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"ATTAAAACK!!!" No Good Gofers Club. All welcome.

By Apekop

4 years ago

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#54 4 years ago

I just picked up my first pin this week and it's a NGG!
Can I still purchase those stickers for the ramps and gopher tops?

2 weeks later
#58 4 years ago

I've had my NGG for a few weeks. I'm starting to get the hang of knowing what to shoot for and when. Too bad my scores don't show it. I think my best so far is 37mil. I'm addicted though.

Sometimes my right gopher doesn't go down in his hole all the way. Is there an easy adjustment for that?

#63 4 years ago

The gopher pops up fine but is slow to go down and sometimes blocks the ramp shot. Looks like they operate on a plunger type rod. What would be the fix for that? I'm new to pins and don't have a clue how to fix things.

#67 4 years ago

Thanks guys. I will look into it today.

#68 4 years ago


I love that part. Haha.

#69 4 years ago

Buzz is smooth as butter now! Cleaned him up and he is good to go.

#75 4 years ago

What does GI stand for? Sorry, new to this. So many abbreviations to learn on this site.

#77 4 years ago

Does anyone have a list of all the Gophers Choice modes?
I seem to always get the same ones and while it's choosing I think I see a mode with the word "turtle" in it. Is there some mode called turtle xxx, or am I seeing things?

1 week later
#88 4 years ago

How do I pull these bulbs out? The top one was setup differently and I was able to pull that one, but the others I can't get out.


#94 4 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

How do I pull these bulbs out? The top one was setup differently and I was able to pull that one, but the others I can't get out.

rangelights.jpeg 154 KB

I wrapped some electrical tape around pliers to help me grip the bulb. I wound up crunching it. Now I really don't know how to get the rest of it out. If I were able to super glue something to it, like a popsicle stick or something, would that bond be strong enough to pull the rest of the bulb out? Open to any ideas.

#98 4 years ago

I have a ball hang up kit I will sell. I ordered it when I got my ngg only to find out it already had one installed. The only thing I used was one or two of the little rubber sticky grommets.

1 week later
#111 4 years ago

My lights under the upper playfield under the blue areas (hole in one and lightning bolts) aren't working. What should I check to fix that?

#113 4 years ago

Will do. Thank you.

#117 4 years ago

I ran the flasher test and they do work! I'm just not sure at what point during the game that they flash?

#122 4 years ago

I LED'd everything but the flashers. It looks really nice.

Any thoughts on these? Yay/Nay?...

#130 4 years ago

What's everyone's high score?

I've only managed 62mill. For some reason, my first ball is always stinko.

My goal is to complete 18holes. 13th hole has been the furthest I've gotten.

#148 4 years ago

Spent the weekend changing some LED colors, replaced some post sleeves, installed lighted flipper buttons, and replaced flipper rubbers with super bands.

How do you remove the left post sleeve from the slam ramp? I couldn't figure that out.
Just noticed I took the full shot before I changed out the flippers and post sleeves. Doh!


#150 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Make sure to put the correct tapered post sleeve to the right of the right ramp.

The black one to the right of the Buzz ramp?

#152 4 years ago

I didn't mess with that one. Seemed like to much trouble to get to just to change a color.

#154 4 years ago

Oh. I'll have to look for that one. I don't think I saw one like that.

#156 4 years ago

Interesting. Mine must have been replaced with a regular post sleeve. Should I replace it? Does it make a difference?

#159 4 years ago

I'm going to order some stuff, so I'll pick one up.
What size are those little bumper post rings? 3/16"?

The white ones in this pic....

post ring.jpg

#170 4 years ago

Sorry to bug with another question. What size are the slingshot rubbers? Might as well replace those also.

1 week later
#177 4 years ago

I think it would be cool to have a shaker for the hole in one.

#178 4 years ago

I'm having an issue lately with balls getting hung up on that metal piece from the return ramp that splits the left two inlanes. Any ideas?

#181 4 years ago

I think it may a result of the cliffy I just recently installed. I'm think of gluing a little piece of rubber or something there so it will bounce off. Although, it is kinda nice in multi ball when I'm trying to hit the jackpot, I don't have to worry about draining all the balls when it's stuck there.

1 week later
#196 4 years ago

Trying to hone my jackpot making skills. I've watched the PAPA video a few times. I've gotten better at cradling a ball in the left flipper and shooting the left loop to the upper flipper from the right flipper, but damn, it's hard to hit that jackpot ramp when the ball is coming around fast.

#198 4 years ago

My Buzz is always in the up position during mb. Is that right? Guess I'll have to work on knocking him back in his hole first.
My auto launch never makes it up the ramp.

#200 4 years ago

I will try. I do get a right gofer down on the error report. I don't know how to correct it. Bud will pop up and say something then go back down. Buzz pops up and generally stays up.

I'd looove to be able to backhand into the Buzz hole. Hitting the jackpot ramp is so much easier when the ball pops out of the upper right hole.

#202 4 years ago

Buzz will go up but not down in the test. He will go down during play but probably not 100% correctly like he should.
I'm not even sure what an opto looks like. Guess I'll have to pull out the old manual when I get home.

#206 4 years ago

Thanks for the ideas. I will check them out tonight!

You aren't kidding about him blocking shots. I sometimes have to hit him twice to lock a ball behind him. Lil' bastard.

#208 4 years ago

I put a little brass washer on. No luck. Ran test and he doesn't go down. You can hear something firing. Then it says check coil#28 and ramp sw failure #48. I tried cleaning the optos with a qtip too.

#212 4 years ago
Quoted from mandelbloom:

If you manually engage the coil does he drop?

Think I may have found a problem. Looks like this gray wire needs to be soldered back onto the opto ?


#214 4 years ago

Soldered the opto wire then found problem #2. New part on it's way.


#217 4 years ago

Gopher rebuild complete! Now to throw up some good scores.

1 week later
#228 4 years ago
Quoted from dgposter:

You can manually plunge the ball up the ramp before the auto launch engages.

Does yours score a jackpot when you do that? Mine does not.

1 week later
#236 4 years ago

Mine was missing it's flag, so I made one.


3 weeks later
#246 3 years ago

Turned mine on this weekend and all the playfield lights were really dim. Had the back box open looking around then saw smoke coming up from somewhere down below!! I don't know what to do. I looked all around and didn't see anything that looked burnt. I'm afraid to turn it back on to see where it was coming from.

#250 3 years ago

Coil plungers were all smooth and fuses are good.

#251 3 years ago

I fixed it!! I'm so excited because I don't know jack about these machines. I was having issues with my dmd so I ordered the whole new ribbon kit. I put all the new ones on and playfield went blank. I noticed the old one with the three connectors looked burnt. Finally found the right combo. New dmd and 3 connector ribbon and used the other two old ones and....presto!
Something must be wrong with one or two of the new ones. Strange.
Oh well, don't care cause I'm playing gofers tonight.

1 week later
#254 3 years ago

My upper flashers went out today. It says check switch F5 upper right playfield E.O.S.

Where do I go from there? I've been staring at this manual but I don't know where to go.


#256 3 years ago

The error was on the DMD. Upper flipper works fine. I had reseated the J4 and the ribbon cable. I will check that fuse.

Thanks for the advice.

I see you are in Jarrettsville. If you ever want to get together and play some pins, shoot me a pm. Always looking for someone local in the hobby.

#257 3 years ago

Fuse appears ok although I have no tool to test it. I can't seem to fix anything on these machines. Gets a bit frustrating.

2 weeks later
#262 3 years ago

So, a few weeks ago my playfield went dim and I noticed a burning smell. I couldn't find where it was coming from. I've been having trouble with my upper playfield flashers. I thought it had something to do with the six red, white and blue ones. We've tested everything with those lights and nothing. Then today, I thought, maybe I should check the ones under the upper playfield. I lifted it up and noticed this under the hole in one area...


I do think I've found the culprit to my problems.

What causes something like that to happen?

#266 3 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

I believe I ran into this problem also and if I remember correctly, I believe it is because the upper play field flashers on No Good Gofers require a different bulb, a 13v #906 flasher. I made the mistake of putting the regular 6.5 v bulbs in there and they weren't working / burning out... Luckily, my friend was over when I was having issues with the play field lighting up and he tipped me off, otherwise I'd probably still be trying to figure it out myself.

Hmm. Good to know. I guess that's the same for the red, white and blue ones too?

#268 3 years ago

^My first pin ever and first time at changing bulbs. My apologies for not being the encyclopedia britannica of everything pinball.

#273 3 years ago

Looking to get some apron cards for the NGG. Where is a good place to them?

...flashers working again. New proper bulbs from cointaker installed.

#275 3 years ago

I saw that. Love the bottom ones, but I don't have access to a color printer.

#278 3 years ago

You do any smallie fishing up there in Duncannon?

1 month later
#291 3 years ago

Started a new game. It says searching for balls. They're all loaded. Won't kick one into the lane to start a game.

#293 3 years ago

Found blown fuse f108.

#299 3 years ago

I thought I read recently of someone with a similar issue as this, but I can't find it.

Yesterday, ball hit into the putting green were sitting for a while then getting ejected from the putting green instead of from above the pop bumpers. Never had this issue prior to yesterday.

#302 3 years ago

Thank you! I will check that out tonight.

#308 3 years ago


I'm sure you've checked this part, but my hook end was busted on mine which caused gopher problems.

#309 3 years ago

I'm not getting anything on the error report but my gofer ramps seem to be stuck in the up position. Test mode they won't go down.

#312 3 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

Manually move the catch plate away from the rod that moves the ramps up and down. How are the ramps when you manually release them? Do the rods feel like they are getting caught on anything? I'd also compare the assemblies in the manual to you gofer mechs. Are both springs in place that go to the catch plate. Are the magnets testing OK that pull the catch plate away from the rod that locks the ramps up and down?

Fixed it! Pulled fuses 102-104. Found a blown one.

#316 3 years ago

I think I got my part#'s 14 & 15 from DMS when I was rebuilding my gophers. You may want to try there if you are having trouble sourcing those.

4 weeks later
#332 3 years ago

I think I've had that happen a few times.

1 month later
#337 3 years ago
Quoted from ptrav1:

New to the club. Just noticed in my first few games that when trying to lock a ball under the left ramp that it often times will just come back out without locking. Gophers are working fine. Is this a finesse shot or is there a rubber pad or something missing that helps the ball lock?

It happens. Took me three shots yesterday to get the lock.

#339 3 years ago

Mine never bounces out, it just doesn't register the lock occasionally and will kicked out by the pop bumpers.

2 months later
#388 3 years ago

Anyone know where I can find a new AV board? I've looked at a 1/2 dozen places and all are out of stock.

1 week later
#391 3 years ago

Out of my four, NGG is my "gotta get one more game in" pin. The others, I can play a game and walk away. Something about trying to post a good gophers score is addictive.

1 month later
#404 3 years ago

^Do you want to get rid of the AV board?

2 weeks later
#419 3 years ago

Had the game for around 2yrs and just cracked 100mill for the first time today.


#421 3 years ago

Finally got my gofers up and running 100% again.

I also had an issue with the Color DMD. Great customer service from those guys!

2 months later
#445 2 years ago

Didn't know they had that. Will have to check it out.

#450 2 years ago

Yeah. I had it in my cart but couldn't pull the trigger on $36 to lite up a hole.

2 weeks later
3 months later
#490 2 years ago

Favorite pin of the 4 I own.

1 month later
#521 2 years ago


1 week later
#526 2 years ago

My best is 100mill. So excited to get that then my machine reset somehow and scores were cleared.

#529 2 years ago

Some days I can hit the jp ramp pretty good, others not so much. That's what makes Gophers so exciting to play. I bored of my MM pretty quickly because when you have multiball, pretty much every shot is a jp. yawn.

#537 2 years ago

I don't often complete 9 holes, but when I do, I sure blow all scoring opportunities. lol. Got it last night and drained every ball so fast I wanted to cry. Still managed 50mill but blew a chance at a really nice score. Game always makes you come back for more. Just like real golf, you stink but having that one shining moment where you think you got it figured out.

1 week later
#544 2 years ago

Just had a 61mill game.. Love this game. Always makes me hit the start button again and again. On 4th beer. Scores likely to start sliding.

4 weeks later
#588 2 years ago

Say goodbye to your balls!

2 weeks later
#628 2 years ago

How often do y'all try to complete the 5x bonus/extra ball?

#633 2 years ago
Quoted from ParaBax:

There are rollover switches on each side of the back of the orbit, they both have to be triggered in the correct order to award the multiplier. Not sure of the time between them, or if its just that they have to be consecutive with no other switch hits in between. If you aren't being awarded, its likely one of the switches needs to be adjusted.

I thought you have to hit the loop on the side which is flashing first.? (right flasher blinking - shoot right loop)?

I think I've only completed it to get the extra ball a couple times. Mine seems to be setup pretty hard and ball times are short so I usually focus on mb's.

1 week later
#669 2 years ago

I had that same part go bad on mine. If I can fix it, anyone can fix it. haha.

#674 2 years ago

Check this piece isn't broken. It's supposed to hook around that pin. That's what was causing mine not to go back down...

gopherrod (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#716 2 years ago

I don't think I've ever gotten past the 13th hole.

1 week later
#739 2 years ago

Mirror blades on mine.

1 week later
#757 2 years ago

I've never made it to a 4th multiball. Is there a good gopher callout when you start #4,#5...etc?

1 month later
#790 1 year ago

I've been dialed in on the hole in one shot last couple of days.

2 weeks later
#800 1 year ago

Played a game before work today and got triple super skill shot. First time I have ever seen that. Nailed it too!

#803 1 year ago

Random wheel award I think. Had the double, which I rarely get and then the triple. Probably never see it again.

6 months later
#899 1 year ago

Just had a great game. Switched up my usual strategy of focussing on multi balls and went for completed holes and bonuses. I rarely go for the bonuses but hit 5X and extra ball twice in one game and nearly finishes 18 holes.
First time I ever had Easy Jackpot for ten million. Actually hit that twice. BUD goes CRAZY. IT was pretty cool.
Didn't score that well, only 64mill so I didn't make the leaderboard but it was a blast.
Sometimes just changing how you play the game makes it a lot of fun again.
Now to crack open a beer and go again.

1 month later
#920 1 year ago

What are the goals of Rip off Multiball?

#922 1 year ago

Is it the same upper left ramp for jp's during that? Been a while since I've played.

1 month later
#957 1 year ago

Color dmd is great for this game!

#965 1 year ago

I use smooth on all mine.

3 months later
#1021 10 months ago

Congrats! Love this game. Out of all my games, this has the most satisfying jackpot shot. Once you learn how to control the balls and setup your jackpot shots, there's nothing better.

2 months later
#1088 7 months ago

I've only broken 100mm once. Not easy to do. That jackpot ramp is no gimme.

2 weeks later
#1097 6 months ago
Quoted from Schamattack:

Any one have issues getting the ball to shoot up the side ramp? I think my spring is weak on the plunger. I adjusted it to make sure it was straight. The auto launcher gets up no problem and if I smash the knob is launches up no problem, only if I pull the plunger back and release it struggles to get up the ramp. Any input would be appreciated.

Your auto launch goes all the way up the side ramp? Mine doesn't. Is it supposed to?

5 months later
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