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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

5 years ago

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#116 5 years ago
Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

FYI Scam
First of all i have to let you know that i don't know much about pinball machines but i'll try to describe it at my best acknowledge. according to an authorized dealer , its condition is excellent with no issues at all.
Тhіѕ wаѕ mу father'ѕ pinball whο гесеntlу pаѕѕеd аwау ѕο і knοw іt hаѕ аlwауѕ bееn pгοpегlу mаіntаіnеd аnd nеvег аbuѕеd. I mοvеd οut οf tοwn whеn і gοt mаггіеd ѕο і uѕеd tο сοmе bасk hοmе οссаѕіοnаllу. Тhе vегу bіg dіѕtаnсе, mу kіdѕ аnd mу јοb аѕ а dοсtοг dοеѕn't аllοw mе tο сοmе thеге οftеn. Тhіѕ іѕ nο pгοblеm fοг mе аѕ fаг аѕ thе tгаnѕасtіοn іѕ сοnсегnеd bесаuѕе I wаѕ ѕеllіng thіѕ thгοugh COTS аnуwау. I bеlіеvе уοu knοw whаt COTS іѕ іf уοu buу аnd ѕеll οnlіnе οftеn, іf уοu dοn't I'll bе glаd tο wаlk уοu thгοugh thе pгοсеѕѕ. Lеt mе knοw іf уοu аге ѕtіll іntегеѕtеd ѕο і саn gеt bасk tο уοu wіth аddіtіοnаl pісtuгеѕ οг dеtаіlѕ.
Тhаnk уοu іn аdvаnсе! "

Yeah, I replied to the IJ he was selling, got same reply verbatim, he never got a reply from me...if it smells fishy, it stinks!

4 months later
#722 5 years ago

NGG on the way from Nick Angel....pics look great, he was easy to deal with and sent waybill copy day after I paid...already on a truck. Looking forward to Bud and Buzz.

#728 5 years ago

Well not to sell, but picked up my NGG at trucking dock today, I don't think I would find closer to NIB for something 17 years old than this, pretty mint with all accessories. Translite signed by Lawlor and Youssi too, not the deepest game, but pretty fun for sure...

IMG_0320.JPG IMG_0321.JPG IMG_0322.JPG IMG_0323.JPG IMG_0324.JPG IMG_0325.JPG
#729 5 years ago

update, now to order some LEDS and speaker upgrades, probably a some rubbers to have on hand as these are still original but play well, and with the 4 flashers down each side I think some blades...

#744 5 years ago

If you can get a list of Bob(TPS's) inventory u might be shocked, he's got his one's that are set up, but the guy is also sitting on about 2 Seacans full as well. Picked up a couple he had in storage for me last month...had to pick them up from his storage yard.

3 weeks later
#792 5 years ago

IJ4 HUO if anyone is looking to sell, if price is right would be interested, or a very mint one...

#797 5 years ago

As above....have an IJ WMS already, but would like to find a Stern, I know its not the best game out there but I still enjoy playing it, and I'm a fan of the movies.....would prefer not to have to import from US, hoping to find one in Canada....condition is king though, for a newer game I've seen some that are pretty beat to hell.

#804 5 years ago

...and 5500 cdn isn't too bad for the IJPA.....someone here may be interested. Any IJ4's out there?

#807 5 years ago

IJ4 found, super nice example, pickup in about 2 weeks....deposit in place seller has been good to deal with super excited...

2 months later
#1206 4 years ago
Quoted from violinfather:

Thinking of selling my TWD LE. It is a great game but really it is not a hit at all in my current one pin home. My family and even guests just don't get long enough ball times so that they can really enjoy it. Any idea about the hit I will take, if any, now that I have had it for a couple of weeks.

You might do better looking for trades to see if you can swap that for one or two games that would be more suited to what you are after. Don't have to consider the $ so much then and you may get something you're really after

1 week later
#1255 4 years ago

rough? It's on its way to a white wood....

1 week later
#1322 4 years ago

Played that WOF last weekend...everything said is correct.....not a fan of the show, but the game is a good play. This one plays fast.

On another note, friend at work looking to join in the hobby. Has his sights set on a Taxi, if anyone knows of one? Not a rush, but prefer to buy in Alberta etc, USD to CAN is a big downer now.

#1335 4 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

Played that WOF last weekend...everything said is correct.....not a fan of the show, but the game is a good play. This one plays fast.
On another note, friend at work looking to join in the hobby. Has his sights set on a Taxi, if anyone knows of one? Not a rush, but prefer to buy in Alberta etc, USD to CAN is a big downer now.

Guess now is the time if anyone wants to sell a Yellow Cab.....

2 months later
#1609 4 years ago

Not pins, but a nice surprise from UPS, they only tagged me for $30 brokerage on delivering 3 pieces of JJP glass from last sale! not bad

#1614 4 years ago
Quoted from BC_Gambit:

Nice. How much was shipping, if you don't mind sharing?


#1615 4 years ago

kijiji, someone in Sherwood Park selling an MM 10900. With current exchange that's not bad if its VG shape

2 weeks later
#1722 4 years ago

Friend at work wants in to the hobby, machine in mind? Williams Taxi, looking for working, good cab and playfield, ramps etc. If anyone is thinking of letting one go let me know. Lola or Marilyn doesn't matter.

#1739 4 years ago

RE: Walking Dead trades. 1.ACDC prem if you can get it is great, I don't have, but have played one and the mods (now colordmd) available are endless.
2. WOZ also not owned, but played is better the more you play it, there is a lot to do and it can be very entertaining.
3. IJ4, this one I do own and it is actually better than more people give it credit for. It's also low production, and unfortunately most of the ones I've seen are a mess. Got lucky finding one in amazing shape.
4. ST LE, have played as well, and the one I did play was modded nicely and a blast.

#1746 4 years ago

I've had some shipped and it was around 2-300. LTL trucking with pick up at depot. And yes good idea to have fellow pinsider check a pin if u are not local. Sure to find someone to oblige.

#1782 4 years ago

Still hunting for a Taxi, CQ not required but in decent shape cabinet, playfield and ramps.(and function of course). For friend at work looking to get into hobby, now that he has house with the room for it....used to play this machine with his cousin back in high school. His cousin passed a few years back so there is some good memories for him with the Taxi....any leads lmk

#1850 4 years ago

late production F14 and space station are the same. Part number ends in 10 I believe. Early production F14 not compatible part # ending in 09 instead. Only know as I have SS with new Xpin and my F14 is early model has different mounting.

2 weeks later
#2039 4 years ago

Still looking for a Taxi....requirements are all working, solid pf and decent cab...if anyone is looking to move one let me know what u have....

1 week later
#2093 4 years ago

You won't find a nicer Mustang for that price with our crap dollar plus the mods. And Derek babies his pins! Only checked this out once but it's probably better than NIB. Someone can get a good buy here. (I might, but I'm full and backed up on a couple projects). Sweet machine and low number LE

1 week later
#2148 4 years ago

1. good shipping rates, my NGG shipped from Toronto, I think around 200.

2. Guys, no one is looking to sell a Taxi? Still looking...heard there is one in Red Deer, but I bet it's way over priced...

#2160 4 years ago

200 at Marco USD, plus shipping etc. I have a couple kicking around from colordmd swaps, what is fair price plus shipping for both of us? Any input from the community on this? Never sold one yet. I'm in Edmonton and it'll be packed in box/foam color one came in. Willing to make space and save you some $, will hook it back up and test first too to make sure.

#2161 4 years ago

Like to say it would be nice to have Dirty Harry in color some day, probably not enough demand though. Love mine, very underrated. Good theme and call outs, plus some super tough shots.

1 month later
#2345 4 years ago
Quoted from glauses:

My Stern Indiana Jones is on hold for potential sale thanks for the interest

Bought mine almost a year ago....no regrets its underrated. Problem with that machine is a lot went on location. I've played 5 or so in theatres/airports and how many were clean/functional? NONE! A good working HU machine is a blast to play.

3 weeks later
#2457 4 years ago
Quoted from Nighthawk128:

I'd love a SlugFest! The Mustang game, Stern... the car has it's hood up? Why..

Its a Ford

2 weeks later
#2579 4 years ago

Not a lot of IJ4 out there like that. Glad I grabbed mine, most are beat to piss on location from my experience. This should be gone already for that price. Just need the right fan/buyer...

1 month later
#2826 4 years ago

Nice pick up on the STLE, I grabbed his ACDC BIB, still making room to set it up in the basement, but those rare machines don't come along every day(and so close!) That ST is mint....plays super fast too

#2847 4 years ago

To clarify I think the question about a fall show for the Calgary crowd was regarding the pinball show in Calgary. Last one was two years ago. I'm in Edmonton, haven't seen any info on one yet.

4 weeks later
#3041 4 years ago

Pirates coming my way! As as the MS Frankenstein, check it with every test and don't be afraid of a clean up. Bob has some good stuff sometimes but he is a business.

1 week later
#3163 4 years ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

The LW3 and Pinbot are listed with "stock" photos. If he can't post real pics, that should be a red flag.

Note, one Pinbot pic is actually of a Jackbot....

1 week later
#3208 4 years ago

What sort of display, I have some from a GL, HS, and Pinbot kicking around could put together a total set for you....I know there were a couple of them out. Between them all there is a complete working unit. Replaced them with xpin for color....

#3209 4 years ago

Also a shout out to Glauses here on last transaction on a POTC..... Thanks to Jay of Richardson in Calgary too on last NIB purchase, met me partway to drop it off, and made some mods to set up based on pinsider info on Kiss as well prior to delivery....went the extra that a distributor doesn't have to...

To both of you, thanks guys!

#3213 4 years ago

I'm out, mine are the separates, Gilles Fire unit should work though

2 weeks later
#3393 4 years ago
Quoted from glauses:

Sameday Worldwide or Day and Ross are both good

I've been on the receiving end from Day and Ross, no problems, reasonable, and quick. Reimer can do it too. I've used them too. All upright strapped to a pallet.

#3397 4 years ago
Quoted from glauses:

Selling my mint shape Apollo 13 need to make room for GOT $3900 OBO i can post pictures later PM me if you are interested it will be sad day no more 13 ball multiball but i have had it for a long time so time to let it go

Deal in good faith with Scott, have his POTC and now that it is set up, very happy, exactly as he advertised/described to me. Great condition, saw the 13 while picking up Pirates, and its in very good shape.

1 week later
#3426 4 years ago

Can we insert "Anybody in Canada have any pins they don't want to sell"? Wow! Prices are a'jumping!

The $6500 Cyclone has arrived! Of course its in Canadian dollars so I guess its not that bad

#3460 4 years ago

I had my NGG come from Toronto area to Edmonton by Day and Ross with pickup at terminal and it was around 160 too. Took about 3 days.

#3484 4 years ago

What about the 7k Flash Gordon? A "little" high. While pristine condition restore might get that, it also may take eternity.

#3485 4 years ago

Casually looking for a Taxi too. Nothing high end, as long as it works and playfield and ramps aren't destroyed. Took my Jackbot to my coworkers Oktoberfest and now he wants a Taxi( favorite growing up)

3 weeks later
#3680 3 years ago

Swapped some dmd displays for color. If anyone in Canada needs fully working dmd. I have wms, stern, and one Sega from a South Park, so whitestar platform. Last as I saw was 125usd shipped. Any need interest pm me.

#3690 3 years ago
Quoted from puck:

Volk is the real deal. Purchased parts from before and solid guy.

Thx...good to deal with Puck too. Had a couple inquiries on these already for 3, but still have another 3 or so left too. Compatibility wise: sega came from South Park, Stern from ACDC, POTC. WMS from HS2, DH, WH20, SS, TOM.

1 week later
4 weeks later
#3924 3 years ago

No pins, but I listed my pile of full functional dmds, pulled to install color units. From BW WPC/95, Stern....100 usd, or 125 cdn shipped in Canada. US buyers pay shipping extra due to tracking cost. If you are in Edmonton area, pick up is fine, price less 25 cdn.

#3926 3 years ago

Only one might be from GNR if I can manage to get a color unit in there to upscale it. I know it can be done, requires some dremel work to make it fit. If that is one that will work for you, if I pull it I can let you know.

2 weeks later
#4054 3 years ago
Quoted from Stretch7:

There's jay Richardson pinball as well

I've bought from Jay, very good service. Before and after the purchase. Also bought MET premium from Rec room amusements. Dealt with Steve there. He was solid too.

1 month later
#4211 3 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

You gotta check the indy ad again. Hahahaha. He added pics now! Quick, call the cops. He suckered someone into his dungeon. Or searched the pinside basement. Lol.

What's with the girl in the thong on WH20? Maybe that's what you have to pay to see? Plus 22500 for MM, if that's the case, mine is on the block now.....

2 months later
#4545 3 years ago

Nice to see all that made the show enjoying the CV.....I brought that last minute as we had room in Gilles trailer on first pickup that night. Of the 3 I had folded to work on putting Space Station back together in time, that was first in the row. Otherwise could've been a second WH20 or GNR. Great turnout, everyone enjoying themselves and no issues with anybody misbehaving. A great crowd!

#4546 3 years ago

Freezie, nice score on the Station too.

#4558 3 years ago
Quoted from freezie:

Volkdrive I don't recall putting my name up on anything but the walking dead pin ! Libtech , your X men was fun . I played it quite a bit !

My error, your initials look like "FAZ", are actually "FRZ". Had a few FAZ on mine by a guy in an Iron Maiden tour shirt I believe, I can say he has good taste in music and went to a killer concert.

#4635 3 years ago

I've done several of mine in Titans, amazing look and color coordination. They have good play and easy to clean too.

#4655 3 years ago

So 500 STTNG looks like it moved a little west and will be posted for a lot more.....uh huh...http://www.kijiji.ca/v-art-collectibles/edmonton/star-trek-next-generation-pinball-machine/1166463012?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true

#4657 3 years ago

If the STTNG sells, he's halfway there on the last Gorgar posted

1 week later
2 months later
#4952 3 years ago

You could always offer to pick up the "Vivid" loud speakers too? I had a set of those from the Brick about 25 years ago.....priced too low for sure if its was good. Probably not or someone told them it's worth more...

3 months later
#5399 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead306:

Anyone know a Helen or bob from Edmonton?

Bob in Red Deer? Yes, if so retail prices, he's a business.

#5446 2 years ago

especially if they left the batteries in for the storage period too!

1 month later
#5741 2 years ago
Quoted from schwarz:

Somebody get that TZ in Penhold on Kijiji.

9000? Seems a bit high with the pics and info provided. I know our dollar is crap, but maybe more like 7-7500. Having said that, not like a lot of these show up for sale lately either.

1 month later
#5976 2 years ago

IJ4 isn't great, but it's quite interesting to play it with the WMS code with a P roc. Can be swapped back in about an hour, so you get two games if going that route too.

1 month later
#6431 2 years ago

NGG is great, love mine. Fast, great light show and the gopher call outs are hilarious. Color dmd on this makes it.

1 week later
#6524 2 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

Sold a couple of mine for 100.00 each

Same here, I have 2 going to a guy from Sask at yegpin. I think he bought 4 off me last year. Covers part of the cost of a color unit anyway....

#6550 2 years ago

Looking for a nice Taxi. Not collectors quality or anything, decent pf, plastics, functional. Just no beaters. If anyone hears of anything....

#6559 2 years ago

Played both this past wknd. Centaur is in ok amazing! It's a sight to behold, everything on it is immaculate. Probably the nicest you'll find in a long time. Looks and plays great. Eight ball, nice colors, plays solid, plus its technically the "Fonz" on the BG.

#6590 2 years ago
Quoted from Lord_of_the_pins:

Price check for pinball 2000 starwars episode 1 fully populated playfield like new , in box since new with under 100 plays ? Haven't seen others for sale just trying to get idea ? Absolutely gorgeous !

Kind of a niche item as you need ideally an RFM owner. If so does it have the prism card/daughter and roms too to run the game with a swap? I picked up that combo, playfield has more plays, but still a 9/10. I would say around 1000-1200 usd with the card and roms. Just need to find the RFM owner or a fan of Mr. Binks. I don't think the game is as bad as people think, once you spend some time on it.

#6591 2 years ago

Anyone coming to Yegpin with a Getaway? If so I have a spare key mod for the start button from pinballtoys.com, can be picked up at show $20.

1 week later
#6707 2 years ago

No pins selling, but I have a half dozen sheets of used glass available. Located in Edmonton, $25 each.

#6720 2 years ago

Possessions being covered under your homeowners policy comes down to a few things. Previous hobby was collecting game cut, signed or worn NHL jerseys. Sold some of those to start funding this interest. Anyway it works the same.
1. purchase receipts if you have them
2. pic, pics, and more pics
3. independent appraisal if possible (or a reliable equivalent)
4. video may help with above
5. any add on keep documentation

Make sure your policy has a high enough ceiling to cover the contents you are insuring too. These days with electronics, jewellery, other valuables and the pins, a million is easy to hit.

#6721 2 years ago

Edmonton pinballers, I have standard size glass still. $25 each, 2 for $40. Picked some some Roman glass at Yegpin so don't need this anymore. It is used, but very good shape. Trying to clean up the garage a bit.

#6723 2 years ago

I'm talking contents total. Figure your appliances, electronics, tools, clothes, housewares, furniture, basically everything. When you go for a replacement value policy, what I'm getting at is that it will add up fast. You're better to have the mil coverage so you can replace in event of disaster, like fire. Anyway I think we kind of derailed from sales in the land of the 2/3 dollar. Any looking or selling out there?

#6748 2 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Pinflation is a Canada wide issue

That comes at us from all sides.

1. our crap dollar
2. as more people enter the hobby demand, prices increase
3. higher prices on NIB from the producer
4. distro monopoly in Canada

I've seen worse examples of some tables I have selling for $2000 + more than what I paid originally for the one I have. As long as people keep paying it the prices will keep going up though. Scanning the threads it's not just us though, the gang in Australia and NZ are getting pummeled too.

#6795 2 years ago

One of the nicest T3's I've seen. In very decent shape, plays good. I've had the pleasure and of course it's Terminator!

#6798 2 years ago

If you get u ship, just hope it isn't Jared that shows up...he'll probably drive into the machine. Check out some Shipping Wars episodes. It's somewhat scripted of course, but gives the general idea.

1 month later
#6969 2 years ago

If not proper to have his here I can move it. I'd like to say related to 1994 DE title. I have 3 tix for Aug 30 GNR. Face value, centre field, first couple rows upper west deck. PM me if interested. Once in a lifetime thing, I'd like to deal with a fellow pinballer on this one.

#6971 2 years ago

Puck, we still have to hook up for an RZ session. We're both so crazy busy though.

3 weeks later
#7144 2 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Much like that moron in Edmonton

Who are we looking at here? Not sure who you mean....
I've had my share of burns so just verifying. A lot out here taking advantage of the new people.

1 month later
#7347 2 years ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

Or is there somewhere/someone else who is highly recommended?

Rob knows his stuff, I've had Retroactive do some work too, not sure if they still do pins. Beyond that, what you'll pay them, you could dive in yourself. Daunting at first, but usually is a good skill set to develop. I came in with no idea about these games, but when you own any its good to start learning. A lot of locals probably willing to help too. Keys are power off, and many pictures and ziplock bags.

1 week later
#7442 2 years ago

The Pub will sell fast, it's a great game. I'm out of room or I'd be on this. Very underrated.

7 months later
#8443 1 year ago

Going to need room soon, gauging interest in SouthPark.

Pinball pro, color dmd, undercab flasher, transparent rubbers, LED, backbox led board, topper intact, all functional, cliffys, custom shooter rod (respect my authoritah!), plays fast and fun. Profanity roms installed and speaker light kit. Cabinet and playfield are very good. Have to start 3850 off current value, and add ons. Several Edmonton guys have played it and can attest. Shipping is doable at your cost, prefer any buyer to play first. Can take pics if interested, no hurry so if you are going to be in city and want to see let me know. This one was at first Yegpin and played w/o issue all weekend.

#8444 1 year ago

I am tied down with Yegpin transport this weekend, but can get away if you are here and want to see as well.

#8446 1 year ago

Faster than I expected, looks like Cartman and the boys will be moving. Staying local though.

1 month later
#8701 1 year ago

Have a Taxi hardtop overlay not installed available for sale in hand. Anyone interested? Make your Taxi look new again. Price $500 cdn.
That covers the original cost to get it here.

1 month later
#9157 1 year ago

I saw that part, but still priced beyond a retail setting too for that title. Yikes

7 months later
#11023 7 months ago

Imagine your wife trying to get rid of you to the first taker....pure comedy, well done!

2 months later
#11548 4 months ago
Quoted from wolffcub:

Looking for a Pinbot near the Alberta Area if any sellers.

Patience with this one, there were tons made. One will show up eventually.....

2 months later
#12074 53 days ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

I have a old heavy organ, used heart monitor, 70s pool table and a old crappy car that I can't give away?? I'll need a little cash added to the trade tho to get the car out of the impound lot

Started work early to deal with a break in, this comedy made my day better!

2 weeks later
#12216 36 days ago

Found 4 dmd displays that I pulled to install color units. Looks like one late model Stern and Vishay HV style for the other 3. I'll price them at $130 each, prefer pickup if possible. Also 3 complete Sys 11A display units (board, all displays). Pulled from Pinbot, HS, and Grand Lizard. Prefer to sell those together as I know one display of the lot is bad. They would be good for parts/repair or make two complete units, all 3 for $250, again prefer pickup if possible. I have 3 sheets of decent glass too from HD swap over, local pickup $20 each or all for $50.

#12218 36 days ago

Edmonton, didn’t put in as I thought my location was visible. If it’s not, my error, all parts in Edmonton.

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