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Are there any games you regret owning?

By VisitorQ

6 years ago

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    #51 6 years ago


    Just couldn't get into it.

    #52 6 years ago

    I wouldn't say I regret owning any pin, but there are several I was really glad to see tha back of! The good thing about owning them is I got to play them and to realise I don't want them again, so no regrets there... Ones that had to go are Striker Extreme, RCT, Tron, Dr Who, RFM, Twister, TFTC, TAF... the list goes on

    #53 6 years ago

    SWEP1 as well

    #54 6 years ago

    I traded a TSPP for The Shadow + cash my way. Had never played The Shadow before the trade, but had read some good reviews of the game. Set it up and found that I couldn't stand the callouts, the gameplay, the look of the playfield, and almost everything about the game. Glad to see the back of it!

    #55 6 years ago

    X files that pin sucks couldn't wait for it to leave now whenever I play a sega I get bad juju... the one I regret selling believe it or not was a hook that was a fun game oddly enough the windcoaster ramp was really fun

    #57 6 years ago

    I regret several. DE Simpsons stands out. As a Simpsons fan I was highly disappointed with how the game turned out. Same for TSPP, but I wisely never bought one.

    #58 6 years ago

    No Fear was my biggest regret and took me almost 6 months to get rid of...

    #59 6 years ago

    This is a very cool topic. Keep it going!

    #60 6 years ago

    Black Rose. It was in great shape, but I just never got into it. Something about the rules just doesn't resonate with me. I traded it for a Taxi and haven't regretted it.

    #61 6 years ago

    DE SW. It was a better pin before I owned it do to the hype. After I owned it, it made JP feel like MM.

    #62 6 years ago

    Roadshow. 2 heads aren't better than one.
    And a few older bally/sterns like Seawitch, Mata Hari, .. didn't really like them.

    #63 6 years ago


    #64 6 years ago

    I regret over paying for my SS, but play-wise no regrets.

    #65 6 years ago

    Black Hole, mainly because I had a hell of a time getting it, including calling in a few favors - thanks JarJar! Then when I finally got it home and set up I found out I didn't really care for it. That bitch weighs a ton, too!

    Also T2, mostly for monetary reasons. Lost a couple hundred on the sale, but it went to a friend who really enjoys it so it's all good.

    #66 6 years ago


    $3800 for "Shoot the left ramp" then "Shoot the right loop" and so on. Ugh.

    #67 6 years ago

    Gilligan's Island. One of my first machines. Bought it for the theme. Didn't last long at all. Ugh!

    #68 6 years ago

    STTNG. I kinda dig the star trek theme song And the shots are great but I couldn't get it out the door fast enough when I got a buyer

    #69 6 years ago

    HRC! Got sick of hearing George Bush holler JACKPOT!

    #70 6 years ago

    HUO tspp, lost 800 and could not stand the game. Glad to get it out of the house.

    #71 6 years ago

    I hated TSPP the first time I played it but I was a very casual player at that point in pinball meaning I never even knew a pinball machine had a wizard mode. Once I learned to appreciate a games rule set, it was love with that title forward.

    Seeing a fair amount of SWEP1.

    #72 6 years ago

    Not yet.

    But what I really can't believe is that HS2 showed up twice in this thread. I own and love that machine....I doubt I'll ever sell it.

    and STTNG!!! really! That machine is probably in my top three.

    #73 6 years ago

    O1 was probably my big mistake. Shortest time in the basement of any pin so far.

    #74 6 years ago
    Quoted from Astropin:

    Not yet.
    But what I really can't believe is that HS2 showed up twice in this thread. I own and love that machine....I doubt I'll ever sell it.
    and STTNG!!! really! That machine is probably in my top three.

    I hear you. It's also crazy to see so much hate for TSPP. We're talking about the greatest ruleset in all of pinball and one of the funniest pins ever. I suck at it and can't even get to AI, but I know greatness when I see it.

    #75 6 years ago

    Can't say that I do. Any games I bought, that I didn't want to keep, were bought specifically to sell. I've purchased quite a few games just to restore and sell.

    #76 6 years ago
    Quoted from RWH:

    I know a lot of people on here really like both of these pins but, I got a Gorgar and didn't care for it so I sold it and bought a Black Knight and didn't care for it either.

    Shows how different everyone is, I absolutely love both of those games. Then some of the games collectors go crazy over I just don't see what the big deal is. That's the beauty of pinball, there are so many different games to fit everyone's tastes.

    #77 6 years ago

    NONE. They all are welcome.

    #78 6 years ago

    Big Ben.

    #79 6 years ago

    For me TSPP was just not for me. I bought it for a friend and had it at my house for a month. I just couldn't get into it. My buddy picks it up and 3 days later calls me and says he hates it. Some games aren't for everyone.

    #80 6 years ago

    There have been 2 games that I really wanted and went to great lengths to acquire, that really disappointed me once I had them , Getaway and Guns N Roses. GNR was particularly disappointing, put a lot of work into restoring it and it just fell flat to me.

    #81 6 years ago

    I am glad I bought them to try out, and experience the gameplay. But in the end regretted buying them and could not sell them fast enough, big guns, whiteWater (I know I know), and demo man. For whatever reason I could not get into them, I tried really hard to like demo man, put about 60 games on it, and someone asked me to sell it, and I never looked back. Got my original investment (minus gas and travel of course)

    Whitewater was such a hunk of junk, I am thinking I need to try harder to learn the age, but it just seems so.......blah, slow music....dunno, maybe I just sucked at the game

    #82 6 years ago

    Target Alpha.

    Owned it for a few months and sold it for what I had into it.

    Drop Targets & that is it, one time around per ball. Game Play was yuck and no plunger shot for the most part.

    Played it for 2 years straight in high school and loved it and that's why I bought it.

    Some things I liked 35 years ago is not what I like now and this game falls into that category.

    "Spirit of 76" is what replaced it and will stay in my collection. Funny thing is as a kid I did not really care for the SO76, go figure.


    #83 6 years ago

    Phantom of the Opera. I've had it for 2 1/2 years. It's constantly broken.

    Haunted House. Looked great. Slow and no fun at all. Sold it for slight profit.

    Monopoly. Boring.

    #84 6 years ago

    I don't regret owning anything I've had .

    #85 6 years ago
    Quoted from trilogybeer:

    I don't regret owning anything I've had .

    Same here. Got tired of TOM quickly, but was glad to have a J Pop game drop by my small collection for a short while. In the end, it's not the size of the collection but how many different games you get to play.

    #86 6 years ago

    Fire! The artwork is very impressive but the game play is very boring. Glad I had it for the time I did.

    Twister is another one.

    #87 6 years ago

    Who Dunnit.It had some nice touches,lighting,music,midnight madness,but too easy to solve the cases and that big open centre ramp put me off the game in the end.

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