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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

8 years ago

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#12703 2 years ago

Does anyone have a nice Rocky and Bullwinkle pin they would be willing to sell or trade?

1 week later
#12760 2 years ago

I’m considering selling or trading the following pins to make some room.

1. Bobby Orr Power Play $3550

2. Elton John Capt. Fantastic $2400

3. Eight Ball Deluxe LE $3900

4. Evel Knievel with brand new playfield not
Installed. $2800

Send me a PM if you’d like to see pics. Local sell obviously makes the most sense but I’m well rehearsed with shipping and receiving pins. The only trade I would make is to trade 2 of mine for 1 or
3 for 1. Im not interested in any Gotliebs, I’m into late 80’s and on Bally/Williams or newer pins from the 2000’s

#12772 2 years ago

Eight Ball Deluxe (sold)
Evel Knievel (sold)
Bobby Orr Power Play $3750
Capt. Fantastic $2400

1 month later
#13014 2 years ago

I’ve taken a few pins over the border into the US and anything over $2500 you must go through a broker and have the right paperwork with you. The broker will charge you one fee that will include the taxes on anything over $2500 for Uncle Sam and the broker charges a small fee for processing the paperwork. I was taught a hard lesson my first time taking a TAF & WCS94 over the US border, they sent me back home because I didn’t have the correct documents.

1 week later
#13077 2 years ago

I’m looking for a Rocky and Bullwinkle pin, let me know what you have. I can pay cash or we could make a possible trade. Thx

3 weeks later
#13266 2 years ago

I’m still looking for a Rocky and Bullwinkle pin, please let me know if there’s any out there for sale.

#13281 2 years ago

I also talked on the phone with Stan last week about buying his R&B. I thought we had a really good rapport going and it looked like I was going to buy his R&B. He seemed to be very upfront and sent me all the pics I asked for. I asked Stan to take a video of R&B playing to be assured that it worked 100%.

His response was;

“NO SORRY Yea at this point...... I am not really caring if you buy it sorry.

Red Flags went up for me and I walked away! Safe to say his R&B doesn’t play 100% like his ad states. Oh well onto the next deal.

#13283 2 years ago

Not sure why your sticking your nose into a deal that has nothing to do with you. I honestly didn’t think it was a big deal to ask him to take a quick video while he was in front of his pin taking pics. It’s not my first rodeo, I would of asked other pinhead buddies in the region to check it out but with the Covid.... I’ve shipped quite a few pins through out NA, let’s be honest it’s not that hard. The funny thing is the guy sells used hot tubs, I’m sure he’s well rehearsed on shipping.... Have a great day DeeBunk!

#13287 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead306:

No worries I was just trying to help out. I bought my whirlwind off Stan and there was some issues with it but he was more then willing to adjust his price on the machine. He gave me a great deal and loaded me up with some hard to find parts for some other games I had in my collection at the time for free on top of the price drop.
There is also a r&b on Regina veragesale if your interested. I believe it’s priced at 5000$ but it was restored by devron at absolute Pinball in stoon about 1.5 to 2 years ago ish. The guy who owns it has came out to our tourneys but I haven’t seen or played the r&b personally. If you want one of us to look it over let me know. Pretty sure you play in tourneys with my brother lance.

Hey Jamie, I appreciate you bringing the R&B ad to my attention. I’m having a chuckle from all this....

3 weeks later
#13358 2 years ago

Up for sale is my HUO Metallica Pro with a few mods. It was built in June of 2017, it is mint condition and everything works 100% I’m asking $7500 shipping is fine with me but at buyers expense. PM and I will send you photos if your a serious buyer. Thx

8 months later
#15551 1 year ago

I’m selling my really nice Theatre of Magic. I had it shopped out a couple years ago, plays 100%, no credit dot. All new LED’s, brass tiger saw mod and LED Marquee. Feel free to PM me for pics. I’m not interested in trades except for JJP POTC or WOZ.
I don’t mind shipping....$9000

3 months later
#16579 1 year ago

I have a trade pending in the US for a G&R LE for my really nice IJPA plus $2k cash. I’d rather do this deal in Canada, less hassle with the border and Covid. Anyone out there interested in this trade? I’d also do the trade plus cash for a POTC LE too. Thx for your consideration! Feel free to PM me

#16580 1 year ago

Can someone Enlighten me on the game play of G&R LE please. I haven’t had the pleasure of playing it yet so some feedback would be great. Is it a family friendly game? Worth the the purchase? I’m of the old era and enjoy my 90’s Bally’s/Williams classics. I’m a little worried with what I’m seeing in the US and people getting rid of G&R with low plays. Thx!

#16583 1 year ago

Thanks for your opinions gentlemen. Greatly appreciated!

4 months later
#17563 8 months ago

I’m thinking of letting my really nice Twilight Zone pin go. I’m looking for a trade for a Cirqus Voltaire if anyone is interested. Please PM to let me know what you have to trade. Thx!

#17616 8 months ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

As mentioned, pricey titles. I would actually recommend you pick up one classic and one modern, if you're looking to buy two machines you can't go wrong having some variety. Modern games are great for deep dives with their expanded rules, strategic play, low maintenance, fast pace, great animations, etc. Classics have timeless gameplay and satisfying shots, easy to pick up and play, fun callouts and playfields that are packed with toys and sculpts.
Not everyone loves Twilight Zone or Adams Family, despite their status in the pinball community (myself included, I find both of those games to be duds, just a personal preference thing). In my experience, almost everyone enjoys Medieval Madness. If you're not comfortable doing work on the games yourself, there are a bunch of great pinheads in sask who could help you out, but, you could also go the route of a Chicago Gaming remake of Medieval Madness, which imo is superior to the original in every way (but you'll pay for it). Pair that with a proven modern game with decent code (take your pick from the top 100 on here, you won't go wrong with many of them) and you'll be happy.
I would avoid just outright going for two classics, for a number of reasons. One, you can always trade games and one good classic for another is no problem. Same with modern games. Pins hold value pretty decent unless you buy NIB, and even if you can't trade, you can sell and buy. Two, classics are fun, but if you're playing a lot, you'll crave a bit more. You get a lot more bang for your buck these days out of modern games, where a Whitewater is basically the same price as an Iron Maiden, which is hilarious to me. Three, pinball is subjective. People rave and rate tons of 90's games like they are the best thing since sliced bread, and while there are tons of fun games, if you only have a couple in your collection, you will get bored of them if you play them for any decent amount of time. This is why most people, unless they have a large collection, buy and sell so much, but the modern games tend to stay in collections a bit longer in my experience.
Orrrrrr, you could just buy two classics and keep trading for other classics if that's your jam, since half the people on here would disagree with most of what I just said anyways.

I agree with a lot of what your saying but… I’ve had the privilege of owning newer titles and classic 90’s Bally/williams pins. The biggest thing that puts me off of new pins is the poor quality of parts, components and the biggest beef I have is the poor play fields they send out of the factory. NIB play fields should not have dimpling, poor finish coats, cheep plywood and start to chip paint after not a lot of play. I only own 90’s Bally/williams classics now, they hold there value well, there’s no comparison with the quality of craftsmanship etc. Having said that, I think it all comes down to the thyme, illustrations/colours, rule set and the rhythm of play. First time buyers BE AWARE, this is a fucked up hobby, once you buy one pin you’ll be hooked and it will consume a lot of your time and money. For the most part Pinsiders on this site are helpful, it never hurts to ask for references of a pinsider and the way they conduct themselves. I’ve been in this hobby for just over 10 years and can’t believe the price increases since then(damn Americans). Happy flipping to all!

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