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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

6 years ago

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#9515 1 year ago

Sold our Blackout this morning and I'm going to look at a Pinbot this afternoon.

#9517 1 year ago

Looking for the following
-Afmr (special edition or limited edition)
-Super Mario Bros.


#9519 1 year ago
Quoted from ranman2001:

Is that the one on kijiji in Hamilton? Looks good in the pictures
I picked one up a few months ago from London, but not with LEDs for around the same price

It was. I had 4 offers in 20min. A guy from Montreal is coming for it.

#9525 1 year ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Looking for the following
-Afmr (special edition or limited edition)
-Super Mario Bros.

#9526 1 year ago

Searching for the following. (Ideally in Ontario or adjacent), (Home quality)
- Totan
- Pinbot
- Afmr (SE or LE)
- The Addams Family
- Super Mario Bros.
My son REALLY wants to get "the one with the aliens" or Mario so the plumber makes the list.
Thanks so much.

#9568 1 year ago

Still searching for a high quality PINBOT if anyone out there has one.
Also casually looking for Totan, Afm LE or SE, Mario bros and Addams Family but REALLY looking to find a Pinbot right now. Cheers.

#9573 1 year ago
Quoted from Comox-Rocks:

Getting a pinbot in on Saturday and can’t wait!
Might be handy if you state where you live.......

Hamilton, ON. Like it says under my name. I see you are in Comox, BC.

#9575 1 year ago
Quoted from Spinape:

There’s 2 on Kijiji as of this am. One in Calgary, one in Lloydminister

I'll check those out thanks. I think I've already spoken to the owner of the one in Calgary. There is one on kijiji in my home town but the playfield is so planked it's not even funny

#9577 1 year ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Yours dont say where your from bud

Weird. Show mine and everyone else from my account. Anyways, Ontario

#9584 1 year ago

Appreciate the heads up on those Pinbot machines but I'm looking for something in better shape. This is one of mine and my sons favorite pins to play. I'd like a machine that can sit out in my house for many years. Something like the one for sale in Indiana would be great. Thanks again.

#9586 1 year ago
Quoted from bcrage88:

Buy a project one and have it restored there are two of the best pinball restoration guys in our city. It ain’t cheap but if you want a mint example that is your best bet.

I live in Hamilton. I waited 4months just to have my Blackout serviced by the Toronto Pinball Exchange. I dont want to wait 3yrs to have it in my home. I'm open to suggestions of other refurbs in my area but I'd rather find a nice pin and just pay for it all at once

#9614 1 year ago
Quoted from pingod:

Who cares
Back to games for sale.
Pinbot and Congo for sale now.
Who wants them, lol.

What kind of shape is your pinbot? I'm looking for a collector quality. Cheers

#9653 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

The only thing I was interested in was the SanFrancisco Rush games. If it was the 2049 version I might have bid, but my limit would have been $2000. What did the Rush games sell for?

Rush 2049 is in that $1000 area in working order. Poor guys

#9654 1 year ago
Quoted from Sandeep:

Anyone interested in a HUO AFMle?

How many plays? Asking price?

#9660 1 year ago

Wanted: XMEN PRO

Looking for an Xmen Pro.
Preferably within driving distance.
I'm in Southern Ontario. Willing to drive about 6hrs to pick up

#9671 1 year ago

-The Shadow
-X-Men Pro

If anyone in Ontario is thinking of selling The Shadow, my friend is actively searching for one.
I am still looking for a Xmen Pro for myself.

#9674 1 year ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

What are those worth nowadays? 6k each?

A shadow is usually about 4,000 or more now. A good xmen pro is between 5,000-6,000

#9675 1 year ago

Thanks. I'll check and get back to you

#9695 1 year ago

This may not be the best forum for my question but does anyone in the GTA area of Ontario (I'm in Hamilton) know a reliable powder coat place? Someone who can do pinball parts ie wireforms, rails, legs, etc.
My friend got some wireforms done by an auto guy that came out uneven (edit: the guy admittedly did a great job on the larger items). They look bad a wreck the flow of the ramps.
I'm looking to get some work done for myself. Thanks

#9705 1 year ago

No luck finding an Xmen Pro still. If anyone in Ontario or Quebec has one they are thinking of selling please message me. I'm in Hamilton and looking for one. Thanks

#9713 1 year ago
Quoted from libtech:

Anyone have a BM66 prem they want to trade? I have a Starwars pro, or Game of thrones pro, or Full throttle Id trade, all have lots done and are HUO, not interested in selling any of them.

Not me. Just in my area.

Please view this ad:

Stern Batman ‘66 Premium Pinball,

Price: $ 10,000

Download the application from the Google Play Store.

#9756 1 year ago

At the risk of the rath of pinside.........maybe this can move on over to the Beatles thread? You keep getting my hopes up when I see all this activity in this thread.
Anyone got an Xmen?
Afmr LE?

#9777 1 year ago
Quoted from Eagles77:

I have a X-men pro I plan on listing on kijiji Calgary soon. $5500 if anyone has interest

Never shipped before though

#9801 1 year ago

Hello Pinside. I'm looking to have an Xmen Pro shipped from Calgary. I've been talking to a gentleman through Kijiji. Yikes.
Has anyone in the Calgary area had dealing with a guy named Hany? Maybe even seen/played his Xmen before? He seems nice enough but I'd like to verify hes a trustworthy guy before I commit.
Hany from Calgary? Thanks

#9810 1 year ago

Thanks all. Not eagle77. Non pinside from kijiji. Hence my apprehension. Nice enough guy with a nice machine but............internet fraud happens all the time

#9814 1 year ago
Quoted from jesperpark:

Is it still on kijiji? I would be worried too unless someone knew him, or someone can go lay eyes on it first

Is there anyone in the area of Edgeridge Pk Calgary who may be willing to check this out for me. As it stands I would have to back out. He responded to my kijiji wanted ad but I have too little information about him right now to buy with any confidence. Thank you

#9827 1 year ago

Beware this pinball predator.
Hany Makram Hanna Shehata
Goes by Hany Makram
Calgary resident.
Balding man. Brown hair. Born December 1969. 180cm tall. 76 kg. Brown eyes.
Responded to my wanted add on Kijijii.
Has no ties to any pinball communities. Acted suspiciously. I mentioned having someone come look at the pin and he is now in the wind. His kijiji account has been closed and he no longer answers his phone.
Watch out for people like this out there. Thank you to those who helped or offered to help in this debacle. Super bummed though. His ghost pin was too good to be true.

#9829 1 year ago

I got a bit of the Hobbit bug tonight......just another game to keep me eyes out for now lol

#9835 1 year ago
Quoted from Stretch7:

Somehow he got a copy of his drivers license.


#9849 1 year ago
Quoted from BHmike:

Graysons Dad, I know you.
I know you from Ottawa Street North. LOL.
Small world where we're both almost screwed over by the same dickhead!

I'm not sure what you mean about knowing me from Ottawa st? It's in my city but it's not like I've ever lived there.....

#9852 1 year ago
Quoted from BHmike:

Bounty Hunter Toys.

Gotcha. Hey man

#9854 1 year ago
Quoted from libtech:

Good you cought him before you got ripped off. Im assuming you contacted Eagles77 on here about his Xmen?

Little more played than I'd like. Doesn't help that I had a low priced huo game with mods already in my mind now. I'm a little disenchanted with the whole idea right now. I've got Iron Maiden on the way and new Metallica code to hold me over until I'm in a better head space.

#9855 1 year ago

Also, do me a favour? Can everyone text bomb this guy's burner phone to freak him out please. Since my own experience only days ago he has already contacted another person about their wanted ad. Total scum.
1 587 319 0937

#9857 1 year ago
Quoted from BHmike:

So, that phone number belongs to RESELLER from
Had a great chat with the lady on the other end, she couldn't give me any information, other than to say that it belongs to a reseller of their services, and a police report would have to be made.
Either way, this guy is scum, and I'm done with it.

I just spoke to iristel (its a phone fraud protection company btw lol)
I will be filing a police report at the Hamilton police dept if you want in on that Mike.

#9871 1 year ago

I'm looking to pick up more pins at the end of January and the end of March if anyone is thinking of parting with the following...

-The Hobbit (ideally Smaug)
-Attack from Mars CGC (Ideally SE)

#9874 1 year ago
Quoted from Hammerhead:

If AFMR doesn't work out, I know where there's an IJTPA for that 90's nostalgia fix
Cheaper too!

No more project pins for me.
Thanks though

#9907 1 year ago
Quoted from TBatti:

Revenge From Mars. $5,500 extra sheet of glass also included.
Plays great and PF is In great shape. One plastic is broken by shooter lane.

Wow, those are like $3,500 or less in Ontario and common. Location, location, location I guess.

#9909 1 year ago
Quoted from TBatti:

Yes you get a discount for cheering for the Leafs. I very much appreciate the bashing.

Actually i took it down about 30seconds after i posted it as i realized it came across that way but since you really want it back up here i guess...
I wasn't trying to be a dick. That's why when I read it back to myself I deleted it. Sorry

#9911 1 year ago

Oh, and Leads are over hyped garbage.

#9912 1 year ago
Quoted from TBatti:

Yes you get a discount for cheering for the Leafs. I very much appreciate the bashing.

And I have you know, I've never cheered for the Leafs a day in my life sir. The nerve

#9914 1 year ago

Dude, I deleted right after I posted it. You've just drawn this out into a conversation that will get attention. I apologized via this thread and pm. Stop pm'ing me. Jesus. I was apologetic. Now im just kind of pissed that your all mad for selling a game a double its value. You need to take a breath man. No offense was ever intended but you are pushing the limits.

#9915 1 year ago
Quoted from TBatti:

Our posts are 7 minutes apart but I ty for the apology and will remove in conjunction with your deletion. Cheers

Yes but MY post was only up for less than a minute. Just stop

#9919 1 year ago

I deleted anything to do with this guys post and he still keeps sending me pm's.
Should I start putting links to other Rfm ads at reasonable prices? Chill out man. Geez

#9921 1 year ago

And he already dropped his price $1,000 so maybe he realized i was kind of accurate in my statement

#9924 1 year ago
Quoted from TBatti:

It hasn't changed. You clearly are mistaken. why are making things up? you are looking bad. Stop lying about posts and creating threads about my changing something that hasn't been touched. You are truly a disgrace to this forum. You have a mission to be caught lying twice congratulations.

Omg dude.What thread? You are a crazy person. Piss off and grow up. Jesus. Why is this a thing?
Sell your damned pin man
*Seriously. I need to block you in all forms? Stop messaging me. Your hostility is gross

#9927 1 year ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Just so it's clear.
I'm a leafs fan.

Sorry meegis

1 week later
#9989 1 year ago
Quoted from Eagles77:

Xmen pro sold pending pickup, thanks for all the interest.

Bah, I needed until Tuesday before I could make a firm decision. Oh well.

#9997 1 year ago

I've a friend (Ontario resident) seeking a Star Trek Premium or LE once Christmas has past.
Just putting out the word now. Thanks.
*Personally I hope he finds an LE. Why Stern chose red for the Premium trim I will never understand.

#10016 1 year ago
Quoted from dgpinball:

Just curious, what's the value of a nice Seawitch these days, trying to figure out the crazy market!

Sell it with a Beatles record for 10k

1 week later
#10074 1 year ago
Quoted from yanek2rank:

600$ Playboy Pinball in Regina on Letgo... Scam scam scam! Buddy called me and said its all wrapped up and ready to sell, just needs coin and can ship. No additional pictures as the machine is already wrapped up... People suck.

Same guy who tried to sell me an xmen a couple weeks ago. What name is he using this time?

#10086 1 year ago
Quoted from spinal:

Everyone likes money so people sell stuff for what they can get for it and not what they paid for it. When multiple people are interested in selling and buying the same things you have a ‘market’ with ‘supply and demand’.
Example: say there were no MM in Canada except for one which is owned by Fred living in Calgary. Fred was given this new MM as a gift from winning a contest from Williams including free delivery.
Fred wants to sell at today’s prices because he likes money. What he got it for has absolutely nothing to do with what he sells it for. Now what price should Fred sell it for?
The ‘market’ price is not only determined by Fred but moreso by what all the other buyers are willing to pay for it. A Canadian buyer’s only other reasonable alternative is to buy from the US for which he will have to pay at least transportation costs and taxes. Therfore, a Canadian buyer —will be willing— to pay this amount more for Fred’s machine so Fred can then bake-in these costs into his price. Yes, even though he paid zero shipping.
It’s not an explicit charge that’s added, it’s just one of —many factors— that can be invisibly baked into the market price. And I’m not defending it, just trying to explain one part of how economics might factor into pin prices.
In the end, a pin is worth what buyers are willing to pay for it and no more.

Well that was...... long
I had to stop halfway for some leven bread and to make sure there weren't any orcs on my trail.

#10098 1 year ago

Does anyone in Ontario have a High Speed they would part with?

#10105 1 year ago

I'm curious what the majority of you in this thread consider a fair price on a very good high speed. Totally shopped (by an actual shop locally, not just some guy saying so)
I've been approached by 2 high speed owners.
2,800 decent shaped, hella far to drive
3,800 the shopped one. Delivered.

#10106 1 year ago

I was looking to spend around 3,000 but I will admit the shop one is very nice. Only seen pictures of the less expensive one

#10109 1 year ago

Sorry, to clarify. The shopped one is from my local pinball shop. 40yr old shop and I've dealt with them for new pins. Reliable folks. The machine IS in great shape. Just wasnt looking to pay store pricing. Are these going for over 3,000 in Canada now. I dont have much pricing to work off. At least not Ontario pricing

2 weeks later
#10324 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

Cheers gents!
Now time to get some buyers that want minty mint games

Wrong minty games for me though

#10337 1 year ago

Has anyone else been in contact with the guy in Owen Sound selling High Speed and Sorcerer together pretty cheap? He says they were his dads and he just want to get rid of them. He is being more than a little suspicious. I'm about a 3hr drive away from him and he keeps putting off my coming out to see them. It might be nothing but if you're thinking of shipping them, maybe be extra cautious with this seller. I've started to believe he has no games and that's why I've decided to put this possible warning out there. Maybe I'm wrong

#10343 1 year ago

Still keeping my eyes open for an Xmen Pro in or around Ontario if someone is thinking about selling their's. Nothing urgent but just putting it out there again.

#10344 1 year ago

Pricing Question.
What would most of you pay for a good condition Jurassic Park? Not a game I've been actively seeking but one came up and my 5yr old son would lose it if I bought this game.

#10352 1 year ago

Still looking to pick up some of the following titles this year if possible......
1.Star Trek Pro
2.The Shadow
3.X-men Pro
5.High Speed
Within driving distance of Hamilton, Ontario. Cash in hand. Thanks.

#10366 1 year ago

Just wondering if any of those Jungle Queen (or Princess) EMs I've seen for sale in the last year are still floating around the GTA area? I can get a good deal on one....kind of, it's so far away I'd double my cost in gas. I'm in Hamilton. I'm trying to get together a few pins to eventually have a league night but I'm still too picky to put in games I dont really like. I like this game. It's cheap and it scratches my EM itch. I'm trying to justify driving 7hrs each way but it's pretty damned hard.

#10369 1 year ago
Quoted from Mitch:

I have a bunch of ems I'm selling including a really nice volley

PM sent

#10370 1 year ago

If I go for this Jungle Queen it's in pretty good shape but the inks are worn off the tiger pop bumpers.
Does anyone know where I might find replacement ones? Gotta have those tigers, they're grrrrr-eat

#10372 1 year ago
Quoted from Jokercyclone:

Pinball resource has them.


Do you have a link? I'm not able to find them.

#10378 1 year ago

I've decided to make the drive to pick up Jungle Queen. 7hr 15min each way. Yikes. Good price though.
Now that I've gotten some good close ups of the game, I have a better idea of the damage done over the years. The most visually off putting things are cracked/chipped or broken plastics, the drop targets are worn and the blue bumper looks to have been cleaned with a harsh chemical that rubbed off most of the ink. I've found the pop cap (thanks for the replies) but I'm not a restoration kind of guy usually. I want to strip this down and get all new post and everything now. If someone can point me to where i can find plastics and drop targets that be so appreciated. This will be my fist real rebuild and I dont know where to get game specific item like that. I'm a stern Sam system guy. This is not my comfort zone. Thanks again pinsiders

#10385 1 year ago
Quoted from mcuzz:

That’s a long way to drive for any game, ? for a busted EM ?
What we do for pinball !

Fully working. Just needs new plastics and a good cleaning.
A good price is a good price. If a can have a fully restored Jungle Queen for under $1,000 I think that's pretty good in todays market

#10386 1 year ago

Bah, I was going to upload some pics but I'm not allowed in this sub thread? Oh well. It's actually in very nice shape. The plastics are just broken

#10389 1 year ago
Quoted from mcuzz:

That’s a long way to drive for any game, ? for a busted EM ?
What we do for pinball !

Unless you want to sell me your Blackout

1 week later
#10471 1 year ago
Quoted from Hammerhead:

Centre post added? That's cheating!

Have you played a zizzle before? Its necessary lol. They are drain monsters. Also it was for my 5 yr old to get him interested in pinball

#10475 1 year ago

My son graduated to Iron Maiden(with a step stool). He still finds Metallica way to hard.

#10476 1 year ago

He also now has a wanted list. Thanks pinball arcade......

#10480 1 year ago

Anybody willing to make the quick drive from QC to Hamilton for me? Kidding. Just have a game out there I'd like but damn that's far.

#10481 1 year ago

Ottawa is my usual cut off point

#10484 1 year ago

Or I dont want to spend 700 on gas

#10490 1 year ago
Quoted from Meegis:

For the non-Ontario people here...
Hamilton -> Ottawa = ~ 470 km
Hamilton -> Montreal = ~ 600 km
Honestly, for 130 km more, it's not that far. And at highway speed it's about an hour difference.
Also, depending on your vehicle, even at a horrible rate of 2 tanks each way (which is worse than an H1 Hummer) at $80 a tank your at $320 in gas, not $700.
Further to all this, I can have a skid shipped from either for about $100-150
It's not that tough.

Except I never said Montreal. It's just north of Quebec city. 11hrs

#10491 1 year ago

2 machine in qc. 1100 km each way
Tempting but budget come into play.
4 thanks of gas and a hotel

#10492 1 year ago

Not all sellers are comfortable packing and shipping

#10493 1 year ago

And yes I would like that shadow but I havent made a deal with that person. If I can drive out and grab multiple machines it becomes worth it. Well see. I'm not a panic buyer. If I miss out they will come back up

#10505 1 year ago

I've combined my wishlist with a friends (mostly me lol) If anyone in or near Ontario has any of the following and are thinking of selling, please message me.

System 11 games
The Shadow
Junk Yard
Revenge from Mars
Xmen (Pro preferred)
Star Trek (Stern) (any model but pro preferred)

#10555 1 year ago
Quoted from EvanDickson:

Well, he's willing to accept the "closet" offer. I'd trade a wardrobe for a C2.

I think he would expect a portal to Narnia

#10558 1 year ago

Any Junkyard machines floating around Canada? One of my favorite themes and now my son is into it because of Zen pinball.

#10562 1 year ago
Quoted from toasterman04:

My favorite theme as well... and was my kids favorite... my boy was two and woke up in the middle of the night trying to go downstairs calling for bob! .... sooo good

My son is 5. He has just gotten interested in pinball but he wants mostly the 10k games. Attack from Mars, Medieval Madness, Addams Family. Luckily he also likes Revenge from Mars, Junkyard, Pinbot and our Iron Maiden.
While I'm not a huge fan of Rfm (one of my favorite art packages though), I was so happy to hear he loves the other 2 as they were already on my own list. He also is now aware of Deadpool (from spiderman cartoons) so he has mentioned that one as well.

#10563 1 year ago

And he asked me to look for a minecraft or ninjago pin next lol

#10590 1 year ago

Jesus. Who are these people and where are they getting the idea the pinball machines are made of gold? 10k for Getaway? I even messaged the seller to ask if it was to dissuade low ballers but he basically just told me to piss off lol.

The Getaway coin operated pinball machine / racing coin operated,

#10603 1 year ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

Hey man... I've often thought about a Canadian version of what the Project Pinball is doing in the states. I would love to help out with something like this. Oh... and Kick ass. You got this1

I reached out to Stern this year about getting some discounted machines to raffle off/ put in childrens hospitals around Canada.
They did not reply.

#10606 1 year ago
Quoted from mcuzz:

Canadian hospitals have way different rules than American hospitals. I believe this has been tried before with no success main reason was hygiene, safety and noise.

I live in Hamilton. There is a Ronald McDonald house next to the childrens hospital. They could definitely use some more entertainment for the families staying there and these rules would not apply. The hospital itself has tablets built into the walls with games on them but they are aimed at the younger, under 8yr old crowd. I tried to donate a bunch of older video game consoles and games, mostly ps2 and n64 systems (i used to refurbish consoles) but was turned away because they dont have enough TVs. It's just sad. I used to deliver plumbing to Ronald McDonald house about 12yrs ago so I've seen these families packed in there to he close to their sick relatives. I found them a foosball table a few years back. Anyway, just would have been nice to get some pinballs out there for the families.

#10609 1 year ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

For the right price someone can rip my Deadpool HUO Pro with Shaker out of my hands.

I'm not actively looking for one but pm me an idea what the right price might be? I could be interested.

#10612 1 year ago
Quoted from smokedog:

A local operator had a pin in our RM House for a couple years. What was stopping you?

I'm not an operator. I'm just some guy.

#10629 1 year ago

Hello pinside,
I'm currently talking to another member about possibly shipping my first pin (the shipping, not the pin). He seems like he is on the up and up but I have been mislead in the past. If anyone here has purchased a shopped game from transprtr4u please let me know. I just want to verify he is a trustworthy pinhead before sending any kind of payment or anything. Thanks so much
Shipping/etransfers are scary territory

#10637 1 year ago

Thank you for the feedback

#10664 1 year ago

These is an Addams Family for sale in Toronto for 8k. Seems good at first glance. He even has the topper. Seller doesnt seem to know anything about pinball though. His negative comment about the game is that it has a ball stuck on the playfield and he doesn't know how to remove the glass. I just messaged him so he can at least play it properly. It won't have been cleaned or waxed in several years. I'd go take a look at it but I just committed to another purchase.

Adams Family pinball machine,

#10665 1 year ago

Also, the above post is meant as a nice pin spotted for everyone to look at and maybe bring home to their collection. I'll be bummed if I hear people started low balling this guy.

OR.....its a scam lol

#10671 1 year ago

I asked about a seller out west last week and a lot of you guys gave him the thumbs up. I'm ready to go through with my first long distance purchase. Any advice on how best to protect myself during this transaction is appreciated.
I told him I will send $1,000 Monday and the rest when he is ready to ship (he is restoring it).

#10675 1 year ago

Im in for sure Rob. I've given up on finding one locally. It's a quirky theme with a lower run. Im just doing the same anyone would do when sending all of their pinball savings across the country. Just nervous. Nothing personal

#10695 1 year ago

I'm going to Niagara Falls with my son for the night tonight if anyone has suggestions on good arcade spots. (No bars please. Hes 5)

#10696 1 year ago

Clifton hill arcades felt like they were almost completely redemption games last time we went there

1 week later
#10756 1 year ago

I messaged him 2 minutes after he posted it. Not sure if it's legit but I'm trying to go see it today. The ad has since been taken down.

#10759 1 year ago
Quoted from Geteos:

I've been looking for about a month now and no dice.
I'm not sure if that's a long time to be looking for a pin in this hobby though, haha. I've only been in it since the beginning of Feb.

I'm getting a junk yard in a couple weeks. Been looking for about a year. I've also been looking for an xmen pro on and off for a year. A month is a blink in pinball

#10766 1 year ago

I'm not hearing back from that Getaway seller anymore. Was probably to good to be true but I'm close enough I was willing drive it. Oh well, would have been a nice grab for my small collection.

#10772 1 year ago
Quoted from sixtyfourbits:

Sorry to hear that. Did you have a bit of communication before they stopped responding? I’m guessing someone offered a couple hundred bucks more than their asking price to get them to take down the ad and give them dibs on it over everyone else.

More likely a scam. I live an hr away. I responded 2min after the post and he ghosted when we started talking about a good time for me to come to his house. He was working until 5pm apparantly and I was free all day with my son who is on March break. Hopefully someone got lucky but the kijiji account was brand new, the price was REALLY low and he disappeared after realizing I could just drive there.

#10776 1 year ago
Quoted from greatwichjohn:

You never know with Canada Customs. Had a WOZ coming in years ago & had all the brokerage done. I still got hit with a $200 additional bill from Day & Ross when they wanted a special inspection of the game (from the truck).

I paid $80 duty just for one colordmd to Ontario in May 2018. Its almost a random thing

#10789 1 year ago

Watch out for the Toronto Getaway seller. He is looking to rob people. He vanished as soon as I purposely stayed saying WE will be there soon. Ive been speaking to another user on pinball revolution who recieved fake pics AND pics from the Calgary ad. This is getting out of hand. Always be wary if sending money electronically but I should have to worry as much going to look at a local pin. Being worried about getting stabbed over a pin has never been an issue in the past. Geez

#10791 1 year ago

and now he is in Timmons lol

#10798 1 year ago

That might be because i sent him pictures of dicks lol

#10801 1 year ago
Quoted from mIkea:

I know of a Getaway in Ottawa if anyone is still interested- sorry I lost track in this thread who was looking. May be able to get it back to the GTA, but likely not soon. Price will likely be a bit over $4k.
PM if interested.

geteos ^^^

#10802 1 year ago

I know it is unlikely but does anyone in Ontario want to sell a Champion Pub? No harm in asking

#10811 1 year ago
Quoted from juandylan:

You missed me by a month. Sold a perfect mint one in February.

Sad face

Can I ask what it went for?

Please tell the buyer to contact me if he gets bored

#10823 1 year ago
Quoted from Edster:

Hmmm, what are you willing to spend for a minty fresh powder coated LED example?

PM sent

#10832 1 year ago
Quoted from BC_Gambit:

Fish tales was a great $1200 game. When it is pushing towards used Iron Maiden pro pricing in Canada, you have to give your head a shake
That being said, apparently ToM is edging or past MM prices here, so what do I know?

I already own Maiden but I will take that $3,000 used pro you speak of.

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#10884 1 year ago
Quoted from Spencer:

AFMLE $10k green trim less than 200 plays, comes with glow in the dark rubbers installed. Londonpinball need not apply, Your to cheap

You're too
Not your to

#10892 1 year ago
Quoted from Halfwasted:

One sold for 7500ish in Ontario not too long ago.

It didnt sell. He ended up keeping it.

#10913 1 year ago

Steve Ritchie's new game is coming out. Time for someone to sell me their Star Trek to make room?

#10916 1 year ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Pick up the Junk Yard from the depot first!

Already picked it up and getting it going.
Had some things to fix and clean after the move and I guess I'll have to order some LEDs since the ones in it are ghosting like crazy. Half a dozen lights never even turn off. Little more love and pics will be posted soon.

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#10988 1 year ago

Just to be clear, I imagine these are unpopulated playfields?

#11025 1 year ago

Looking for a Stern Star Trek within driving distance of Hamilton, ON.
Pro preferred right now but open to other models.
Please PM me if you are thinking of selling yours.

#11069 1 year ago
Quoted from TwilightZone:

I have a heavily modded HUO Tron for sale or trade. Located in Ottawa, Ontario.
Has 3D translite which is the best one IHO. Game is in fantastic shape and working 100%. Still smells brand new. I just replaced the EL wire and did a top level shop job: cleaned ramps, cleaned plafield. Completely plug and play
Mods include:
- Arcade mod
- Lit Flynn sign
- Lit recognizer
- lit flipper buttons
- Cliffy ramp protectors
- Shaker motor
- EL wire on ramps. Just installed this weekend
- Lit cycles. Orange one is not working; however I'm including an extra that you can mod. So you can fix it or replace it.
- ZEUS stickers on stand ups
- Stickers on stand ups of Recognizer
- Sticker on top of Recognizer drop band
- LEDS in GI and in some inserts
- Mylar in shooter lane
- Easy remove mylar on side of cabinet to avoid flipper button wear
- Easy remove mylar on TRON inserts. When I was looking, I saw a few HUO Trons with chipped playfield inserts on N so wanted to proctect that area
Also included as the extra goodies that came with the game and original items:
- extra pair of lane guides
- extra set of stickers
- one extra sling plastic
- original light cycle and Cora's car
- original Tron Arcade
- original Recognizer
I've uploaded a bunch of pictures:
Asking $8,600 CDN.
Games I am interested in HUO IMV, HUO TWD, Taxi, and TFTC.
I'll also be listing a C37. I just got another and going to decide which one I want to keep.

Damn, bad timing. I'd have jumped on this in a few months but all my funds are tied up at the moment. Good luck. Such a good game.

#11087 1 year ago

Still looking for a few games but really focusing on Stern Star Trek or Shadow right now. (ideally in my area)

#11089 1 year ago

There are about 12 in the Niagara hotels. One in my local pizza parlour. Not looking to go play one. Looking to buy one for my home thanks.

#11093 1 year ago

Sorry. I wasnt clear enough. My mistake.
I am looking for a Shadow in good shape.
I am also ready to buy a NIB Star Trek Pro Vault in a couple months IF I cant find a HUO one in great condition on the used market by then. I'm after a minty Star Trek.
After that would be an Xmen pro but im really after Shadow and Star Trek first as I prefer them and I already have a Borg game in my small collection. Everything else I'd like is out of my price range. Thanks

#11095 1 year ago

Jerry at Player one near me (good guy) has Star Trek Vaults in stock. I'm going to pick one up by June IF I can't find a gently used one 8n the meantime

#11102 1 year ago

2nded, could be interested in pinbot. Cheers

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#11149 1 year ago
Quoted from Darscot:

Damn I do like me some Tron but $9500 for a Pro, I could just never do it. All the power to you selling at that price and I am sure some one will scoop this up. Stern has to be considering vaulting or even a re-theme of that layout. There is just so much money on the table.

I'm praying for a Batman '66 style retheme with the original 80's movie.

#11199 1 year ago

Hey all. Not looking to sell but I would consider trading my Junkyard toward one of the following machines. It's in very nice shape.
(In order)
-Medievel Madness remake (either model)
-Total Nuclear Annihilation
-Star Trek Pro Vault
-Attack from Mars (any model)
-Batman '66 (maybe)
PM me if you have one of these titles and are looking for a trade. Cheers

#11211 1 year ago

Looking to trade my very nice Junkyard (+cash) toward one of the following. (Has cliffys, titans, new Bob, Spike and target decals and car targets. Extra parts, decals and manual included. Solid 8/10)
-Total Nuclear Annihilation
-Medievel Madness remake
-Attack from Mars remake
-Batman '66
-Star Trek vault
Willing to ship but locals will have priority.

PM for pics (no pics in the thread)

Going the opposite route I would also take cash plus one or more of the following (locals only for these titles I'm thinking. Thanks)
-Swords of Fury
-High Speed
-Revenge from Mars
-Jungle Queen
-Target Alpha
-Fast Draw

#11245 1 year ago
Quoted from Pingball:

I prefer Suzo Happ. More coins taken with less games played = profits

= pissed off customers who dont play a second game.

#11258 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Anyone selling a WOZ or GOT?

There is a Woz on kijiji

#11263 1 year ago

It was local yes.. Seems to be gone now. It was NOT the yellow brick road. It looked white actually but I wasnt really paying attention. It just popped up because I have pinball saved in kijiji

#11274 1 year ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Looking to trade my very nice Junkyard (+cash) toward one of the following. (Has cliffys, titans, new Bob, Spike and target decals and car targets. Extra parts, decals and manual included. Solid 8/10)
-Total Nuclear Annihilation
-Medievel Madness remake
-Attack from Mars remake
-Batman '66
-Star Trek vault
Willing to ship but locals will have priority.
PM for pics (no pics in the thread)
Going the opposite route I would also take cash plus one or more of the following (locals only for these titles I'm thinking. Thanks)
-Swords of Fury
-High Speed
-Revenge from Mars
-Jungle Queen
-Target Alpha
-Fast Draw


#11297 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

Ok, good to know. Will have to check the home insurance coverage for items shipped. Hopefully Day & Ross is reasonable.

Day and Ross should be about $250 to a local terminal and about $425 delivered to your door via tailgate lift. (I've shipped 2 pins this year from Edmonton)

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#11369 1 year ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

People can price their games however they want. I think with the other mods I had in it it was a fair price. I could've knocked 500 more off, a thousand off, whatever, but not desperate to sell. That being said I didn't get a lot of price objections, just a lot of tire kickers that responded and then went silent. My least favorite part about selling pins.
I am in a weird place with pinball in general right now, where I am swinging between selling everything and just getting out of the hobby altogether, then the next week thinking about buying 3 more games. Think it is time to just take a break from it all for the summer.

I hope you dont bail but if you do you can contact me about your xmen

#11405 1 year ago

Anybody had any interaction with Mike from Burlington on Kijiji? He has the High Speed posted with no pics at $1,600. I messaged him as soon as he posted it and again this morning saying I'm local and can come to take a look. No response. Feels like another fishing for suckers ad but always worth checking out. High Speed is on my wanted list so I see all the fake ads. (Usually High speed 1 and 2 or Addams family. Also had "Hany Makram" try to rip me off for an Xmen pro)

#11407 1 year ago

Agreed. Just crossing my fingers that it is cheap and no pics because it is beat up. I'd like to fix one up.

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#11449 1 year ago

Just a heads up about the Getaway listed on kijiji in Ontario. Seller stopped answering me as soon as I said I could drive over to pick up the game. Clearly another fishing scam looking for out of province buyers. I assumed as much but it never hurts to try

#11501 1 year ago

23 post when I logged in, none of them about machines for sale lol.
What's done is done. What needed to be said has been said. Let's try to avoid making this a running topic for the next few days. Did anyone end up getting that $2,300 Getaway on Kijiji or was it indeed a scammer?

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#11543 1 year ago

Mildly considering letting my decked out Metallica Pro go but only if I can get a reasonable amount for the love I have put into this game. I bought it new in box from player one Toronto last year. It has a production date of March 2018. Its been in my house the entire time and has low plays. I love this game and bought it as a Metallica fan (hense the money I dropped into it.) Perfect shape. Here are most of what I've done and I have receipts almost everything. Still have all the original parts.
-Dmd gasket
-Pingraffix art blades, 3D snake, Tournament button cover
-Mezel Mods snake fangs, tongue x2, Sparky helmet el lighting
-every Cliffy available
-Light blocking cross inserts
-Pinnovators Sub kit
-Pinbits Sparky airball guard
-Toronto Pinball Exchange custom lights
-Guitar picks
-Shaker motor
-purple T molding
-Titan rings
-locknuts changed to chrome domes
-Coin Taker Cemetary Arch (lighting changed to purple), Creeping Death speaker decal
-Snake wireform powdercoated green
-Crank it up light panel
-Speaker lighting purple
-Coffin skull insert
-Plastics protectors
Full transparency I have $11,000 into this. I dont expect to get that all back but let me know if there is a true Metallica fan out there looking for one hell of a decked out game.

#11544 1 year ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Mildly considering letting my decked out Metallica Pro go but only if I can get a reasonable amount for the love I have put into this game. I bought it new in box from player one Toronto last year. It has a production date of March 2018. Its been in my house the entire time and has low plays. I love this game and bought it as a Metallica fan (hense the money I dropped into it.) Perfect shape. Here are most of what I've done and I have receipts almost everything. Still have all the original parts.
-Dmd gasket
-Pingraffix art blades, 3D snake, Tournament button cover
-Mezel Mods snake fangs, tongue x2, Sparky helmet el lighting
-every Cliffy available
-Light blocking cross inserts
-Pinnovators Sub kit
-Pinbits Sparky airball guard
-Toronto Pinball Exchange custom lights
-Guitar picks
-Shaker motor
-purple T molding
-Titan rings
-locknuts changed to chrome domes
-Coin Taker Cemetary Arch (lighting changed to purple), Creeping Death speaker decal
-Snake wireform powdercoated green
-Crank it up light panel
-Speaker lighting purple
-Coffin skull insert
-Plastics protectors
Full transparency I have $11,000 into this. I dont expect to get that all back but let me know if there is a true Metallica fan out there looking for one hell of a decked out game.

Willing to ship. References available. I am a member of the Hammer City Pinball League. I baby my games.

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#11596 1 year ago
Quoted from toasterman04:

Ya, response from my kijiji ad. Should see it in 5 days.

Is it from T.O. with purple rails?

#11653 1 year ago

Black rose is awesome. Nice snag. Transprtr is good people.

#11668 1 year ago

Does anyone know the kijiji user "Andre" in Calgary selling the Swords of Fury? Thanks

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#11734 1 year ago

There is a Last Action Hero for sale in Quebec for only $5,500.
The price wasnt the only thing in his ad that made me chuckle......

#11735 1 year ago

Booooo, cant post the pic. Anyway, theres a bong in the pic.

#11791 1 year ago
Quoted from sixtyfourbits:

I'll be driving back into Saskatchewan again soon, so I thought I'd make another wanted post.
My budget is a bit higher this time, so hopefully that helps. I have $4500 to hopefully nab a pin from my wanted list. Some games I'm interested in are:
- Batman Forever
- Baywatch
- Demolition Man
- Independence Day
- Monopoly
- X-men Pro
- Starship Troopers
- 007 Goldeneye
- Star Wars Trilogy
- Harley Davidson (Sega/Stern)
For some I wouldn't look to spend my full budget, and for some I might not be able to find in my budget. But I thought I'd toss it out there and see if anything happens.
As mentioned, I will be in Saskatchewan in about a week, so pickup may be possible. I'm also open to the idea of shipping from a different province for the right game/price.

I would LOVE to find a Xmen pro for that price. I prefer the art package and I hate the iceman bridge ramp shot and dont even really care for the pop up nightcrawlers. Only thing worth the upgrade to me is the magneto disc. Love that.

#11795 1 year ago

You sure you dont want to ask for 13k? Lol.

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#11823 1 year ago

Not entirely on topic but I'm selling my Donkey Kong on Kijiji but would also take pinball trades. It is an original DK with the plaque. It has a high score save kit installed as well as the DK trainer rom, DK pace rom and the DK deranged rom. Collector quality and then some. I can come down to $2,500.
Would be most interested in trading +/- cash for one of my wishlist games but will consider other titles.

Nintendo Donkey Kong arcade (original),

Price: $ 2,900

#11825 1 year ago
Quoted from BMHouze:

My wife really wants a DK.
I don't want one that bad.
I think I will wait and see if a 1up is coming.
I would personally list it on the whats for sale in Michigain (no scammers) thread and ask to meet in windsor or sarnia. (just a thought).

1up idnt doing Nintendo games (so they say) and (original) DK code isnt even technically owned by Nintendo. I cant see it happening. This one is for a collector anyway. Thanks so much for the tip.

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#11858 1 year ago

If anyone is interested, my friend also wants to sell his Party Monsters. High end players game is probably the best quick description. Looks good, plays great. Hamilton, ON. PM me if interested.

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#11875 1 year ago
Quoted from dos_reboot:

Original owner HUO Tron Pro FT. 3D translight. Lighted ramp mod, Hallmark light cycles. Perfect playfield. US machine with double coin slots. PM for pics.

Where are you?

#11883 1 year ago

Current used pricing keeps me buying newer games. I can get a Stern pro nib for the price of lots used pins now. I love my Shadow but I havent seen one posted in Canada for less than $6,500 in a while. Id like to snag a World Cup Soccer but they are going for over $4,000 now. Hard to justify 90s pricing with the great current releases for less than $8,000 (looking at you Deadpool and Jurassic Park)

#11884 1 year ago

Still looking for a collectors Blackout if anyone has one. Looking to replace my first pin. Cabinet not as important for my tastes but looking for high end backglass and playfield. Mine was really good. I miss her.

#11915 1 year ago
Quoted from chaz009:

Is there a list of Canadian stores to buy from online somewhere buried in this topic? A kind soul referred me to one day that lead to my first pin (TSPP). I can say that John was terrific and I highly recommend them, and I keep checking to see what he has listed.
Any other online stores like his? Preferably Ontario.

Holy crap. I just took a look at that flippers website. $7,000 for a Pinbot?!?!?! I dont care if its HUO, you can get 2 for that price.

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#11965 1 year ago

My neighbor just picked up a black hole and paid about half of the Edmonton ad. $2,800 I believe.
Edit: and it's his first pin so he didnt have some great connection or anything. Facebook listing then asked my opinion.

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#12003 1 year ago

Still keeping my eyes out for a real nice Williams Blackout in Ontario. Looking to replace the first game I owned so the nicer the machine the better.

#12006 1 year ago
Quoted from guard:

Did a quick check....went back 3 pages and didn't see it.
Hrd to tell with all the friggin' "I want to rip you off and flip your machine for big profit" ads.
I hate those guys....

I sold mine for $1,100 12mo. ago and the guy I sold it to had the nerve to ask me for $2,700 when i saw he was selling it 3 weeks later.

Meanwhile it sat on kijiji for months when I was asking $1,500 and nobody wanted it. And this was a pristine game.

#12014 1 year ago

I only look in Canada. Unreliable duty fees always stopped me from buying a pin south of the border.

#12023 1 year ago

I have a Metallica Monsters translite signed by Lyman, Borg and Dirty Donnie. I'm thinking of selling it to fund some repairs etc. PM me an offer if you are interested.

#12028 1 year ago

I also have an entire POPULATED Metallica pro playfield still in its original packaging. I might consider selling it if anyone is interested. No rush on that one though

#12041 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

You never had to send your old playfield back - for warranty??? I think you are supposed to....

Who said it was warranty related? I just have a backup populated playfield and I might sell my Metallica soon so i wont be needing it down the road anymore. I have some weird crap I hoard. Mostly old arcade parts in my basement.
Hell, there is a 4ft long Xwing from the 80s down there lol