Anyone plan on donating to Otaku?

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Anyone plan on donating to Otaku?

By gottguy

8 months ago

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    #83 8 months ago

    Hi there, I'm the owner of this business. I would like to respectfully ask that before people continue on the flame war (which they will), to recognize that I didn't post this here and my link was shared out of some sort of anger or jest. If you're going to chalk me up for anything, at least don't chalk me up for asking for donations here on Pinside in form of a thread, because that is not something I did (which the OP clearly took the initiative to do).

    I'm not asking for donations on KLOV or Pinside and it's a local fundraiser which you clearly took the initiative to find and dig up considering you live across the country. It's going great thanks. As it is a local fundraiser and you're clearly not interested in donating, I would appreciate if you kept it off of here to begin with, it's not "ala Rusty Quarters" where I am here begging the arcade community for money but rather for local folks who are interested in helping out with some of our rudimentary expenses. Asking for donations for an arcade on KLOV and Pinside is not something I'm interested in doing (especially after my last fiasco for something I didn't deserve in any right), and I'm not sure why I'm getting flamed for it and compared to Rusty Quarters/Tech Noir as I didn't come here asking for help at all.

    This is a small fundraiser to help what we're already putting into it, I am not like others where I wake up one day with big dreams, fundraise the next day and start out with no money other than that, and then blow all of my money on games because I don't have a collection and have no money left for my business (but walk away happy with games, ala Rusty Quarters).

    A) This has been in the works for years and I have been very patient to ensure success.

    B) I already have the collection for the museum owned and paid off (which would be a huge expense otherwise and is why other fundraisers fail very early on)

    C) We're investing a lot of money and time for ourselves, and is going just fine. This fundraiser is to help take some of the edge off through the help of our local community hence the low goal amount, and lots have been very generous with support so far.

    Thanks for your interest, and thanks for the free exposure - but I'm not interested in discussing further.

    We're getting a lot of great input from our town and many different local news platforms if anybody is interested in reading more:

    P.S.: The whole "spent donations on a game" thing is a pure lie, and the donations went towards fixing up the basement that previously held my games. I went to Pinfest the following month and bought two machines for a family member with their money, and somebody there decided to turn it into a giant conspiracy when they saw me wheeling it to my car. Get over it. I have no regrets about it at all and it was a great asset to both me and my games. Welcome to the 21st century, buckle and and get comfy. GoFundMe is a hit and does a lot of great things for a lot of people and there's absolutely no shame in that.

    My IBS is something that is quite a nuisance in normal life but when managed allows me to live a relatively normal life. It's hard, because it is one of those "invisible diseases" that can't be seen and can only be felt. I see how it's hard to understand when people see me around toting 300 pound games with no problem, but the problems come more in the form of lack of good planning and management rather than being a 24/7 physical burden. I live a relatively normal life (aside from constantly planning around my stomach), in which I can do decently well besides some fatigue and nausea, but it's when I slip up or don't get the necessary things I need to cater to my disease that all hell breaks loose. I'm grateful after many years I have managed it to the point that it is like this and that allows me to run a business as I feel fit.

    A lot of you claim to be experts in this thread and talk about how you see me trucking around games just fine at shows "so I must be okay" but you don't see me taking breaks and naps in my car at the show to avoid my body melting down on me, and don't see me suffering in pain that night because I got a little too excited in my love of pinball and forgot to eat soon enough. You clearly are very misinformed.

    Starting my business to help manage my IBS was actually a big part of it. If I don't eat quite often I end up digesting stomach bile as a result of an emergency surgery a few years back. If I eat? I'm fine. If I don't eat? I curl up in a ball in pain while my stomach digests itself. It's a night and day difference, but as long as I manage it well, I'm okay.

    Being able to have my own business will benefit me as we'll have a nice Steven-stocked refrigerator full of my specialty foods I can eat, most of which need to remain refrigerated throughout the day.

    It's difficult for me to hold a normal job as A) I wouldn't be able to take enough breaks to eat, and B) because I wouldn't be offered the necessary storage and break requirements needed for my food and drinks.

    I qualify for disability and if I was that full of my self as people here like to say, I would be using it. But no, I want to work (which is a big gripe the older folk have with my generation - but not me!), and I want to support my family in the truest way possible, and can't wait for my business to begin. It's happening whether people here like it or not and will have a big grin on my face during our grand opening, as again, this is only an "auxiliary fundraiser" and we will be opening regardless.

    I'll see you guys at the upcoming pinball shows at my booth for Gameseum, come say hello to me!

    #84 8 months ago

    Also, I'm aware replying here is almost a waste of time, so I won't be reading or replying to this thread after this. Things are going great locally and I've never had issues with anybody besides the cliques of Pinside and KLOV, both of which are very easy to ignore even if you are in the pinball community. Thanks for your interest!

    When creating this fundraiser I made it with the intentions to not insert it into your space and business here on Pinside so I would appreciate it if you could stay out of mine. Those who say I'm too boneheaded to learn any of their lessons are more likely experiencing the fact that I recognize I do not need your outdated advice, so do not excuse my self-awareness with stupidity just because you disagree with my opinions. I am not "riding blind", I am very aware of what people are saying, but that does not mean I agree with or utilize every piece of information here, because frankly I disagree with a lot of it. I'm not ignoring your words and advice, I'm rejecting them and making decisions on what I feel is right and know that I'm doing okay.

    The internet is a weird place filled with lots of rumors and words on both sides so rather than forming opinions based on the happenings of Pinside I encourage a lot of you to stop by at our booth at upcoming pinball shows to meet me, have a chat, and see some of what we're going to have to offer.

    I have a lot of regrets from my younger years here at Pinside (and I apologize for those things), some things I don't regret, but following my dreams and opening up my arcade and museum will never be one of them, and I'm going to keep shooting for the stars no matter what any of you say. I won't judge you if you stop by once we're open.

    Thanks for your time.


    #103 8 months ago
    Quoted from vdojaq:

    Wow. Wonder if this kid has any real insight on what it takes to open this business. Rent, electricity, water, bathrooms, etc. Snack bar? Food service license. How about insurance? Especially liability. Signage, advertising.....and so on. Handicap accessibility.
    What happens if someone comes through the door looking for a little street tax? Scam artists, thieves. Upkeep on the equipment.
    Oh boy is he in for a surprise!

    I've been through months of planning, purchasing, and efforts over literally every single thing you've mentioned - plus I have many friends in the business all over PA and NJ who have not hesitated to share their secrets and finances which I really appreciated and gave me a great insight on the electrical bill I'm prepared to get slapped on me, a Kill-A-Watt meter and math is also a great resource. It makes me giggle how little you people think I'm putting into opening a real business. It's the real deal and it's happening whether you like it or not. I've got legal teams on my side and we've got everything in a row from all of our licensing and permits to our signage which is already designed and on order.

    Quoted from vdojaq:

    What happens if someone comes through the door looking for a little street tax?

    pasted_image (resized).png

    Good riddance people. The discussion here is much more immature and unbelievable than what you purport me to be! The fact that you all have so much time to theorize about me and end up spouting something else out that is completely different than who I actually am really helps me not feel bad about doing what I'm doing and working hard - that much free time must suck! See you when we open, I'm out of here

    #108 8 months ago
    Quoted from dropdeadhippie:

    Owns some of the “worlds nicest games” but still needs some of your money....ya know, to help out.

    It's not like I paid that price for them, never paid over $500 (<$450 for all but one) for any of the 100+ games I own and a lot of them were free from good hunting, I made up for what I couldn't in earnings with good Craigslist hunting abilities, and expert skills to fix any non-working games I came across that were much less expensive than working games. I fought hard to build my empire. Story backs up well, I'm not as wealthy as most around here.

    #109 8 months ago
    Quoted from vdojaq:

    If you have it all figured out, then go for it.

    That's what I'm trying to do, remember, I didn't post this here. I would have been perfectly happy with carrying on my merry way to opening my business and loving the success from it, even if it was only from my local town.

    I figured since I had the time I'd touch on a few more things. I think I wrapped it up well though, and I'm happy with letting this sizzle down now without my involvement. Off to go wrench on games and keep to myself as I like to often do, much more productive than playing on a forum. See you when we're open!

    #116 8 months ago

    Okay, enough delaying, yes, I touched on a few issues above since I had the time. I'll catch you guys at the pinball shows and see you when we're open. No matter what anybody says, I'm going to continue on with not only my business as a whole but also my current fundraising plans, as they're in good faith and will have a great impact on our start-up thanks to the kindness of those who believe in us.

    Hopefully eventually people will see everything I do is in good measure and with a genuine love of the games we share, and that this constant hounding and trolling you guys called "advice" is actually doing the complete opposite and is quite a nuisance and is what caused me to slip up in the past. Aside from a few users, your "advice" is terrible and often filled with insults and offensive remarks based on internal anger over the state of the world and how popular fundraising has become, when in reality it's just the way of the world and you're going to have to learn to live with it, whether or not you think it is morally correct or not, as after all "morals" are all just opinions and are very subjective and differs with age and personality. (There are people who straight up fund vacations on these sites, so I think I'm doing okay.)

    There has been a large amount of rumors and controversy surrounding myself straight from when I started that fundraiser YEARS AGO to help solve a small problem in my basement. It's really not all that important and I'm humbled about how such little things have taken up so much space on Robin's servers. It's crazy how much that has blown up and how many things have spawned that are just straight up lies, and it's unfortunate the these sites continue to harbor such lies. I'm a pretty average guy with a great heart. I encourage friends, enemies, and those skeptical of me to stop by our booths at upcoming shows and learn what we're all about, shake my hand and actually have a conversation with me, learn why we're fundraising, and what is in store for the future. I can't change the Pinside bandwagon that has been running strong against me for years (I think it's insecurity about being told advanced tech tips by a much younger guy), but I'd be happy to meet you at a show and help form a better, less generalized opinion about my brand for anybody who is interested.

    Anyways, catch ya at the shows and see you when we open!

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