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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

6 years ago

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#554 5 years ago

Cant believe you sold both your IJ's Jason! I ended up fixing up another one.

I'm looking for a Congo, anyone have one?

I may have to pm on that apollo 13 as well, love that movie..

#558 5 years ago
Quoted from smokedog:

We have a guy in the club with a Congo. I will inquire if he is looking to move it.

Thanks bud, I'd appreciate that!

3 months later
#979 5 years ago

Hey Guys, I'm after another pin to add to my collection, Id be interested in one of the following: twilight zone, congo, or the simpsons party pinball.

Can be a project, just needs to have a nice Pf!

Drop me a line if you have one!

1 week later
#1077 5 years ago

Im still interested in finding a TZ or TSPP up here, whos going to hook me up?

#1084 5 years ago


#1093 5 years ago


3 weeks later
#1270 5 years ago

Yea the dollar must be pretty bad, prices in that container sucked!

#1303 5 years ago

Whoops, so wrong on that one, for some reason I thought jjp was from aus...

2 months later
#1662 4 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

Didn't I offer that already

Sounds like nows the time to head down!

#1676 4 years ago
Quoted from jms121:

How much nicer could it be,the game is only a month old,did that one sell quickly or did it sit awhile?It should definetly sell for 7000.00$,I would be all over it if I had the cash and didn't have TWD pro.

No kidding, thats what I was thinking, only a month old, I dont think there will be any difference. Great price imo

1 week later
#1760 4 years ago


#1798 4 years ago

Pending payment

#1822 4 years ago

Hey does anyone have have a mario mushroom world they want to sell? Want to get one of the wife, get her into pinball


#1845 4 years ago
Quoted from freezie:

I'm not looking for a BSD

You should buy this one lol

ebay.com link » One Of A Kind Custom Bram Stokers Dracula Pinball In A Real Casket

seriously though, wasnt there one on maaca a week ago?

#1868 4 years ago

Really nice shape actually

#1891 4 years ago

Huo one with no wear that just needs a clean? Would probably go for about 4500usd so his price seems pretty cheap

#1907 4 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

JPloof, if you find one in Toronto area, I can happily give a hand. libtech knows me well, and I have personally shipped him two games already (one is technically en route)
Glad to help if I can. No JD from me though. Sorry.

Yup, meegis will definately help you spend money, just ask me

1 month later
#2110 4 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Looking for a very clean Sopranos if anyone wants to part.

There is one in calgary for 3800 maybe you can work out shipping with him http://www.kijiji.ca/v-buy-sell-other/calgary/the-sopranos-pinball-arcade-game-by-stern-excellent-condition/593491469?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true

4 weeks later
#2239 4 years ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

Might not be in the cards for me then. Thanks boys.

There was one in Quebec for 4600 a few weeks ago but it seems to be gone, I doubt youll see one under 5k as mentioned, our dollar sucks, and will push all prices up sucks because that means less machines for us all!

#2246 4 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Still good deals to be had out there =)

For sure! Just have to shop around and jump on a deal when you find one

#2247 4 years ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

We were talking about an AC/DC, not a MET. Unless I've got you on the wrong convo! LOL

If your after a acdc Id grab that one in ont for 5k NIB looks like a private seller so no tax... great deal

#2262 4 years ago

Maybe he just doesn't own a camera, come on guys stay positive

#2282 4 years ago

I got the same one, lol no accidents and origional paint? must have started scamming car buyers!

1 week later
#2346 4 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

Bought mine almost a year ago....no regrets its underrated. Problem with that machine is a lot went on location. I've played 5 or so in theatres/airports and how many were clean/functional? NONE! A good working HU machine is a blast to play.

True, the one at the edmonton airport is pretty dirty... different layout great theme, it has potential!

1 week later
#2378 4 years ago

Both sold

#2391 4 years ago
Quoted from Maken:

Still cheaper than Marco!

With the shipping anyways lol!

3 weeks later
#2480 4 years ago

Anyone have a mirco medieval madness playfield they want to sell?

#2485 4 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

Can't you just get one from the man himself.

Been trying to message him, he hasnt really responded, Id like to! Maybe hes on vacation..

#2530 4 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

Anybody know of an ACDC Premium for sale in the Vancouver area? Doesn't need to be NIB or minty, just a great players machine. Cab scuffs or dings are no issue, as long as playfield is clean. Lower PF window clear etc. Prefer standard pre to Lucy. Any info would be great. Thanks.

you just missed that one down east sold fast a few days ago, 7k

1 month later
#2897 4 years ago
Quoted from bcrage88:

If I can continue to get good response from the community here in Edmonton for our events maybe just maybe be willing to try one out here in Edmonton. No promises but been thinking seriously about trying it out to see if would go here...

Ive always thought about organizing one as well.. I think there would be enough intrest these days especially with calgarys not happening. We should chat

#2913 4 years ago

No kidding, Ive seen Spencers tz, 5k is way to low! But true, without listing a price, I guess what do you expect

1 week later
#2995 4 years ago

Thats the problem with the market right now, to buy anything else youd need to get the full exchanged value, but no one wants to pay the full exchanged value yet to buy the game.

1 week later
#3058 4 years ago

Thats why when I restored my ww I sold it to a buddy so I could go visit it great game!

3 weeks later
#3249 4 years ago
2 weeks later
#3413 4 years ago
2 weeks later
#3491 4 years ago

Lots of good discussions and deals

2 weeks later
#3601 4 years ago

Damn he didnt even post his machine here.. paul is a good guy, let him sell his machine

#3643 4 years ago

Yes, calm down boys, I can guarantee you Ryan what you think happened is NOT how Josh got that stle, I dont know who youve been talking to but there was nothing 'weasely' about it.

Value wise from what Ive seen just under 7kusd is where Ive seen them selling stock which is about 9kcan right now. Generally prices are a little less here than straight conversion. Ive seen a few sell above and below that, but that would be average. And thats from someone who doesnt own one and with no intention of buying one.

That being said, I think the price will drop after gotle is out, with all the praise its been getting I think the spotlight will move on to it.

#3644 4 years ago

But since its a fs thread Im still after trades on my taxi

#3664 4 years ago
Quoted from mstellato:

Hey guys. The guy put an ad for stle for $7200.00. I was the first one to call. I told him I would accept his price and asked if I could pick it up in the morning. We agreed to speak in the morning to arrange a pickup time. He texted me the next day to say he had sold the game to someone else for 8000.00. He said he was offered 800.00 more and couldn't turn it down. I wished him and the buyer good luck. That's what happened. Period. End of story. Draw your own conclusions from that. But let's move on to trading pins!

That is what happened, but the night before he and I were talking as well arranging a pickup time (on Josh's behalf) he told me I was the first caller as well.. so draw your conclusions from that. Anyways we were supposed to talk in the morning but he never called so I contacted him. He told me that he recived a bunch of emails saying he was selling it too low and that he relisted it for 8k that morning and deleated all emails/calls he had gotten from the night before and it would go to whoever called first at the new price (which was me that morning). 8k was still a good deal, so I told him we were good to go and Josh picked it up.

Hopefully that clears it up once and for all and there are no hard feelings anywhere, there was no bidding or over offering. The seller deleated everything and relisted at a higher price because guys were telling him he wasnt asking enough.

#3753 4 years ago
Quoted from QuickSilverShelby:

I know, I know.... I really should let it go but I often feel like Gollum in The Lord of the Rings........ it's "my precious".

Just saying this year is 25 years, might be a good time to open it and enjoy it

#3755 4 years ago

Thats what I ment to type lol

1 week later
#3854 4 years ago

Im close to him if anyone wants me to check out his gems for them

2 weeks later
#3890 4 years ago

Probably the same guy who was posting that 'all out clear out' wanted ad, someone who is bitter about where prices are on machines.

2 weeks later
#3943 4 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

I like the funny ads on kijiji Alberta. Is the new one yours too Spencer? Price policing is hilarious

The funny part is the guys doing it sure dont give anyone deals when they sell, but expect one and are the first to comment on high prices when they are looking for a game

#3944 4 years ago
#3954 4 years ago

No I wasnt Spencer, still wish I would have grabbed your SM

#3957 4 years ago

Bsd usually goes for just over 2kusd as well so its a very similar situation actually, for me I want a st pro, the usually sell for low 4kusd, and the only one I could find he wanted 6k can for it. I dont like paying full converted prices, but to do that Ill have to sell my games at the same. And the price I posted was 25-2600usd which is reasonable.

Either way, Im thinking there will not be alot of movement in collections except to the states for the next while. But no use complaing about it, it is what it is and its supposed to get worse before it gets better...

#3962 4 years ago

Exactly, no one is even going to post games fs if all we do is bitch and post stupid shit like this: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-video-games-consoles-other/edmonton/want-a-pinball-machine/1132865105?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true

#3977 4 years ago

Yea lets get this back on topic

#3989 4 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

Find me bsd for 2k us and I'll buy 5 of them. I have 2 friends in the states who recently paid 3k + and were both happy with their purchases. Bsd $2800 us, Bop $2100 us. Big difference. But whatever, who cares. Good luck with your sale.

Heres one for 2200 fs right now, and one for 2500, theres even one one on ebay for 2750 which tells you something: http://user.xmission.com/~daina/classified/search_for_sale.cgi

And if you search the pin clasifieds about 4 sold this year for 1900-2300

That being said if was in super nice shape, it definately would be worth more, and if your buddy was happy with the deal and game then all is good either way (and it was a good deal as 3100can is 2100usd right now ) Like I said usually I price my games slightly under what they are worth, but these days since Im going to be paying alot for what I want, that cant be expected.

For bride, for sure a bunch sold around 2k this year, but find one for sale there now. There are 4-5 fs right now in the us, lowest is 2600 highest is 3750 bride has alot going for it right now like bop2.0, new playfields being released etc.

Either way, its not worth all of us arguing about. Its an expensive hobby, mainly because its gotten more popular and also because of the dollar. If its not worth it to you or if you cannot afford it, stick to lower price games or unfortunately it may be time to move on to a different hobby.

And thanks for the wishes on my sale, but its trade only now since I dont wat to deal with this, I just want to play some PINBALL! \ O /

1 week later
#4072 3 years ago


That one? There are 4 by me, if you want me to grab them spencer let me know

#4075 3 years ago

Sure, shoot me a pm If youd like me to pick them up

#4093 3 years ago
Quoted from Freeworld:

I have read many posts that say to stay away from the seller in Kingston. I have not found any with reasons as to why? I have been thinking of purchasing a specific table from him, all the pictures, and a video sent to me look real good. Can anyone please tell me what to watch for here. Thanks.

One reason is if you look at the pics in this add, one is my pic of my taxi... lol


2 weeks later
#4165 3 years ago
Quoted from smokedog:

Well, never say never ... but I'm gonna say never Maybe after I make it to Valinor.
It came all the way from Vegas in my first major trade, it's got some great history. Plus it's still one of my top 5.

So never... lol, maybe you could do it Jay, wont be happening at my house any time soon anyways!

1 week later
#4200 3 years ago

If anyone is actually willing to drive out to vulcan, he should be paying them!

#4233 3 years ago

Been quiet round here! I can help with that.

Looking to trade one of my pins for a mint low play huo startrek pro:

First my addams family, has usual wear on chair scoop and mansion, but plays great. Would need some cash with st for this one ($6-700)

Second my huo super low play xmen pro (under 200 games), looks like it just came out of the box. Straight trade.

If you have a st pro send A pm and we can trade pictures neither are for sale right now until I fine one, after maybe. If you have a st pro youd sell pm me and maybe we can figure something out.


#4237 3 years ago

Xmen is now for sale, only 143 plays, like new! Still looking for a trek.. or offers around 6k

Pics: http://members.shaw.ca/dtyukes/pinball/x/

#4240 3 years ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

This is a pro correct? Damn... wish you were closer.

Yup you bet! Im ok with helping ship, just get it picked up from my place, I bet it would only be around 100, your so close...

Definately not going to be many this nice left!

#4270 3 years ago

Swapped all lamps on xmen to LEDs today, and it looks awesome! Purple super bands and some custom cards soon too

Pinside members price - $5500


#4274 3 years ago
Quoted from redundor:

LED's make a big difference in XMen, that's for sure. Make me consider getting an ledocd for mine though

No kidding alot of games look better, this one NEEDED them lol! Built in late '12, but looks like a brand new showroom stern now

1 week later
#4291 3 years ago

Search out a whirlwind or taxi if you want a great sys 11, there are some pretty bad ones too, but over all a great era of pinball.

#4294 3 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

Xmen is now for sale, only 143 plays, like new! Still looking for a trek.. or offers around 6k
Pics: http://members.shaw.ca/dtyukes/pinball/x/

Going to be fs at yegpin, cant sell/trade before then however if you want it you can prebuy/trade and pick up after the show

#4296 3 years ago

Hopefully! Thats what these things are for, if I loose a few hundred bucks not a big deal 5k firm after yegpin for anyone (if prepayed/deposit is given)

#4299 3 years ago
Quoted from pinball77:

I think there will be a few for sale at yegpin. Come out and check them out!!

Not sure, I think this one will be the first listed in the fs section, It wouldnt be cool if you just popped them for sale mid show. Not fair to the guys putting it on.

Thats awful kind of you Josh, cheque's in the mail I assume?

#4306 3 years ago
Quoted from puck:

I am sure some of my EM's will not be making it home with me. Trades will be made! Sorry lib tech I have not gotten back to you on X-Men, but glad to see it at the show. Should I not get my mits on a Rob Zombie I hope to the be lucky owner of your X-Men. Sounds like Rob Zombie is shipping in April!

No problem, if you want to check it out beforehand let me know

#4311 3 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

But my cheques in the mail ....

Sorry bud, cant hold it untill it arrives! Your welcome to come see it in person as well

#4312 3 years ago

Still looking for a star trek pro, if you have one fs, pm me

1 week later
#4342 3 years ago
Quoted from smokedog:

If anyone has a line on a Taito Ice Cold Beer, let me know. It looks like this:


Ive been looking for one for a few years too, cool game!

4 weeks later
#4531 3 years ago

For Sale at or after YegPin!

First my Xmen, mint, full LED's and 'wolverine' coloured super bands! (Not shown) Latest roms, mylar around mags now new shiny balls from PL. Asking $5450

Second my Addams Family, typical mansion wear and chair hole wear, (you can clean it up with a decal and cliffy, but I was waiting for the cpr playfield) comes with about 750 worth of new parts (ramp, plastic set, backboard and vault decals, new flippers, superbands, rubbers, pop bumper parts, star posts, coil sleeves, pretty much everything youll need for a resto) Price is SOLD

For sale at or before yegpin! And you can pick them up after the show there or at my place.
No trades other than a trek pro.


#4533 3 years ago

Thank you, but Addams has a deposit on it, so I guess you can change it back sorry

#4543 3 years ago

Thats a damn nice looking met meegis!

#4551 3 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

For Sale:
my Xmen, mint, full LED's and 'wolverine' coloured super bands! (Not shown) Latest roms, mylar around mags now new shiny balls from PL. Asking $5450

Price drop $5250! Or still would trade for a trek/got

#4553 3 years ago

Yea sorry it wasnt dispensing tokens, it really makes it feel more special. I actually bought a bunch of tokens to put in it for the show but they were slightly too thin and the mech wouldnt pump them out :/

Xmen is really fun tight shots and in great shape! Im surprised no one has taken it home yet.

#4560 3 years ago
Quoted from freezie:

Volkdrive I don't recall putting my name up on anything but the walking dead pin ! Libtech , your X men was fun . I played it quite a bit !

Glad you enjoyed playing bro, makes bringing them out worth while

#4598 3 years ago

I think a floor model pin is still new, so the huo term is fine, its like saying when you buy a car if its on the lot it isnt new.

The real misuse is when people put 'unconfirmed' huo that always makes me laugh

Either way who cares about terms, condition is all that matters.

#4617 3 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

xmen pro Price drop $5250! Or still would trade for a trek/got

Quick pic with superbands and cards:

More pics: http://members.shaw.ca/dtyukes/pinball/x/

#4620 3 years ago

I love em, they clean easy and play great, plus they look sick. Each to their own

1 week later
#4661 3 years ago

Xmen is sold, Id be interested in picking up a nice st pro, got pro, or gofers

3 weeks later
#4707 3 years ago

Pinballoutlet.com has a tf pro too, never delt with them though but they may be closer

1 month later
#5007 3 years ago

Putting up my medieval madness pinball machine to see if there is any interest, its a nicely restored game with new pretty much everything and gold hardware.
More interested in trades, Id consider multiple titles or games plus cash, here is a list of what Im interested in (must be HUO/near mint):
Wizard of oz (LE only),
banzai run,
black rose,
spider man,
Batman dark knight
or a GOT pro
Id value it at 10k USD, and am looking for a local deal at this time.
Pics: http://members.shaw.ca/dtyukes/pinball/mm/
Added over 3 years ago: Sold
Added over 3 years ago: Not sold, never mind!
Added over 3 years ago: Asked lots on can price - $12500can would get it

Added over 3 years ago: Sold!

#5018 3 years ago

Thanks guys, yes she took alot of work, but cleaned up very nicely Ohh, too bad your IM is the 2010 version, that one is 33rd, you need the VE otherwise wed have a deal lol

#5021 3 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Such a dumb scale.

Yes it is, why they need a new entry is beyond me, or even different ones for PRO/PREM/LE, unnecessary..

#5026 3 years ago

MM is still availible, deal fell through

#5040 3 years ago

Lots of great games up here lately!

#5042 3 years ago

Sounds like a good price for non ghosting leds for sure

1 month later
#5166 3 years ago

Looking for one of the following, anyone have one to sell?
Batman tdk
Game of thrones pro
Black rose
Banzai run

4 weeks later
#5243 3 years ago

Going to offer up my Safecracker for trade:
Its in great shape, very nice playfield and cabinet, plastics are all good as are the ramps. It plays very good without issue and comes with approx 10 tokens. All LED's (except the exposed lights which are coloured), just cleaned and new silicon rubber/superbands put on.
I'm not interested in selling, but would straight trade for a green version WOZ LE, thats all thought Thanks!

Added over 3 years ago: Cant part with it...

#5245 3 years ago

Not trying to make it easy got to try and twist that arm a bit

#5247 3 years ago

Hey Jody, no sorry man, thinking on it I'm going to put up my IJ instead of SC dont think I can part with SC.

So if anyone wants a nice IJ in trade for a WOZ send me a message. (I'll put a few pics up later, again I'm not interested in selling)

#5250 3 years ago

Not looking to sell, only trade (again pretty much straight for a WOZ only although thinking on it Id consider a hobbit deal as well)
Here are some pics, its a pretty nice copy, some mods, few extra lights, propellers in the planes that go off with the flashers on the ramps, and I painted the planes to more closely look like the ones in the movies.

Added over 3 years ago: pending

1 week later
#5291 3 years ago

Thats my old xmen, I'll send you a message

#5292 3 years ago

Gonna put up my Bride of Pinbot for sale/trade - its been restored and is beautiful also a bit custom
Stuff thats been done:
Black cab instead of purple,
new rails/legs/stern style protectors
new repro prototype style playfield (only a few out there)
new ramps
new plastics
new faces on the head
new crown
upper playfield is new
new playfield apron
all starposts are new (yellow)
popbumper plastics are all new
all stern style leds on the pf - cool white fits the space theme
new silicone style rubbers
translucent yellow flippers
all top metal pieces tumbled and stainless regrained
all slieves replaced on soliniods
Thats about all I can think of, it plays and looks great great.
Last one Ive seen in this sort of condition sold for 6k usd, I'm asking 6k can, will straight trade for a huo batman TDK or trade for a WOZ LE (and add cash). Want probably the nicest BOP in canada lol? Heres your chance.
Pics (more to come):

Added over 3 years ago: sold

#5301 3 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

Do you have the Dutch pinball 2.0 kit installed

Hey bud, no it doesn't, I like the 2.0 kit, it adds some good depth to the game, however IMO removes a bunch of the 'Charm'. Happily we have one on location locally and I can play it there, so never found the need to install one in my machine.

Its just a very clean game with thousands in new parts

2 weeks later
#5420 3 years ago

Tough one, I'm usually just a trusting guy, talk to them on the phone if they seem genuine then I go for it. But it is a risk.

As mentioned, get lots of good quality pics, everyone's standards are different - even if you get a local guy to check it for you, so the best description is looking at all the photos.

On the other end of things when selling, I wouldn't take anything except E-Transfer either, since there are too many scams the other way as well.

The best thing is when shipping deal with guys on here, at least they have been around a while and maybe you've seen other transactions they have compleated that went well.

1 month later
#5586 3 years ago

Looking to buy a Batman tdk, game of thrones pro, or met pro Shoot me a PM if you have one you'd sell.

#5618 3 years ago

Not much difference, just leds (which most will have by now), swinging bell and the newer metal head right?

1 week later
#5661 3 years ago

Still looking for a game: batman tdk, met pro or got pro - now adding an avengers hulk to the list of wants

#5682 3 years ago

Yea if it was a few months old sure - but 3/4 years old, plus those early mets had alot of playfield issues you have to watch out for.

#5716 3 years ago

Went through this exact decision and went lcd, brighter colours and the former factor makes for easier installs on more games.

You can vary the brightness as mentioned, I'd only get the lcd if you want to run the high rez mode.

#5733 3 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

"Not enough biomechanical dicks and dripping orifices", without a doubt.

Haven't seen the LE art yet, you never know

#5778 2 years ago

Dont think so but I think it was Dans, maybe ask him about it if your interested

#5787 2 years ago

Think Bob had a sharkeys last time I talked to him

#5798 2 years ago

File hosting could work, but pinrev is good too

#5804 2 years ago

Felt like he's looking for higher bids, wouldnt bother

#5815 2 years ago

Actually Edmontons SML shut down, surprised it took that long actually.

#5821 2 years ago

Dont suppose anyone has some spare whitestar boards to sell? looking for a 520-5300-00 mpu board, mainly maybe a display board too

1 week later
#5858 2 years ago

HUO SM tend to sell for a bit under 5kusd on here (stock) so you think you could get one shipped up here for around 7kcan - so I wouldnt offer any more than that

Addams is tougher, but crappy ones sell for around 6k up here these days so with clear etc if its pretty nice I would think about the same 7kish

#5860 2 years ago

Nice one here by Edmonton if you feel like a drive 700 for a fore, don't think that's too bad depending on which version you want.


#5864 2 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

I sold my Spiderman a year ago for $5600 and it was a tough sell. I regret selling it now and if they are 7K+ now, I'll probably never own another. Unreal how much these things have gone up.

Yea, I still regret not grabbing it, but I didnt want to screw the guy over I was looking at it for even at the time it was a great deal for a nice sm.

Really though a nice huo one should be low 6'ks but what I was saying is if you really wanted one you should be able to bring one up from the states where they are more common for no more than 7k (stock) so to offer more than that for one would be a mistake.

#5894 2 years ago
Quoted from Archon9000:

There is one at the Playdium Store in Montreal. They can usually ship to other Playdium points of sale throughout Canada. Don't remember the price... Sorry.
I can send you a pic of it if you want (took it for a friend who was also looking for that game)

No there isn't.. anymore

Willathrilla on here had a pro he may sell, shoot him a PM inf your interested vf

#5897 2 years ago
Quoted from Archon9000:

I saw it Feb 10th in the showroom.

Yea, I had a deal pending on it, Michel was on vacation for a few weeks though which is why it was sitting on the floor. On a truck as we speak, should be here this week.

#5900 2 years ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

I have good word, that it's being picked up at the end of the month.

Sweet! Looked like a nice machine, colour dmd too. Always better to find pins close to you as well.

Quoted from Archon9000:

It's very nice! I admit I played a couple games on it.
Congratulations on the purchase!

Ok good to hear lol, got not great pics, but it looked to be in exellent shape, but its always worrysome buying at a distance.

#5901 2 years ago
Quoted from puck:

I didn't see that one. Wow! If you don't get it I will, lucky for you it's 5hrs from me. Great machine for $1500. Sounds like it'll need some work, but you don't see F-14s for $1500 in Alberta often.

Yea, if that was closer I would have grabbed it just to bring to yegpin!

1 week later
#6003 2 years ago

There is a matrix list but basically lighted ramps (like tron maybe?) Lighted art blades, special side/translite art and goodie bag, lighted beacons on top, powdercoated armour in the colour of your choice (blue black or green)

There are 500 LE's, one of em is coming my way, cant wait

#6011 2 years ago

not really a great deal, last TFLE I saw sell sat for 6 months at low 5k's

#6018 2 years ago

Not a whole lot of love for Transformers, and the LE has a worse rep then the pro, universal hate for the LE upper PF

Also it would be a hard one to move later unless you got it for 4500 or something, and you should be able to get a better game for pretty much that price. eg there have been a few treks floating around for around the 6k mark.

#6026 2 years ago

Looking on here machines that sold seemed to be asking 5700can for an le and 5000can for a pro, minus a bit for negotiating of course, so the price isnt at all out of line, everytime I see one it just seems to sit for months though.. However with the increase in price of popular/new pins in the last 6 months there is probably more interest in these less desireable titles since they are a bit more of a percived bargain.

#6088 2 years ago
Quoted from Stretch7:

It says scam all over it to me

Your pretty close, you should go pick it up at least you could see if its a real add before you pay

#6136 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Anyone play Freddy? It's rated pretty low..wondering how fun it is?!?

I wouldn't.. pretty bad...

#6155 2 years ago

This one was there as well - it was the white one in the fs section, the one in the front row was Gilles

#6196 2 years ago

Nice collection, your place looks like a fun place to hang out! Id post what your asking, guys want to know what balpark your in. Thats alot of transformers you have btw lol!

#6215 2 years ago

Better hurry over there...

#6227 2 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Quick poll. Would you rather have a pimped out met pro or tricked out fun house and johnny mnemonic?

Never played JM but like funhouse more then met - so Id go for the two games

Besides apparently they are not making met anymore

#6253 2 years ago

Yea our dollar sucks hard, really nice lotr are going for at or just under 6kusd which is 8kcan

ST there have been quite a few up lately, I would think stock HUO would be about 6250ish

#6301 2 years ago

I bet you they are on here - hopefully not the yeg pin one since if he sells I doubt it will be there!

#6356 2 years ago

Ended up with two? Good problem to have! It would be a good price for someone down east as no 13% pst, it is NIB still.

#6358 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinball-Pat:

Modded HOU GB Pro w/shaker. Also willing to sell: ($7200 OBO)

Game looks brand new, hundreds in mods as well!

#6404 2 years ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

Just put my HUO LOTR up on Kijiji. Not interested in shipping or trades at this time.

Great looking LOTR

2 weeks later
#6515 2 years ago

I also will have a game for sale at yegpin (can sell before, but needs to go to the show and can be picked up afterwards) its a bit of a rare and interesting game, a 1984 Mechatronics Fire Escape - its in very nice shape and everything works
Id sell for $1800, or trade for an ICB/Zekes peak (or towards a GOT pro/Batman TDK)
Interesting story if you have a chance:
Added over 3 years ago: Not mine but a gameplay video:

Added over 3 years ago: No longer for sale.
Added over 3 years ago: No longer for sale.

Added over 3 years ago: No longer for sale.

#6519 2 years ago

It is a very neat and fun game, it has more depth and challange than icb, but Id still like to own one for a while.

My problem is room, not willing to sacrifice pin space for arcades Id have to choose my MK1 or this, but mk has too much sentimental value for me to part with.

Yes, I belive the guy was going to make these for ice, but they didnt like it, so he assembled a few himself, there are only a few prototypes that got made that say ice - this is a non ice labled one, but still very rare only a handful were built.

Either way, it will be at Yegpin, give it a play if you come down!

#6537 2 years ago

Decided to sell a few games to clear a wall for different games lol, so Ill have the following pins for sale on kijiji:
All three are in amazing shape and HUO. I would do a partial trade for either a batman tdk or an ice cold beer

First is my Hobbit Smaug edition $10500

Second is my Avengers Hulk: $7800

Third is my Ironman VE (lots of mods) $7500

#6543 2 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

No TWD no care....

Didnt know you were after one, there were a few fs down this way in the past few months, dont know of any now though

#6544 2 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

I actually paid way less and I've been cleaning it for the last 6 hours, replacing bulbs/rubbers/posts/etc and its coming up even better than I expected!! Really excited about this one.
Still need a sheet of glass, anyone??

I bet nitro is selling glass and bringing it to yegpin, you said you may be coming down maybe grab some there

#6586 2 years ago
Quoted from noahd42:

Yeah that is what I was thinking.... not worth the hassle which is too bad because I wouldn't mind getting a T2 or T3.
If they keep getting those kind of offers, you would think they would get the hint. Like someone else has said, reasonably priced pins are gone so quickly around here.

Wonder why she would want to go through ebay?..? Weird - more hassle and fees for her.

Either way 2k is too low, seem to go for mid 2kusd on here which is ~3.25kcan

#6603 2 years ago

Ok a few changes since last, Fire escape is back up for grabs, trades Id be interested in are still a batman TDK, a Game of thrones pro, or would maybe consider a RCT! I'm close to yegpin for those coming.

Fire Escape arcade: $1800
Vid for those who havent heard of one lol:

Avengers Hulk LE: $7500

Hobbit Smaug SE: $10500

#6663 2 years ago

Speaking of Yegpin, going to do $600 off either pin I have, or $200 off fire escape for guys on pinside - if picked up this weekend only (prices are firm though)!
Hobbit Smaug SE $9900
Avengers Hulk LE $6900
Fire Escape $1600
hulk: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-toys-games/edmonton/fs-ft:-avengers-le-hulk-edition-stern-pinball-machine/1261115022?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
hobbit: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-toys-games/edmonton/fs-ft-the-hobbit-se-smaug-edition-pinball-machine-by-jersey-jack/1261114370
fe: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1259592500&requestSource=b

Added over 3 years ago: Hobbit no longer for sale, fire escape pending, just avengers left

#6666 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

I cant find fire escape on the list of games?!? No search results found

Its not a pin, but a skill game like ICB, very rare, which is why no one has heard of it but awesome! It will be on free play at yegpin:

1 week later
#6772 2 years ago

Hopefully yall enjoyed it at yegpin - I still have my Fire Escape for sale, I can do 1600 for pinsiders


1 week later
#6826 2 years ago
Quoted from Lord_of_the_pins:

Who knows you could be first in line if you called a couple minutes after . I called 40 mins after no answer but phone was on , later his phone was off . Probably got sick of calls and had to turn off .

Probably a prank - a buddy posted it with his number - get a lot of phone calls to his number to screw with him.

#6829 2 years ago

Could be fine yes, I only say that because guys are saying his phone is off and hes not returning messages, or maybe hes just realizing its worth more and waiting, 6000 is still a very good price.

#6835 2 years ago

I think someone mentioned the are doing pro's now, and prems this fall? priced at todays prices I'm sure so 7490 + tax on a pro.

#6840 2 years ago

Lol, much better theme. I actually kind of remember watching that one as a kid...

Seriously though they should have done a hand drawn one like AS or MET, they would have sold a ton more.

1 week later
#6896 2 years ago

Still have my Fire Escape and Avengers Hulk LE for sale, think I found a game I want to buy so priced as low as I can do to make room:
Fire Escape: $1600
Avengers Hulk LE: $6900

Added over 3 years ago: no longer for sale

Added over 3 years ago: Both back up for sale lol! Didnt mean to strike out FE!

1 week later
#6934 2 years ago

LEs would be closer to 10'k and dont really have any benifits

1 week later
#7004 2 years ago

if you have a sleeve for sure change it first, if you have to order stuff just order a new coil, if the coil has been over heated in the past sometimes they change shape and get tighter inside, so a bit of warmth squeezes the plunger and makes it stuck.

#7022 2 years ago
Quoted from Halfwasted:

Anyone know a good shipper service to get a pin from the US to Canada?

Ive used R+L quite a few times, and havent had an issue, seem to be the best priced as well. (Around 500usd) still have to pay brokerage and tax though.

#7026 2 years ago
Quoted from puck:

No images in thread rule, but I need to ask, who was this?!

I was wondering if it was Jodys, he had a nice cleared one, dont know if he sold it or not..

#7040 2 years ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

Yeah they totally fucked the side of my lotr cab and essentially hid behind theur claim policy even if it was obvious that they damaged it.

I saw your pics, that sucks hard but think it could happen with any carrier, and Im pretty sure all would suck for helping you out, shipping is a risk for sure, but often nessisary to get the game you want.

1 week later
#7114 2 years ago

Shipping isnt horrible in the states, but we have it better thankfully. However shipping to and from the states sucks mainly due to the brokerage fees and taxes. The shipping itself is often not that bad when considering the distance traveled.

2 weeks later
#7194 2 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Anyone in Canada going to be buying a TNA? I'm still on the fence because of how simple it is, but it's the first Spooky game that has me even mildly interested.

Looks fun, good location pin but dont think it would be a long term keeper in a collection

#7202 2 years ago

Ive played it, its beautiful.

#7205 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Would you say it's in mint condition?

Get spencer to send lots of pics, we all have our own personal definitions of condition, make sure its up to yours. Someone put alot of time into that game.

#7206 2 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

It is really nice,nothing is mint these days.
NIB games aren't even mint.

No kidding, did you see the new starwars are ghosting already uggghhh...

#7208 2 years ago

Thats a big discount for that damage, hopefully you got some cash back from the shipping company.

#7228 2 years ago

I found something I'd like to pick up, so back up for sale is my Avengers Hulk LE - Beautiful condition, price is $6850

Added over 2 years ago: No longer for sale.

#7240 2 years ago

Creeping on his other ads are we nice car though.

1 week later
#7309 2 years ago

Don't think any of our places allow kids..

When are you up? You and your kids are welcome to swing by my place but I won't be home till Monday

#7374 2 years ago

You should look at the differences in met (sure you have) not much difference, definately not 2-3k difference I wouldnt think anyways, coffin ball lock looks cool though

#7376 2 years ago

Translite on the pro is better? Roadcase cab is cool though

Ohh, just looked at the prem, for 4k difference - definately the pro

1 week later
#7441 2 years ago

Cant belive it took so long to sell

Never played CP, looks interesting!

2 weeks later
#7497 2 years ago
Quoted from tmick73:

Hey everyone...I'm looking for a nice LOTR. If anyone has a line on one, fire me a PM. Cheers.

Im considering listing mine in the next few months, sent ya a pm.

#7513 2 years ago

Dont forget the crappy brass trim that wears like a mofo

#7516 2 years ago
Quoted from Lord_of_the_pins:

I don't have any issues with my brass . Not only do they have a cleared playfield but also signed by stern and Gomez and don't forget there 6 years newer than the original with updated S.A.M boards and limited to a run of 500 . If it were released today it would likely be the price of premium at the very least and cost upwards of ten thousand .

Very true, a ve would definately be 10k, thats sweet your brass is good, It does look great on that game, Id definately get a clear powder coat or something over top, as most you see do wear fast.

Not all lotr were made in 03, they had many runs, mines an 06 for example, The dickbeard thing is funny, but really the backglass is very nice. The only other downfall of the le is the no figures, but they can be added.

1 week later
#7546 2 years ago

Looking to trade my Alien, custom powder coat beacons, lit art blades and rear panel.
Game plays great, running .97 code xeno works but is inconsistant (waiting on new code from heighway)
Looking to straight trade for a dialed in le or a starwars pro plus cash, cash price would be 11k.
Pics https://photos.app.goo.gl/D5PoXVtrq9Il7DAx1

Added over 2 years ago: No longer for sale.

Added over 2 years ago: No longer for sale.

#7554 2 years ago

Quoted from puck:History might show that this is the best pinball deal on the planet. DILE will be made. Aliens, who knows. libtech is the real deal, trade with confidence.

Thanks bud, rarity and the fact you cant get one/no guarentees many will be made aside - the value should be pretty similar. DILE is 9k usd new, this Aliens is 8k usd new, but stock they do not include the full custom powdercoat, topper beacons, or iluminated side and back art panels that this one has.

Added over 2 years ago: No longer for sale.

#7555 2 years ago

Few guys asked so cash price would be $11k

Added over 2 years ago: No longer for sale.

#7558 2 years ago

No longer for sale.

#7564 2 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

Crap I sold my DILE,I could have had two Aliens

8 player head to head aliens lol could have had the monopoly on aliens in canada

#7565 2 years ago

Smartened up, Alien is no longer for sale. I was just bitter the other day and kind of tired of the Heighway scene, but I'll stick it out game is too cool.

I will be posting 3 other games FS though, as I'm reorganizing my basement a bit. And have one or two others coming in.

#7566 2 years ago

Ok as promised, lots of extras on all machines, all minty HUO, would trade for a SW pro:
Walking dead, bloody armour, topper, art blades, tower mod and more: $7250
Star Trek, powder coat blue, aurich art package, art blades, added ship clear rubbers etc: $7000
Full Throttle, powdercoated red armour, added art blades, 27" screen: $8250

Added over 2 years ago: All but full throttle sold, see below

#7569 2 years ago

Fixed, thanks!

#7571 2 years ago

Same to you, glad you made it home safe and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

#7574 2 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Libtech has some great machines... Also very easy to deal with.
Wish I could snag his twd... Game looks awesome

Thanks bud!

TWD is sold

#7577 2 years ago

Trek is sold

#7578 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

The powder coating on your pins looks amazing..espicially TWD & ALIEN.. do u do it yourself or send them out to be done? I'm thinking my MET could use some!

Twd was a stern thing, the rest I get a local guy to do it. You should, met looks killer in purple!

#7579 2 years ago