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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

5 years ago

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#5183 3 years ago

Zorro Canada sells some unique things (similar to Acklands) but they don't require a corporate account


2 months later
#5447 2 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

especially if they left the batteries in for the storage period too!

Looking forward to seeing this machine and pics of the MPU board.
Oh snap, it just dropped to 6000!

3 months later
#6073 2 years ago

Don't worry, I keep forgetting that site even exists . I should log in and see what's happening...

Edit - OK, so that is time I will never get back.

2 weeks later
#6289 2 years ago

Funny, I never dealt with this fellow but I got a really "sketchy" vibe from his Kijiji ads. I have gotten into the habit of checking for his postal code before I get too excited about a machine...

1 week later
#6359 2 years ago

So who got that Bally Eight Ball (without the head) on Kijiji for $100? Good deal, but I can't help wondering:. Where did that head go?

1 month later
#6812 2 years ago

OK, so I'm pretty sure that the Morinville Kijiji Troller is back.

If you recall, this is the guy that posted a STTNG on Kijiji for $500. Then for $12,000?
Later on he claimed that he needed to sell a Gorgar because his wife found it to be too evil
Today there is an absolutely blown out, rusty, filthy P.O.S. Black Knight that has been posted on Kijiji for $3900.

The reason I suspect it's him again (other than the unrealistic pricing) is that the final picture on Kijiji is actually of a Gorgar! I think it's like an Easter Egg / clue of sorts!

So, I managed to solve the mystery...what do I win?

#6813 2 years ago

Duplicate Post, I got too excited!

1 month later
#6978 2 years ago

Speaking of legit, there is a "1967" Galahad in Airdrie AB for $5000. Wow, better jump in the truck and grab that one before it's gone...

So...Galahad came out in 1970. This must be the much coveted "time traveller" edition?

Vintage 1967 Pinball Machine ORIGINAL ,

Price: $ 5,000

#7006 2 years ago

That's gotta be it!

1 month later
#7195 2 years ago

I really like the pop bumper location on TNA.

Nice to finally see a newer pin with a pop that might actually contribute to the gameplay for a change other than just making thunk-thunk noises from a sequestered, dark forgotten corner of the playfield.

2 weeks later
#7287 2 years ago

That's awesome, need many more folks like that on Pinside!

#7307 2 years ago

Lucky's is the best. Seven reasons:
1. There is parking available and it's free.
2. It's quiet enough to hear the games.
3. You don't have to dick around with tokens.
4. Opens at 10 am!
5. Friendly Staff
6. Across from Costco!
7. Bill takes good care of his machines.

#7310 2 years ago

I don't think so, but I don't know for sure.

#7322 2 years ago
Quoted from northerndude:

Anybody in here buy that Strikes and Spares in Regina? looked decent at a decent price point.

It's on my wish list and the price seemed good - But the seller was using a screen capture from Future Pinball (virtual table) in the kijiji listing - so I didn't bother getting too excited about it.

4 months later
#7898 1 year ago

Yeah, Night Rider is a good game and it's historic to boot. Its Bally's first Solid State machine. I own it's "brother from another mother" (1977 "Pinball"), Stern's first Solid State machine).
Both games were released as EM and SS versions, marking the end of EM's for both manufacturers.

Best thing about both these machines - CHIMES

3 weeks later
#7995 1 year ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

Looking to buy a Comet in Alberta. (Edmonton preferably)
If you have one for sale or possibly for sale down the road let me know. Thanks!

Maybe throw up a few Kijiji ads, there are still lots of machines in Edmonton. Many of these machines have been in people's homes since the mid 90's and a surprising number of those folks don't even know about Pinside.

2 months later
#8223 1 year ago

Looking to buy an old blown out Paragon. I know, good luck right? Playfield can be worn to wood, cabinet can be faded and the boards can be toasted. My ONLY requirement is that all the original mechanical parts are still present (nothing is missing).

#8280 1 year ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

In Edmonton a few days and staying near west Ed mall. Anything/anyone near by?

Probably the Yellowhead Inn (Lucky's Game Room) is your best bet for some low hassle pinball. If you are near the mall, just drive North on 170St, then East on the Yellowhead until 149St. Turn North and you are there. Its really nice at 10:00 am when they first open (very quiet). Free Parking and the machines take Loonies. There should be about 14 games there. They just added a Star Trek Pro and Tommy when I was there a week or two ago.

1 month later
#8475 1 year ago

Just a shout out to the person in Calgary who posted a couple of EM's (Jack's Open, Drop a card etc.. ) last week on Kijiji. Those machines appeared to be in good shape and were reasonably priced! If I lived a little closer...

1 month later
#8716 1 year ago
Quoted from puck:

For 10% of the price of a RZ you can buy my Hollywood, price drop! And 6.5 on Pinside rating vs RZ's 7.687 it's practically the best deal on the planet.

Hollywood has better lighting too!

2 months later
#9248 1 year ago

Last Split Second I saw was sitting in the Southwest corner of the hangar at the 2017 Yegpin. I was looking forward to trying it out but it was pretty much DOA
I think that Ray fellow was selling it?
There was another one on Kijiji in 2017 but (if I remember correctly) the backglass was pretty much flaked off.

2 months later
#9743 11 months ago

I also recommended that you call Tommy 2 days ago. If you haven't already, get on that phone!


#9748 11 months ago

IMHO, the artwork looks better on the Gold too.

1 month later
#10259 9 months ago
Quoted from cait001:

anyone in Canada have a
1935 Gottlieb Turn Table?
1932 Gottlieb Cloverleaf?
1932 Gottlieb Five Star Final (any version)?
1935 Pamco Syncro?
Mills / Shyver Cannon Fire?
1935 Daval Chicago Express?

From Kijiji:
There is a 1932 Five Star Final in Saskatchewan ($700).
There is a 1932 Jiggers in Edmonton Alberta ($1100). Wasn't on your list but looks cool...

2 weeks later
#10394 8 months ago
Quoted from ryalter:

If you attend the auction make sure to inspect the machines up close. Apparently they're all water damaged and the wood is flaking.

Yup, just saw the machines. Lots of rotted wood, insect bore-holes etc... Also, could not find Derby Day, dammit!

#10418 8 months ago
Quoted from wolffcub:

Anyone else check out the games on auction in Edmonton ? Ouch they look hurting.

Honestly, every time I looked at these games I kept thinking that YOU might be one of the only people in Edmonton who could save these games!

#10424 8 months ago
Quoted from Cam:

The sad part is we are going to have to be on the lookout for these crappy games popping up for sale for years now

Thanks for taking the time to post those prices! It was an interesting auction to be sure. My jaw just about hit the floor when I saw what the Tron and Space Invaders were sold for! Holy crap!! I mean, Holy, termite-infested, moldy, rusty, swelled-up, smelly crap!!!!

#10431 8 months ago
Quoted from cait001:

So does anyone know what happened to Derby Day? Or Block A Shot?

They were never there. Neither were Bubbles or Dig Dug! Must have been some old photos included by accident.

3 weeks later
#10627 8 months ago
Quoted from Cam:

I recorded most of them, and only missed a few prices...
The prices below are + the 17.9% hammer fee and 5% gst.
Circus $275
Vanguard $300
Centipede $475
Son of Kong $450
Primal rage $550
Tabletop ping pong $250
Astroids $1000
Ms Pac-Man $1050
Galaxian $550
Pac-Man $575
Space invaders $375
Space invaders deluxe $425
Tron $1200
Seeburg jukebox $425
Jet spin $350
Champ $200
Black out $575
Galaxian $425
Mr. do $275
Phoenix $475
Grid iron PF/cab $125
Burger time $300
Table tennis EM game $175
Bullseye EM game $130
Las Vegas gallery $100
Hockey $250 <———- my purchase
Strategy $150
Gorf $200
Astroids $250
Space encounters $150
Capersville $275
Xenon $1000
On beam $275
Trizone $550
Strato-flight $375
Fun cruise $325
Hot shots $500
Space invaders pinball $1300
Chicago coin no back glass $175
Cinema $500
Rock makers $400
Pong doubles $1350
Swingers $575

The Fun Cruise is up for sale on Kijiji. Asking price is $600. Not a horrible markup if you consider that (with Auction fees) it probably cost the original purchaser $400 to pickup.

2 months later
#11246 5 months ago

Wow, downvotes, tough crowd! You realize that pingball is just joking, right?

1 week later
#11281 5 months ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

Is Tommy from Nitro on this site? Thank you.


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