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Anyone ever just lose on purpose?

By JohnnyPinball007

29 days ago

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    “Anyone ever lose on purpose?”

    • No 12 votes
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    • I would consider losing a game on purpose. 7 votes

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    #1 29 days ago

    First off, sorry if anyone else has made a topic like this, I will quickly delete it if this has been already done.

    A long time ago, the first time my girlfriend ever beat me on a pin, she said "you just let me win".

    I told her NO, I never ever let anyone win, I do not do that, you beat me fair and square, I am highly competitive.

    A while back her grandson was ahead of me on Metallica, way ahead, he thought he had me beat and he was excited.

    I knew if I could just hit Sparky one more time I could get that multi ball and win the game, and I did.

    He looked sad, and my girlfriend was mad, and I said it again that if you beat me, you won fair and square, I never throw a game.

    (and I am not that great, I know 80%+ of anyone on this site would beat me unless I was just having a great day).

    Anyway, these days, my girlfriend beats me at pinball maybe 10% of the time.

    She wins at ping pong about 2% of the time, with some games being very close.

    She wins at Golden Tee about 15% of the time.

    On Big Buck Hunter sometimes I hit a doe early and she wins a segment, but overall she is 0% for a entire game.

    And so far at corn hole she has won 0%, but some games are very close.

    In the meantime she has greatly improved at all the games, while I have not been doing as well at times, but still well enough for the win.

    (and mostly with ping pong, I have been a ass at times and did a happy dance after a win, and I am sorry for that, and I stay more chilled out now).

    Anyway, earlier tonight she said she hoped she could win something tonight.

    I ended up winning all the games, BUT I was not a ass at all, I bragged at how much better she has became, and how her scores have improved.

    Anyway, should I just chill out and let her win? Mess up on purpose to help her?

    WHEN she does win, she is a ass, because she knows she truly beat me.

    But on average she only gets to celebrate any win about 8% of the time.

    I have no clue.

    I think I should keep trying as hard as ever, so that when she does win she can enjoy that win better.

    But I do feel sorry for her sometimes, and think about throwing a game so she can be happy.

    It is very awesome how she loves all these different games as much as I do.

    While ago I thought we were just going to play one game of corn hole. We ended up playing 4 games of that because she was close to winning a few.

    Same thing with Big Buck, she was doing a lot better and having fun.

    And Golden Tee was average, she had a lead for a long time and then she missed a few shots and I won.

    She was disappointed, said "I always mess up near the end and you win".

    I am highly competitive. Beat me you won fair and square.

    Should I stay that way, or just chill out and start throwing some games?

    (if I did throw any games I would have to be careful, because any time she wins anything already she starts saying that I was not even trying).

    (and I am always 100% trying).

    Anyway, I am looking forward to comments.

    AND, keep in mind I am no longer being a ass when I win but instead I point out how much better she did over her last score in a game.

    Regardless, we are getting old, and these games are giving us exercise, enjoyment, and entertainment, and helping keep both of us feeling younger.

    #2 29 days ago

    This topic is like competitive minefield sweeping.
    I’m pretty sure there are NO safe answers. Lol
    I feel bad because my boyfriend did not want to play pinball with me for a long time and always pretend to hate pinball. He would say insulting things and make fun of me and my “expensive toys”

    Then he played and beat me on, coincidentally, a Metallica and he was thrilled. He played like 5 other pins! Then he admitted that playing with me and my Pinhead friends makes him feel inadequate. Finally he discussed how he was afraid and embarrassed to ask questions or learn how to play because (he thinks) I’m such a great player.

    I definitely am not. Got my ass kicked when I played in a tourney, safely securing my spot as a middle of the road player.

    For me, I’ve still played pretty hard but I have purposefully missed big shots or avoided starting multiball if I know it’s an easy steal for him, or any other newbie I’m showing.
    Multiball is the easiest way to feel like you’re doing great and is very satisfying. I give him some victories because I want to encourage him to try even harder and being excited to play is a huge part of that!

    Either way, good luck. Some people are motivated by failure, and the desire to finally get the win. Others are self-motivated with a little boost of confidence.

    #3 29 days ago
    Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

    I’m pretty sure there are NO safe answers.

    I knew there are no "safe" answers to this.

    Thanks for your reply!

    Pinside is very awesome and diverse, and I hope many here will at least respond to the poll, and leave a comment also.

    Like I said, I am in a no win. If I win she is disappointed. If I lose she thinks I let her win on purpose.

    #4 28 days ago

    How about changing the game or creating handicaps?

    By changing the game, what about focusing on personal high scores rather than who scores more?

    For handicaps, maybe the better player doesn’t play extra balls. Maybe “give” a certain amount of points.

    How about picking different scores to hit For each player and getting a point if you beat it. First to three points “wins.”

    How about putting a time limit on ball times?

    Id try to find a way that makes it fun for everyone.

    #5 28 days ago
    Quoted from bruinfan:

    How about changing the game or creating handicaps?

    With my family, competition nights are handicapped. All scores are converted to accommodate scoring discrepancies (JJP games vs. Williams are very different scores) and then a predetermined percentage handicap is applied. We have fun discussing what the handicap will be and why. This strategy evolves as we evolve and makes the end result scores comparable. When the others in the family win in this way, they feel like they truly won, and I don’t have to sacrifice my own games. Lots of smiles all around!

    #6 28 days ago

    You're lucky - so many of us play one player games. Even more so this year.

    -visit to get my daughterboard that helps fix WPC pinball resets or my replacement LED display board for model H & model S Skee Ball

    #7 28 days ago

    For me, it’s not about letting other people win, but rather running out of time to play. When we’re doing knockout tournaments at league, I occasionally end up doing “too well” and it gets really late for us (I have to be up at 5am for work and league is an hour away) So there have definitely been some nights where I gave up to get knocked out.

    #8 28 days ago

    I'll let wifee win occasionally if she's having a string of bad luck
    just so she doesn't get too discouraged and stop playing.

    #9 28 days ago

    I’m not very competitive and would often let my partner win- otherwise he would get tired of getting beat at pinball (and the other games in the arcade) and we would never play.

    #10 28 days ago

    Pinball doesn't have to be competitive. Some of the most fun I've had playing pinball is when my wife and I each take a button and play the game together. We don't get too deep into games, but it's fun and often hilarious.

    #11 28 days ago

    I'd say without throwing the game, change your personal goal to something besides max points. Focus your game on getting to a tough challenge, or max number of loops or something. That way you'll still have a challenge for yourself, you're not throwing the game, but your gf may have an improved chance to beat you score-wise.

    #12 28 days ago

    Reminds me of a South Park called "sarcastiball" or something...

    they were forced to play baseball and found it so boring they tried to lose so they didnt have to play anymore. classic.

    #13 28 days ago

    The Great Santini approves of your methods....

    #14 28 days ago

    One of the leagues I ran had a 6 week series that was based on the movie “Fight Club”

    In between weeks I gave the league members homework like Tyler Durden did in the movie.

    One of the weeks was you had to play a game with a random stranger and let them beat you. The “start a fight with a stranger and lose” part of the movie.

    You then had to take a selfie with the person showing the scores.

    The point was to let people get the rush of winning in pinball and recruit people to league. It was awesome. So many hilarious stories and pictures and brought new league members.

    Had 6 different weeks of homework assignments to get extra points towards the league points. Needed to be witnesses by other league members outside of league night.

    #15 28 days ago

    Playing in a tournament with just friends at their thanksgiving party. Second place won a saved by the bell style tiffani amber thiessen t-shirt. Last game between me and a buddy and I was already drunk, he was the better player, and I knew I'd lose so I tilted. Walked away, then they dragged my drunk ass back and made me play a real game, which I really lost. Then someone talked me into winning my beloved shirt so I never even got to take it home.

    #16 28 days ago

    Sure. I actually did that a few days ago when my stepson was over and we were playing Aerosmith. I did it this way though, played a 2 player game and I was player 1. My first ball I locked two in Elevator and two in the toy box. When ball 2 came around, he Had been talking to his mom and wasn’t paying attention. I told him it was his turn and he was able to start elevator mb and then toy box mb and had a great ball. I continued as player 2 now and he beat me by a wide margin.

    He had a blast and even a few days later was saying how much fun he had.

    What was the point of me not only winning, but having long ball times?let him have fun and feel good about it too. My wife didn’t know what I did and she was exclaiming how good he did and even beat me. Lol

    During our friendly local league, I tanked a few games here and there because we are only playing for fun, not money or anything. Everyone knows I’m a really good player, so I don’t have anything to prove and I’d rather others have a good time by notching some wins.

    #17 28 days ago

    Why don't you just play different machines at the same time and have her try to beat her own scores? Sounds like she is in it for the fun of it and spending some time together and you are in it for blood - not a good match ha.

    #18 28 days ago
    Quoted from grantopia:

    Why don't you just play different machines at the same time and have her try to beat her own scores? Sounds like she is in it for the fun of it and spending some time together and you are in it for blood - not a good match ha.

    I was going to suggest that too. I have 6 games and we rarely ever play a 2-player game. If I see/hear she is having a good game I will stop playing in between balls or at the end and go watch her play and encourage her. She feels like she sucks but she is really getting good. The problem is so am I so she doesn't feel like she is improving. Also when playing a 2-player game she sometimes has to just stand there and watch me play forever when I am having a good ball. She does like to watch me play once in a while to see things she hasn't seen yet on a game or learn basic handling skills. She picks it up fast.

    Most of the time I just play "whack-a-ball" and don't take it too seriously. I practice handling skills and don't care if I goof and lose the ball. I like to try fancy shit that would be too risky if playing competitively. When a tournament is coming up then I start to focus on playing well for a few weeks prior.

    #19 28 days ago

    I have no ability to take pinball serious. I might try and take it seriously against someone in the hobby. I always keep my game short and the score close against regular people. I was blowing up a Hobbit at a show when it first came out. There were people waiting so I just let my last ball drain and a guy was angry. It was so weird and why I’ll never join a tournament or league. I just don’t get how people can get so mad over pinball.

    #20 28 days ago
    Quoted from EvanDickson:

    I'd say without throwing the game, change your personal goal to something besides max points. Focus your game on getting to a tough challenge, or max number of loops or something. That way you'll still have a challenge for yourself, you're not throwing the game, but your gf may have an improved chance to beat you score-wise.

    This is the approach I like to take especially with novices playing at home. Offers me a chance to work on my trick shots without running up the score on them. I also encourage them to shoot first just so it gives me the opportunity, if they have a big lead, before playing my last ball to ask them, " we could quit now and call it a tie", And then bring the heat.

    #21 28 days ago

    I lose on accident. I'll lose to people who have never played pinball before. I really have no drive or desire to win. I just don't care enough, when it comes to being competitive at a game....

    So, if you want to feel good about yourself, play me.

    #22 28 days ago

    Always let the Wookiee win.

    #23 28 days ago

    While ago I told my girlfriend, "hey, you know how I like to start polls on Pinside when I am goofing off"?

    She said yeah.

    I said well, I started one about letting you win more, and the vote when I looked at the time was 23-8 in favor.

    She laughed.

    Then I said, BUT, when you do win you already accuse me of letting you win.

    She laughed and said that I can not win no matter what I do, she is going to complain about something.

    (and she is sitting here right now reading all this).

    All I know is that she is totally awesome! And she loves the games as much or more than me.

    Sometimes when I have to get up super early for work, and do not play any game, she is always disappointed that we did not play anything.

    (she is awesome)!

    #24 28 days ago

    As far as pinball goes, it's hard to flat out lose on purpose, at least not without being totally obvious. You can shoot dangerous targets, and drain as soon as possible, but you can't just let the ball roll off the flipper without anyone noticing.

    #25 28 days ago

    Admittedly its mostly me playing without my wife and we are both average players and simply play for fun. We absolutely doesn't know all our pin rules and mostly just aim for the currently blinking lights.

    Our goal when playing together is to get to enter our initials but we never compare scores. This relaxed atmosphere make us avoid all the problems you seem to have, our only goal is to have fun and 0 about winning so no upset feelings or drama if someone "wins" with a higher score.

    #26 27 days ago

    When we do a game night at my house my buddy and wife make up a few handicap rules for me and I roll the dice to decide which one I have to play with for that game. It makes it more enjoyable for them(helps me a bit also)because I usually have to play with only one ball or one hand so I get a challenge. We also do a time game style which is pretty challenging. I let one of them play ball 1 and we time the ball and how ever long the first players ball was the other players have that much time also with ball 1(they have to drain when the time runs out)and the same with ball 2 and ball 3. This makes it so I can’t have a long ball unless they do and overall it’s pretty fun.

    #27 25 days ago

    Sorry to bring this topic up again, but last night my girlfriend won corn hole 4/5 games.

    (I did not feel well), and she hated I was not feeling good.

    While ago I was sharp, knew what the score was without even counting the bags, and she still won 1/3, and very long lasting games because of cancelation points.

    So far she is not doing great with Big Buck Hunter, but she is loving that game, and when I am ready to turn it off she says "oh, can't we just play it one more time tonight"?

    Me and her bicker a tad, and for a while she was getting ticked at the time I spent on Pinside, but after she has looked over my shoulder seeing what I post on here, she now loves it when I come here to unwind.

    (off topic but I know I have a awesome girlfriend, none of my exes would have ever enjoyed these games like she does).

    (and she is not even looking over my shoulder right now).

    And so far, anytime I mess up with any game we play, she still thinks I messed up on purpose, and I have to keep swearing that if you beat me, you have beat me fair and square, I will never, ever lose on purpose.

    (she did love my poll here, with a majority voting for me to let her win).

    And I am glad I posted all this, and got to hear how all of you treat all your loved ones and friends also.

    I am not that great, I can be easily beat, but I will never just lose on purpose.

    In the meantime I have grown up, and I never do a happy dance when I win, instead I comment about how well someone else has improved, and how that was a bad beat with that shot you just made.

    BUT, if I was a really great player, then hell yeah I would throw games left and right.

    In the meantime I am not that great, so if I win I will try to give advice about what you could also try to be better at.

    (sorry for the long rant).

    I do mean well always.

    #28 25 days ago

    My wife is super competitive and would get dejected and lose interest if I started running up the score on her. Now whenever we play, I just go for the riskiest shots, don’t get MB or go for EB. She doesn’t seem to notice and typically likes playing more when it’s competitive. It’s more about doing something together than winning or losing, at least in my view.

    #29 25 days ago

    This post made me think of a SNL skit I watched recently.


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