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Atari Video Pinball

By IdahoFarmer

7 months ago

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#1 7 months ago


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$ 4,675 (OBO)

Open for offers

for sale

Atari Video Pinball

Added: September 28th, 2018

Item description

1978 Atari Video Pinball

Bronze age classic


Got this game in a lot and it went straight to storage. The green dot on the glass supposedly denotes that the game was working when last stored, but I can't say for certain.

See marquee photos for game rules.

Rare title. A must have for the true pinball collector. This is a piece of history.

1978 Atari Video Pinball

Item photos

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Boise, ID, US

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#4 7 months ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

If you're going to charge 4K+ for this game, you might want to try plugging it in and seeing if it works first.

No power at the storage facility. Gameboard shown in photo looking through coindoor. If someone wants to roll the dice at this price, great. If not, that's ok too. If it doesn't sell then I'll move the game to the shop and test it, at which time the price will be adjusted according to its operational status. This game is rarer than TZ, AF, STTNG, etc. etc.... priced well I think for a true bronze age classic that would make an awesome addition to anyone's pinball collection.

I don't have much feedback here on pinside, but I operate Grinkers in Eagle Idaho and my feedback rating on ebay is 100% with 415 reviews. Friendly and easy to deal with. : )

#9 7 months ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

Which is probably why your ad reads like an appeal to uninformed retail customers.
If you want a premium price for a below average game it should be in imamaculate condition. Rare does not mean valuable.

Apologies if I've offended in some way.

I would say that your assessment of this being a "below average game" is not at all correct. This is game is a highly sought after classic.

Also, while I do understand that rare doesn't automatically translate into valuable, in this case the game is in fact quite valuable.

#12 7 months ago
Quoted from chad:

Rarity does not mean its fun....

We have one at Grinkers and it has a nice following. Most folks don't realize the game has a bump feature that you actuate by pressing down on the control panel. That changes everything. The entire panel is on springed hinges which is a pretty cool and unique feature. I personally find the game to be lots of fun. For 1978, this game seems ahead of its time and the playfield art and setup is exceptionally cool.

#16 7 months ago
Quoted from Atari_Daze:

Is there a light in your unit?[quoted image][quoted image]

Unfortunately there isn't, I checked.

Quoted from CrazyLevi:

It’s not much different than the Atari cartridge video Pinball which we’ve all played a million times. Had the “bump” feature and tilt too.

It's wayyyy different... for the same reason we're not all just playing virtual pinball games on our computers or playstations.

#18 7 months ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

You do know how many TZ, Addams Family and STTNG they made, right? Might want to compare it to a less common game than those.

My comparison was value based.

If X title is going for $5,000 and is more common...

... and Y title is less common and also similarly priced...

then Y title could be perceived to be the better value of the two.

#23 7 months ago

On klov it’s considered a courtesy to post games on the forum before taking them to ebay. I figured I’d extend that courtesy here since this is pinball related, but all that has earned me is repeated bitch slaps.

If you’re someone that wants to be friendly, and you are aware of the current market value of Bronze Age titles, feel free to make me an offer.


#38 7 months ago

Folks on klov are my brothers and sisters. I’ve been there for years. There are many friendships and many who have helped us out. So I gave them my bottom line straight up.

On pinside I posted a high value and stated OBO... because the relationship is different.

I find it dissrepectful that anyone would accuse me of trying to rip anyone off. Last I heard, it was ok to try and get the best price you can when selling something. And given the ludicrous prices that pinball games go for, I simply thought that there might be some overlap there.

#50 7 months ago
Quoted from Frax:

Last I heard, if you're going to ask people to believe in a ridiculous idea, then best be prepared for the fallout. Free speech is a double-edged sword. You don't have exclusive access to the cutting side.

Sure. But your leaving general courtesy out of the equation.

Quoted from Frax:

You don't post a public ad for "bottom dollar" price you're going to accept in a public forum, then go to a HIGHLY RELATED but separate forum FIVE DAYS LATER, expect there to be no overlap.

Look... my plan was simply this:

OPTION 1: $3,000 there = bro price

OPTION 2: accept as low as $4,000 here = same general interest group price

OPTION 3: If no buyers at option 1 or 2, go to ebay and ask $5,000 (total stranger pricing)

I don't see how that strategy is being a "dick"... and I certainly don't see that as "ripping people off"...

In fact... from where I sit, I believe I can get $5,000 for this game on ebay. So I'm here on pinside, in my mind, trying to be cool and give folks a chance to buy a unique pinball related title at a price I believe to be at a discount from market... and all I got was shit for my effort.

There doesn't need to be "fallout"... it's just a for sale ad.

I didn't come here to make enemies.

#53 7 months ago
Quoted from Frax:

*edit* This guy's mindset makes so much more sense to me now....he's part of a business. http://www.grinkers.com/default.aspx Should've known from the martyr attitude that he was an op or at least involved with one..

Dude. You are full on attacking me here.

If I'm standing next to you at Grinkers and we're at the counter drinking a beer... do you ever think in a million years this kind of bullshit would actually roll of your tongue? Straight up talking shit... not cool.

#54 7 months ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

That other seller on ebay is having trouble getting $2500 OBO for a working one...
You might have to temper your expectations...

Yikes. Maybe so... link?

EDIT: Found it:

Video Pinball Machine Arcade Game
Time left6d 23h left
(Fri, 8:04 PM)

Looks like this was just listed in the past hour. Probably a relist based on your comment.

Well yeah... looks like my expectations may have been off... for now.

If not today, I still believe this will be a $5,000 title... perhaps I'll just take it to my house and enjoy it for a few years.

#57 7 months ago
Quoted from LesManley:

$1200 and it took 5 months to sell

Thanks for the link... interestingly, I searched on KLOV and ebay for same title sales and didn't find anything. I do remember being frustrated by the klov search not accepting quote searches for "atari video pinball" as it kept returning ALL pinball related posts.

edit: just checked ebay to make sure I didn't double miss stuff... nope, no sales there. I really thought I was operating in an environment of no recent sales and no availability. And games like Sky Diver, Canyon Bomber, Avalanche, Blue Shark... and yes, Video Pinball... those prices aren't doing anything but going up. Nevertheless, I accept all the shit for pricing... but all the personal attack stuff is uncool.

#69 7 months ago
Quoted from Bud:

Idahofarmer seems like a funny fella and laid back to take all the grief he has. Not everybody can admit when they are wrong or when they don’t know something. I’d have a beer with the fella.

Thanks man.

Quoted from Toasterdog:

OP you don’t have respect for anyone on KLOV or Pinside IMO.
The fact you value this game so high and have (supposedly) never plugged this game tells me and everyone else (IQ > 80) the truth about its condition and your integrity.

I represented the condition of the game as I know it to be. A person with no integrity would make false claims. I did no such thing. Respectfully, in my opinion, you should be more thoughtful and reserved about posting comments that challenge something as core as a person's integrity.

Quoted from creepykenny:

the differences in pricing offered on the two forums speaks volumes of what the OP thinks of pinsiders

You've never offered better pricing to friends? Just because I offer something that I believe to be special to one group, doesn't mean that I feel negatively about the other group. Saying so is a logical fallacy.

#70 7 months ago

I might offer something to my buddy for $10 that I've known since grade school.
I might offer the same thing for $15 to the person I kind-of remember from college.
And I might offer the same thing for $20 to the general public.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that scenario. The item is mine to sell, and I can offer a better price to anyone that I want to take care of.

Let's say the game is worth $1,500. If I offered it on KLOV for $1,000, and here for $1,250 and ebay for $1,500... then that wouldn't be a problem at all right? So all the bullshit I've experienced here comes down to the fact that I overestimated the market value of the game. Uh oh, this guy asked more for something than it's worth... he must be a total dick with no integrity. wtf??

I'm not sure how it is in the pinball world... but I've bought many arcade games in unknown working condition. In fact, I'd say a full 1/3rd of the games I've bought have been this way... including expensive titles. Certainly, not everyone is willing to take that risk, but some are. If you're not interested in the risk, then just don't buy. There's no need in that situation to call a person names and challenge their integrity.

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