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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

6 years ago

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#6845 3 years ago

Curious about any pins for sale in/around the Edmonton area? Let me know if you know....

#6866 3 years ago

Thanks you TuxedoMask for the Street Fighter Pin!!

3 weeks later
#6993 3 years ago
Quoted from pinchamp:

Did this sell? How much was it listed for? Curious

No official asking price in the ad. He's asking for only serious collectors to inquire.

#6994 3 years ago
Quoted from pinchamp:

Did this sell? How much was it listed for? Curious

Looks like it's gone.....

1 week later
#7083 3 years ago
Quoted from Cam:

No takers on my AFM for $1200??
(It's not my ad)

Hahaha....saw the ad before going into work tonight. Didn't even bother to inquire.....smells rank and very fishy

1 week later
#7136 3 years ago

The guy who put up the BSD sold me his SF2 a few months back. Nice guy and great to deal with.

1 week later
#7174 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead306:

Anyone check out that whirlwind in Calgary?

I haven't seen it....but the ad has been re-listed today. It's been up for a few weeks now. I'm assuming the guy who is selling the Whirlwind is also the same guy selling the Rolling Stones

#7181 3 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Is there anybody in Calgary or area that would like to come over and play a few games, have a few beers and give an honest opinion on a couple of my games??
I'm building a new house and will be selling a couple of games to help that process, new furniture, etc... you get it...whatever the wife wants...
Ive also got a shit ton of arcades, kids rides, signed photos, signed jerseys, celebrity autos, everything......
Send me a PM or text me. 403-875-9426

PM sent

3 weeks later
#7324 2 years ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

Hey guys, there's a Walking Dead on Kijiji in Edmonton I am interested in, any chance someone from Edmonton would check it out for me before I make the drive up?

Saw the ad this morning. Looks fishy to me....

#7327 2 years ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

Yeah, I will report back if I speak with the seller over the phone, and decide if it's legit.

If he's legit and you need someone to just double confirm let me know. I'm on vacation (pending overtime) until the end of the month. So I don't mind checking it out to let you know if it's on the level.

#7329 2 years ago
Quoted from Lord_of_the_pins:

What looked fishy about it ? Ad isn't there anymore .

Picture and info was very limited. I dunno....if I get that vibe I just stay away. That's just me....but i could be wrong.

#7334 2 years ago

Question for Edmonton pinsiders....

I would like to have my pin completely torn down, cleaned & waxed. This is a job that is well beyond my capabilites and I plan on hiring someone for this task.

Anyone have experience dealing with http://videogamerepairs.ca/contact/ in Edmonton?

I called them and they stated that they do what I am requesting and have done it on numerous pins before. (But not mine specifically)

They said it's a task that can range from 12-20 man hours.

I'm just curious if anyone has any experience with them. I want to make sure my pin is well treated and restored properly....thats all.

Or is there somewhere/someone else who is highly recommended?


#7339 2 years ago
Quoted from Boat:

I would recommend getting some examples of their work. I think everyone has a different opinion on what shopped or restored is and the quality of the service could be different depending where you go. It doesn't sound like you are looking for a high end restore but its better to be safe!

^^ This

I plan on going in to speak with them today for a little Q&A.

Ask if they can show me some of their previous work (I'm sure they kept tear down pics from the past), what their actual process of a tear down consist of, price, turnaround time, what products they use to clean/wax, etc.

Quoted from robbiedoo:

I can't speak to their work on pins, but they have never let me down with repairs in regard to consoles. They always seem to have a few arcades there in queue to be serviced.

Thanks for the information

#7350 2 years ago

PM Sent pinball-rob

#7394 2 years ago

Just saw a Medieval Madness remake on kijiji 4 sale in lethbridge.

Ad only has one pic tho...hes asking 10k. Just fyi

#7405 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Royal rumble for $3k!! Where did u see that?

It was here in Edmonton....

1 month later
#7667 2 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Ac/dc premium listed in the marketplace. Looking for a Metallica. Pm for details. Thx

I think there's still a Metallica on kijiji in Calgary for sale/trade

#7678 2 years ago

Just throwing this out there...

Street Fighter II for trade...

- recently shopped from top to bottom. (Everything taken apart and thoroughly cleaned and playfield waxed)
- includes color pin2DMD with animations completely redone
- cliffy protectors installed on all four major out holes
- Titan rubbers installed throughout
- Alternate translite and original both included
- NOS upper playfield replaced 3 months ago
- post light installed in the Ken/Ryu circular target

Basically the only thing not worked on is the cabinet. But it's still in great condition

Looking to trade for a....

Jurassic Park
World Cup Soccer
The Incredible Hulk (1979)

...but would entertain other 90's DMD pins.....+/- cash.

PM me if interested. I can include pics if you like


#7680 2 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

I think you mean shopped not restored. Restored means it's perfect zero broken parts or wear, cabinet redone and normally playfield cleared.
Taking everything off the playfield and cleaning it then re assembling is just a good shop job.

If that's the case then you are correct. I sent it out to a guy who took two weeks to do a full tear down job.

Sorry about that.....not trying to pull a fast one on anybody.

2 months later
#7897 2 years ago
Quoted from puck:

Knight Rider is pending sale.

If the status of Night rider changes and it becomes available again...I would be interested.

#7905 2 years ago
Quoted from puck:

Sorry thehuemanatee it has sold, but to another great local pinhead and our friend Robert. He will no doubt do an amazing job bullet proofing the boards.

Ok...figured it didn't hurt to throw the offer out there. Good to know it's going to be in good hands

#7907 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead306:

Anyone know who had the Gb pro for sale on kijiji from the Edmonton area? Did it end up selling?

It's still there....he seems to take it down and repost it periodically. Fresh ad was 2 days ago.....but it's been available for months now.

I believe one of his ads stated it was a previously routed pin (but now his reposts don't mention that fact)

#7909 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead306:

Yea I noticed he changed the routed part out. For some reason I couldn't see the ad in my search. Thanks very much. Do you happen to know what kind of shape the machine is in?

No I don't sorry....just from what I've seen in his numerous postings.

3 weeks later
#7993 2 years ago

Looking to buy a Comet in Alberta. (Edmonton preferably)

If you have one for sale or possibly for sale down the road let me know. Thanks!

#7996 2 years ago
Quoted from klr650:

Maybe throw up a few Kijiji ads, there are still lots of machines in Edmonton. Many of these machines have been in people's homes since the mid 90's and a surprising number of those folks don't even know about Pinside.

I didn't even think of that....thanks for the tip klr650 +1

#7999 2 years ago

Just curious if anyone can give me a price check for a Comet in Alberta. (Players quality/condition)


2 months later
#8379 2 years ago

I just played that royal rumble a few days ago. It's fun and works well from what I could gather. Love the shaker and upper playfield.

1 week later
#8417 2 years ago

Looking to buy a Gottlieb The Incredible Hulk (1979) in Alberta.

I will be at YEGPIN this weekend.

#8453 2 years ago
Quoted from pinball77:

Great volunteers at Yegpin.

This can't be reiterated enough! Thanks to all those who made such an amazing event happen!

2 weeks later
#8503 2 years ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

What is an IMVE?

Iron Man (pro) Vault edition

3 weeks later
#8607 2 years ago

I need to move items from an family estate in Ontario to Alberta. Wouldn't be more than a few large items. (not even be 1/3 of a shipping container I figure)

Anyone have a suggestion for a moving/transport company? Thanks

#8609 2 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Can the goods be skidded?

No they cannot. Wrapped properly and placed lying down or turned on their side no problem. But they don't really need skids or can necessarily fit on them.

#8612 2 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Can the goods be skidded?

The main piece is basically a massive dinning room table with 6 chairs. All hand crafted wood from the late 1800's (apparently).

So it's too big and bulky to fit on skids

#8613 2 years ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

The main piece is basically a massive dinning room table with 6 chairs. All hand crafted wood from the late 1800's (apparently).
So it's too big and bulky to fit on skids

Here are some of the pics.....any suggestions are appreciated.


#8615 2 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Likely need specialty ltl.
Best option would be a moving company. Or find a buddy with a trailer and some spare time. Lol

Figured. Putting things on pallets or skids makes it easier for these companies....but unfortunately it's just not an option with these bulky items.

Maybe I'll look into a mini shipping container that gets dropped off and picked up.

#8618 2 years ago
Quoted from smiley:

Wow, cool stuff. I wonder if a furniture moving company would be the way to go.

Not sure. I need to ensure this stuff is properly handled/packed and shipped. It cannot be replaced.

Apparently it's made by RJ Horner.

1 week later
#8685 2 years ago
Quoted from Sandeep:

Decided to keep WH2O Keller restored.

Quoted from Sandeep:

Games up for sale or trade:
WH2O Keller high end restoration:
-color dmd lcd
-custom white mountains with white Yeti and beautiful white powdercoat
-signed translite and extra 3D translite

That didn't last long

1 week later
#8731 2 years ago
Quoted from Sandeep:

Loaded Rob Zombie HUO will be coming up for sale 7500 cad obo

Wasn't that RZ routed in Fort Mac?

#8733 2 years ago
Quoted from Deadrock:

That RZ was never routed in Ft. Mac.
(Has less than 600 plays in the last 12 years. Imamaculate condition. Only thing missing is the rare dirt. Comes with legs.)

I apologize if it's not the one that was routed.

*I miss that Baywatch thread

1 month later
#9025 1 year ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Taking a break from the hobby and putting my last 2 games up for sale. Selling together. If they don't sell I'll be putting them in storage. Also get any leds, rubbers, parts I have laying around.
Williams Gorgar. Plays 100%. Rebuilt boards, bumpers and drops. Backglass is nice. Cabinet is very nice and playfield is good with a few paint touchups and mylar. Full Comet leds and Titan rubbers. Has manual and coinbox.
Williams Pinbot. Plays 100%. Lots of upgrades already completed and parts to do a full restore. Includes a spare playfield, new plastics, spiral ramp, pinball pimps stencil kit and numerous parts from Marcos. Full non ghosting Comet leds already installed. Playfield has wear but doesn't effect gameplay. Cabinet outside is stripped and ready for bondo and stencils. Manual included.
$4500 for the pair. Might consider a trade for a nice fishtales or bsd but prefer to just sell them.

That's a bummer to hear.

#9046 1 year ago

Street Fighter II for sale on kijiji Edmonton. Price is negotiable.

Hit me up if your interested

#9064 1 year ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

Since I am apparently getting a thumbs down, I'd be curious to know how much people think these are worth. Please consider location in your estimate. I know folks in AB pay only 5% tax while people in Ontario pay 13% which can fluctuate the price greatly. I want to be fair but don't want to hand them over either.

I wouldn't put too much stock in the thumbs down. Ask your price...whatever you think fair is.

#9082 1 year ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

Street Fighter II for sale on kijiji Edmonton. Price is negotiable.
Hit me up if your interested

SF2 is sold! It's going to a newbie...his first pin.

Welcome to the addiction buddy! Lol

#9084 1 year ago
Quoted from Aldo1977:

Congrats, so what you buying to replace SF?

Wifes hinting at an AFMr. She wants one ever since playing it at yegpin.

#9120 1 year ago
Quoted from cait001:

protip: always buy what the wife wants. Never sell what the wife plays.

Wise words

#9149 1 year ago
Quoted from libtech:

I think its pretty much only bc that uses CL everyone else tends to use kijiji in Canada

Probably having a close proximity to the Washington state is why? I could see plenty of cross border deals happening.

#9159 1 year ago

CAD $ unless stated otherwise

1 month later
#9436 1 year ago

currently sold?

#9439 1 year ago

What a douche move. I hate no shows

#9458 1 year ago
Quoted from Boat:

Big shout out to two pinsiders luch (Mike) and meegis (Josh) that helped me get a JD! Mike sold me his, and Josh helped get it packed and ready to go! Should be in Alberta by the end of next week! Great community we have!

I can't wait to test it for you

1 week later
#9510 1 year ago

Before I bought my first pin I checked one out at this infamous seller's house. His garage was filled with beat up pinball machines and arcades, A friend of mine warned me not to buy from him as there was a nicer example of what I was looking for in Calgary for the same price.

I was curious and went to check it out anyways. The machine was in awful condition and didn't even have LED's. I played a game and left. He called me back and said he'd throw in a bag of LED's for the same price. I politely decline and told him I was buying a much nicer example for the same price in Calgary.

1 week later
#9551 1 year ago
Quoted from Sandeep:

I’ll get a copy of the message and put it up. The guy said $8700 is what you’d take and I was floored. He came to me.
I’ve had offers on FH, and it’s $11000 Allan.

Stay classy Sandeep

1 month later
#9818 1 year ago

Easiest thing to do is tell "Hany" that you have a buddy in Calgary who wants to go over and verify the game's condition for you. If he goes silent you know it's a scam.

#9820 1 year ago
Quoted from Boat:

That's actually near me.. tuxedomask23 and I could go tonight. hit me with a pm!

Goon squad

#9841 1 year ago
Quoted from BHmike:

I also have had recent dealings with "Hany".
I posted an ad on Kijiji for a Back To The Future Pin.
He contacted me, said he was from Calgary, and that he could ship it. We talked for a bit, he came across friendly. When I asked for some kind of assurance from him, he sent me "his" drivers license. Then he asked for mine.
I didn't send it to him. Then he asked for my full mailing address to get a shipping quote. I gave him my address only. No name is associated with my email account.
Something still didn't feel right, so I waited a few days to reply. He suddenly seemed rushed to get this done. I asked him if we could use PayPal, he said he doesn't use that as he doesn't trust it. Asked him for Social Media links, said he doesn't use that either because of trust issues of privacy with Facebook.
Did a search for his "FREE" email address, and came upon this thread.
So thank you. Thank you for this info, it solved my dilemma immediately, and, it made me sign up and pay to be verified.
Once I got here, I did a search for a BTTF pin, and stumbled upon this ad: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/fsft-back-to-the-future-the-pinball-1
Imagine my surprise when EVERY image in this ad from a year ago matched the images "Hany" sent me.
So um, I guess now my question is... Anyone got a BTTF pin in Southern Ontario?
- mike

What a piece of shit!

#9916 1 year ago

Shake your dicks boys.....just end the pissing contest already.

Let's sell some pins!!

#9918 1 year ago
Quoted from Spencer:

To be fair, no Flintstones or RFM would sell at those prices.

No doubt. Just like that austin powers for sale on kijiji for 6995$

Itll just sit....

#9943 1 year ago

You guys are aware there's an NHL thread right?


1 month later
#10450 1 year ago
Quoted from Willathrilla:

Didn't you have those same titles for sale a few months ago, both fully restored and big bucks?

He's price pumping it before he sells it again in 7 months

#10502 1 year ago
Quoted from Geteos:

Looking for my first pin. Ideally I’m looking for a Tron Pro but I’d also consider Getaway:High Speed 2, TSPP, SMB or Deadpool. My budget for the Sterns are 7-8k depending on the pin.
I might also consider other movie themed pins under 4k.
I’m in Toronto. Thanks!

Good luck with the hunt. Let us know what you settled on.

2 weeks later
#10633 1 year ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Hello pinside,
I'm currently talking to another member about possibly shipping my first pin (the shipping, not the pin). He seems like he is on the up and up but I have been mislead in the past. If anyone here has purchased a shopped game from transprtr4u please let me know. I just want to verify he is a trustworthy pinhead before sending any kind of payment or anything. Thanks so much
Shipping/etransfers are scary territory

I have purchased from him and his work is very detailed and thorough. He is more than on the level. I actually helped him prep/load a pin for shipment a few weeks ago.

You will not be disappointed with Rob. Stand up guy!

2 weeks later
#10779 1 year ago
Quoted from bcrage88:

Oh ya thought it was Wednesday today lol... Don’t mind me just losing my mind.

You're just a man ahead of your time

1 month later
#11204 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Anyone selling a WOZ or DI?

Quoted from dirkdiggler:

I think Cam in Edmonton has a Woz on kijiji still.

And a DI as well

#11207 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Happen to know his Pinside name?


2 weeks later
#11322 1 year ago
Quoted from toasterman04:

lol why do people advertise that they are selling something but not disclose a price? when asked numerous times their only response is a PM?!?!?

In the ad he says he wants to trade.

1 month later
#11684 1 year ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Thanks to everyone who inquired about these pins ...
Apollo 13 will be landing in a new home soon!
Thank you !

When do you need a hand moving it?

#11686 1 year ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Will schedule day when your not at the 7-11

I start my week off tomorrow morning. Lemme know...

1 week later
#11741 1 year ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Sold my Shadow and my CPR set has arrived.
So as I don't need it putting the CPR Gold playfield and mini playfield and complete plastics up for sale.
If purchased from CPR it would be over 1200 USD .. No game no need so$950. CDN
Please pm me if your interested before I post it to the Market Place

Great deal! Someone snatch this!

1 month later
#11911 11 months ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Clock has been sold (surprised how many people contacted me about it)
Soccer still available to anyone who's wants to rip some double spinners!

That clock is amazing! Congrats to whoever got it....they will enjoy it.

3 weeks later
#12010 10 months ago
Quoted from chaz009:

Question: Is there a way to filter the Pinside marketplace to Canada only?

That's a good question. Maybe field it to the mods as a suggestion? Filter by country would be a great idea.

#12019 10 months ago
Quoted from Malibu-SS:

yes there is.in the marketplace scroll down in countries and chose canada..turn off ebay adds and hit search

Never saw that before. Thanks for that!

2 months later
1 month later
#12741 6 months ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

Back on the market, buddy was a no show.

What a fucking bozo!!!

1 month later
#13085 5 months ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Anyone want to trade a original MM for a near collector quality TOTAN

I gotta get over there to play a few games of TOTAN before you move it along!!

3 weeks later
#13277 4 months ago

Cash on the picnic table!! Doesn't have the same ring to it as "cash on the glass" though.

Maybe leave the money on the front lawn? Cash on the grass!!!

1 month later
#13464 88 days ago

10k by Christmas!

1 month later
#13864 32 days ago
Quoted from davidlldennis:

If only aeonblack could find a minty Blackout...

I got smashed on some crème de menthe last weekend. Talk about a minty blackout.

4 weeks later
#14163 4 days ago

I'm getting blackout drunk tonight. Will sell my memories...or whatevers left....for $2500. Send me PM!

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