the skill shot, it didn't do anything. Do you think it was just a fluke?

I kind of always hated home use only roms like in my TOM because I felt it took some of the fun away with the credits, but now that I play with the kids and i'm opening up the door every 3rd game, I really miss the free play option.

#553 2 years ago

Yes there is an option for free play, I missed that before. But what I did was set the credits maximum to 99 and match to 50% so I shouldn't be doing the credits much anymore.

#554 2 years ago

Has Anyone done LED's in NGG and if so, what colors did you use? Thinking of doing rubbers in colors like this kit


and then maybe doing a little color on the LED's.

#556 2 years ago

Why did you leave the slam ramp gray? Did you do standard white gi. I was thinking another color to match the game but maybe that's bad idea.

#559 2 years ago
Quoted from BobC:

LOL, I guess that kind of works
I'd recommend learning the settings as it open up a whole new world...also using the correct setting for free play so you know how to do it on your next pin(s)

Yes, I'm aware of the settings, just didn't cycle through enough to find the free play, but as I said, I don't really care for freeplay. so 99 credits and matching half of the time will take care of enough that I don't have to do anything.

#562 2 years ago

just fixed the right cartpath spinner switch, white wire got sliced, no idea how that is possible, pain to get under this stuff though.

#563 2 years ago

how do you guys get your left stack of 3 spotlights to stay aimed. My bottom one that is supposed to aim at buzz just moves after I set it. There doesn't seem to be any way to tighten them down or anything.

#565 2 years ago

That stack is a hassle. You can disassemble the whole thing and make sure the bottom hex spacer is locked tight on the PF then reassemble, that's what worked for me.
Regarding LEDs in the above post, try Comet's sunlight instead of cool, Comet recommended those for NGG GI and they are a great middle point between warm and cool.

Yea, its just the dimming thing that is making me pause on the leds. I think they would be great, but 150 per game for gi ocd is a little much.

#569 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

How did you do it? My switch is broken as well and tried to get to it but gave up!

I unscrewed the nut holding the clear plastic and took it out. I also unscrewed the screw holding the upper playfield and moved it out of the way. That gave me enough room to look around and see the sliced wire. Then I happen to have an automatic wire stripper which made things easier to strip the wire as there was little room to work and tiny crimp connectors from back in the day when I played around with car stereos and alarms. Put on a tiny crimp and all is good again.

I really wonder about how many of these games were put together as its really a pain to get to some of the lights and rubbers, I really can't imagine someone being able to get to all of this on a machine that is on location. Having to spend an hour disassembling the machine to change a rubber or whatever is kind of insane. Almost as insane as putting a spinning metal saw blade on a wooden playfield but hey some people do that too

#571 2 years ago

They are not too bad to get to at least center and taper. I don't know about the left one.

Quoted from nicknack66:

Is there an easy way to change the post rubbers under the upper clear playfield by the ramps? If I remove the screw holding the upper playfield down and lift it up will I be able to get to them? My rubber columns there (yellow) are very dirty and the one on the far right is supposed to be tapered but isn't so I want to fix that as well. Wondering whether this is an easy or difficult job so I can plan my time accordingly. Thanks.

#576 2 years ago

Ball does not launch after ball save.

1 week later
#579 2 years ago

When the ball exits the pop bumpers and goes past the 4 posts, is it supposed to drop into the inlanes? Mine half the time drops there and half the time drops in front of the slings. Game appears to be leveled correcly.

#583 2 years ago

If anyone has a list of leds for this game I'd appreciate it. Trying to create bulk list for my games

1 week later
#595 2 years ago

noticed a couple of things while playing. Slam ramp is not going down all the time when lit, I'm thinking it appears when it rolls over the inner lane switch and the automatic plunger doesn't seem to be able to shoot the balls up the left ramp anymore or just barely gets them up there. Manual getting them up there fine. It was getting them up there fine but last night they were rolling back as they got to the top of the ramp.

#601 2 years ago

What guide are you talking about?

Quoted from ParaBax:

My auto launcher makes it up the ramp every time, but i had to adjust the guide to make it line up perfect. That coil doesn't get a lot of use, but i would assume that if the kicker and the guide are lined up right it should be no problem.
Also, if you install a flipper fidelity kit (which I fully recommend), you'll need to follow the extra instructions that are supposed to just be for MM. The gopher mechs hit the cabinet speaker if you don't.

#602 2 years ago

It's not that it doesn't go down all the way. It works perfect. It's just sometimes it doesn't register and doesn't move.

Quoted from tilt-master:

check your wires to your slam ramp coil, make sure they are solid. Also make sure your slam ramp bracket is secured on all screw points to he playfield.

My auto launcher never shoots up the left ramp, I've really never seen any machines that have. Others can chime in but consider yourself lucky to have an inconsistently powerful auto plunger. That will come in handy during multiball restarts

#605 2 years ago
Quoted from ParaBax:

The exit angle of the shooter lane is adjustable via a screw under the playfield. The kicker is adjustable by its mounting hardware, again under the playfield. Make sure the kicker is dead center of a ball resting in lane, otherwise it doesn't get a solid hit. Once that is done, adjust the lane exit angle to hit the ramp as clean as possible.

This is usually an issue with the rollover switch in the left inlane not being closed during a roll through.

So I tested and the left inlane registers when I press down on the switch, and most of the time when the ball goes over but does miss sometimes. It missed once when rolling the ball when testing out of 5 tests or so and missed last night during the game. What have people done to make it more consistent?

1 week later
#614 2 years ago

2nd time this has happened in 2 weeks, never had it happen before, anyone else have the ball get wedged between the slam ramp?

NGG (resized).jpg

#618 2 years ago

hmm, I bought the game used in 2002. To the best of my knowledge, the slam ramp has always been in that position. I always wondered how the heck you were supposed to hit the golf cart. So is it easy to rotate it? I assumed you were going to tell me I needed the piece that williams sold to prevent the ball hanging up by the slam ramp.

EDIT: so I'm trying to look at pictures and I can't really tell how its supposed to go exactly. Could someone maybe push the ramp down and take a picture so I can tell where it should be located?

#624 2 years ago
Quoted from Jakers:

When I bought my NGG, the slam ramp looked like yours and it was able to rotate about 10 degrees. I found that the previous owner tightened the bolt (item #10 in red) too far. The head of that bolt needs to sit between the vertical slit of the adjusting plate (item #5 in green). My slam ramp now doesn't rotate and is angled correctly.

So I backed out the bolt to the point that the head is before the groove and only the bolt is in the groove. ramp moved over slightly, but its still not the way it should be. I tried loosening the screws on the bracket to get it to move a bit and still its not where it should be. What can I do next?

EDIT: fixed. apparently that plate where the bolt goes slides back and forth and someone had jammed it all the way to the far side.

#627 2 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

Sweet! Now if anyone knows how to get it dialed in so you can get more hole in ones, let me know. I've been trying to get more consistency there. Currently adjusting the upper play field angle, don't want to mess with the slam ramp.

I am the first to admit I'm not a very good player although I appear that way to my kids LOL, but we get a fair amount of hole in ones. After fixing my ramp, I tested the game and hit another one. It seems it needs to go up and go over the metal piece holding the flag and then gravity usually moves it to the hole. My TOM and NGG are both setup possibly a little steeper than they should be with the bubble showing just slightly past the second bar on the shooter lane. I think its supposed to be between the first and second line. Although I did set it up with an inclinometer to 6.5. I think the steepness might be helping it for the hole in one.

#638 2 years ago

it can be accessed fairly easily and with a little dexterity by shifting the plastics over to get to the switch.

Mine still doesn't shoot the loop cleanly. half the time the ball comes around past the upper flipper and hits the sling. I can raise the right a little to get the ball to move over a bit, but I feel I'm taking the game off level. I was thinking of moving the upper flipper out slightly. will that affect anything? The metal guide for the loop doesn't seem to really have any adjustment.

#640 2 years ago

I'm talking about the left to right cart path

Quoted from ParaBax:

Can you clarify this? The upper flipper shouldn't be affecting the exit from the shooter lane. There is a gate at the lane exit, is that gate opening cleanly? That could easily cause most of your problems if its bent and sticking, not letting the ball exit the shooter lane clean.

#642 2 years ago

if anyone has any ideas for the left to right orbit shot, please let me know, I assume it should be able to be shot cleanly around and around.

I got the hole in one champion for the first time today. Only had the game for 14 years or so. It was pretty cool but I promptly managed to lose the balls. Having the game set set with the longest ball savers helps alot too. Gotta help the kids out.

#646 2 years ago

Anyone fix raised inserts on ngg? My 5x bonus insert is lifting a little. Basically at the top. Not really bad and I only really noticed because one time the ball hit it just right and got some weird movement.

1 week later
#663 2 years ago

Color DMD is nice, you are missing the flag and captive ball though.

2 weeks later
#689 2 years ago

Mine has a piece of mylar under it, that's not from the factory? Mine has a slight little wear under the ramp from when I bought it, I put felt under the ramp shortly after I got it.

1 week later
#722 2 years ago

Its been like 14 years, but I believe there are no screws to adjust it. The metal at the back of the putting green determines it if I remember correctly and I believe i bent it slightly with pliers.

Quoted from evh347:

Can anyone please point out the two screws you adjust on the putting green kickout so it doesn't rocket the first ball on a MB between the flippers?
I had to pull out that trough to look for a lost ball. I invited a friend over because neither of us could find this lost ball. I pulled out all of the troughs where a ball could possibly be stuck. No joy. I started thinking wasn't a NGG...no, I bought a TZ. Six balls was now five. My friend thought I was playing w/ him and I showed him in the manual how it was a six ball game. We gave up looking and shaking the machine and I started talking about how I was going to install some rubber bumpers behind the Caddyshack ornament I put on the playfield and....low and behold...I was staring right at the missing ball wedged into the canopy of the Caddyshack ornament in the passenger seat next to the gopher.
We played for about an hour...he left...and I played for another 1/2 hour and during a MB this happened...what are the odds?
Anyways, in searching for that missing ball, I pulled all the troughs and now the first ball of my MB is shot right down between the flippers. How do I adjust that?

1 week later
#732 2 years ago

Do you Have a link?

#744 1 year ago
Quoted from hocuslocus:

I had a quick question I recently installed a new slam ramp, the one from mantis and their ball guard. I had to shave it down a bit to fit better. I also had to add a little bit of jb weld to the coil stop so it would stop buzzing every time the slam ramp went down.
Every once in a while the slam ramp doesn't fully come up. I put grease on it and it seems to help to a degree, but the problem still occurs. the only other thing I could thing of is to replace that white thing the slam ramp armature goes through.
I'm still new to this game but some screwy things tend to happen, like in multi-ball on occasion you can shoot the middle ramp and jackpot goes off, doesn't happen often. should I be concerned or is this gofers? Think I've read that there were many bugs in the game that were never dealt with.

I get the screwy things happening too occasionally, I think its just the game.

2 weeks later
#768 1 year ago

My understanding is in home use the Playfield shouldn't get damaged. Raised inserts I read you heat up and hit with a hammer. I'm a bit scared to try it

2 months later
#805 1 year ago
Quoted from Alan_L:

OK guys, I need a recommendation. I am going to strip the playfield on my NGG, do a good shop out on it, add LED's and sell it. What kind of LED kit should I install: non-ghosting, ghosting, super bright or whatever. I just want a kit, don't want to go through all the angst of customizing each lamp fixture. Which kit do you suggest and where should I buy it?

I would probably just get 2SMD from Comet. You could get one of the starter packs they have and its about half the price of buying the "kits"

4 months later
#856 1 year ago
Quoted from guss:

top-notchtargetsheilds Has what you need.
ebay.com link » No Good Gofers Pinball 2 Pc Slam Ramp Protector Cushioned Decal Set

or felt for half the price at home depot, wal mart etc. I got a sheet of felt adhesive dots years ago, put some under there and no issues.

2 weeks later
#865 1 year ago

Hi guys,

Whats the verdict on the full playfield protectors? Was thinking of doing one eventually as my insert above the flippers is slightly raised. Not a huge deal, but the thought of putting a wood block on the playfield and hitting with a hammer doesn't appeal to me.

Does it change the character of the game? Does the ball get stuck more? Does the spinning disk still work corectly?

#872 1 year ago

I haven't done mine in years, I think I did it in 2002. But if I remember correctly it just peeled off. The games were newer then though.

1 month later
#888 1 year ago

My only concern would be the ramp is physically sitting higher now. It is a cool idea though. I think honestly though the felt furniture pads are simple and mine have been on for 16 years now.

1 month later
#903 1 year ago
Quoted from Elcochino6:

How do you get access to the right cart path spinner to adjust it and or replace it? I have the clear overlay off (with the cart and hole in one) but can’t seem to get the right blue ramp off despite taking all visible nuts off on right side. Is there access from the underside of the playfield?

I assume you are trying to get access to the switch? You can get it with the right ramp on, needle nose pliers might be helpful. I had to put a crimp on one of the wires to the switch earlier in the thread as somehow it got sliced which appears to be somewhat common reading other posts.

4 weeks later
#907 1 year ago
Quoted from Bugsy:

I am planning on buying an NVRAM for my game, but not sure which chip type to go with. I obviously know that NGG is a WPC-95 game, but on Pinitech's website, it says those type games "could use either a 62256 SRAM or 6264 SRAM". I have done other Williams games before and simply matched the number from the existing RAM on the game with the replacement I needed.
However, on my Gofers, the existing chip doesn't seem to list one or the other of 62256 or 6264. Anyone have an idea or recommendation for which NVRAM chip to purchase?

I got mine for my dr. dude from http://nvram.weebly.com/ Little bit cheaper with shipping and includes socket. No issues. I would specify you want a socket just to be safe.

#912 1 year ago

Personally I think a remote holder is much simpler than pulling out the chip and soldering in another one. I did it for Dr. Dude as I had to replace another chip anyway. In my gofers I have a rotten dog MPU that has the ram socketed so I'm thinking maybe I get one of these 2 dollar chips and throw it in.

#914 1 year ago

I get what you are saying, but its honestly not really a hassle to check the batteries every once in awhile. The only way you have a major issue is if you are a moron and store the games with the batteries in them like me.

Quoted from lyonsden:

If you have the skills to remove the old chip, NVRAM is the way to go. In the long run, it is cheaper than batteries with zero chance of battery leaks (yes, remote holder does keep the board safe, but if they leak, it can still make a mess.) The only downside with NVRAM is that the time will not be kept in sync with the real world as the game's internal clock only works when there is power. For NGG, that is not a big deal, but for some games with a midnight madness mode or a real clock on the playfield, it can annoy some people. These games have a midnight madness mode that is triggered at midnight:
Dirty Harry
Johnny Mnemonic
Junk Yard
NBA Fastbreak
Who Dunnit
And Twilight Zone has a clock that shows the real time when it is turned on.

1 week later
#925 1 year ago

Are there any good toppers for NGG? All I see is the laserriffic one and while its a very nice topper, its basically just the backglass logo repeated.

#929 1 year ago

My game is old school incandescent and I just played in the dark. I would like it a little brighter to play in the dark, but I really don't think you would need LED strips or anything like that.

#932 1 year ago

I really just want a boss gofer retrofit. Joke or not, that gofer is cool.

2 weeks later
#937 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballCoug:

Well....I'm not sure how I missed that easily identifiable slotted hole under the playfield that is designed for ball guide adjustment!!! Much thanks for pointing me in the right direction, it was a 30 second fix and now plays perfectly. When adjusting I noticed a washer imprint well up the slot where I ultimately moved and tightened the nut, so it seems this nut came loose over time and the ball guide slowly moved out of position.

My slam ramp was out of position for 16 years or so and I never noticed so don't feel bad.

#940 12 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Any pics of this,don’t think I’ve seen this mod.

There is like one pic floating around. http://www.planetarypinball.com/mm5/Williams/games/gofers/funstuff.htm

Apparently it was a joke, but still I would retrofit that in mine in a heartbeat.

#948 11 months ago
Quoted from guss:

I have one on the pinside market. I checked your over 400 miles away. Not so close

Thats a midnight run. I'd drive that far for a game. But then I drove Florida to Chicago and back to get a car.

#952 11 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Thinking about getting this game but the music especially (along with some of the voices) really annoy me. Has anyone released a pinsound mix for this as I love everything else about the game.

Each to their own but thats the best part of the game

#954 11 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

So I was playing more of it on TPA and it's growing on me. Music changes to guitar rifts which I dig. Fun game.
So code - I thought there was a code update recently - someone working on one. Is that not the case? Wasn't sure which code I should be on as I plan on getting the game this friday - giving it a shot. Love the theme, layout, cab art, etc
Also - can you hit either ramp with the right flipper and can you hit the ball into the pops from the flipper or is that completely blocked?

1.3 I believe is the latest. I believe you can get it into the bumpers, but it mostly goes through the bumpers after you hit into the putting green. I believe you can hit either ramp with both bottom flippers except the left ramp obviously.

#964 11 months ago

After seeing the LCD smoothed, I don't know why anyone would go for the LED version unless you really wanted to keep the original feel of the game. Of course then you wouldn't be adding color.

#971 11 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

I’ll tell you why. $400

I agree, its cool, but 400 bucks is a lot for some color.

Edit: For 400 dollars it should include a boss gofer that pops up out of the playfield. LOL

2 months later
#990 9 months ago

I would leave the wear alone unless its really going to bother you. Put a couple of felt pads under the ramp and you are good. The odds of the paint matching under that ramp going to home depot to have them match it are less than zero unless you get the one guy out there that happens to be at home depot for the fun of it (I have met him, he does exist). Otherwise its most likely going to be too light or too dark and make it look much worse.

1 week later
#1007 9 months ago
Quoted from tomtest:

Anyone have a Bud or Buzz figure for sale or where I can get them?

Apparently nowhere. This is why this hobby is really getting to the point that I'm ready to give up. If no one is making parts that wear out, the games are useless.

2 weeks later
#1016 8 months ago

This is nothing against you, but a consumer that has a machine that doesn't have gofers or big shots or whatever part isn't concerned about how much it costs the business to make it. They just know their 2000+ dollar machine is not very useful without the parts.

Quoted from MrSanRamon:

There are way more replacement parts (for out of production machines) available today than at any time in the last 25 years. In the "old days" most of the replacement parts were from operators/collectors that had a squirreled away parts over the years. Almost nobody was remaking parts.
So today, most of the parts that need to be remade are either covered by intellectual property rights or are difficult to remake...like Bud and Buzz, which need a mold to be manufactured.
I believe that the consolidation of rights by Planetary Pinball is a great thing, now parts can be remade without issues with getting permission from multiple sources. If course, one owner/supplier leads to bottlenecks and cost benefit analysis on what to make.
Say it costs $5000 each to make an injection mold for Bud or Buzz and it costs $5 to mold each one and it costs $10 to finish and paint each one...if you were going to make a small run of say 100 each. So the cost would be 5000/100 + 5 + 10 = $65 each.
So the question is, would 100 be enough or too many. if you made 200 each, the cost would then probably be something like $40 each. So the major cost driver is the making of the mold and it's amortized cost.
In order to get them at a reasonable sale price of $30 each, you'd probably have to make something like 1000 each. That's a lot of gofers to sell, and your upfront cost would be $5000 + $5000 + $10 x 1000 + $10 x 1000= $30,000. At $10 per unit cost, you'd make $20 each, but you'd have to sell 1000 to get your money back...and then you turn a profit.
Assuming that you could make Bud & Buzz without needing any permissions, which in itself if questionable, you have to be able to upfront the costs of making the mold and buying the parts and warehousing them...then selling them a few at a time.
So the difficult parts like Bud & Buzz will probably only be made by Planetary Pinball as they likely have the original molds, but still the number of gofers needed to be made is limited. 458 Pinsiders have NGG listed as owned, so that tells you how many gofers might be needed.

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