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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

6 years ago

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#275 5 years ago
Quoted from splitskull:

Usually it's just taxes. Nothing else. If you are out of Canada for 3+days you can bring back $800 worth of good and no tax

Just to add that it is $800/person.

#296 5 years ago
Quoted from SquidVicious:

Don't bet on anymore the 800 off of a single pin. By rule that is what you are allowed (doesn't matter how many people are in the car .. one item one person claims it) .. that is not to say I haven't seen people be allowed to combine but just be forewarned if 4 people pickup a pin and you budget on getting 3.2K off of the price that will be taxed you are likely to be disappointed.

Just came back from the US and were allowed to combine - but that is for a family, could be different otherwise. We may have also gotten a customs agent that bent the rules. But yea, best to expect only $800 that way no surprises, anything more is a bonus (I know I was expecting to pay but didn't).

7 months later
#1251 5 years ago

...ok, this seems to be a bit tad too high for this Playboy IMHO, no? http://www.kijiji.ca/v-toys-games/banff-canmore/1978-playboy-pinball-machine/1034780099

4 weeks later
#1446 5 years ago

Wife wants a AC/DC so checking things out. May consider a pro if the price is right (she doesn't care, but I do and I prefer a prem).

Message me what you have.


1 month later
#1602 4 years ago

Bob is essentially a slick used car salesman - and will push to get max coin for his machines.

I personally have found his definitions of condition greatly different from mine and would never by a machine of his sight unseen. The big thing to remember is that he sells the games on a retail level for profit and basically kicks them out of the door. When he says gone over by his tech, he simply means that the game has been looked over and that it plays (not necessarily well). Basically, broken rubbers are replaced and the playfield maybe blown off with a compressor (which basically gets the loose dust off).

To be fair, I have seen a very small percentage of his machines in great condition.

1 month later
#1921 4 years ago

Anyone with a Pinbot they are looking to sell?

#1927 4 years ago
Quoted from earflaps:

A guy from Battleford just posted one on Kijiji.

hmmm, can't seem to find the ad - maybe gone now?

#1987 4 years ago
Quoted from NEOphyte:

Any chance there's a NIB AC/DC LED Pro still available somewhere in Canada?

They had a new LED Pro about a month (or maybe it was 2) ago: http://playmoregames.ca/

Wanted $6500 for it when I was looking at it.

1 month later
#2154 4 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

1. good shipping rates, my NGG shipped from Toronto, I think around 200.
2. Guys, no one is looking to sell a Taxi? Still looking...heard there is one in Red Deer, but I bet it's way over priced...

Taxi was gone when I was there a couple weeks back. Don't think I will ever go back - agreed on a price on one of his machines, he then turns around and tells me afterwards that price was only good if I bought another machine, the price was a fair bit higher on it's own which made it not worthwhile.

Plus I learned he likes to quote prices and then adds GST afterwards - just be upfront with it.

1 week later
#2191 4 years ago

Maybe it's a typo and they meant $8000?

1 month later
#2414 4 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Does anyone know where I could get a monitor re-capped? Or even buy a new one? I cant seem to find anyone who still does this.

There is a fellow in Calgary by the name of Andre that could probably do it for you - I would, but in Edmonton. I will see if I can dig up his info if you need (PM me).

2 months later
#2891 4 years ago
Quoted from bcrage88:

If I can continue to get good response from the community here in Edmonton for our events maybe just maybe be willing to try one out here in Edmonton. No promises but been thinking seriously about trying it out to see if would go here...

Well you know that I am up for an Edmonton event as well (so is the wife).

2 weeks later
#2982 4 years ago
Quoted from Eagles77:

Hey guys has anyone seen the Williams Indiana Jones that Bob at tps pinball in red deer has. Do you know the condition and is it worth the 6G he's asking thanks.

I had a quick look at it a few months ago: cabinet as some wood missing top laminate section of the plywood - largest was about a quarter in size. Fairly dirty, cabinet art didn't seem to be too faded.

Now I didn't look too closely at it, but those were the things that really jumped out. Expect to do some work on his machines (clean and replace parts) - he says they are looked over by his tech, but I can tell you the bare min is done to just make it "playable" (that means you can shot the ball, score some points and the ball drains - now if it scores as it should and nothing is broken and everything works, bonus). Remember he charges retail (plus GST on top of that).

1 month later
#3419 4 years ago

I might as well put this up here.

Decided to sell my Buck Rogers. Installed Pascal's all-in-one board with the sound daughter board as well. Re-pinned all the harnesses, added the extra fuses to the transformer. Playfield stripped, cleaned and clear applied - LED's installed, new rubbers/balls/drop targets/etc. Back glass has some flaking, sealed what was left with some triple-thick and touched up the opaque areas (I would say the bg condition is a 7 or 8 - but that is my opinion). Cabinet has some marks, but nothing major and the playfield is in fairly good condition.

You can have all the OEM boards as well, they all need something (other than the driver board) - I just got tired of fixing them, one thing would be bad, replaced, then something else would be the problem. The ps needs the 5v regulator, just about everything else is new on the board, the CPU now has a bad RAM chip - game will play fine, just doesn't save any settings, sound card has an issue (sound is now corrupt/odd), not sure of the problem as I gave up at this point and ordered Pascal's board.

Like to see $1200 for it, but may also consider in a Bally Star Trek or Six Million Dollar Man as trade.

These are the pictures I have handy, but can send you some hq ones if you are interested.



#3423 4 years ago
Quoted from glauses:

there is an add looking for one of these on kijiji

hmmm...considering I also have this up on Kijiji...

edit - must have found one as I don't see the ad.

2 weeks later
#3532 4 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

Anyone know if there's a business in Edmonton that sells parts? (Ribbons, connectors, led's) Just thought I'd check before I start ordering online. Thanks

Western Coin will sell parts, but expect to pay a bit more of them. They are ok for the odd piece, but you would be better to order in if you need a fair amount. Ribbons and connectors you could probably buy from Digikey.ca - LED's not so much so.

4 months later
#4314 3 years ago

I am considering selling after the Edmonton show: Buck Rogers, F14 Tomcat and Chicago Coin Hollywood.

4 months later
#5024 3 years ago

Decided to sell my F14 Tomcat.

Has had a complete shop done to it about a year ago with many new parts (I don't cheap out when I rebuild my games).

Mylar removed and minimal playfield wear. Has had the flasher mod done, system 11 mods done, power supply rebuilt, all boards have had the solder re-flowed, couple coats of clear applied (there is a close up picture of the right sling where you can see the clear under the protector), playfield protector, LEDs in GI and inserts, 2 new displays, new plastics (with new domes on them), plastic protectors, new beacon motor and all the usual stuff.

Cabinet is decent shape with the usual marking - there is some planking in the paint,

This unit was at the YEGPIN show this year.

Kijiji link: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?requestSource=b&adId=1190043486

Kijiji price is at a high $3000 but will look at fair collector offers. Will take one in straight trade within it's price range (projects ok as long as the playfield is fairly decent). Will also consider some older (including EM) games plus cash.

NOTE: the displays function correctly, not as shown in the picture. Just must have been the timing of the picture.


#5029 3 years ago
Quoted from bcrage88:

Played this machine and it is mint, the seller is a good guy too, if I had the funds or a good trade proposition I would be all over it. GLWS!!!!

Thank you for your comment Derek.

I just noted the scrambled displays in the picture - they are not this way, must of just been the way the camera took the picture and timing or something.

#5047 3 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

I wouldn't call that F-14 mint exactly... that one pic shows a bent up lock down bar and the front decal has seen better days. It has a new looking coin door though...

Well I personally would agree that it isn't mint - physical condition is personal. But it plays like it is.


1) the front decal isn't a decal. It is the original screened (painted) artwork - I also said that there is planking in the cabinet art, the front is the worst, but there is some on the sides. Coin door is original - just cleaned up. The condition of the cabinet does not classify it to be refinished IMHO.
2) the lock down bar isn't bent. The picture kind of makes it look like is it - maybe I should take another one?

I have always said, best to look at a game in person and pictures do not always show the whole picture.

But thank you for pointing those things out.

...any event it is for the most part sold, thanks for the interest.

1 week later
#5111 3 years ago
Quoted from Stretch7:

Diagnostics say rom 1 so not sure if easy or not ...arcades are not my thing

Might just need the ROM re-burned or replaced - could also just be bad sockets (or dirty)...

10 months later
#7156 2 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

The used car salesman who ALWAYS TYPES LIKE THIS!

...oh, you mean the fellow called Ray.

Yes, he is a real bane on not only the pinball world, but the arcade one as well.

1 month later
#7354 2 years ago

Wish I had time - too much stuff in the queue now.

But yes, Rob should be able to help.

1 year later
#10363 1 year ago
Quoted from ryalter:

If you attend the auction make sure to inspect the machines up close. Apparently they're all water damaged and the wood is flaking.

I have seen some of these machines already, and yes water damaged. I wasn't able to see inside the pins, but anything that is metal inside the arcades was rusted and a lot of the cabinets have some real nasty swelling from the water damage. I even noticed mold in some of the arcades. I assume the pins are similar since they came from the same location.

They were brought up to Canada from the US (I heard Texas) by someone who thought they would make a killing on the games. Tried selling them privately in a sale a couple months ago. I assume he either didn't get any offers or didn't like the ones he got (I made him an offer, but he was quoting eBay prices on what they are worth). Then they all of a sudden all "got sold" to some US buyer. Who now "decided" to put them up for auction rather than ship them back to the US - nope, not fishy at all.

Now, not all the games listed at this auction seem to come from the water batch, but all the pins that are grouped together on the pallet are. Some of the auction pictures are pictures of the games in the original buyers shop.

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