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Arduino pinball project

By Prospekteur

1 year ago

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#51 11 months ago
Quoted from paolinux:

it is about of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill?

Noooooooooooooo!!!!!! Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

How can you know that? Nooooooooo!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

There must be a spy somewhere!!!! Someone snooped around in my research laboratory

Ok guys, its over......i give up...........paolinux is right! So now its no secret now I can show a picture of my first attempt of playfield graphic. The new graphocs will look very similar but there will be a lot more graphics on the now better looking playfield. Sanded the whole day on this thing today.......
IMG_20191123_222528 (resized).jpg

#52 11 months ago

come on! I guessed it! I was born in 1978 and I'm Italian, those films have marked my youth

#53 11 months ago

I was born in 60 in Holland but I remember them as well, very popular with young boys. Looks like a great theme to me...

#54 11 months ago

That you all know them is great. Everyone who understand german language is saying that the german version is the funniest of them all. Because of the synchronisation they made. They gave all actors such a great prole posing speak that you cant stop laughing in this films. I hope I can catch this funny moments with my pinball machine. Ive ordered a few more parts a few days ago. Its some more kickers and ball trough for multiball, also I have 2 kickout hole kickers and a lot of targets here. The Bud Spencer and Terence Hill busts and a great model of a meyers manx buggy is also here for nearly a year, because the plan of building a pinball with this theme exist for a long time I definitely will also use some servos and will build some wire ramps. To think about mechanisms and to build them is the most fun for me. I will post the pre-populated playfield after I finished the paintings here, so if someone has a good idea for the playfield then you can post it here if you want

#55 11 months ago

Nice project!

#56 11 months ago

Think that even if the 2 actors are Italian they are dubbed by 2 voice actors also in the Italian version

#57 11 months ago

So.. as I have to much too much ideas and too much mechanical stuff here to build, Im doing a whole new Playfield. Bought a multiplex woodden plate today and sitting on the layout now. I will keep the upper playfield but in a whole new design and a lot of stuff to do up there. The whole playfield will also be longer as the devil riders playfield. I had done mistakes on painting the playfield and learned a lot in doing that. So to work on the devil riders playfield was not useless at all. The devil riders playfield was not enough satisfying and I want to do it good. That are the reasons to build up from scratch. I will post first pictures of my new playfield soon

#58 10 months ago

Did a new Playfield from scratch now. It does have a lot more mechanics and functions as the original playfield. On the upper right i will add some lane guides rollover switches and LEDs. On the upper left there will be some special mechanics installed in the future Im sitting now on the new Layout for the new and a lot bigger upper playfield. I have to say to all here which are building homebrew pinballs........MY BIGGEST RESPECT TO ALL YOU GUYS!!!
I really underrated how much work and knowledge is needed for such a project. But Im on to it now and have such fun in creating this machine. I have no day at work, that Im not thinking about new stuff that I could implement in this machine.

Btw.: My first playfield attempt ending in swollen wood as I wet sanded the playfield. But at the End it was good that this happened. Now Im fully free in creating my own playfield layout
Raw_Layout_Whitewood (resized).jpg

#59 10 months ago

Few days ago Ive played with some layouts. It helped me a lot in finding some cool gameplay mechanics. The picture was some of my first layouts with only some toys. The actual layout is a lot more complex

thumbnaisdadasl (3) (resized).jpg
#60 10 months ago

Looking fantastic! Can't wait to see more!

#61 10 months ago was a lot of work again, but the playfield looks a lot better as the last try. I have to polish a bit more and have to sand the slots for the rollover switches. But for the first Im happy with it
Playfield_Step1_hell (resized).jpg

#62 10 months ago

Great project and theme!!

#63 10 months ago

.....worked on the layout a bit the last days. After some changes in the layout I will do clear coating the playfield this week......

Layout_before clearcoating11 (resized).jpgthumbnail (6) (resized).jpgthumbnail (9) (resized).jpg
#64 10 months ago

......began to transfer my 2D drawing into full 3D. Its only a 3D sketch that Ive made today. I had just begun with this model, so there is a lot of work to do. But its good for my upper playfield, because there I have to 3D print a lot of parts too.....
Lazout3D (resized).png

#65 10 months ago

........little update............playfield will be clear coated tomorrow. Ive done some changes and added some new graphics. Next time I will definitely go with milar. I did the whole playfield graphics with waterslide papers. But for my very first homebrew playfield Im happy with it now. Hopefully the clearcoating goes well the next days

Playfield_before_clearcoating (resized).jpg
#66 10 months ago

The clear coating works well. Im at the 4th layer now. I think one or two layer more will be enough. How much layers do you guys clear coating your playfields?

#67 10 months ago

Etched my PCBs today. Not the nicest ones, but for homemade ones Im happy with it. One driver, one switchboard, and one controller board.......

thumbnail (resized).jpg
#68 10 months ago

My Pizutti figure is finished!!! Im really happy with the result of the artist which modelled it. This will be one of the main targets in my pinball machine

Do you guys know him ?

087cda2973f6fea49e5a9c016063150e (resized).pngpizutti Kopie (resized).png
#69 10 months ago

Best of Riccardo Pizutti.....

#70 10 months ago
Quoted from oxowhiz:

I actually used the IRL540NBPF which goes up to 36A, but even 54A would probably blow because a 0.8 ohm (AC flipper) coil draws 60A at 48V! Later I switched to non-logic level IRF540xx & IRF530xx (for the lighter score counter coils).

I thought I might add something being missed here.

A coil that measures 10 ohms with a meter does not present as a 10 ohm inductor.
It can be dramatically different to the dc measured value based on the number of turns, the thickness of the wire
& the density of the metal core.But it will always be a higher value than the DC measured. approx for pinball 1.4 x ohms.
A coil without an iron core will present the DC measurement as a load and is not an electromagnet.

Have 4 critical specs to take into account , break any of these thresholds = dead transistor
1,max voltage
2,max reverse voltage (why we put a flyback diode in place)
3,max current
4,max power - the most relevant

some sums

Transistor with 100w power - 100volts - 50amp ratings assumed

In circuit
50volt supply & 5 ohm load = 10amps 50v x 10A = 500watts dead transistor

100volt supply & 100 ohm load = 1 amp 100v x 1A = 100watts warm transistor

25volts supply & 10 ohm load = 2.5 amps 25v x 2.5 =62.5watts happy transistor

Generally engineering at 75% of the transistors rating is best.

I hope this helps fill in some blanks

1 week later
#71 9 months ago

.......small update..... the driver board is nearly finished I only need some more connectors (been ordered now) to finish it. With this board Im able to control 20 solenoids, coils, magnets.....what ever. Im working on the switch board right now.......

PCB_DriverBoard (resized).jpg
1 week later
#72 9 months ago


1 week later
#73 9 months ago

hi, how are the works going?

#74 9 months ago

Ive began to populate the playfield right now. Also I created some ideas in an pinball simulator. I will post some images next week of the original playfield how it looks right now
BSTH01 (resized).jpg

#75 9 months ago

great good work

2 weeks later
#76 8 months ago

Just found this thread... Impressive work! And you're even etching your own PCBs... Following!

3 weeks later
#77 7 months ago

.......small update: As I have a lot of work to do at the moment. I dont have much time for my pinball project. Im doing only small steps every weekend. Im populated the playfield with all the mechanical parts the last weekends. Next step is to print the holders for the led lights to populate the playfield with light. In July I have a lot of time again. This will be the time when I hopefully get my pinball to a playable state with light, sound, dmd and so on. Was a few times on thinking to change to fast pinball. But I want to bring this pinball controlled with an arduino to an end. Only thing im struggling is the movie animations. I have bought an rasperry pi for this. The arduino have not enough power for playing videos in a bigger format. So I have to implement the rasperry pi as videocontroller wich will be activated by the arduino

This project remains exciting with a lot more adventures and work to do

#78 7 months ago

Sounds exciting! Looking forward to see how it all turns out!

3 months later
#79 4 months ago

how is the project going? did you progress during the lockdown?

1 month later
#80 3 months ago

Hi.........couldnt do much. Only add some more mechanics. But I have 3 weeks freetime in september. This time I will fully invest in this machine. I will keep you updated.

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