"ATTAAAACK!!!" No Good Gofers Club. All welcome.

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"ATTAAAACK!!!" No Good Gofers Club. All welcome.

By Apekop

4 years ago

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#509 2 years ago

I found this....
From designer Louis Koziarz: In software revisions before 1.2, if you restarted a game sometimes you would get this script :
Bud : 'Welcome back!'
Buzz : 'NOW GO AWAY!'
We had a few complaints that this was a little harsh on players, so the call was removed for the 1.2 release. That's all. The 'go away' quote was also spoken sometimes in attract mode if you pressed the flippers and attract mode sound was set to ON, that was removed as well.

Wonder if this was the only change or if there were others?

1 month later
#570 2 years ago

Is there an easy way to change the post rubbers under the upper clear playfield by the ramps? If I remove the screw holding the upper playfield down and lift it up will I be able to get to them? My rubber columns there (yellow) are very dirty and the one on the far right is supposed to be tapered but isn't so I want to fix that as well. Wondering whether this is an easy or difficult job so I can plan my time accordingly. Thanks.

#578 2 years ago

Thanks. Changed rubber columns up top and you were right, not too bad. Taper was a little more difficult but was able to replace it as well.

2 weeks later
#586 2 years ago

I have a question about the clear star post by where the ball ejects into the shooter lane (near the shooter tip). Is it suppose to have a rubber ring on it? My game doesn't, but I wasn't sure whether that was how the game is supposed to be, or whether during its life someone just didn't replace it. Thanks.

#592 2 years ago

Thanks Johnny. Appreciate the info. Glad to know mine is correct.

2 weeks later
#629 2 years ago

I tried a few times to see if I could complete the 5X bonus/extra ball, but once I did it never seems to be a focus of my game plan (and when I am not focused on it I usually just get 2x or 3x). Not sure if my game isn't working correctly or if I am missing something about the rules, but sometimes I see the 2x flashing and I loop the ball around but am not awarded the 2x (that is, it still is just flashing). Not sure if the direction of the loop makes a difference, if the speed of the ball around the loop makes a difference, but sometimes the game gives me the award and other times it doesn't, and I am not sure why.

#635 2 years ago

Thanks all for the advice. I'm going to check my switches this weekend and see if that fixes things!

#649 2 years ago

So I investigated my orbit spinners this weekend. If I take my finger and spin both spinners the switches register every time (no matter which way I spin the spinner). Would the ball hitting the spinners at speed make a difference on if the switches register? Also, for those of you who adjusted your switches, when you say you bent the metal piece up, did you just use your finger and pull the metal end up a little, or did you adjust it upwards another way (e.g. leaf adjuster)? Thanks.

#651 2 years ago

Ah, thanks Jakers. Now I understand! (and looking at the manual and switch location diagram I see what you are talking about - switch item numbers 71 and 72). Will try what you suggested to get things working correctly.

#655 2 years ago
Quoted from Jakers:

You're welcome. Good luck!

All fixed! Figured out it was the right switch. Removed it from the bottom, adjusted the metal bar, re-installed, and now the orbits work in both directions. Makes obtaining the bonus multiplier much easier!

#658 2 years ago

I have a wheel value question. On your games, does the wheel award always line up with the wheel value insert? On my game, when I run the test it always lines up perfectly, but when I am actually playing the game, it is often off a little, typically closer to the line of the award then in the center (hopefully that makes sense). Not sure why it works perfectly in test mode but not during game play. Is that how your games operate, and if not, any suggestions on how to fix/adjust? Thanks.

#661 2 years ago


Quoted from Jakers:Does anyone know the part number for this switch? It's the switch on the left ramp that sits below the 3 flashers. I'm assuming it's the "left ramp make" switch. When I check the manual, it's listed as part# 20-10293 but that corresponds to the wrong part when I try to purchase one.

Unless someone beats me to it, I'll check my game about that switch later this week/weekend when I am back home (on the road now), although I wonder if that switch is part of the left ramp assembly part # (meaning it comes with the ramp and can't be ordered separately, which would stink!)

#671 2 years ago
Quoted from MrSanRamon:

Yes, and the game is really dirty. A lot of posts/rubbers that are the least bit hard to get, looks like they haven't been changed in a long time.

Changing these really isn't that bad. My posts up there were really dirty and I had the wrong piece by the right orbit too, but I ordered the tapered rubber post sleeve (from Titan although I think Pinball Life sells it as well) and changed out all the rubber pieces up there. Yes, changing the tapered piece took a little dexterity since I didn't want to remove too much over there and it's a tight space, but that was the worst of it - everything else was really easy. Good luck!

#680 2 years ago
Quoted from Jakers:

Not sure if I'm just paranoid or not, but is this coil buzz coming from my slam ramp normal? I thought it was kind of loud so I replaced it with a new one and it is still just as loud. I disabled the wheel motor in this clip so you can hear only the slam ramp.
» YouTube video

My game does the same thing (sometimes). Not sure why only sometimes. Check out this topic as well (and I have felt under my slam ramp so that could be part of the issue) - https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/no-good-gofers-floating-ramp-hum

2 weeks later
#684 2 years ago
Quoted from Blackstorm:

If your guys gofer mechs don't fall check the shaft of the gofer mech. You will have to disassemble the whole gofer and pull it out of the coil. There is a roll pin connecting the 2 pieces of the shaft that can wiggle out a bit which causes it to catch on the sleeve. If it's out a bit tap it back in and reassemble. This has happened to me a few times. Hope this helps

That's exactly what happened with my game (once) and i fixed it as Blackstorm described and it's been fine ever since. This seems to happen with these 2 piece shafts from time to time. Had the same thing happen on my T2 kickback.

#697 2 years ago
Quoted from Jakers:

I have the floating ramp guard but don't know how to install it. Does it install on the floating ramp?...one of the posts next to the captive ball?... honestly, I kind of feel dumb for not being able to figure it out. I assume to stop this particular ball stick, the guard needs to be installed in the floating ramp.

Try this link to these instructions (see page 2). http://mirror2.ipdb.org/files/4338/NGG_A_22599.pdf
If it isn't clear, I can take/post pictures of my game/slam ramp tomorrow since I have it installed on my game.

#703 2 years ago
Quoted from Jakers:

If you could take a picture that would be awesome. Thanks!

Will do. We are supposed to get a blizzard tomorrow so should be home and able to take some photos for you.

#705 2 years ago
Quoted from Jakers:

If you could take a picture that would be awesome. Thanks!

Here you go...

IMG_2201 (resized).JPG

IMG_2202 (resized).JPG

IMG_2203 (resized).JPG

IMG_2204 (resized).JPG

#709 2 years ago
Quoted from latenite04:

You shouldn't have to drill anything. I believe that the hole in your ramp guard mounts on top of this post under the screw.

Looks like whoever owned the machine before me created their own slam ramp guard! It works, but now seeing the official part, I agree it would have been better to not have to drill anything. I also checked the Williams ball hang up kit instructions (the link I previously sent) and it matches up with what latenite04 said/marked on the photo.

#723 2 years ago
Quoted from evh347:

Can anyone please point out the two screws you adjust on the putting green kickout so it doesn't rocket the first ball on a MB between the flippers?
I had to pull out that trough to look for a lost ball. I invited a friend over because neither of us could find this lost ball. I pulled out all of the troughs where a ball could possibly be stuck. No joy. I started thinking wasn't a NGG...no, I bought a TZ. Six balls was now five. My friend thought I was playing w/ him and I showed him in the manual how it was a six ball game. We gave up looking and shaking the machine and I started talking about how I was going to install some rubber bumpers behind the Caddyshack ornament I put on the playfield and....low and behold...I was staring right at the missing ball wedged into the canopy of the Caddyshack ornament in the passenger seat next to the gopher.
We played for about an hour...he left...and I played for another 1/2 hour and during a MB this happened...what are the odds?
Anyways, in searching for that missing ball, I pulled all the troughs and now the first ball of my MB is shot right down between the flippers. How do I adjust that?

See page 2 of this document - http://mirror2.ipdb.org/files/4338/NGG_A_22599.pdf
When I got my NGG it did the same thing (shot right down between the flippers), but I was able to adjust and it has been fine ever since.

#726 2 years ago
Quoted from Jakers:

Well I finally got around to figuring out my float ramp guard problem. The float ramp I bought from Marco is slightly different than the factory float ramp. The area is too skinny for the ramp guard to fit...which is strange because I bought the float ramp and the guard from Marco and they don't fit together. I had to modify the ramp guard with my dremmel to make it fit. Just thought I'd let you guys know if you ever encounter this problem.

Good problem solving! Glad you were able to install the guard.

1 week later
#759 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I've never made it to a 4th multiball. Is there a good gopher callout when you start #4,#5...etc?

Not that I have heard. I've gotten a 4th ball on Ripoff Multiball but no special callouts (other than "Ripoff"). I've never gotten the 5th ball.

1 month later
#788 1 year ago
Quoted from Decimal:

The reward I get from finishing a hole doesn't always match what the wheel indicates I should get. I'd say it accurate about 80% of the time. When it's off, it's usually not even close. Meaning it's not one of the adjacent wheel awards. Anyone else have this issue? Is it normal?

That happens to me as well so it's probably "normal" (unless someone else has a fix for it). I find it tends to happen the most when I first turn on the game and the first wheel award awarded is way off (sometimes on the opposite side of the wheel). Usually after that though it seems fine.

6 months later
#891 1 year ago
Quoted from PTHermes:

Could someone confirm the length of the post that mounts the upper playfield? I am replacing, and think mine is too short since it has a marks from the right gofer ramp hitting it.

The length of the metal post between the two gofer ramps? Happy to measure for you, but fyi, my upper playfield also has marks from the right gofer ramp hitting it so you may actually have the correct piece. Think I read in other posts or somewhere that that's just a wear issue with the game.

#893 1 year ago
Quoted from PTHermes:

Yes, please measure the post. Has anyone used a washer our something to space up the mini playfield? I don't want to scratch the new one after waiting so long to replace it.

My post measures 3 inches from top to bottom (bottom of the threads where it screws into the playfield). I also took a measure of the distance from the playfield to the upper playfield just to the right of right (Buzz) ramp (in front of the post there) and it measured 2 inches. Hope this helps.

2 months later
#928 1 year ago
Quoted from Boat:

Also, looking for some recommendations on lighting/spotlight kits. I will re-do the GI with brighter lights but still might need some LED strips or spotlights.

Welcome to the club. NGG is a family and guest favorite at my house. Each his own, but if you go all LED on the game (including GI and spots) it should be plenty bright without the need for LED strips or additional spotlights. Enjoy the game!

4 weeks later
#955 11 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

So I was playing more of it on TPA and it's growing on me. Music changes to guitar rifts which I dig. Fun game.
So code - I thought there was a code update recently - someone working on one. Is that not the case? Wasn't sure which code I should be on as I plan on getting the game this friday - giving it a shot. Love the theme, layout, cab art, etc
Also - can you hit either ramp with the right flipper and can you hit the ball into the pops from the flipper or is that completely blocked?

You'll probably like it even more in person. I was very mixed about it on TPA, but it's much better live. TPA doesn't do the ramps, light show, or hole in one shot justice. It's a game that really needs to be physical/three-dimensional as opposed to being on a screen.

Quoted from Robl45:

1.3 I believe is the latest. I believe you can get it into the bumpers, but it mostly goes through the bumpers after you hit into the putting green. I believe you can hit either ramp with both bottom flippers except the left ramp obviously.

Yes, 1.3 is the latest.

#961 11 months ago
Quoted from chalkup8:

I bought the LED colour dmd for it,but then swapped it for the LCD I had in totan.
The LCD with the ‘smoothed’ lines in Gofers is perfect I think.
The play field decals from that Canadian fellow are a nice touch also.

A color DMD for my NGG is my next purchase (as others have said, this is a game that really calls for one). Been torn between the LED and LCD version so glad to see you've tried the game with both. Why did you prefer the LCD over the LED? I am used to the orange dots of the stock DMD, and my game is pretty bright with LEDs, so was thinking of going with the LED, but now not sure.

#967 11 months ago

Thanks all for the advice on going with the LCD over the LED. Sounds like that is the direction I should go.

1 month later
#983 10 months ago

Any one have any suggestions on what might be causing the game to eject a second ball from the left exit above the pop bumpers? It does this when I have one ball already in resting in the subway area (after locking the ball via the left gofer) and often when I then hit a second ball into the Putting Green the game will first eject one ball from above the pops and then like 2 second later eject the second ball (when it should only eject one). Sometimes it even tries to eject a second ball when there is no second ball to eject (that is, none have been locked). The game has the correct number of balls in it (6) and all switches test fine. Even though they test fine, I am thinking it might be the micro switch or the optic switch at the end of the balls path before it is ejected. I posted this question in the Tech section (more detail there) and a couple of helpful Pinsiders offered some good advice there, but also suggested I post my question in the general NGG forum since maybe someone else who owns/has owned NGG has experienced this same issue, or at least may be more familiar with the game. Thanks.


3 months later
#1065 7 months ago
Quoted from DaWezl:

Bud decided to get stuck last weekend, so apparently my weekend will involve trying to clean and troubleshoot the mechanism. I’ve done a bit of looking around, and I know the gofers are really annoying to work on. Does anyone have any tips/tricks to make it easier?

If he is stuck up check the large metal post/pole that moves him up and down. The little pin in mine moved out slightly and was catching restricting his movement.

2 months later
#1104 4 months ago
Quoted from PinballCoug:

My auto launch typically makes it all the way up the ramp, and in multiball does award the jackpot.

Mine is like PinballCoug and JoshinDC, usually makes it up the ramp on autolaunch.

#1109 4 months ago
Quoted from latenite04:

How do people have their slam ramp aligned? Is the side parallel to the skill shot targets, the back parallel to the edge of the upper playfield or sighted to be roughly in line with the middle ramp? When I installed my new ramp I set it so the back edge was parallel to the upper playfield but I feel like the ball hits the front edge of the upper playfield too often. I skimmed the manual but didn't see anything about a recommended alignment.

Not sure if this will help, but here are several photos from my game.

IMG_3160 (resized).JPGIMG_3161 (resized).JPGIMG_3162 (resized).JPG
#1113 4 months ago
Quoted from latenite04:

Thanks, I think my ramp was a bit turned. I'm sure it's just dumb luck but first game after adjusting the ramp I got my high score. In 2 and a half years of owning it I've never done better than 32 million.
[quoted image]

Wow, that Ramon adjustment really helped! . Awesome score. Anything around 30 million is a good game for me and my high score is 88 million.

#1114 4 months ago

Oops, meant ramp adjustment. Not Ramon. Think I need my second cup of coffee already.

1 week later
#1125 4 months ago
Quoted from chalkup8:

How “buggy” or incomplete is the code on NGG ? thelaw in another thread called it a “mess” whatever that means.
I’ve had mine for years and have hardly noticed and real flaws. The hole in one shot didn’t register one time and I’ve had points awarded at the start of a game without plunging the ball a couple of times.After that,I’m trying to work out where these bugs are.Granted ,I dont complete 18 holes very much ar all,so maybe I’m missing something.

In my view I would describe it as less than polished rather than buggy. Little things like sometimes a hole in one not registering, or obtaining a quick jackpot on an auto plunge rather than actually earning it, but to me the few issues I have experienced don’t really detract from the game. Now, I do wish the Code was deeper and went beyond the 9 holes since I believe holes 10-18 are essentially the same (although I am not a good enough player to make it to 18).

4 months later
#1158 4 days ago
Quoted from PinballCoug:

Ever since bringing home my NGG I've had a buzzing slam ramp coil, but just now getting around to tackling it. I filed down the coil stop and plunger end, no change. Ordered up a new coil stop, installed, and now I've got even more coil buzz!!!
I've got a 2nd NGG with no buzz at all, I'm tempted to swap parts to see what happens, but don't want to end up with two NGGs with slam ramp buzzers. One Buzz in that game is enough!!! Haha
Any other ideas? Could the off center mark on the old stop be a sign of an alignment issue that is causing the buzz?[quoted image]

Is the buzzing slam ramp going all the way down to the playfield? Once in awhile mine is every so slightly elevated and it buzzes. Just wanted to pass that along as a potential area for you to troubleshoot.

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