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Atari Middle Earth Club / Group ( All Welcome )

By jasonp

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

Atari pins get no love or respect so I thought I would start up this club for Middle Earth.
Lord knows we need all the help we can get keeping these beasts up and running.

1 week later
#2 2 years ago

Well, heck...I'm in. It's my only Atari working 100%, lol.

#3 2 years ago

Guess I'll throw in a couple of pics...

20160325_220544 (resized).jpg

20170321_163715 (resized).jpg

20170321_170637 (resized).jpg

#4 2 years ago
Quoted from racer_x:

It's my only Atari working 100%

I have to get mine going ... Nice lineup

3 weeks later
#5 2 years ago

I'm in! I just got mine working....FINALLY!

DSC_0017 (2) (resized).JPG

DSC_0018 (2) (resized).JPG

#6 2 years ago

This is the guy that did my boards. ebay.com link

He also fixed a A006020-02 board I found on Ebay that will run any of them. Please tell him "Jon Sparks sent me".

#7 2 years ago

I sent him my boards .... Carlos is a good guy
I still have sound issue.

#8 2 years ago

I'm going to call Middle Earth done. All LEDs, everything works. It is still sending 1/2 voltage to a couple of bulbs that it's not supposed to but I can live with it. Time to move on to another one of my train wreck machines.

DSC_0082 (resized).JPG

DSC_0081 (resized).JPG

4 months later
#9 2 years ago

So I figured this would be an exclusive club, but damn...

2 weeks later
#10 2 years ago

I recently picked up a Middle Earth that I believe was a home use only machine.. I put new rubber on it, gave it a good scrub, changed a few bulbs and its working great.. I'll put up a few pics.. I'm very interested in the LEDs...

Quoted from Ming:

I'm going to call Middle Earth done. All LEDs, everything works. It is still sending 1/2 voltage to a couple of bulbs that it's not supposed to but I can live with it. Time to move on to another one of my train wreck machines.

The only other cosmetic issues I want to take care of - Is the lock bar and side trim - are these chrome or nickel plated?

3 months later
#11 1 year ago

The lock bar is nickel plated. The reason I know, is they do not peel when worn. The rust is from the base metal, but they are definitely nickel plated lock bars.

#12 1 year ago

hey guys, i got a middle earth about 8 months ago and it started the spiral into my now-new-to-me pinball collection. I didn't touch a pinball machine before that, only fixing up vids!

I made some videos of going thru my middle earth journey, I got the machine not working, for free.

Then i made a lockdown bar, got some glass and did a few other things that I thought would be cool, like try to animate the backglass with lighting effects, and add some small dinos to the pf that would light when a feature in the game is available.


1 month later
#13 1 year ago

I've had a sticking flipper in my Middle Earth -seems to be magnetization of the plunger and/or coil stop. I'm trying to identify suitable replacements.
I sent pics and measurements to Marco, but they suggested I try here. Any help would be much appreciated!

I've had this machine for 36 years, and I haven't had to do much.

#14 1 year ago

So in my small collection I have a shopped demoltion man, a shopped f14 and my restored middle earth.

Its been a while since I even played ME as its been more of a work bench lately but I had the lineup on over the weekend and ME is a fantastic change of pace! I really enjoyed a few games on it after crushing YAGOV in f14 for like 45 mins straight.

Nothing like those smooth non mylar playfields too!

1 week later
#15 1 year ago

I've got a Middle Earth waiting for my attention. I remember playing one as a 16-year old kid. Looking forward to playing it again.

It gets through a couple of the tests, but not enough to start up a game.
I suspect it will need Aux board work.
One other game ahead of this one in the fix-it queue though.

5 months later
#16 1 year ago

Picked this one up from Facebook marketplace. Was not working and needed some major TLC. Got it working, new rubbers, polished the PF, new locks, all LED on topside. Still need to LED inserts and couple of other small things but it’s getting close!

First pic is before. Rest is after

55CA0477-155E-4E01-AC3C-473F99E4332F (resized).jpeg599C2276-5BAD-4A1D-82DB-4329CEB5A142 (resized).jpeg8891C207-6A4B-4624-A0E1-B3C919468C95 (resized).jpegA01B8748-5EF2-4D2B-81D6-2DBD775E7DE5 (resized).jpegAEF4FDEC-5986-4531-8ADC-C4058CE4D2E3 (resized).jpegF00841B3-1A97-4182-8443-457F20CCD911 (resized).jpegFFC50F99-DB44-4082-AB03-0C2D88A37570 (resized).jpeg
2 months later
#17 11 months ago

I picked up a project Space Riders - posted to early SS forum but haven't got much help. I know this is the Middle Earth forum but though maybe someone could give me some advice.

At power on all lights and displays just flash. I checked voltages and I think that is the problem. I am not getting 5vdc on the MPU. I rebuilt the power logic on the mpu - new lm323, new capacitor, and resistor. Still no 5vdc on the board. I checked the incoming connection from the power supply pin 1 at J9 which should read 10vdc. the voltage bounces but 1.61vdc max. I decided to go ahead and replace rectifiers and the two large capacitors on the power supply. That too did not solve the problem.

The fuses on the power supply which should be VAC from the transformer read from 0 to 1.5 or so - assuming I am measuring the VAC correctly. I touched leads on either side of the fuse.

Transformers seldom go bad. Is it a short somewhere? Any advice on what next to check?


#18 11 months ago

Not too familiar with Atari, so I'm spitballing here...

Can you measure the voltages at the bridge rectifiers? My multimeters are a bit flaky on AC so I wouldn't assume the ac is wrong

The first rule of SS pinball: you must have solid 5v!

#19 11 months ago

Should be DC volts coming off the rectifiers, correct?

#20 11 months ago

I pulled the transformer/power supply unit and checked for continuity across the entire power supply. Everything checked out okay. I double checked the new rectifiers and connections - all is okay. I reinstalled the transformer/power supply unit and checked continuity from the power supply to the MPU board connection and power supply to the auxiliary board- all connections buzz as they should.

Turn the power on, and no volts to the mpu or auxiliary board. No volts coming off the rectifiers or capacitors.

I do have 117volts to the bg cabinet and those lights work. This connection does not go through the transformer.

Is it the transformer? I don't see an easy way to check voltage off the transformer - wire connect underneath it. Transformers seldom go bad so that would be odd.

#21 11 months ago
Quoted from StratDoc:

Should be DC volts coming off the rectifiers, correct?

So here's a nickle tour of your Bridge:

20181008_083237 (resized).jpg

The cut corner is always DC+

If it's physically possible to probe the two AC with you multimeter set to AC voltage, then you should get that reading. If you don't, I would search further upstream. Most likely culprits are headers or connectors.

And to confirm - you are absolutely, 100% positive your fuses are good?

3 weeks later
#22 10 months ago

I just picked up a Middle Earth a couple of weeks ago. I have the typical resting issue. Going to try and troubleshoot myself before I send it off for repair.


1 month later
#23 9 months ago

Any recommendations for Middle Earth board work?

1 month later
#24 7 months ago

New to the club just got mine last night. Fully working except for a sluggish drop target. Will need new backglass it’s a little rough around edges but all graphics still there.

4 weeks later
#25 6 months ago

I picked up a Middle Earth last summer, also came with a new unused populated playfield. Guy said he bought it from someone who claimed to work for sega and they helped design the game etc.. not sure on any of that. I put it in my work room since main game room was full with almost 25 games. Moving some stuff around to put it out now and noticed that my backglass has started to peel off since sitting.. bummer. Anybody know of replacement translites? Or should I try to tape the back all up to prevent further flaking. Im not even sure if my game works, I did send the boards all out when I got it to have them gone over.. Guess I'll know when I put it back together.

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