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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

5 years ago

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#5721 2 years ago

Looking to make contacts with Alberta collectors looking to sell (now or down the road), family friendly, collector quality 90's B/W (restored, HUO, etc). FT, WCS, NGG anyone? Feel free to PM me.

2 weeks later
#5844 2 years ago

Yeah probably fake, sorry

#5845 2 years ago

Here was the text:

The kids are moving out and we are downsizing. No room for this pinball machine in the new house... but being the huge Star Wars fans we are we want to have a little fun and want another Star Wars lover to have it! Please call and give us your best chewbaca roar! Call 1 (403 318-0510 we have caller ID, so we can track them..no need to call more than once, unless of course you feel you can do better! We will call back the winner at 8:00 tonight and the machine is yours. Good Luck and may the Force be with you!!!

1 month later
#6109 2 years ago

If you are newer to pinball, make sure you ask some experienced pinsiders about sellers whose reputations are well known in Alberta. I'm relatively new and everyone I've met have repeated the same kind of stories.

2 months later
#6755 2 years ago

Not sure what these are worth but at exchange rate of 1.36, Batman Forever is 4044 USD and Street Fighter 2426 USD. Just check recent sales on pinside to see how these prices compare.

#6764 2 years ago

US pricing does have a direct affect on pricing here in Canada but this relationship is quite complicated. Here are some thoughts:

1. There is a huge advantage in picking up a machine locally, one that you can see and touch before you buy and many will say this is the only way to buy a pin. However, IF can get over the great number of inconveniences of having a pin shipped (misrepresentation of quality of pin, financial risk from payment to stranger, damage risk from shipping, substantial shipping costs, paperwork, long wait time, etc.), THEN local prices in Canada can only be a certain amount higher than US prices and no more. Because at a certain point, you can just order the game from the US, which in my experience is about $1000 CDN for a single pin when all is said and done (shipping, customs broker, GST, payment fees).

2. Time is money. If there is a pin you really want, you could wait 20yrs to have it show up on the local market or it may never show up. Then when it finally shows up someone else buys it immediately. Waiting is not always an option depending on how many machines there are available locally.

3. Local prices can be much higher than US prices if local demand is much higher than local supply. But this is only true up to a certain price point since people will just rather ship it in. The thread you are reading is for pins available for sale in Canada and just count how few pins come up in one month - very few. If a nice pin comes up at a reasonable price it will be gone in hours and this is across all of Canada.

Come to think of it, there are so few pins available to buy that in a thread titled "Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?" mostly what we do is talk about prices (I'm guilty here too ). This is how much local demand exceeds local supply. Therefore we can expect local prices to be quite a bit higher than US prices in some cases.

#6765 2 years ago

When I say approximately $1000 CDN to ship a single pin, I'm referring to a $2000 USD pin say shipped to Alberta. Of course add your local PST rate and also adjust depending on the value of the pin so shipping a pin can be substantially more in the end. Also depends on where in the US it is being shipped from (+- a couple hundred). If you have PST for example, this will affect local prices as well as shipping a pin from the US becomes more expensive and therefore sellers can ask for higher prices before buyers will ship one in.

1 month later
#6936 2 years ago

Doesn't the title of this thread make us Canadians seems a bit desperate?

#6937 2 years ago

Anyone, anything, across the entire country... anything please? Dear God... anything at all with two flippers?

#6940 2 years ago

Lighthearted joke Spencer - sorry if it came across as otherwise

2 weeks later
#7071 2 years ago

What pinball addicts and smokers have in common... they are always telling you "this is my last one"

3 months later
#7704 1 year ago

Can anyone recommend a shipper to ship a pin from Winnepeg to Edmonton? (thanks)

3 weeks later
#7801 1 year ago
Quoted from Flippers_com:

Tommy is not the only P1 - Stern distributor in western Canada.
That is all I can say right now.
More will be out on Tuesday.
John :-#)#

What is a "P1" Stern distributor?

3 months later
#8116 1 year ago


El Dorado, Freedom and Jungle in Winnepeg on kijiji - ED looks nice!

All three for $2000! I'd jump but no space

Looks like good deal so passing on.

2 weeks later
#8189 1 year ago

This one is pending for <= $5300 USD: https://pinside.com/pinball/market/classifieds/ad/61691.

NIB for $5900 USD: https://pinside.com/pinball/market/classifieds/ad/57843

and another HUO for $4950 USD: https://pinside.com/pinball/market/classifieds/ad/58999

Have to factor in current exchange rate is around x1.3 and also GST & PST of your province so local prices will vary depending on where in Canada and how bad one wants one. One should be able to get one shipped to someone in Alberta from USA for approx the US price x 1.3 x 1.07 + ~$1000 CDN (shipping) whatever that is. Add PST for other provinces. If near border, one could drive to pick up if close.

3 weeks later
#8351 1 year ago

I'm looking for some Gottlieb harness wire for fixing my '70s wedgeheads (cloth covered). If anyone has a harness for sale or even just part of one please PM. I'll be at YEGPIN.

2 weeks later
#8415 1 year ago

Looking for GTB 70's A-title EMs in very nice original condition - PM me if you're thinking of parting with now or someday down the road. If you're coming to YEGPIN I'll see you there. Can't wait!

3 weeks later
#8546 1 year ago

Why downvotes for someone wanting to sell IMDN LE?

1 month later
#8784 1 year ago
Quoted from FlipMyBalls:

Bram Stoker's Dracula is sold pending tonight's pickup congrats to the new owner! one hell of a game.

Congrats to the buyer! BSD really is a special game!

2 months later
#9507 1 year ago

These posts are a good reminder that those new to the hobby should only consider buying used pins from local, fellow collectors who have loved, fixed and cared for their own pins.

4 weeks later
#9670 11 months ago

The community is too small to stay mad... have a beer and make up already I say

1 month later
#10079 9 months ago
Quoted from pingod:

Bring one into Canada and see what it costs you then.
Game is in great condition, most are not.
I am open to reasonable offers and trades as well.
Save me some popcorn Spencer,lol

All I’d like to add is that I agree that you can’t just do simple currency conversions for price comparisons like that. Some other factors include local supply/demand, PST of your province and shipping costs to name just a few. Not to mention that prices are quite varied across different parts of US.

#10085 9 months ago
Quoted from yellowghost:

I suppose I find it annoying when some sellers add the price of shipping and duty on top of the asking price. How can those costs effect the value of a product that is already INSIDE the country, presumably since the 90's. The taxes and shipping were paid for long time ago by somebody else unless the seller was the original owner. Most cases not..and the machine was bought dirt cheap when operators started unloading them. Look at it this way...the guy at the 7-11 wouldnt make very much money if he was selling cans of coke for 20 dollars a piece because he reckoned it would cost the customer 25 dollars to drive to the closest bordertown to get one. Just saying.

Everyone likes money so people sell stuff for what they can get for it and not what they paid for it. When multiple people are interested in selling and buying the same things you have a ‘market’ with ‘supply and demand’.

Example: say there were no MM in Canada except for one which is owned by Fred living in Calgary. Fred was given this new MM as a gift from winning a contest from Williams including free delivery.

Fred wants to sell at today’s prices because he likes money. What he got it for has absolutely nothing to do with what he sells it for. Now what price should Fred sell it for?

The ‘market’ price is not only determined by Fred but moreso by what all the other buyers are willing to pay for it. A Canadian buyer’s only other reasonable alternative is to buy from the US for which he will have to pay at least transportation costs and taxes. Therfore, a Canadian buyer —will be willing— to pay this amount more for Fred’s machine so Fred can then bake-in these costs into his price. Yes, even though he paid zero shipping.

It’s not an explicit charge that’s added, it’s just one of —many factors— that can be invisibly baked into the market price. And I’m not defending it, just trying to explain one part of how economics might factor into pin prices.

In the end, a pin is worth what buyers are willing to pay for it and no more.

#10137 9 months ago

I played the BSD at Yegpin this year and found it to be pretty much one of the best B/W games! Almost bought it but it went to a lucky Calgary buyer.

Tough! - unforgiving even but could not stop playing it. Also known for making you a better pinball player - heard this on more than one podcast from pros. Trying to get all three multiballs going is super fun and mist multiball is unlike anything in pinball. Art struck me as basic/cheesy at first but now I just love the whole package. Sound package creates a mood unlike other games and it tries to be actually spooky rather than campy which is a nice change (not for the kiddies).

Anyway, I don’t know Spinape but just had to post for any Albertans who don’t know just how great this game is!

“Thiiiirrrtttyyy milliiiiiioonnnnn!”

Someday I will own this but not good timing for me now.

3 weeks later
#10351 8 months ago

Wow wow wow wow!

Awesome auction alert!

3 weeks later
#10608 7 months ago

GTB wedgie collector looking to add a sweet original to the herd (AAB or replay, 3”). Let me know what you have. I’m in Montreal and happy to drive for pickup.

#10649 7 months ago

Anyone know how to list Canadian events on pinside? When I go to events page all I see is filter for 5 countries and Canada is not one of them.

#10659 7 months ago

I’m looking to buy a nice & clean, original Gottlieb 3” flipper EM (AAB or replay) sometime soon

Let me know if you know of a nice one - thanks!

#10681 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

If you have ever purchased a game from someone in the US, what is the best method to make a deposit from a Canadian bank? I was trying to make the deposit through Paypal, but it takes over a week to move the funds from your bank account to your Paypal account. Any assistance would be appreciated.

If you go to your bank you can make a bank transfer directly to a US bank account (for a fee). I recall it taking 2-3 days. I sent the seller pics of the docs from my phone to show I was serious and had done what I said. However, keep in mind that this is 100% safe from the sellers perspective which means you cannot get your money back. This is good in the way that a seller can proceed without worries but not so good if seller doesn't send you the machine

3 weeks later
#10879 6 months ago

FYI, player’s condition generally means beat - for those who just want to play and dont’t care so much about looks.

1 month later
#11248 5 months ago

... until you build a dedicated building for 40 of them right?

1 week later
#11314 4 months ago

I have two free pinball-sized shipping pallets in Edmonton - PM me if you need.

3 weeks later
#11485 3 months ago
Quoted from Damien:

there could be some potential/future issues with the game

To me this is always a given in this hobby

#11520 3 months ago

Volley is one of my favorite pins! Great game and a good EM to start with especially if it’s fully working when you get it. Good luck and welcome to this awesome hobby!

#11526 3 months ago

Congrats to the new owner! Melt the witch is just the beginning

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