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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

6 years ago

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#166 5 years ago


I've brought back a handful of games from the US (Black Knight, PinBot, TSPP). When the dollar was at par, it was a reasonable thing to do. Right now, it would be more of an availability thing for me. I'd look at picking up an AC/DC or Metallica in Minneapolis just because they don't really change hands here to any great degree. If I picked up a game at $3800, it would be a little north of $4200 Canadian out of pocket. Peg ten percent tax on that (varies by province), and you're looking at $4500 or $4600 out of pocket. So, you're saving maybe $600 or $700 over new? I don't know if I'd drive all that distance and take the time to do it if I wasn't going to be there anyhow.


1 month later
#298 5 years ago


I may regret this, but looking to shake things up. Have a LotR LE, Black Hole that's in great shape (CC playfield) but is currently giving me some problems with heating up at least one flipper coil, a Donkey Kong cocktail with a double Kong board (play Donkey Kong and DK Jr), and a Centuri Eagle cabaret arcade machine. A player's T2 could also leave if need be. Looking for trades.


2 months later
#557 5 years ago

Hey all,

Just threw my T2 up on Kijiji. Nothing special, player's condition machine. Asked $2,060 there; if anyone here is interested in the game, fire me a PM and we can talk price. New DMD, rebuilt high voltage section on DMD driver board, replaced GI connectors J120 and J121. I have pictures, but it seems just about impossible to get an iPad to place them upright.

Also have a Donkey Kong Jr. table with a double Kong board in it (plays DK and DK Jr). Also have a DK 3 board that will go,with it. Asked $1200 for it; PM if you're interested and want to talk price.


#565 5 years ago
Quoted from Mahoyvan:

If this is still around towards the end of summer, Im interested!
Im moving back to BC, so this could be a real easy snag with the uhaul.

Sounds good. As I say, not anything special, but a decent game to beat around on...


3 months later
#925 5 years ago

Hey all,

Have an AC/DC Pro I'm putting up for sale. Only thing done to it is replacing FIRE inserts with cool white LEDS, and I also replaced the lightning bolt bulbs with LEDs (had a bulb go, so I relaced them all).

What Sucks
1) Head has "tear" in it. Could be glued down. See pics.
2) Chip in "N" insert on TNT.
3) One LED out in DMD.
4) Very small amount of wear around start button
5) Some wrinkling of cab decals around right front leg; covered by leg protectors (may be covered by leg, but the protectors are there so I can't tell)
6) Some white showing on front left corner where can decals meet
7) Small mark on right side of cabinet. Really won't show up in pictures, but I'll point it out if you come to take a look.

What's Good

Game plays 100 percent. Cliffy protectors on in and out lanes, as well as shooter lane. Game is pretty much stock aside from the aforementioned LEDs. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it does fall into the category of solid Stern offerings from the past couple years. To my knowledge, the game was on location for a while. When I got it, it had (if I recall correctly) 138 plays on a relatively early ROM version. I can't guarantee the ROMs had never been updated, but now you know. When I took my pictures, I'd put 614 plays on the newest ROMs. There have been a few more since then.

Long story short, I try to say what's wrong with a game so no one gets surprised when they see it. I'd rather underrepresent the game and have you be pleasantly surprised. I have the game on Kijiji for $4,800. That's high; you and I both know it, but it's like the asking price on a car. So, I'm open to offers, and if someone had a really nice System 11 or two, I'd consider a trade with some cash involved. If you're interested, let me know; like to get this to someone who'll enjoy it.


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#927 5 years ago
Quoted from schwarz:

Jumping on the TBL bandwagon?
I'm sure thinking about it...

Me personally? No. Just time to move some things around.


#944 5 years ago

$4600 on the AC/DC.


#959 5 years ago

$4500 for the AC/DC.

#980 5 years ago

$4,400 on AC/DC

#995 5 years ago
Quoted from violinfather:

Yes I know. I think it is a little high in price given the condition when a mint HUO Transformers could be had for $4500.

The man has a point. With a Transformers LE at $4500, don't be dumb and buy my game at $4400. Buy the Transformers. If I were buying and not selling, that's what I'd do. That's a pretty awesome deal for someone.

Back to my game. As mentioned, I'll be in Edmonton this weekend, but am leaving tomorrow, so the "Luke will deliver" ship has more or less sailed. Sorry.

Where I sit right now is a handful of offers at $3,800. Not entirely sure how that became the magic number, but that's what people are offering. I feel that's a bit low for a two year old game. Condition wise, the game is very nice. I won't say it's "super fantastic", because it just plain isn't, and I'd rather under represent the game and have someone be pleasantly surprised than not point stuff out. From a finicky point of view, the dot that's out and the chipped insert bug me, and the mark on the left side of the head grinds my gears because that was a screwup when I moved it. I could attempt to replace that block on the DMD, but am not entirely sure where to get parts. It's definitely irritating, but not "blow $200 on another one" irritating. Overall, I can say this about the game: if you have a lineup of HUO games that you took out of the box and never moved, then this is likely going to be the roughest machine you own. If you started collecting and bought stuff that's been routed? I would almost guarantee this will be the nicest game in your lineup.

So, now that I've spewed that out, I'll say $4150. At that price, you can get a very presentable game, throw a shaker in, convert the whole thing to LEDs, and still be in at about $4500. I don't think that's completely unreasonable. Also, I have the Williams itch, and would actually consider trading down with some cash coming my way. System 11s and WPC stuff preferably, but in the off chance someone has a super-nice Flash, let me know. If you have any questions, you know where to track me down.


#1052 5 years ago


Some guy has a LotR LE for trade in Regina. He's kind of a jerk, but it's a nice machine...



2 weeks later
#1103 5 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I'll see if my buddy is interested.. I know he loves FT, but the wife might kill him if he buys another game since they don't have a lot of room.
edit: I did talk to him, but need to talk to him later to see if he really wants it or not. Like I said, space is his issue.

Don't snipe this one on me, Rob!


4 months later
#1989 4 years ago

I'll vouch for Dylan; I know him quite well. You have any questions about him, send me a PM, but if it's "should I do a long-distance deal with this guy?", you have nothing to worry about.


4 months later
#2668 4 years ago


Odd request: a person I know asked about an X-Files. Anyone looking to move one?


11 months later
#4953 3 years ago


Was first to call on the BSD until someone offered three.


#4958 3 years ago


I'd agree in regard to the $3,000 offer, and the guy would be silly not to take it. However, I'll tell you what I told the fellow selling. The guy offering $3,000 isn't going to give him $3,000. He's offering $3,000 to push everyone who answered before him out of the way. The seller was kind enough to offer it to me at that price, and I declined.

What will happen is the guy who said he's going to give $3,000 is going to show up, and start picking apart the machine. This is wrong, that's wrong, and all of a sudden, the seller's back down around his original offering price. Anyone who knows the value on the game isn't going to pay three based on three Kijiji pictures; it just isn't going to happen. The seller isn't going to get his three grand; the guy offered it to hop the line.

I told him if he found the person showing up and working him on price and still wanted to move at $1,500 to get in touch with me. He thanked me for the advice and said he would do so. Maybe I hear from him; maybe I don't. Nature of the pinball business.


#4961 3 years ago

Hey Cam,

Sorry, quote is being a little touch and go on the phone. You have any prices in mind on your games, and if so, could you PM me? Going to be in town tomorrow and Sunday. Thanks!


10 months later
#6928 2 years ago

I'll bite: LotR, or LotR LE?


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