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#1965 1 year ago

Enjoying this thread all

Keep up the posts !

5AF1D872-ED56-44CD-9D6F-8651F76DE582 (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#2025 1 year ago

BB31D353-C185-4958-8654-D38436A3B2F6 (resized).jpeg

#2055 1 year ago

I’ve been enjoying going through the vintage vinyl

1C4F4584-1DFF-4EAC-86D1-F8914962ACE6 (resized).jpeg

13A350F9-0433-42B3-9237-56224BAD926F (resized).jpeg

#2067 1 year ago

EEEF7816-5024-4CB2-A282-A111AE31C91D (resized).jpeg

#2071 1 year ago

Yes vid it does just a bit - and believe me if you can go very very loud and stay crystal clear !! Just temp set up - but still plenty fun

#2085 12 months ago

D0ACE272-4065-4180-893E-8FFD51458457 (resized).jpeg

#2105 12 months ago

A8AD84FF-A0D8-42FF-827E-D5A5403E0D4B (resized).jpeg

#2121 12 months ago

Great posts - keep em coming

5656432A-B143-401C-949B-50DB0557BA90 (resized).jpeg

#2155 11 months ago

2C54D76B-EE3F-42FC-B5CD-C1D557A2BF17 (resized).jpeg

#2166 11 months ago

E2849E01-E854-44B9-B18B-36150430563A (resized).jpeg

1 month later
#2294 10 months ago

71D3D50C-8421-40C3-A920-FE67CDF85E14 (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#2335 10 months ago

BA9B79DD-5EBA-47BF-A6CC-A6B5A388487F (resized).jpeg

2 months later
#2541 7 months ago

665D1798-DA0E-4299-BBEF-8CEDFB739DC7 (resized).jpeg
#2561 7 months ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Very cool posting that original Budgie Bandolier pressing. All of mine are the remastered repressings from a few years back. I managed to stumble onto them and it was like finding actual buried treasure. Man they fricking rock. IDK why they never made it big in the states.

Yes - I was thrilled to find this one - love the album

There was another later one but I prefer their earlier stuff best

1 week later
#2627 7 months ago

8C0861EE-726D-4E35-A215-8BC15AF7E145 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#2715 6 months ago

Wee wee bit of disco ... now and then

740C0594-3525-48B7-ABF8-C2C92866A4FF (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#2804 6 months ago

Have been digging for an early pressing of this ‘in the wild’ for a looong time -

0AC736AA-E6A4-4C82-AFD8-4A0E51870068 (resized).jpeg
#2810 6 months ago

Very cool and thanks for the added pics and info guys – I have only ever seen two early motorhead used albums in all my digging – I am sure they go as soon as they arrive
318A9911-18B3-4B73-BD52-E774A3A2FB71 (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#2857 5 months ago

41E18253-2721-4F0D-B357-1970B1391659 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#2900 5 months ago

82C48578-E0E3-4724-B32A-E49730AF76C0 (resized).jpegEBFC2118-CFA9-43FF-ACB1-3035540C981A (resized).jpegFA0D7AC8-6AEE-4330-BC80-D1407DD130CD (resized).jpeg
#2908 5 months ago


AA34849E-7F4B-4816-9461-302683FA45A0 (resized).jpegFAC2825A-5670-4BB8-89F0-D6A29CDBA361 (resized).jpeg
#2942 5 months ago

427E2B2F-3201-4159-99C6-6142574CD4F6 (resized).jpeg
#2956 5 months ago

I have been very happy with my ‘spin clean’ FYI

#2983 4 months ago

Loovvve Shattered !

499A7D28-722E-4CA0-A58C-67F1100FA5F3 (resized).jpegB559219A-4D7A-417D-86C6-97B3F19F5E18 (resized).jpeg
#2995 4 months ago

489E52B6-51AD-48D6-84C8-19853957BB60 (resized).jpegBAE1AC8F-E0D8-496F-BD79-388B404A03B3 (resized).jpeg
#3023 4 months ago

12D6184F-51C0-4A1C-93F5-DB15F2AD7DDA (resized).jpeg407DE540-FC40-4DB9-9524-885652436FC6 (resized).jpeg
#3024 4 months ago

5D7C54C9-4A71-47BB-B365-3F3F5A226F1B (resized).jpeg
#3030 4 months ago

That was meant to be 3 thumbs up!!!

#3031 4 months ago

7D422F44-34F4-452A-85A5-761B0188A37F (resized).jpeg
#3034 4 months ago

It’s more beer I need

#3036 4 months ago

I’ve been enjoying some nice Trappists too!

2 weeks later
#3073 4 months ago

Was excited to find this one yesterday ... not one to turn up ... ever!!

E94B635F-728D-437E-99E2-BC88CC1D3F85 (resized).jpeg
#3087 3 months ago

Oh yeah !!!

Love my copperhead road!!!

#3096 3 months ago

22AB5998-F394-4F14-882B-FF3AE4C26455 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#3318 64 days ago

0843589B-EF34-4593-BA09-97FAE5A9F5AD (resized).jpegA1E6277D-D800-4563-9493-D316B8A6D9C1 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#3373 50 days ago

8ED63B0D-6E00-4785-AD58-60E82AFC912F (resized).jpeg
#3381 49 days ago

I have used my spin clean for a few hundred records - Does a fantastic job and has never damage the label – but I do use distilled water as I read somewhere that that was best for some reason

#3403 43 days ago

5276CD3E-D58D-4FD6-972F-7D8DC85FF09C (resized).jpeg155D3E24-AB23-4817-B7F3-A7A574DEFF96 (resized).jpeg
#3405 43 days ago

Was only released in Canada and Japan - great album w good sound and fantastic energy

#3408 42 days ago

More energy than the GOS!??!??

Good gawd! Hit me! Uughhh .... eeeeeiiieeeuh - no siiirrreeeee

3E0552AE-41D1-429B-B317-A58EBBA2B321 (resized).jpeg89D2FD5A-0A34-4053-8B2C-B035C69FF9FE (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#3454 33 days ago

Whooo hoooo
Party indeed!

57F50EC0-E4E4-409A-852A-743044AF7AFD (resized).jpeg
#3468 30 days ago

C040C3BB-22DF-43F2-8C03-A214342B477E (resized).jpeg
#3470 30 days ago

Brave belt was Randy Bachman after he left the Guess Who and just before he created Bachman Turner overdrive

Apparently blacklisted in the industry when he left the guess who only a few guys would play with him – brave belt only did two albums and their third album was changed to become Bachman-Turner Overdrive‘s first

#3476 27 days ago

8CDB548E-1E46-4050-80C4-A4BB4965CBB3 (resized).jpeg
#3478 27 days ago

Earl hooker was cousin of John Lee Hooker - a bit more Booker T sound than jlh’s blues

Art by cartoon / American artist R Crumb

#3497 23 days ago

3798F5D5-DAE4-457E-A010-786B54A26811 (resized).jpeg5A0D5315-2568-4F89-ABB1-1CDA9CF98925 (resized).jpegB556BF18-7E94-4282-A6EB-E82B2F2C26C6 (resized).jpeg
#3511 21 days ago

8501E0D6-7945-4532-93CE-1060F23882E2 (resized).jpegEF4E336D-7B89-4690-A213-7C8709894EEE (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#3538 12 days ago

8B83D9EE-570B-45EE-9474-F3E572B3584D (resized).jpeg
#3542 11 days ago

B93E4218-7089-40C2-9857-9381C1720983 (resized).jpeg
#3547 10 days ago

Oh it definitely is good play it loud

#3562 4 days ago

1D83A55C-48B4-448C-9FF8-ED5895602CA5 (resized).jpeg
#3564 4 days ago

I agree - I haven’t found that one yet!

#3585 10 hours ago

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