Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

5 years ago

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#2325 3 years ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

Gonna put this out there, but currently looking for a Striker Xtreme. In Calgary, would prefer local, but will ship if needed.

There was one for sale in olds he still had it for sale as of May 18.

1 month later
1 month later
#2959 3 years ago
Quoted from scylla:

I have a WHO dunnit that sadly needs to go. (The usual space issues. Room for 7 - have 8 - considering a 9th...)
This is definitely a players pin with insert wear and the usual seen on most of these. Having said that, it plays great.
Traveling right now - but will post photos and price info in about a week.

Looking forward to it and very interested. Let's talk!

2 weeks later
#3038 3 years ago
Quoted from violinfather:

Has anyone seen the condition of the Mary Shelley Frankenstein in Red Deer? Wondering how much it has been shopped before driving down.

Nope no idea here, Violin Father I thought you were getting out of Pinball? Welcome back! Photos look great and the price isn't that bad at all. Enjoy the machine!

1 month later
#3457 3 years ago

I am told DHL might be your best bet, but a friend of mine who ships cars across Canada swears by

1 week later
#3521 3 years ago

T2 in Edmonton on Kijiji 30min ago.

1 week later
#3549 3 years ago

Big ad on Kijiji Vancover. 40 pinball machines.

1 week later
#3679 3 years ago

Might be interested in parting with my Jungle Princess. If you are interested or looking to trade let me know. I want to make room for another machine. I'll post a price and photos if no trades pop up.

#3689 3 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

Swapped some dmd displays for color. If anyone in Canada needs fully working dmd. I have wms, stern, and one Sega from a South Park, so whitestar platform. Last as I saw was 125usd shipped. Any need interest pm me.

Volk is the real deal. Purchased parts from before and solid guy.

#3708 3 years ago


JP up for grabs. 5% of sale price will be donated to Pinside. Need to make room! Will ship anywhere in Canada, buyer to pay shipping.

Pending Sale.

1 month later
#3928 3 years ago

Tomcat is a great price. GLWS

#3983 3 years ago
Quoted from Cam:

Hey Guys. I bought a pin from Fort McMurray and wanted to see if anyone was headed from Ft.Mac towards Edmonton anytime soon that would be willing to help me out. I pay booze or cash. If not I'll call a freight company.
Also, I'm working on a deal for an Atari 720 and few others so I'm going to probably list a pin or 2 for sale soon to help fund the purchase... Should I list them in cdn or us funds ?

If Back to the Future or Scared Stiff end up on the move list please let me know.

3 weeks later
#4104 3 years ago

Looking for a GnR any condition.

1 week later
#4146 3 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

Nice Barracora for sale 2200.00 by pinsonly
Fun game.
Just noticed it on FB.

Reached out... Looks great.

3 weeks later
#4262 2 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

$3500 skateball in edm?

I know what a wicked deal. #notachance

1 week later
#4301 2 years ago

I am sure some of my EM's will not be making it home with me. Trades will be made! Sorry lib tech I have not gotten back to you on X-Men, but glad to see it at the show. Should I not get my mits on a Rob Zombie I hope to the be lucky owner of your X-Men. Sounds like Rob Zombie is shipping in April!

#4315 2 years ago

The Turtles on Kijiji is a prank. A little early for April fools.

1 month later
#4634 2 years ago
Quoted from eldy76:

Anyone selling something in the $2000 range in the Calgary area? Kijiji seems pretty sparse these days.

What are you looking for? EM/SS/DMD?

#4647 2 years ago

Stretch has Elvis and BMDK on Kijiji. I have played both machines and they are in mint condition. Buy with confidence.

3 months later
#5036 2 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

I wouldn't call that F-14 mint exactly... that one pic shows a bent up lock down bar and the front decal has seen better days. It has a new looking coin door though...

I have played this machine in person. It's mint. Plays fast, everything on it is solid.

1 week later
#5093 2 years ago

That's one hell of a deal. If I wasn't emotionally attached to my Robocop I would throw it up for an offer.

1 month later
#5234 2 years ago

Looking for a Color DMD I think Nitro has them for $550 tax in right now, but putting the feelers out to this group in case someone has one on a shelf they want to move.

2 weeks later
#5329 2 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

Gonna put up my Bride of Pinbot for sale/trade - its been restored and is beautiful also a bit custom
Stuff thats been done:
Black cab instead of purple,
new rails/legs/stern style protectors
new repro prototype style playfield (only a few out there)
new ramps
new plastics
new faces on the head
new crown
upper playfield is new
new playfield apron
all starposts are new (yellow)
popbumper plastics are all new
all stern style leds on the pf - cool white fits the space theme
new silicone style rubbers
translucent yellow flippers
all top metal pieces tumbled and stainless regrained
all slieves replaced on soliniods
Thats about all I can think of, it plays and looks great great.
Last one Ive seen in this sort of condition sold for 6k usd, I'm asking 6k can, will straight trade for a huo batman TDK or trade for a WOZ LE (and add cash). Want probably the nicest BOP in canada lol? Heres your chance.
Pics (more to come):

Got a chance to see this in person today. It's an amazing machine. GLWS.

2 weeks later
#5400 2 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

Bob in Red Deer? Yes, if so retail prices, he's a business.

Also, GST, and get pictures before making the trip.

3 weeks later
#5532 2 years ago
Quoted from Adib:

ask and you shall receive.. a fellow contacted me had an addams family, picked up on Saturday... great machine and a great guy to deal with. so you never know

Congratulations! That doesn't happen every day. Nice score!

2 weeks later
#5594 2 years ago

Anyone have a ...
(Data East) DMD Display board 128 x 16
or a
For sale in Canada?


#5600 2 years ago

Totally thanks. Blowback hooked me up. Thanks! Still looking for that DMD, but I'll fix the power first then look at the DMD.

1 week later
#5653 2 years ago
Quoted from wolv3:

Still looking for a Harlem globetrotters

Landyatz arcade had one. Maybe call and see if they would be willing to sell.

#5656 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballkyle:

We never had that game. I run the Landyachtz arcade

Then I must of had more fun the I thought at the flip out after party Was there a basketball game of any sort there or am I just making things up.

#5673 2 years ago

Barcadium Amusements up island!

#5726 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

I just couldn't justify buying TAF over a brand new pin! No how way!! I mean, have seen the new Alien?!?!

I agree. Much rather have a GB or a TWD

Alien? That shipping yet? Wonder what HR Giger would say about that machine...

#5729 2 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Also, a shoutout to Perry (Eagles77) from Calgary, he was great to deal with!

Nice what did you pick up?

#5744 2 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

I've got a total non pinhead artist bro with 2 HR Giger tattoos ask me if I bought the Alien pin yet?

You in on alien?

#5748 2 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

There goes all the buyers out West

Right... darn... that's ok still saving my dimes for your RZ

#5785 2 years ago
Quoted from Mahoyvan:

Putting my LW3 up for sale as I'm hoping to title-up now that I have some cash tucked away. Been having fun with this game, and really getting into it more and more lately, but I'd like a deeper keeper.

Nice, you'll sell it quick. Might talk to my family out there and see if I can convince them to pick it up so I have something to play when I am on island. Love the honesty in the ad. We need more sellers like you.

#5794 2 years ago
Quoted from Willathrilla:

I've got a HUO TWD Pro $6,400. PM for pics (apparently uploading pics is now disabled in this topic).

Lame. not your TWD that is... I am sure it's amazing, would love to see pics. Who made this change. Do we have to start a new thread or is this Pinside protecting the for sale revenue.

#5801 2 years ago
Quoted from c2scanada:

Jacks Open EM in good condition
Asking $1300 CAD
Vancouver BC

Will you deliver to YEGPIN in May ?

#5843 2 years ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

Bullshit ad. It's been posted before, and will probably be posted again.

No better way to prank your friends I guess in 2017 then putting up bogus ads about cheep pinball machines. Oh well.

2 weeks later
#5880 2 years ago
Quoted from noahd42:

Hi, anyone looking to offload a game to a noobie? I'm looking for my first pin and there isn't much out there for retail (that isn't priced very high) in Edmonton or on kijiji here.
I've looked over playmore, Sml which is closed here now and western coin vending a bit.
I tend to like the early 90s Williams games like Indy or T2. For newer Sterns I have played mostly X-men, Star Trek, game of thrones and ghostbusters.

Hey Noahd42,

Welcome to the hobby! You are right on... nothing priced reasonably in retail (IN EDMONTON) right now, but lots of machines for sale. Everyone has opinions on games, prices, and whats right in the world, so good luck on your first pin! When you are looking for the titles above you'll be looking between 2k ~ 15k pending the machine. Keep an eye on this thread they do pop up from time to time. Talk to some of the vendors (there are a few in Western Canada), but I don't think you'll find a lot of people in this thread/forum looking to "offload" machines, well not cheep. Most of the people that contribute to this thread are solid collectors and have machines that match. Yegpin last year was a good place to buy a machine if you can wait until May. There are some on Kijiji as well. If it's your first purchase and you are concerned about the asking price/condition/what to look for post here, good group here. Except for that one guy...

Canadians let's help him out. Where should he look for his first pin?

Good luck!

#5886 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinball-Pat:

Yup, this! That's a awesome deal! Better beat me to it... lol

I didn't see that one. Wow! If you don't get it I will, lucky for you it's 5hrs from me. Great machine for $1500. Sounds like it'll need some work, but you don't see F-14s for $1500 in Alberta often.

#5935 1 year ago
Quoted from noahd42:

There's a High Speed for 2k in Grand Prairie on kijiji today. Any thoughts? I remember that one from the arcades back in the day, pretty fun.

Looks good to me! Great game, back when backglass had some thought put into it.

#5939 1 year ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Just wanted to point out that Dan's AFM is the nicest one I've ever seen, in person OR online.
So don't anybody go buying it, I wouldn't mind getting the chance to play it again myself sometime...

Well if Dan would bring it to YEGPIN not only could we all play it, but he could put it up for sale there Might even win best of show if my JM doesn't with all the sick mods. on another note...Gotta remind myself to make some sick mods before the show

#5951 1 year ago

Looking for another board. This time for a T2 Williams System WPC(89) & WPC-S Power Supply and Solenoid Driver board.

#5974 1 year ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Always wanted one, finally have one.
Listed Barbwire for sale $3000 obo of coarse.

I still want this damn machine lol. Wills old machine?

1 week later
#6143 1 year ago

I have the un-popular opinion of loving Freddy, YMMV. Go play it. At 2500 it would be a great pickup. Looks like the glove needs to be replaced so make sure you play test it first.

1 week later
#6223 1 year ago
Quoted from Lord_of_the_pins:

Two games to one ? I would probably lean toward the two games but I'm not the biggest fan of Met . really like jm and fun house an jm is fast enough to replace Met .lots of people would probably lean to met but I find it over rated .

Take the two games sell the fun house, and use all the money from fun house to keep your JM running.

I mean how many times can you shoot sparky before falling asleep. JMO

1 week later
#6320 1 year ago
Quoted from smokedog:

Sorry for the derail, but, I have a GB Pro for sale. $6600 plus applicable taxes, OBO.
Currently on location at Bartari in Saskatoon. Would consider partial trade for an XMen Pro.

Gonna need a picture of the shooter lane.

2 weeks later
#6434 1 year ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

I would be happy just to get my money back from it. $400.00 takes it.

I'll take it if not already spoken for.

#6471 1 year ago
Quoted from Aquapin:

Q> What forms of payment do you accept?
A> Cash and livestock

lol, Livestock. This might solve pinflation in Canada. How many cows for a NIB TWD Pro?

#6484 1 year ago
Quoted from pingod:

I hate Craigslist.
You have to many games now anyway.

No such thing. The only issue is the BC next to his name.

#6513 1 year ago
Quoted from pinhi:

I'll be bringing my Gottlieb Buck Rogers to Yegpin and it will be available for sale on Sunday - cash and carry. Comes with a Pascal board, clearcoated playfield & backglass, tasteful led's and Titan rubbers. $1725 obo. Plug and play with no issues.
Second, contemplating moving my mint MMr LE (black trim, shaker, color display, cliffy's, Titan rubbers).
Original owner, HUO and will not be at Yegpin. pm for details.

Amazing seller. I have played the MMR and it's mint. Buy with confidence.

4 weeks later
#6786 1 year ago

Thinking my T3, JM, and Virtual Cab are on the chopping block. Need some cash for ALICE!

T3 (Offer pending, but posting just in case it doesn't happen)
- VUK switch is broken part from Pinball Life should be in any second.
- Mint otherwise
- Mirror blades
- All recommended stern fixes
- Red powder coating, powder coating done on the rails as well.
- Known "issues" small 3mm play field wear on right outline.
- Looking for 15k obo. Yes I am kidding.

- Ugh. Where do I start.
- Clear coated play field
- Mirror blades
- Custom alt trans
- RiPi Mod with running JM loop.
- Currently CPU board switch matrix issues.
- Needs a Powerdriver board repair. It's working, but I would fix it.
- All black cab, Ready for decals, but decals not included.
- Black powdercoated rails and legs.
- LED'ed
- XPin XP-WPCHV included but not installed.
- Coin door included needs work.
- This is a project machine that will be a work of art when done.
- Was working two weeks ago. CPU board shorted after being plugged in after a move.

Virtual Cab
- It's a virtual cab no one cares. Let me know if you want pics.

1 month later
#6944 1 year ago

T3 has sold!
Virtual Pin and Johnny still up for sale. Both more or less project machines. Robocop might also be up for grabs.

#6949 1 year ago

Well don't miss the virtual cab then T3 was spoken for weeks ago so don't feel bad! We just finally got around to meeting up 100% my fault. LIFE IS CRAY

#6961 1 year ago

? this legit ? my better judgement says no... Might be a good deal for someone in the area.

#6970 1 year ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

If not proper to have his here I can move it. I'd like to say related to 1994 DE title. I have 3 tix for Aug 30 GNR. Face value, centre field, first couple rows upper west deck. PM me if interested. Once in a lifetime thing, I'd like to deal with a fellow pinballer on this one.

Maybe not, but I think kerimonster and I would be interested so thanks! I'll message yea

#6995 1 year ago

$13,000 replied 13min after the add posted, He replied once, and then no follow up.

#7023 1 year ago

No images in thread rule, but I need to ask, who was this?!

1 week later
#7123 1 year ago

A few machines up on kijiji today in Edmonton.

#7127 1 year ago
Quoted from jesperpark:

1) Where?
2) You are supposed to keep it quiet, buy them all then list them back on kijiji 1 week later, for double what you paid for them

lol... no time for flipping pins.

Not sure I would get double asking for a BTS eclipse working or not.

3 weeks later
#7232 1 year ago

nice find! Congratulations!

2 weeks later
#7302 1 year ago

Lucky's 100%
15004 Yellowhead Trail NW
Local pinsider runs it and the machines are always tip top.

#7303 1 year ago
Quoted from wolv3:

There is free play at luckys lounge in the evening.

Whats going on tomorrow night? Must have missed a memo.

#7314 1 year ago
Quoted from noahd42:

Beercade does allow kids until 8:00 pm I believe. Good mix of games there.
If I recall there is a sign on the front door that says that.

Must be a new rule. They never have let me in with jr.

#7352 1 year ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

pinball-rob I should get you to fix that solenoid issue I still haven't been able to suss out on my TOTAN, as a tinkerer I take joy in fixing things myself, but sometimes you just gotta admit that it's over your head lol.

pinball-rob if you need someone to hold a light I am happy to assist, free all day tomorrow. I just want to play Judge Dread and listen to some records

1 week later
#7434 1 year ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

wof is a turd of a game, there's a lot worse titles but it's not desirable.

If you are learning pinball basics it's a great game to cut your teeth in for nudging basics and might be more desirable to some then an EM (not me love my EMs) I am told it's the machine that made bcrage88 the pinball player he is today. Otherwise I agree, not a machine I am tripping overmyself for.

1 week later
#7440 1 year ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Looks like Hobbit is sold. Pick up on Monday.
Next up Champion Pub. $6800
Extremely nice playfield, wont find a nicer one.

Damn, Champion Pub's don't come up often never-mind with good playfield's. This will not last long!

4 weeks later
#7549 1 year ago
Quoted from libtech:

Anyone want to try an Alien out? Id consider a straight trade for a DILE or a Starwars pro plus cash, thanks!

History might show that this is the best pinball deal on the planet. DILE will be made. Aliens, who knows. libtech is the real deal, trade with confidence.

2 weeks later
#7673 1 year ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

T3- with ColorDMD, powder coated trim and ramps, Cointaker LED kit, and NVRAM, and mirror blades.

That my old T3? If so I want it back! Beautiful game and I miss it in my collection.

#7675 1 year ago

I have recently acquired a few projects from a friend that I just don’t have time for. They would make great re-builds or re-themes.

Seven Up - mess inside, but wires look good. Needs a shop vac and some time.
Zig Zag - no Backglass, re painted playfield

Asking $400 for both *pinside price $500 on Kijiji. Need to be picked up they will not last long at this price.

#7676 1 year ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

I believe it was.

If anyone needs cash to make a deal happen let me know. Would happily have this T3 back with a Color DMD.

#7677 1 year ago
Quoted from puck:

I have recently acquired a few projects from a friend that I just don’t have time for. They would make great re-builds or re-themes.
Seven Up - mess inside, but wires look good. Needs a shop vac and some time.
Zig Zag - no Backglass, re painted playfield
Asking $400 for both *pinside price $500 on Kijiji. Need to be picked up they will not last long at this price.

Sold and going to a great home. Timing was not right for me to restore these machines, but glad they are going somewhere where they will get the love they need.

1 month later
#7826 1 year ago
Quoted from TwilightZone:

T3 still available. Reducing the price to $4,750.
It's a fantastic game. I'm just out of room. Unlike alot of recent Sterns, the code is complete Includes a mini-wizard mode and lots of opportunities to stack modes.
Located in Ottawa. Willing to ship if you handle the arrangements.

T3 is an underrated game. Good luck with the sale. Wish I never sold mine.

1 month later
#7894 1 year ago

2018 time to clean house!
Most of my current collection is for sale! Woot! Other then King Pin / Annie / Johnny all other pins are going to be for sale. I’ll be posting them on Kijiji /Pinside for sale ads next week. Just giving pinside a heads up. Why the big sale? Just changing the line up and looking to only keep one machine of each era. EM/SS/Modern. Small basement and decided that I only want 2/3 machines in house. The collection grew faster then I could keep up. Knight Rider is pending sale.
Machines on the list; Fireball home edition, On Beam, Robocop, Virtual Pin Cab, and Hollywood.

#7899 1 year ago
Quoted from Meegis:

But if you want from every era, you'll need a new stern/jjp/other that has a colour lcd display with video.

I hope to pick up Alice Cooper depending on total cost of home renovations. Other then Gardians (in law has it) nothing from Stern recently excites me. Dialed In would be the only JJP that would fit in my house. Lol. Maybe a Monster Bash remake can take Johnny’s spot.

Robocop is sold pending negotiations.

Fireball Home edition is $200 for anyone asking wondering. It’s in bad bad bad shape.

#7902 1 year ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

If the status of Night rider changes and it becomes available again...I would be interested.

Sorry thehuemanatee it has sold, but to another great local pinhead and our friend Robert. He will no doubt do an amazing job bullet proofing the boards.

Stretch7 You might be right, Just like selling T3. "It's all about progression, loiterers should be arrested." - Jay Z

Virtual Pin is bargain priced at 2800.00 firm. Come get it! I'll even include the bad ass Nitro Pinball sticker stuck to the side. Call it an LE art package.

#7903 1 year ago
Quoted from GEZ-:

I wish there was a Knight Rider pin, that would be awesome. Kind of funny how often people spell it that way!

totally, nice catch, It's even more fun to explain to people.

2 weeks later
#7953 1 year ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

T3 is currently pending trade.

Hope it stays in Alberta.

3 months later
#8450 9 months ago

Robocop $3500
Hollywood $1000

Open to trade Count-down for Hollywood

#8454 9 months ago
Quoted from puck:

Robocop $3500
Hollywood $1000
Open to trade Count-down for Hollywood

Both are heading to the shop. If you have any interest in either please PM me. I am going to do a post-show clean and test tonight and then they are good to go to a new home.

#8456 9 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Sorry Puck needed to cull the herd a bit right now. Played that Hollywood is a neat game in nice condition.
Sold Count-down to a first-time buyer at the show.

That’s a good thing! More people in the hobby!
Glad you were able to sell it!

#8460 9 months ago
Quoted from Adib:

Posting my lord of the rings le pinball machine #lotr if interested please let me know. It was at yeg pin. Price is 9400cdn

Amazing machine Adib. Was in awe at how nice it was.

1 week later
#8483 9 months ago

What’s a working players condition Alien Poker worth?

#8509 9 months ago
Quoted from Vans:

Terminator 2 for sale $4,700 .
Mirror blades, LED lights throughout playfield, Chrome gun handle, custom skull, Chrome cannon, Led strip lights on ramps and upgraded speakers. Fine example for this title.
PM for pics .

Where is it located?

1 month later
#8690 8 months ago

ISO - Transformers (any condition), Bally Atlantic City, Barb Wire, The Amazing Spider-Man (1980)

#8712 7 months ago
Quoted from northerndude:

HOLY sniping the competition.

For 10% of the price of a RZ you can buy my Hollywood, price drop! And 6.5 on Pinside rating vs RZ's 7.687 it's practically the best deal on the planet.

#8714 7 months ago
Quoted from jesperpark:

Best Deal out there unless Sandeep has a Hollywood for sale as well, then it will be second best deal on the planet

Supply and demand action. Lot's of pins not moving as fast as they used to in Canada.

bcrage88 loves both games, RZ and Hollywood I bet will both be in the tournament next year so good chance to practice up. #Itsajoke

#8715 7 months ago

Also, looking for a small trailer to haul pins, tired of destroying my interior of my SUV, if anyone has or knows of a great pin hauler at a good price let me know, otherwise I'll stick with the $15 rentals at Uhaul.

#8719 7 months ago
Quoted from jesperpark:

You heard it here first...the pinball market is CRASHING!!! Time for panic sales!!!
I kid I kid

lol - it’s summer I guess people are ... outside ... whatever that is

#8720 7 months ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

. If I had the funds I'd like to own one for a while.

Same! It’s been on my list for a long time!

#8724 7 months ago
Quoted from Lacoche:

Beautiful Cirqus Voltaire for sale amazing condition fully loaded colordmd pinblades etc etc price 10800$ some trades accepted

Damn, these don't pop up often. GLWS

#8728 7 months ago

Nice, it’s in Cali tho. Can’t remember the last time seeing one for sale in western Canada anyways, but good to see them still moving.

3 weeks later
#8923 6 months ago

No surf in Alberta other then renting out the wave pool. SUP is a great activity, glad to hear the 180o

1 week later
#9042 6 months ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

Looking for anything Sask/Ab that would be a good option for someone in that $4-$6K range. Preferably a newer game but if it it's a well restored strong title in that late 90's early 2000's era I could probably twist his arm.
What's available out there?
I'd actually thought Sandeep's Junkyard might be a fun first pin for him too but alas that ship has sailed.

Fully rebuilt JM I might be interested in selling. Can’t post photos, dm me your number or swing by for a game.

#9050 6 months ago

On Beam up for grabs. Missing a plastic otherwise working.
Time to change up the line up. Would trade for any EM or trade +cash for any DE machine.

#9055 6 months ago

Officially on Kijiji $800 obo. Would prefer trades if possible. Also, looking for a color DMD, so if you have one and you are interested in picking up a Bally let's talk!

#9088 6 months ago
Quoted from Sandeep:

Going to be selling or trading my Funhouse high end restoration by the pinball company (the Goetts) here is a link to this perfect game:
Pm me

This machine is unreal in person.

1 week later
#9166 6 months ago

Bally On beam down to $600 Canadian for quick sale!! Need this gone to move in a new machine.

2 weeks later
#9270 5 months ago

Anyone driving from Calgary to Edmonton that can bring up a pin?

#9301 5 months ago
Quoted from derekbro:

Hey Guys,
Im going to order some Roman/PDI glass here soon, I have a relative coming up from the states who is going to bring it up for me. If there is anyone interested in the Edmonton/Calgary area I can order some extras.

You might want to check with the Calgary folks. There was stock in someone’s basement at one point. You might be able to save some cash.

1 month later
#9613 4 months ago
Quoted from pingod:

Who cares
Back to games for sale.
Pinbot and Congo for sale now.
Who wants them, lol.

I am with you DLH, back to games for sale. Let’s all have a drink together and play some pins. I’d bet a round that we all get along in person.

Night Rider is going up for sale.
Thinking of selling/trading my beloved Robocop. Let me know if you are interested.
Virtual Cab still up for grabs. Motivated to sell.
On Beam a great score at $600

3 weeks later
#9719 3 months ago

Still got this Bally On Beam looking for a good home. Not looking for a ton of cash for it. Need the room. $600.00
Also, looking for a SS+ machine in bad shape for a re-theme. Budget is $800

#9727 3 months ago

Donor machine found. Might still be looking for another CSI that needs work. Thanks jesperpark for the hook up!

1 week later
#9803 86 days ago
Quoted from pingod:

Never heard of him

That makes two of us.

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DevilsMuse Arcade
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Playfield - Other
Pin Monk
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Playfield - Decals
Great American Pinball
$ 109.99

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