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#830 1 year ago

My restored AR XB. Also own a couple Technics DD"s.

IMG_20170303_212925 (resized).jpg

2 months later
#1108 1 year ago

Wake up...

20170605_195017_HDR (resized).jpg

#1109 1 year ago

20170704_114611_HDR (resized).jpg

#1110 1 year ago

1499188839967889422521 (resized).jpg

#1120 1 year ago


#1129 1 year ago

I've done the glue method On some "got nothing to lose" discs. It works, but I've found a spin clean followed by a diy vacuum attachment gets them just as clean without the hassle. Spin clean has half price sales on their website every now and then. It's a good entry level cleaning system imo.

#1132 1 year ago

Flea market finds

20170708_131033 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1191 1 year ago

$80 for a table and speakers...I'd stay away. I'd guess that thing is like a bluetooth version of a Crosley and tracks at 7 grams.

#1194 1 year ago

If you're going to do the glue, use titebond II. Is the easiest to work with.

1 week later
#1232 1 year ago

That's a good turntable. Nice score.

#1235 1 year ago

Spinning this morning..

20170729_092032 (resized).jpg

#1237 1 year ago
Quoted from pacmanretro:

Is that an original press? Never saw it in yellow!

No, it's the newer rhino pressing. They did each disc in a unique color.

1 week later
#1260 1 year ago

Today's haul.

20170810_155338 (resized).jpg

#1267 1 year ago

Currently spinning..

20170811_201200_HDR (resized).jpg

#1279 1 year ago

20170812_105057_HDR (resized).jpg

#1282 1 year ago

20170813_121324_HDR (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1320 1 year ago
Quoted from yfz450:

Tonight's first spin.

Nice marantz. Used to have that exact receiver. Still regret selling it.

#1323 1 year ago

Now playing

1503783094269150745153 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1354 1 year ago

Spinning a little Ozzy this afternoon

20170905_144843_HDR (resized).jpg

#1355 1 year ago

Now a little white album

IMG_20170905_154605 (resized).jpg

#1363 1 year ago

IMG_20170909_082405 (resized).jpg

#1366 1 year ago

Glad to see some love for ktb. Wasn't expecting anyone to know the band.

#1373 1 year ago

IMG_20170911_151741 (resized).jpg
Gives me the feels every time.

#1382 1 year ago

IMG_20170914_175331 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1410 1 year ago

20170922_210832_HDR (resized).jpg

#1416 1 year ago

Personally, I'd avoid the metallica reissues. The two i have sound horrible.

#1421 1 year ago
Quoted from Pickle:

That's the problem with some reissues......old analog masters are not always used......sometimes they are......sometimes it's all remastered digital so it's a crapshoot on the reissue vinyl. Many sound great so I have no complaints so far....but I do try to pick up nice original copies when I find them. Its amazing when you find an original with zero wear and you wonder if it was ever played.

With the metallica issues, my problem isn't even that it's a digital transfer. I've heard plenty of digital transfers on vinyl that sound great. With these, the mastering is dull and lifeless. Like there's a blanket over the speakers. My reissue of puppets is also the noisiest new vinyl I've ever heard.

#1456 1 year ago
Quoted from vid1900:

If there is one piece of vinyl everyone needs, it's on sale for $9.99 today 180g : link »

Those Hendrix reissues are nice. And cheap too

1 week later
#1478 1 year ago

20171010_201725_HDR (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#1506 1 year ago
Quoted from chippe01:

Looks like it might not be the best for records - pushing down on the top, is that putting more pressure on the stylus resting in the groove?
I can't see how this would be stable at 78 RPM, but I'm curious.

They advertise crackles and pops, which tells me They already miss the point.

#1511 1 year ago

Try a dryer sheet under your mat.

1 week later
#1522 1 year ago

IMG_20171107_170912-1 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1543 1 year ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Thanks for the info. They were in my parents basement during a few floods. Never submersed but definitely got some moisture exposure. I was thinking the same thing though, MORE moisture. Probably a hot shower with the door closed and no fan or someting.
Luckily, its not ALL of them. I plan to get them all out of the crates and make piles of GOOD/BAD/WORSE before I go about trying to separate any.
Thanks again.

I think that's the way to go, followed by a good wet cleaning of each disc.

2 weeks later
#1569 1 year ago

IMG_20171129_174102 (resized).jpg

#1598 1 year ago

Spin clean is a decent kit.

2 weeks later
#1650 1 year ago

Some morning Floyd

IMG_20171223_085726_HDR (resized).jpg

#1654 1 year ago

Christmas clutch from the fiance...

IMG_20171225_182649 (resized).jpg

#1658 1 year ago

Molly hatchet had the best album art.

#1686 1 year ago

Work out music for the evening...

20180103_183842_HDR (resized).jpg

#1688 1 year ago
Quoted from Schusler:

I need to get some Megadeth vinyl.
I about shit myself when I looked at some of the prices of their catalog starting at Youthanasia . Especially the Cryptic Writings album...

Yeah it's up there. I paid more than i wanted to for this but the disc was mint and sounds phenomenal

#1710 1 year ago

Morning workout tunes...

20180106_100317_HDR (resized).jpg

#1711 1 year ago

Seeing all these technics posts reminded me I've had this thing sitting on a shelf for months. It's an SL 1350 mkii and the plastic piece that controls the automatic arm movement is broken. I've got a replacement part and need to get it back together.

20180106_101230_HDR (resized).jpg

#1721 1 year ago

IMG_20180107_145807_HDR (resized).jpg

#1724 1 year ago

For no reason, a gratuitous shot of my AR

Resized_20180107_143153 (resized).jpg

#1741 1 year ago

IMG_20180110_183140_HDR (resized).jpg

#1771 1 year ago

20180115_154238_HDR (resized).jpg

#1824 1 year ago

Been in a major Sabbath mood lately...

IMG_20180119_181814_HDR (resized).jpg

#1831 1 year ago

Continuing the Sabbath kick...

20180120_105725_HDR (resized).jpg

#1833 1 year ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Speaking of Sabbath..have u ever heard Sheavy?! The singer is verrrry similar to a young ozzy! Canadian stoner rock!

No but I'll check out. I've been in the mood for some nice sludgy metal

#1868 1 year ago
Quoted from Skrippy:

What's everyone's take on picture discs or colored vinyl over all? Just curious I've heard anything but black has overall worse quality. (Sorry if this has already been discussed!)

I have several colored discs that sound amazing. I don't own any picture discs and have heard that they sound inferior. That being said, a buddy of mine owns several and said they sound fine.

#1889 1 year ago

Not exactly related to vinyl, but relevant. Here's what happens when your Boston terriers get in a fight with yout AR's...

20180129_091939_Film3 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1941 1 year ago
Quoted from Chisox:

Just a heads up those new Metallica pressings sound like shit. If that sort of thing matters to you. They never sounded great in the first place (the music obviously rules) but I bought this and MOP and they sound like it’s playing on one of those Fisher Price record players.
Edit to add I just realized it’s 9.99. Probably worth it.

I concur. My Ride reissue is bad but tolerable. Puppets is unlistenable.

#1966 1 year ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

My mission this summer is to find a cheap tape deck at a yard sale to add to my system so I can buy GNR Appetite and INXS Kick on cassette #lifegoals

I know cassettes are making a comeback, but i had my fill of them in the 80s. That's one format i won't be revisiting.

#2011 1 year ago

Picked this up for a few bucks today

IMG_20180212_155053 (resized).jpg

#2056 1 year ago
Quoted from vid1900:

The normal world:

Censored USA:

Somewhere, stored away in a box in my attic, I have the uncensored Amorica CD. It was briefly available here.

1 week later
#2124 1 year ago

Morning tunes

IMG_20180224_072141 (resized).jpg

IMG_20180224_062419 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#2167 1 year ago

Evening entertainment...

IMG_20180305_174831 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#2220 1 year ago

IMG_20180318_090026 (resized).jpg

3 months later
#2601 8 months ago

This afternoon's listening

20180712_163803 (resized).jpg
3 months later
#3105 4 months ago

In the mail today....

20181102_173619 (resized).jpg
#3139 4 months ago

Evening listening

20181106_212335 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#3208 4 months ago

Anyone have the metallica black album reissue? How's the sound quality? My experience with their other reissues is that they're God awful, but I've read that the black album is the exception. Wouldn't mind picking it up if that's the case.

1 week later
#3257 3 months ago

Spinning all sorts of random stuff today. Ordered a new set of cans from massdrop. Have to see what they can do...

20181201_153018~2 (resized).jpg
#3267 3 months ago

20181203_165936~2 (resized).jpg
#3269 3 months ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

^^^ Favourite clutch album right there^^^ Sure wish they'd press Transnational speedway league on vinyl already!!

No kidding. I think there's some drama with the old labels unfortunately. Hopefully we'll get that and pure rock on vinyl someday.

#3287 3 months ago

Today's listening...

20181205_124736 (resized).jpg
#3302 3 months ago

Speaking of receivers, I'm taking my trusty NAD 7020 for one last spin before tearing it open for a partial recap. Unfortunately, she's started to hum like crazy in recent months.

20181208_181411-1~2 (resized).jpg
#3308 3 months ago

Decided my AR-XB needed a friend.

20181214_172035 (resized).jpg
#3319 3 months ago

20181218_201914 (resized).jpg
#3333 3 months ago

The big lebowski is a great soundtrack. The white Russian vinyl looks pretty darn cool.

#3343 3 months ago

Finished a new base for my AR

20181223_202914~2 (resized).jpg
#3350 88 days ago

20181226_201415 (resized).jpg
#3369 84 days ago

Picked up a couple Heart discs from the $2 bin and a $7 Beatles 65.

1546206366411909491422 (resized).jpg
#3370 84 days ago
Quoted from electricsquirrel:

I got a Spin Clean record cleaner for Christmas.
It works really good! They come out shiny and clean.
Sound better too!
[quoted image]

I like mine a lot. Try using one of those wand attachments for your shop vac the spin clean. Been using this process for a while now with great results.

#3385 83 days ago

Just popped the cork on my Christmas present to myself, still sealed 70s issued houses of the holy

20181231_183342 (resized).jpg
#3401 77 days ago
Quoted from hassellcastle:

I picked this up over the holidays at Half Price Books. Absolutely love it! George Harrison’s first solo album(s) right after the Beatles split. I can listen to “Isn’t it a pity” over and over.
[quoted image]

Great album. My dad had this one in his collection. My mom gave all of his albums to goodwill after they split. Still pissed about that one.

#3407 76 days ago

20190107_164205~2 (resized).jpg
#3421 73 days ago

20190110_182908 (resized).jpg
#3443 70 days ago

20190113_155256~2 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#3474 61 days ago

I know modern reissues of older albums can be hit be hit or miss, but this ziggy stardust I picked up on clearance at target is one of the better reissues I've heard.

15482067253771117189200 (resized).jpg
#3480 60 days ago

You looking to buy new, or are you open to used/vintage equipment?

#3481 60 days ago

Tonight's listening...

15482872366821017173388 (resized).jpg
#3483 60 days ago

Take a look at the late 70s NAD receivers. Great build, great sound, great phono stage, still affordable compared to other vintage brands.

#3493 58 days ago

15484483057311248991320 (resized).jpg
#3503 56 days ago

Just brought my SL-1310 MK2 back from the dead after sitting forgotten in my basement fur a couple years.

20190127_092347 (resized).jpg
#3531 50 days ago

Decided i needed to up my preamp game and ordered a muffy preamp and mc head amp kit...

1549151477013261281608 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#3551 41 days ago

Few shots of the Muffsy phono stage and head amp that I'm building. Pretty much done, except for the pcb standoffs that I'm waiting on..

20190211_194955 (resized).jpg20190211_195009 (resized).jpg20190211_195646 (resized).jpg

#3553 41 days ago

Phono stage on the other. Built both in one enclose and connect with rca jumpers when using a moving coil.

#3576 36 days ago

15503677386292105242435 (resized).jpg
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