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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

6 years ago

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#378 5 years ago

I have two on kijiji Regina , earthshaker and bride .
Smoke dog just picked up my whirl wind , he can vouch for me .

#419 5 years ago

Agreed , slick way to do a transaction .

2 weeks later
#473 5 years ago

I've never had issue , but generally I do it with someone trustworthy through community or another person that I know give a good word .

#489 5 years ago

Wow , the shit people will do . Pretty amazing that a persone that stole a truck and visa wants to purchase a pin , of all things .

#494 5 years ago

I currently have my ES up for 2300 , it's on kijiji, and I'm going to be putting up my JP for 2800 , would consider trade on single machine in the 5k range , +- cash .

#498 5 years ago

JP is gone locally .

#502 5 years ago

Good luck Sup3rdaddy , always fun to get a grail !

#504 5 years ago

Ya that one makes you pucker a little . Lol.

#511 5 years ago

No offense meant pingod , just sometimes prices take a guy off guard .not saying it isn't worth it .

#518 5 years ago

I've sold a few machines now that I lost money on . But I enjoyed them for the time I had them , so I feel I broke even even though not financially .

#523 5 years ago

I decided when I got into this hobby , it's not about the money , it's about the pleasure and thrill of owning . It's not a hobby to make money at that's for sure . I'm sure I'm not far off break even for the most part , so that's good.

1 week later
#568 5 years ago

Wow , titty get a little twisted there ?
Chill out a little .

#642 5 years ago

Wow , miss a day and things get interesting .

#659 5 years ago

i have brought a few across the border , but im lucky enough to be close to the border and have a company right at the border on the american side that will receive packages and pins for a very reasonable price. last time they received it and stored it indoors for a week and i paid them $50 american ( they only wanted 20 but i was very pleased with the service ) then im literally 1 min from the border, pay may tax and im off. too bad our dollar is weak again , that really can kill the deal unless you find a screaming deal on one.

#663 5 years ago

That's a beautiful FT hobby , wish I was in the market .

#719 5 years ago

i might be heading to saskatoon friday and home saturday , if there is any interest in my ES . free transportation .

1 week later
#747 5 years ago

Earthshaker is sold.

2 months later
#964 5 years ago

a few pins popping up in sask lately , usually a pretty dry hole here.

3 weeks later
#1101 5 years ago

im thinking about parting with a functioning FT that does have a 5v reset issue , im just in that funk where i just dont feel like wrenching on a machine and fixing . It is a players model , not the prettiest cab , but it plays well. It has an uninstalled playfield protector , and some other parts i have purchased for it , just never put on . If anyones interested , Pm me and i can get some pics and info as to what it all has for extra parts. for the community i would let it walk for 1600 bucks .

#1104 5 years ago

no topper , i should add.

#1107 5 years ago

sorry brother , had i known i likely would have let you pry it away , i really haven't been on pinside as often as i usually am the last few months . Work , the stress of my injury have added up . Had to sell my snowmobile too :<

#1122 5 years ago

Got hurt playing hockey then blew it out taking an ancient furnace out of a basement .been working right through the pain , surgery booked for DEC 30th. So no sledding or moving heavy machines around this winter .

#1125 5 years ago
Quoted from Twilight1:

Sounds like a knee injury. If so that sucks i know. Best of luck man.

herniated l4-l5 disk / pinched nerve . thanks though sir !

#1135 5 years ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

Realized how much of an ass I just looked like in that last post. Yes. Best of luck with the injury. Sorry... my post was pretty selfish!

i didnt get that at all ! im not sure where you thought your post was selfish or you looked like an ass ? Rock on Pauz21 !

#1140 5 years ago

FT is gone, thanks for the interest fellas, there was alot btw, Thanks Lukerp ! Very nice to meet fellow pinheads !

1 month later
#1458 5 years ago

i might throw my star trek premium up . if theres any interest , i might consider a trade , 1 pin plus cash . im thinking $7000 . i have about $1000 in mods . im not worried about recouping those costs obviously. just putting out the feelers. Its in mint shape BTW.

Post edited by freezie: price change

#1460 5 years ago

where abouts should i been Rob ? if i get the right price it can walk . I just had back surgery and am pretty much not going to work for 2 months .

#1462 5 years ago

shaker motor
Star trek vengeance mod (interactive red )
flipper fedelity speakers
Stern Star Trek Premium Enhanced Animated LED Backbox Light
Stern Star Trek - Bird of Prey
Stern Star Trek Vengeance Explosion
warp ramp diffuser
Star Trek Pinblade Side Artwork Panels
Star Trek Enterprise "Lighted ship with Mount ???
RGB LED Speaker Light Kit
Pinball Wireless Remote Control for Stern SAM System Machines
FTS-8 Splitter Board For Stern Pinball Machines

#1467 5 years ago

love the game ! its a ton of fun , it more a question of having that much cash tied up while im not working due to the back surgery , i see my dr again feb 13th to see if i start physio , so i dont know how long im off. So it simply comes down to one thing. my wife wont let me sell dracula or metallica , she loves them too much .

i changed the asking price on it , 7000 . otherwise it can stay .

#1468 5 years ago

well , my STp is sold . i wasn't sure i even wanted to sell it , it went so quick ! im shell shocked .

#1479 5 years ago
Quoted from Bay78:

WOW congrats on the Star Trek premium sale. Fantastic pin at a FANTASTIC price.

thanks Bay , i might have to come back to winnipeg again someday and take a few home with me again :>

1 month later
#1698 4 years ago

Ykpinballer , Canuck was looking for a st .

#1702 4 years ago

getting better Pauz , thanks !

#1716 4 years ago

Throwing out some feelers on a getaway . If anyone knows of one that might be available .

1 week later
#1831 4 years ago

Hey mike , know of any getaways for sale out that way ? I'm still keeping my ears and eyes open for one .

#1842 4 years ago

I'm not looking for a BSD

#1862 4 years ago

The forums so busy things drop down quickly , I usually have to find it in my favs too .

#1864 4 years ago

I have had trouble in the past finding this thread , that's when I learned how to favorite it . Until then I never had a topic i cared that much for .

2 weeks later
#2032 4 years ago

sask is such a black hole (typically )

1 week later
#2072 4 years ago

Nice looking pin Al ! GLWS

#2080 4 years ago

shouldnt last earflaps , Glws.

1 month later
#2230 4 years ago

thanks Jason .

1 week later
#2306 4 years ago

Hey rob , hang in there , I just went through back surgery , it was hell .

#2329 4 years ago

i was looking for a HS2 forever..i gave up

#2335 4 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

Didn't you see my ad on kijiji in February?? I sold mine in Saskatoon to a girl from Edmonton. I worked a deal too that if she gets bored with it I'll buy it back from her.

Nope , I was out of commission jan/feb after back surgery , was hardly on the net at all . Crap .

#2336 4 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Years ago (10?) I sold a nice clearcoated one to a guy named Jamie in Saskatoon. I wanted to buy it back, but he wouldn't sell it back. Some days I miss the WMS/Bally games I had and other days I don't. I never thought I would like any new Stern game until I got ACDC and MET.

I enjoy my sterns a lot too Rob , and feel the same way about my wms/ballys of old too . There are still a few I would love to own the getaway being one . Loved that game back in the arcade in the early 90's .

3 months later
#2972 4 years ago

Tread lightly .... His stuff is mostly crap .

1 month later
#3319 4 years ago

Oh my god .....

1 month later
#3746 4 years ago

MAN , and to think i used to get excited when i saw there were new posts in this thread . Thinking there were new pins up for grabs ..wtf ..

3 weeks later
#3893 4 years ago

And the pac man games are not only rare , but SUPER rare !! Wow !!

Doh ! Spencer , did you just pull one over on me , lol !

2 months later
#4238 3 years ago

Any interested in a free pickup of an old em , drop a card ? I had a local guy get ahold of me and I have no interest in an em , or project right now . He is just looking to have someone pick it up and take it away . Pm me for details in you are interested .

2 weeks later
#4292 3 years ago

cyclone is ok , especially for $1400 !!

1 week later
#4338 3 years ago

Smoke , wonderland had one in their building next to the main one . I don't know if it's for sale though . Plus it's been about a year since I last had been in there .

#4345 3 years ago

ahh crap , they told me , not for sale , then likely sold it the following week knowing them .

#4354 3 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

? How so 4k for a nice bsd seems to be where the market is at these days. There was just a nice JD for 4500 on this thread and nobody said anything and it seems to have sold.

surprised how much this pin has jumped ( I love mine ) seems like there aren't any low priced fun pins left , they are all up there . Not hacking the price , that's the way everything has gone .

#4373 3 years ago

i would sell mine , only if i was grabbing this one . it looks minty !

2 weeks later
#4451 3 years ago

I've been offered more for a pin after agreeing on the sale to another person . I refused as it was sold . More money won't budge me once I've said sold .

1 week later
#4528 3 years ago

You must have a lot of room Al

#4539 3 years ago

Love the getaway , and Voltaire is a fun game after putting a few games on it . I've been seeking a getaway for years and I'm always at the wrong spot at the wrong time to get one .

#4555 3 years ago

Was a fantastic show ! Wish I would have had time to come up early and stay later , I would have considered bringing my BSD . Thank to all that brought pins , it's was awesome !

#4556 3 years ago

Volkdrive I don't recall putting my name up on anything but the walking dead pin ! Libtech , your X men was fun . I played it quite a bit !

#4559 3 years ago

yup , saw him walking around !

5 months later
#5274 3 years ago

Yeah ,lots of hidden fees with the auction route , read up before jumping in .

#5276 3 years ago

It's all good as long as a person remembers and accounts for the extra fees.

4 months later
#6151 2 years ago

Was that bdk at yegpin last year ?
If it was I really enjoyed playing it . It's a beaut !

#6153 2 years ago

It was very nice .

#6184 2 years ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

Trying to keep it local . Lovely pin, a cool and resonant theme for me, as well as local so I reached out to Curtis . A great and fun conversation. I plan on visiting him soon to finish the deal and pick up a very nice Flintstones.
A new pin is always fun pin . The racy alternate translite is now calling me. http://www.ministryofpinball.com/media/catalog/product/cache/2/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/f/l/flintstones02.jpg

Very cool dzoomer's a great guy to deal with as well .

#6195 2 years ago

beauty collection though !

#6212 2 years ago

It's been a while since I brought anything across , price increases and the crappy dollar sure suck .

1 month later
#6667 2 years ago

thanks Smokedog , now i just have to come visit the Cafe !!

#6668 2 years ago

libtech , that game looks cool !

#6674 2 years ago

pauz21 we are in the same boat, you're a little closer than me , but not by much .

1 week later
#6781 2 years ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

So the shipping saga continues. I now phoned day and Ross today to see if I could get it shipped business to business rather than personal to personal and get some form of insurance coverage as I have a friend in Prince George who could ship from his business to a friend of mine's business here. At that point she tells me that shipping from Prince George to Swift Current through Day and Ross can't be done. I then provided her with two different quotes I was given two weeks ago and asked her to explain to me how those quotes were issued to me which she couldn't explain. Fml. I don't know how any of you guys trust these morons to ship a pin when no one anywhere can seem to tell me if they can ship it and if insurance anywhere in this god forsaken planet will cover it. It's friggin ridiculous. Fm, I'm going to get it. Save about 10 years on my life.

Roadtrip ! i love driving for a pin !

#6800 2 years ago

Thanks Smokedog !! Smooth transaction today (as usual) excited to have fresh pinball blood at home !

1 week later
#6854 2 years ago

For a thousand I would have taken it out of your garage a few weeks ago lol . Yeah.....

3 months later
#7445 2 years ago

im considering my metallica roadcase premium and ac/dc premium. im thinking about taking a break from pins for a while. i can get some pics up this weekend if theres any interest.

#7451 2 years ago

metallica has sold.

#7454 2 years ago

AC/DC is being dealt on in Calgary as well . If it doesn't work out calgaryians I will be coming up Friday , so shipping won't be needed .

#7461 2 years ago

Super happy everything made the trip up with no issues ! Always a concern when Transporting a pin ! Super fun, smooth game . I'm very happy you think it was tastefully modded because I always felt the same way! Nice to meet you !

#7468 2 years ago

pm me dirk , i was just getting acdc up for sale . never know.

2 weeks later
#7533 2 years ago

thanks dirk , nice smooth transaction , just the way it should be !

1 week later
#7599 2 years ago

Get them to come to you.

1 month later
#7791 2 years ago

Selling Funhouse , players shape playfield , some wear and poor touchups . Plays fast and smooth though. fun game , just time for a break . $5500 with uninstalled pinballbulbs led kit , and speaker lights , and a titan ring set. pm for pics.

#7815 2 years ago

funhouse is sold.

4 months later
#8324 1 year ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Full throttle gets no love, I played it non stop for 1 hour plus at the first Yegpin and loved it.

Me too! Super fun game .

5 months later
#9362 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead306:

I’ve heard of one floating around weyburn.

It was mine , I’m not sure where it ended up at this point as the lady that had it ended up in Alberta somewhere .

#9375 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead306:

I kinda heard that a guy named Flash might have the Mario and miss o at his place. I think she just stored them there so she could get away from that whole situation.

could be , they were both mine at one time . i doubt she took them with her , but she wanted alot for them .

4 months later
#10584 11 months ago

been a while since ive been on but man , im disappointing the cancer lodge in Regina doesn't have a pinball machine. when i beat this shit i might have to raise funds and get a machine in there !

#10587 11 months ago

Pinhead306 , I appreciate the offer , it’s as much about the talking as it is about the pins !

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