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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

5 years ago

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#8346 1 year ago

I found a turtles pin on Edmonton kijiji, does this belong to anyone on here? Or has anyone here gone to look at it?

#8349 1 year ago

I just wasn't sure if the condition of the pin made it worth the asking price. The playfield doesn't look too worn, though one pop bumper top is missing, and some of the plastics look quite dirty. I'm still learning pin values, and was curious about that particular deal.

#8353 1 year ago

anyone in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba have a late 80's / early 90's pin they would like to sell? Looking for a pin with a movie/show based theme, voice/music, and multiball. Early dmd would be cool, though maybe unrealistic for my budget. Probably in the 2.25k CAN and under range. Not sure how realistic that is, but let me know if you got anything that seems to fit the bill.

#8355 1 year ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Just scour the local buy and sell and hope you get lucky. A $1300 wipeout and $1400 party zone popped up last week n Alberta and were both gone within the hr.

Thanks. I've been keeping an eye on kijiji, and local buy/sell pages/sites. You're right, anything that is priced nicely goes very quickly. Here in Manitoba, there are more wanted posts for pinball machines than actual posts with machines for sale. I have a deal in line to sell my skateball, so I was just throwing it out there that I was looking for another pin now.

#8363 1 year ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

If you could increase your budget it would definitely help. Most people want the DMD generation pins and newer because it's nostalgic and also a great era. And from there the newer pins are more current, relevant and in often cases interesting. If you're plugged into your local scene a number of people should be passing on DMD pins within the community, because its easier (local pickup) and keeps the pin local. A recently sold later 90's DMD Williams pin in the area went local for $3500. There should be some appealing early 90's DMD pin options trading locally at that price from time to time, and potentially less. It's a bit of an increase in budget. But it's worth it.
And are you interested in a needs-work machine? There's some good value out there on the odd fixer-upper, so by all means mention it if you are.
GLWS and it would be great to hear about how the search goes. I don't really know how well your budget will meet your hopes either in the area. Let us know.
Cheers and GL!

Thanks! I agree, at 2.25k or less, most likely dmd would be out unless I increase the budget. Which I might still. I was thinking that if I could get a pin like robocop, which has a few of the things on my wanted list (speech/music, fun theme, multiball) I could live without dmd. I think I’ll just try to be more patient, and wait for the right deal to pop up. And if at that point it means increasing the budget, I can look at that then too.
I wouldn’t mind a project, depending on how big it would be. Something for me to ponder if one comes up.
Thanks again for your insightful response, I appreciate it

1 week later
#8386 1 year ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Call me when Fishtales becomes available.

A fishtales just popped up on winnipeg kijiji today. I don’t know the seller or machine though.

2 months later
#8749 1 year ago
Quoted from northerndude:

There's been a nice WCS for sale on Kijiji SK for a while.

I've been tempted by that one for a while now. I'd have to sell my cybernaut first though if I'm to try to get it. Decisions, Decisions. Looks quite nice though.

2 weeks later
#8888 1 year ago
Quoted from pinball77:

JP is sold. Great transaction. Thanks for all the trade offers. Did not want to ship the game, so it went to Calgary. Lots of new pinball owners were interested but did not commit. How do you turn the game on? Will my kids like it? Must have answered 50 + questions, but I am always happy to offer help to new pinball owners.
I am with Sandeep. I had 5 no shows from people out of town.

Congrats on the sale! I was interested in it, but I figured by the time I was able to make the trip out to see it, that it would be sold. Someone got a nice pin for a very fair price.

#8912 1 year ago

It's probably not a pin most people here are after, but if anyone is looking for a cheap ss pin, I have a 1985 bally midway "cybernaut" for sale. Plays great, and the playfield, cabinet and backglass are in quite nice shape. I'm just looking to bring something new in as I only have a few pins. Asking $1600. I can send pics if anyone is interested.
I also have a 1990 sar search and rescue arcade cabinet that I am looking to sell. $600. Or I would offer both plus possibly some cash to bring in a new pin from my wishlist.

#8920 1 year ago
Quoted from Mahoyvan:

I'm currently in Virden the summer, and if I didn't just drop bank on a new SUP I would have definitely entertained this!

No worries! Though I'm not up on my pinball lingo to know what sup means, unless you meant suv lol.
Are you in Virden for oil? or family? I don't have much of a collection (cybernaut, cactus jacks and soon to be f14), but if you ever want to swing up this way and play, you are more than welcome to.

#8926 1 year ago

Just curious, has anyone from Alberta gone to look at the Party Zone that's been on kijiji for a while? It looks quite clean, and seems reasonably priced (they just lowered it to $2600). But its sat on there for a while now, so I wondered if I'm missing something about it.

#8965 1 year ago
Quoted from Malibu-SS:

I just sold my Roadshow for $4750....game was in very nice shape.Working 100% a few small mods

I've played Malibu-SS' roadshow before, and it was a very, very clean pinball machine. Whoever bought it got a very solid deal, though Rick always tends to give very fair deals.

#9012 1 year ago

Putting out a feeler to see if anyone in Manitoba or Saskatchewan has a teenage mutant ninja turtles pinball machine they’d like to sell. I have a few other games on my radar, but I thought I’d try for that one first as I feel my son would really enjoy it.

#9047 1 year ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

Street Fighter II for sale on kijiji Edmonton. Price is negotiable.
Hit me up if your interested

It is by far the nicest street fighter II pinball machine I’ve ever seen. GLWS!

#9068 1 year ago
Quoted from sixtyfourbits:

Putting out a feeler to see if anyone in Manitoba or Saskatchewan has a teenage mutant ninja turtles pinball machine they’d like to sell. I have a few other games on my radar, but I thought I’d try for that one first as I feel my son would really enjoy it.

Just thought I'd add to this. I have a f-14 tomcat pinball that I would be open to trading if it enticed someone to part with their tmnt pinball. I quite enjoy f-14 and it plays great, its just a bit too fast for my family and friends. I may consider trading it towards other games on my wishlist too. I can also add a bit of cash on my part depending on condition/title of pin.

2 weeks later
#9207 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead306:

I think they usually have 3-5 machines. I just checked the map and it says there is another place called Forth that has 21 games.

Sadly I think the forth was just an event held for about two months over the summer, and is over now. Maybe one of the Winnipeg guys can correct me if I’m wrong though. It was put on by the Manitoba Pinball League and was games from people’s personal collections.

1 week later
#9288 1 year ago

As someone who is just getting into this hobby, gottliebs are the perfect mix of wacky fun and cheap cost. So far I have Cactus Jack’s, Shaq Attaq, and Super Mario Bros.

2 weeks later
#9435 11 months ago

Sorry for the noob question, but what does c/s stand for? I searched for the kijiji ad, but couldn't find it, so i'm guessing it means spoken for or sold.

#9441 11 months ago
Quoted from Boat:

conditionally sold. He sent a deposit. Waiting for full amount before I say its sold.

Ah I see.
I hadn't heard of this game before you mentioned yours in this thread. It looks like a fun layout and set-up, especially at 3 grand Canadian. I can see why someone jumped on it quickly. Congrats on the quick sale.

#9451 11 months ago

I'm not really looking to sell, but am interested in seeing if anyone would have interest in trading for a Cactus Jack's pinball machine and a nba hangtime 4 player arcade cabinet. I'm interested in the idea of a two for one trade towards a different pin. I have a wishlist here on pinside, but am open to other games not listed. Both cactus jack's and nba hangtime work great. I can dive into more detail if anyone is interested. I have pics in my profile, and can take more if needed. I enjoy both games, but am tempted to see what I might be able to get if I was to trade them both towards something. I can also possibly add a bit of cash, but am hoping to do mostly trade. Thanks!

1 month later
#9706 10 months ago

I have a 1991 Gottlieb Cactus Jack's that I would be interested in trading. The game plays well and is in nice shape. I can give more details and pics to anyone who is interested. Can also add a bit of money on my end, depending on what you have for trade.

1 month later
#10216 8 months ago

Interested in seeing what might be available in Manitoba or Saskatchewan for Sega Pinball Machines. Interested in pins such as Batman Forever, Independence Day, Apollo 13, Godzilla, Goldeneye, and Starship Troopers. Would also be interested in a Williams Demolition Man. Please let me know if you have one you would like to part with.

#10226 8 months ago
Quoted from northerndude:

WOW, you managed to name all the Sega pins but the best one!! BW

I've heard BW is a solid pin, but I have 3 little kids and a wife that share my house with me, so I figured I'd stay away from that theme for now. Of course, I still included Starship Trooper on my list and its probably not the most kid friendly game either. I realize that's a bit of flawed logic lol.

#10227 8 months ago
Quoted from Darscot:

The Lost World JP should be on the list for any Sega fan as well.

I'll have to watch more gameplay of that one, but I agree, it should likely join the list. There was one in AB this summer that was a very solid deal if I remember correctly.

#10228 8 months ago

That is a very nice DM. Right now I'm hoping to find something within driving distance, but I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks for the heads up.

#10231 8 months ago
Quoted from Halfwasted:

Baywatch is really an amazing game.

I'll have to give it a better look. I was initially going to avoid it due to the theme, but the artwork on the pin is actually pretty tame. And the gameplay does look fun from what I've seen.

#10233 8 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

You didn't want them to become lifeguards?

lol its funny, my first real job was as a lifeguard. Maybe that's a good reason for me to find a BW pin.
I went from not having it on my list, to starting to consider one.
Thanks pinside! lol

3 weeks later
#10451 7 months ago

If anyone has a tv / movie themed pin in Manitoba or Saskatchewan (really hoping to find one within driving distance as opposed to shipping for now at least) they’d like to sell, please let me know. I was originally hoping for a Sega, but I’m good with any brand if it’s a movie/tv theme I like enough. Budget would be $2500-3600, depending on what’s available. Thanks!

1 month later
#10749 6 months ago
Quoted from Geteos:

Yea for sure. I'm at $4100CDN before taxes right now.
When you import, do you claim the price with inter US shipping? Or just the pin itself?
Figured I would print out the ad showing $2700USD to use as my "receipt". RBC only lets me send $2500 per day, so my bank statements won't reflect the price correctly. Thoughts?

I would just claim the price of the pin itself, as that's the goods that you are importing into the country. No point in paying more than you have to, as your not importing the shipping, just the game.
When I brought my one pin up from the states across the border, I had a copy of the ad, a printed copy of the message history from on here showing the discussion and agreement on the pin price, and then a few printed copies of other ads for the same pin that have sold recently, to show that what I was claiming as my sale price was average, and not "questionable". If you show up that prepared to the border, they will get you put through fast. They appreciate someone making their job easier, and not trying to pull a fast one on them.

#10753 6 months ago
Quoted from Geteos:

Anyone have a Getaway:HS2 for sale?
I have a lead on one in the US, but factoring in shipping I'm looking at around $4500CDN with the exchange rate to get it to Toronto.
Want to see if there's any in Canada available right now. LMK.

Here's one for a nice price if its all legit:

edit: looks like its been taken off kijiji already. Hopefully it went to you? Fingers crossed for you.

#10761 6 months ago

I have to learn patience with this hobby too. I was heavily into retro videogames before coming over to pinball, and unless you were after something really, really rare, it was always pretty easy to quickly find and buy what you were after. With pinball, not so much lol.

With that said, if anyone has a movie/tv show based data east or sega pin in Manitoba or Saskatchewan they would like to sell, please let me know. A demolition man would be cool too. Budget would be 3000-3500 at the moment.

#10768 6 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

I'm not hearing back from that Getaway seller anymore. Was probably to good to be true but I'm close enough I was willing drive it. Oh well, would have been a nice grab for my small collection.

Sorry to hear that. Did you have a bit of communication before they stopped responding? I’m guessing someone offered a couple hundred bucks more than their asking price to get them to take down the ad and give them dibs on it over everyone else.

#10770 6 months ago
Quoted from Geteos:

A SMB showed up on Kijiji in Toronto which is another game on my want list, but he’s asking $4K, which feels a bit high for a Gottlieb, it’ll also wipe out my pinball funds for a few months. Decisions!

I saw that one too. It’s not immaculate, but it’s pretty clean. It has the usual gottlieb hole wear, but the playfield art is in good shape, which isn’t always the case with these.
Most people say it’s too easy of a pin, but I quite enjoy mine. I wouldn’t/didn’t pay $4000 for mine though. Usually people ask a fair bit for this pin based on theme alone, so it can sometimes fall out of the usually gottlieb price norm.
One nice thing about gottliebs is they are pretty bulletproof pins.

#10793 6 months ago

I’m glad I’m after pins that aren’t popular/valuable enough for these guys to make fake ads for lol.

#10808 6 months ago

I'd be interested in buying a teenage mutant ninja turtles or lethal weapon 3 if anyone has one they'd like to sell. I could pick up within Manitoba or Saskatchewan, and possibly Alberta. I'd also be interested in a Baywatch, though I think that one might be out of my current budget.

2 weeks later
#10935 5 months ago

I was sad that I missed out on the recent Judge Dredd, but thought I'd post and see if anything else might come out of the woodwork.

I have a budget of up to $3500, and can pick up in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and possibly Calgary. I'd prefer local, but will consider shipped depending on game/cost. I realize that some of the following games fit my budget better than others, but I figured I'd post them anyway. Also, if you have a game that seems to fit my budget and the theme I'm after but I haven't listed it, feel free to message me anyway.

Some games I'd be interested in are:
Last Action Hero , Starship Troopers , Lethal Weapon 3 , Demolition Man , Baywatch , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Batman Forever , Independence Day , High Roller Casino , Royal Rumble (WWF) , Apollo 13, The Simpsons , No Fear: Dangerous Sports , Harley Davidson , Star Wars Trilogy , Mary Shelley's Frankenstein , Godzilla , The Lost World Jurassic Park

#10938 5 months ago
Quoted from toasterman04:

I dont see you getting any of those games on your $3500 budget.

Thanks for the input. I figured half of them might not fit the budget, but didn’t realize that most were a stretch at $3500. I’ll have to be patient and watch kijiji and the local classifieds to see what pops up. Manitoba seems to be pretty sparse on pins for sale the last couple months in that range, though I’m sure other places have been similar too.

#10947 5 months ago

Hopefully if I’m patient a pin on my wishlist within my price range will eventually pop up. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and knowledge, I appreciate all the responses.

1 week later
#11010 5 months ago


yellowghost , not sure if you’re still looking for one or not.

pingball , looks to be a very nice pin and price. Good luck with the sale!

1 month later
#11221 4 months ago
Quoted from Halfwasted:

Anyone know where I can buy pin gulp cups that doesn't charge a bazillion dollars for shipping. Looking for 3.

I might have an option for you.
Two guys in Winnipeg just recently started 3d printing cup holders for pinball machines. They provide the cup holder and mounting bracket, and print the cup holders two ways (slide onto mounting plate or screw to mounting plate. I think they charge $20 Canadian, which I found more than fair. They have mostly just done local orders so far, but I believe they’re open to shipping (not sure what shipping costs will be, but I’m sure it will be better than from the states). I’ll pm you his contact email. I bought three and am very happy with them. I’d add a pic here but this thread won’t allow it.
I forgot to add, the can print them in various colours too, which is awesome. I have red, orange and yellow ones so far.
Second edit: I asked Jim’s permission before sharing this just to make sure he was ok with it. He was good with me posting it.

1 week later
#11277 4 months ago

Does anyone know the owner of the Lethal Weapon 3 that was just posted in Alberta? Or maybe the owner is on pinside?

#11283 4 months ago
Quoted from libtech:

Surprisingly I dont know who it is, although it looks like hes only 5min from me, if you want me to check it out let me know!

Thanks for the generous offer! Though it looks like both of their ads are down now, so no worries. Thanks though.

#11320 3 months ago

Interested in seeing if anyone in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta has a street fighter 2 or stargate for sale.

#11337 3 months ago
Quoted from pingod:

Breakshot back up for sale.
Buyer backed out and left his deposit.
That wasted a month.

Sorry to hear that, that sucks.
There's not many dmd games that can be had for $2500 anymore, let alone ones as fun as Breakshot. Good luck with the sale!

#11340 3 months ago

If anyone has a 90's data east or sega they are thinking of selling, please let me know. Would really like to find one with a movie theme I enjoy. I'd also be interested in a street fighter 2 or demolition man. My current budget is $3500ish. I'd be interested in Dan's breakshot if I hadn't just bought one myself lol. I could pick up the game if its in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta.

#11387 3 months ago
Quoted from Boat:

Ok thanks. He just backed out so no worries. He was interested in my tspp

I wish I could go after your tspp. Only two things holding me back: I don’t have the proper funds or trade material. Lol. Maybe someday I’ll own one

#11429 3 months ago
Quoted from tmick73:

Sorry, not pinball...but is anyone interested in a Golden Tee Fore upgraded to complete with all 29 courses? I’d like to get $1000 for it.

I don’t know a ton about these, but from what I’ve seen, this seems like a very fair price. Good luck with the sale!

1 week later
#11476 3 months ago

Could you elaborate on two parts for us please:
-how long ago did you send the deposit (some may say this doesn’t matter, but I know I would react differently if someone changed their mind after a day vs changing their mind after me holding it for two weeks)
-the reason for backing out was due to potentially future issues and not current ones correct?

I do hope things get worked out to a satisfactory level for both parties involved

1 week later
#11537 89 days ago

I was going to message you about the data east Batman, but looks like it’s pending already. Congrats on the fast trade, and congrats to whoever is getting it!

1 week later
#11590 78 days ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

Everyone see the demolition derby on sask Kijiji. $10k by Christmas! Lol. I happen to know the person who sold it locally for $250 two days ago. That was a quick flip. Lol

Maybe they can make a deal with the Yamaha organ guy.

#11601 76 days ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

I’m feeling naughty...anyone know of a bad girls around? Preferably one that’s been gone over, leds, nvram, ground mods and free play rom.

I saw on Facebook marketplace there is one listed in Rockford MN for $1500 us. I don’t know the seller or anything about the pin besides what the ad says. If you can’t find the ad let me know and I’ll help you.

#11603 76 days ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

Txs for lead but can’t really do a deal with a random.

No worries, completely understandable. I hope you find one, it looks like a fun layout.

#11644 72 days ago
Quoted from northerndude:

HA, there was an ALI on kijiji SK for like a month or two

When I saw people commenting about a stern Ali, the first thing I did was check SK kijiji to see if it was still there. It looks like it sold though. It looked to be in pretty decent shape.

#11648 71 days ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Good Day All:
found a wish list game so one of prized pins must go....
If anybody has any interest in a:
Capcom- Airborne
Capcom- Pinball Magic
Sega - Apollo 13
please let me know!

I'd love a sega apollo 13, but sadly I don't think I have quite the level of funds to make you a fair offer on it. Dang it!

#11678 66 days ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

Have seller write receipt on any piece of paper with his name and phone number and amount he sold it for. Give it to border, they will send you inside ask a few questions, then google the game to find approximate value to keep you honest. Then you will pay 12% tax on the converted Canadian value.
Be reasonably honest with the price, they aren’t dummies.

This 100%. When I brought a pin back over the border, I had the bill of sale, the message conversations between myself and the seller, as well as past sales examples of the same pinball machine through pinside over the last two years. I had it all printed out, and the border worker really appreciated it. They were able to put me through very quickly and smoothly, as I did the research work for them to show I wasn't trying to pull a fast one on the pins value.

#11687 65 days ago

I’m currently roadtripping from Neepawa Manitoba to Edmonton Alberta, and back. I’m currently in North Battleford Saskatchewan.
I’m not sure which route I’ll be taking home from Edmonton, but if anyone has a pin that they’d like to sell that fits the following, please let me know. I might be able to swing by and pick it up.
I’d be interested in:
-preferably Tv or movie based from late 80s, early to mid 90s
-budget tops out at $3300.
Examples: teenage mutant ninja turtles, the Simpsons, lethal weapon 3, last action hero, no fear, most segas, etc (my wish list on pinside has more listed)

#11688 65 days ago

Also, has anyone here gone to look at the Johnny mnemonic in Edmonton? It’s cab is faded and it has a reset issue, but if they are willing to negotiate price it might not be bad. I had my eye on the last action hero that was on Edmonton kijiji but it sold just before I made the drive out.

#11707 63 days ago

I’m leaving Edmonton this morning to head back to Manitoba, but if anyone in Saskatchewan has a pin for $3300 or less they think I might like, please let me know. I have a wishlist on here, but mainly looking for 90s dmd games. Thanks!

1 week later
#11758 54 days ago

- Edit: game is pending sale -

Putting my 1984 Gottlieb "El Dorado City of Gold" on here to see if there is any interest. It has been lightly re-themed into an "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" pin. There is a thread on here showing pics, but I can also email pictures to anyone that wants some that way.
I had my fun re-theming it, but in a 4 pin collection, I'm thinking it will go to make way for another pin. Without writing a novel, I'll try to give a decent description of the good and bad of it, and then can go into further detail in private message if anyone wants.

- game plays great. The cpu was sent away and nvram installed
- playfield is in pretty nice shape for one of its age
- new titan rubbers installed
- leds installed on both playfield and in head
- custom Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom translite made (and printed professionally on backlit material)
- custom Indy pop bumper decals and flipper decals installed (can easily be removed if wanted)
- custom Indiana Jones topper and instruction cards
- cabinet is in decent shape. The graphics on the head and body look nice. Where the front of the cabinet meets the right side, there is a 1mm gap. The cab is very solid, but thought it was worth mentioning. There is a chip about the size of a toonie on the left side of the cabinet head, towards the back. It doesn't affect the graphic art, and was painted black and is not too noticeable. But worth mentioning.
- the board that holds the leds in the head, has a crack line across it part way. Its not a crack all the way through, and the board is structurally sound, it just doesn't look great.
- biggest issue - currently does not play music / sounds. I have a soundboard for it, but I believe the sound chip is dead, and the 6530 chip is no longer produced. I believe the sound board is the issue, but I'm a pinball noob, so maybe its something else. I know pascal makes replacement soundboards for system 80a pins. I was debating going that route or custom Indiana Jones music setup. If this pin doesn't sell, I'll decide on one of those and finish the project up.

I have $1100 into it, so for now that is simply what I would like to get for it. If I don't, I'll likely keep it and fix the sound and just play it. Priority would be given though to anyone who has a pin from my wishlist (especially sega) that would like to take this and cash on trade. But if no one does, I'm fine with just selling it to.
With this being a cheaper pin, I'd prefer to not ship at this time. If a trade is worked out, I can possibly drive it part way to meet up, but I'd much prefer any potential buyer to come see it in person before buying. It has its pros and cons, and I feel the price is fair for what it both has and needs.

#11760 53 days ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Should have decided this b4 your Edmonton trip and could have dropped it off here on your way! Lol

I really should have! I went back and forth on the idea of selling it before the trip, but decided then that I wanted to keep it. But now I'm back on the other side of the fence and decided to sell/trade it.

#11785 50 days ago

I'll be driving back into Saskatchewan again soon, so I thought I'd make another wanted post.

My budget is a bit higher this time, so hopefully that helps. I have $4500 to hopefully nab a pin from my wanted list. Some games I'm interested in are:
- Batman Forever
- Baywatch
- Demolition Man
- Independence Day
- Monopoly
- X-men Pro
- Starship Troopers
- 007 Goldeneye
- Star Wars Trilogy
- Harley Davidson (Sega/Stern)

For some I wouldn't look to spend my full budget, and for some I might not be able to find in my budget. But I thought I'd toss it out there and see if anything happens.
As mentioned, I will be in Saskatchewan in about a week, so pickup may be possible. I'm also open to the idea of shipping from a different province for the right game/price.

#11793 50 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

I would LOVE to find a Xmen pro for that price. I prefer the art package and I hate the iceman bridge ramp shot and dont even really care for the pop up nightcrawlers. Only thing worth the upgrade to me is the magneto disc. Love that.

Yeah out of all the ones I listed, xmen pro was probably the biggest reach at that budget. I too prefer the look of the pro

3 weeks later
#11914 24 days ago
Quoted from chaz009:

Is there a list of Canadian stores to buy from online somewhere buried in this topic? A kind soul referred me to flippers.com one day that lead to my first pin (TSPP). I can say that John was terrific and I highly recommend them, and I keep checking to see what he has listed.
Any other online stores like his? Preferably Ontario.

pinballmedics.ca is in Ontario, and I believe they sell both parts and full pinball machines. I've only bought parts from them in the past, but I was happy with the transaction.

retroactivearcade.ca is in Alberta, and is where I always buy my t-molding from. Great parts and service. They once in a while have pinball machines and parts, though they are usually mostly arcade cabinet based.

absolutepinball.com is in Saskatchewan, and they sell both pinball machines and parts. I've never bought anything from them, but I check the website from time to time to see what machines they have in.

#11935 21 days ago
Quoted from rrboogie:

Jurassic Park The Lost World by Sega for sale. Looking for $2750. Game is in good condition but needs a shop. It has been serviced at John's Jukes in the past.

This is a very solid deal. If I hadn't just bought monopoly I would be all over this. Good on you for offering it for a fair price.

#11958 16 days ago

Was anyone here lucky enough to be the one to get the $1500 Big Hurt pinball machine in Calgary today? The ad is down now so I figured it was ok to discuss now. It looked to be in quite nice shape

#11977 15 days ago

I just picked up a clean haunted house in a trade, and while the plan is to play it for a while, if anyone here is specifically after one, feel free to let me know. I’d be interested in trading it (+ cash if needed) for a pin higher up on my wanted list. Mostly after a sega, but open to others from my list too. Would prefer to meet up in Manitoba or Saskatchewan, but shipping may be an option too.

#11981 12 days ago
Quoted from sixtyfourbits:

I just picked up a clean haunted house in a trade, and while the plan is to play it for a while, if anyone here is specifically after one, feel free to let me know. I’d be interested in trading it (+ cash if needed) for a pin higher up on my wanted list. Mostly after a sega, but open to others from my list too. Would prefer to meet up in Manitoba or Saskatchewan, but shipping may be an option too.

I wanted to add that along with sega, I’d be open to certain data easts and more affordable sterns too. I’d also consider a straight sale of haunted house, but would prefer a trade. I could add up to $1500 cash on my side for the right game in trade.

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#12002 4 days ago
Quoted from sixtyfourbits:

I just picked up a clean haunted house in a trade, and while the plan is to play it for a while, if anyone here is specifically after one, feel free to let me know. I’d be interested in trading it (+ cash if needed) for a pin higher up on my wanted list. Mostly after a sega, but open to others from my list too. Would prefer to meet up in Manitoba or Saskatchewan, but shipping may be an option too.

Just to add to this. I would be happy to also trade for any of the following Gottlieb system 3s:
Big Hurt, Stargate, Waterworld, Wipe Out, Street Fighter 2, Super Mario Bros Mushroom World, Gladiators.
Or would sell Haunted House for $2700, but would rather trade.

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