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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

6 years ago

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#333 5 years ago

Maybe someone in Canada has this part for my fish Tales. The Reel and Rod Assembly cover plastic the goes all the way around in the back and on the left side???

1 month later
#645 5 years ago

Well these are not pins but if anyone wants a set of these I have some available. If you feel some of the sheets are missing important stickers let me know.



#670 5 years ago
Quoted from Drano:

Adding the shaker and 'fooling' the game into thinking it was an LE was tricky... but it was worth it!
The game is spectacular and is as nice or nicer than any LOTR LE I've seen. Just missing the golden backglass and plaque
It is perfectly dialed in and plays great! I'm sure someone will be very happy with it.

I already have to see this gem on MAACA and PinballRev..why do you torment me this way Drano?

3 months later
#947 5 years ago


I've just posted my NGG $5KCDN or trades

Full teardown all the way to bare wood.
Refinished the cabinet and backbox with new decals
Painted inside black
New Braid
Painted all the grills
New metal leg protectors
Nice shiny legs
LED'ed (missing about 6 bulbs to make it fully leded)
Sanded back of playfield
Clearcoated playfield
Leveled the inserts and re-epoxied
New plastic set
New Gofers
New flipper bats
Flipper rebuild
New Rubbers
New wheel sticker
Gofer sticker decals on the playfield ramps, slam ramps and targets
New game ROM 1.3 chip
New Star Posts and other posts
New Slingshot arms (the old ones weren't white enough)
New Warning Stickers
New Cliffy Ramp brackets
New beer seal on lockdown.
Buffed all the metal parts some to a mirror shine
Clean all the parts, full teardown
Ramps are nice
Cleaned wire harness
Cleaned boards


Trade for
Star Trek Pro
Tranformers Pro

#950 5 years ago
Quoted from Atomicboy:

Who did this and how (ie auto clear?)?

I did, using a Fuji 2 stage Turbine Sprayer and Dupont (Nason) 2K 2-Part Automotive Clear.

#953 5 years ago
Quoted from Twilight1:

Nice work on that NGG CC! If you want to do one for me let me know? Did you do any touch up paint as well.

Yes I did the touch ups where the slam ramp and the pop bumper white where all creased. You can take a look at this thread for a few more pictures of the process. (first pic on that thread is a beofre and after shot).


I just finished touching up a Fish Tales. And Next up I will dismantle my WCS and fix all the outholes, touch up the playfield and then clearcoat that one too.

#956 5 years ago
Quoted from Atomicboy:

Nice work Flash. Are you a autobody guy?

Nope. Just got steady hands and lots of patience.

#960 5 years ago
Quoted from Twilight1:

Nice how did you fill those holes amazing work.

Bondo, then some compound sanding, then color matched the colors, used frisket and an exacto knife and did several layers of acrylic paint.

1 week later
#1002 5 years ago


Well I got more shot for my NGG. I still have to install the side rails. Still up for sale.

Installed the new beer seal last night on the lockdown bar. Just got a few more thing left to do before this puppy leaves.


*show off the leds and hard to keep the backglass from reflecting off the playfield LOL*

*show the leds*

#1068 5 years ago

Anyone ever get a lead on the ST pro in Regina?

1 week later
#1089 5 years ago

Looking for Star Trek Pro, Iron Man, Lord of the rings, Tron..... no mods...bare bone! Money is burning in my pocket as we speak...

#1094 5 years ago

I'm contemplating of trading my FT. It comes with New decals (not installed) but the cabinet decals are unfaded as it is. the backbox decals need some work. I just put in a new ramp and all new plastics. Fully LEDed. And I have a CC playfield (fish overlay) to do the swap. Backglass as a small paint chip in it and it needs a new dome. Not sure I want to do a project this winter. Anyone want to do a trade of some sort.... If I end up doing this projet the game will look like a million bucks.

#1109 5 years ago

Pointandclickauctions is getting closer to ridiculous prices again. Don't people read before bidding.
10% premium fee + taxes??

With 7 hours left
Met Pro $3650 + 10% + 13% tax = $4536.95
CSI $2500 + 10% + 13% = $3107.50
Big Buck $2250 + 10% + 13% = $2796.75
Monopoly $2800 + 10% + 13% = $3480.40
Roller Coaster Tyccon $2350 + 10% + 13% = $2921.05

People have jumped off the deep edge....

#1129 5 years ago

Anyone have an ACDC Pro in OT or TO for sale.... I'm heading down on the 29th....

#1133 5 years ago
Quoted from BestShot31:

What are the tax ramifications on buying a game in Canada and driving across the border back to the US? Is your price for the WOZLE negotiable? Will send a PM.

You pay a big fat ZERO!

#1145 5 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Still have my Transformers LE for sale, open to offers. Fully modded.

I feel bad for poor ol'TF. It's a great game that never got passed the initial bad rep. I owned a pro a really loved it. I hope this one finds a good home

#1161 5 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Does anyone know someone in Canada/Calgary that would do some boardwork, for a reasonable rate? Non pinball game, seems easy enough.

I`ll let you know when I receive my bill from a guy in Ottawa.

#1178 5 years ago

I think those are just brokerage fees on top of the shipping.

#1182 5 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Didn't think so, but I've never brought anything large/expensive over so I'm not too sure. Thanks for clearing that up.

It doesn't matter what you bring over. You will pay your provincial tax when you bring it in. You can also save a few bucks if you stay more than 48 hours in the states. You can deduct $700 or $800 CDN (not sure which one) from the price before they apply tax.

Ex. You buy Pin X for $3500.... you stay in the states for 48 hours. You get to the border and this is what they do

$3500US convert to CDN (at the conversion rate of the day of sale) ---> $3954CDN
Then they take off $800..so you are down to $3154 * provincial tax.

That's it.

#1184 5 years ago

Now back on topic....anyone know of a routed ACDC Pro anywere with a crappy playfield that someone wants to sell?

#1194 5 years ago
Quoted from violinfather:

Thinking of selling my TWD LE. It is a great game but really it is not a hit at all in my current one pin home. My family and even guests just don't get long enough ball times so that they can really enjoy it. Any idea about the hit I will take, if any, now that I have had it for a couple of weeks.

Min $500.

1 week later
#1243 5 years ago
Quoted from Bigbossfan:

Still looking for a nice CFTBL! Come on....someone must want to part with one!

Gerry has a few for sale from his container order.

#1271 5 years ago

I just think Gerry thought he was smart about not posting is prices... i just hink it backfired because some of the prices he gave me are higher/lower than what movingpictures posted. either way that POTC's cab was beat up to hell and he thinks we will buy. The JP was $2100 and the back of the cabinet was completely destroyed. Mind you i guess some people did because the order is closed.

#1281 5 years ago
Quoted from Hammerhead:

The conversion and shipping are all included. Those prices are CAD, pickup at his door.
Prices aren't great, but I saw two WCS in Chicago with asking prices of $2900 and $3150 USD.

By the time you are done fixing a container game those prices will feel like a deal. Believe me I just started buying pieces for my WCS restore....$225+ for new plastics / $50 for plastic protectors / $100 for cliffy's / $200 for new ramps / another $50 just for the ramp decals / $30 new rubbers / $10 new balls / $100 in misc parts so far. That's $700 + in parts alone. I still have to fix the out holes, clear the playfield etc. Plus the a-hole who sold me this said there were no hacks or cracked ramps and is on this forum. Just from the top I got a game with hacked connectors up the wazoo, a very black DMD controller board, cracked ramps and almost all the plastic were cracked, missing speaker panel, old Bally legs.....Once I start my restore thread I am throwing him under the bus. I overpaid for the machine to start with....so these container games are buyers beware...you might luck out and get a good one or you might end up shit creek just like me.

#1284 5 years ago
Quoted from Atomicboy:

Has anyone purchased NIB state side and brought back? IF so, did you have to pay state taxes AND taxes again once entering Canada?
There is one I'm thinking of buying stateside, but it's Michigan, 6%, but I can't imagine I would again have to pay the full 13% in Ontario as well. I can't imagine I would be charged taxes twice for one object, but I could be wrong. Anyone done this?

You will have to pay the 13% reguardless. AS for michigan's tax their might be an exemption on certain products.

#1287 5 years ago

THLE...just be patient and one will pop up almost brand new at reduced cost and then go get it

#1293 5 years ago
Quoted from Atomicboy:

I don't think so with this one. I think it will be a massive winner and hoarded.
I betting across the board, unanimously, this will be considered the single greatest machine ever made.

Have you tried nitro?

1 week later
#1340 5 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

does anyone know and can vouch for ALJO who I believe is in Quebec looking at buying from him possibly Cheers

I know there are a few guys from maaca that have delt with him try there.

#1344 5 years ago

Anyone selling a shaker motor in Canada?

1 week later
#1439 5 years ago
Quoted from larrys1:

With tax. But I was just wondering as they say paying by CC it will be 3% more. So if I send a check it is 10,200 but I have no protection on the purchase. But if I pay by credit card I am protected if anything goes wrong. Decisions, decisions.

GEt yourself a card that gives you 2%-4% cash back at the end of the year like the scotiabank Momentum... problem solved. You'll get the money or part of it at the end of the eyar and be protected.

2 months later
#1980 4 years ago

Does anyone know Dylon from Regina...he owns a shop and repairs pinball machine. Just wondering if anyone can tell me something about the guy. Is he to be trusted?

#1988 4 years ago
Quoted from shaub:

I've met Dylan and he seems like a trustworthy and friendly guy. If you're looking to deal with him, you have nothing to worry about.

Quoted from Rob_G:

I've never met him, but heard he's an ok guy. Luke knows him and Luke is good...

thanks guys

#1993 4 years ago
Quoted from Archer600:

Thanks guys. I am sure flashinstinct will be happy with the Star Trek.

Oh I will

1 week later
#2063 4 years ago

Just want to give a shout out to archer600 and let everyone know that he did an awesome job at packing the game. Looks pristine. IM approves, my son approves...and most of all my high score approves lol.


2 weeks later
#2140 4 years ago

I got one shipped form Regina to Ottawa for $154.90 tax in using sameday.

2 months later
#2491 4 years ago

I'm tempted to trade my IMVE for a TWD Pro / Prem or a Tron. How much do these go for now. My IMVe also would come with extra right ramp and as the pinbits plastic protectors.
I was thinking
IMVE - TWD Pro = some cash my way
IMVE - TWD Prem = some cash their way
IMVE - Tron = Straight trade

I'm I completely out of left field here?

#2493 4 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

IMVE - Tron = some cash their way

I guess it depends on condition and if it's modded like a xmas tree.

#2503 4 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

I've been following CFTBL for almost two years now. It seems to hover around $4K. This one looks in pretty decent condition. I'd say it's a good price.

Defective hologram will do that to a price

#2505 4 years ago

It says the hologram is defective and those will run you a hefty penny

#2508 4 years ago

If my memory serves me right $400US + shipping

#2509 4 years ago

My IMVE has a total of 467 plays looking for Tron (unmodded) TWD Pro or Prem

1 week later
#2545 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballophobe:

Out of curiousity. With the weak CND. Has anyone bought NIB within the last 6 months?

And with Greece causing all kinds of market cluster fu*ks I doubt the dollar is going to go up anytime soon. They predicted the CDN dollar will go even lower before the end of the year.

And with the nice folks at Starburst trying to scratch up every penny I don't see them making fortunes this year. I called Michel in MTL the other day to get a price / trade on my IMVE. Needless to say he took out his Pinball Price Guide book and showed me the price of the VE and told me he would give "XXXX". Obviously there is a typo in the guide which flipped the values of the original and VE. So he tried to make the deal knowing fully well there was a typo and pretended it was the right value. I called him on it and then it tells me flat out "yeah I know there a mistake" but he still tried to snatch it up at lower value. I don't blame the guy but please "don't act stupid" it just makes me want to take my business elsewhere.

I hope Starburst gets some competition because their business ethics are way out of left field.

#2547 4 years ago
Quoted from BMHouze:

Am I high?
Who in their right mind trades in or sells to a retailer of any sort and expects a fair shake unless you are related to them or saved them from certain death. May as well try the pawn shop down the street.
At least now you know the guide price when you market for private sale.

I was curious to see what kind of price he would give me and believe me when I say this "No pinhead / informed individual" in their right mind would have taken that offer. Let's put it this way they would have taken my IMVE with 457 plays on it and I would have had to give them more than $2K for a NIB TWD. I almost fell off my chair when I saw the numbers.

#2552 4 years ago

I wasn't wasting is time but when he flats out tells me that an IMVE is worth $4K CDN I can't help but not take him serisouly and then for him to flag the flaw in the pinball guide has proof and then to acknowledge that he knows their is a mistake....well....I guess everyone can look at the picture differently....

I'll agree with you that Michel is an easy guy to talk to, that is curteous etc... Don't get me wrong I don't mean to drown the guy but don't take me for an idiot.

#2561 4 years ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

I'll give you $4001

Quoted from Meegis:

and I'll store it at superpinballs place rent free

"Bob Barker"...."And the actually retail price is....."

#2565 4 years ago

Number was a lot closer to $2500..just so I don't have to hear about this meow / bark stuff LOL. The game is listed in the Pinball guide for $5600US. You guys do the math (and yes I know that number can be up or down depending on certain factors).

#2569 4 years ago
Quoted from Hawk007:

Sooooooo ...back on topic.....anyone in canada have any pins they want to sell?

I've got an IMVE up for Trade for a TRON (unmodded), TWD Pro, TWD Prem, TF PRO, maybe MET Pro. Game has 457 plays on it comes with pinbit plastic protectors.


#2586 4 years ago
Quoted from movingpictures:

Speaking of informed individuals: What exactly do you think your IMVE is worth?
That game is $5000 on a good day.
NIB TWD is $6495 + tax (14.975%) = $7467
Don't fall off your chair, pick up a calculator instead.

Ok. I'll make sure to keep that in mind. But before you go all ape shit just remember that I never said anything about a valued price, apart from mentioning the price in the guide nor did I ever say I was specifically looking for NIB box. I said I was looking to trade my IMVE and explored some options (yes I called Starburst). All I know is that it's not worth $4K.

#2588 4 years ago
Quoted from movingpictures:

If you think an IMVE seels for anywhere near $5600 usd you are deluded.

I said book value. Now we all know what that means right??? Sorry to the other people trying read sales / trades on this thread apparently a) people cant bother to read properly and b) this guy has had it in for me since I started Where's the code. You can keep puckering up all you want. I couldnt really give two sh*ts what you think. over and out!

#2591 4 years ago

I totally get meegis. My beef was more when he pulled out the book with the typo as a reference to justify his price knowing fully well it was a mistake. Then I called him on it and he then acknowledged it was a mistake. That's what really got me.

Sorry folks back to the fs thread.

1 week later
#2679 4 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Too bad you're not in Saskatoon or your t2 would be coming home with me today

Your 1.5 hours away.....what are you waiting for?

1 week later
#2731 4 years ago
Quoted from devpin:

Funny, I thought is site caters to all to love pinball. I am a private owner, have been for decades, well before you started collecting pinballs
What is a dealer? Some one to be frowned upon? I have been in this industry 32 years. Yes, I sell pinballs, new and used. Is that a dealer? It's all I do, full time. Therefor, I'm obligate to collect taxes, it's the law. Anyone of sane mind knows that all prices in Canada are + taxes, so what am I not being up front about, please tell.

Most prices on here are on a cash basis collector to collector transaction (no taxes)....if you are a dealer you would have to be upfront that the price does not include taxes. Apart from that I don't have a problem with anyone on here trying to sell a game.

#2734 4 years ago
Quoted from devpin:

Careful guys! You just never know who could be reading these type of sites looking for extra tax revenue Hey, someone knocking on my door, gotta go!

It's ok, we could always ask Stevie to write me a $90k cheque to cover our expenses. Now back to this topic... Who's got what for sale

#2745 4 years ago
Quoted from TBatti:

Retailer has STTNG for $6,499 CDN. Not sure if that a good price.

NO! Best bet would be for you to take a look at a few games and figure out what you like. If you are in an area with few games you can always search papa.org or pinballvideos.com to check out some gameplay. After that narrow down your ideal game and post a wanted ad here. Going to a retailer for your first game you are going to pay above prime dollar for it.

And if you want to spend that kind of coin on your first game I would suggest you search newer stern titles. Take a look on maaca or pinball revolution. Shipping games is relitively cheap in Canada.

#2753 4 years ago
Quoted from devpin:

OK, we need to sort this out, so I offer NIB at $6390, landed in Saskatoon. Toronto offers the same pin at $6495, and your going to pay min. $200. shipping.
All I can figure out is your saying they will drop their price $400, or more, off their asking price to make the sale. Am I understanding you correctly? And therefore, that what makes my price unattractive. Is this correct?

I think we are deviating for this thread but I will answer your question. $6495 is the retail price and I know for a fact that they sell lower than that. Shipping via sameday is less than $200 tax in for almost Canada wide. I got a pin shipped from archer600 in Regina to Ottawa for like $130 tax in.

And last but no least.. a pinball that as been taken out of the box and played is like driving a car off a dealer's lot. As soon as the wheels roll off the dealer's lot you have just depreciated the value of the car by 1000's. now I'm not saying that you should value your pin for thousands less....what I'm saying is that if you really want to sell it....it will either be a to a local or a person who's buying there first pin... or else be prepared to somewhat take a hit on price because someone could just buy from Nitro or Playdium directly and get a brand new game in the box for the same price.

Now I hope this case is closed and we can move on to trading/selling pins in Canada!

#2819 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballophobe:

Ditto. I'm kinda tempted to sell my ST pro and get a STLE

Pinballophobe buys bcrage's STLE and then sells his ST Pro to TBatti = everyone happy

#2822 4 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

What about everyone else who wants his st pro??

I'm just stating that a particular ST Pro owner wants to upgrade to a ST LE. It doesn't matter who gets the Pro but just thought giving a newbie first crack at a game would be fun.

#2874 4 years ago

I had an ironman and looking for a Twd prem and never heard from You

2 weeks later
#2967 4 years ago
Quoted from Eagles77:

Hey guys has anyone seen the Williams Indiana Jones that Bob at tps pinball in red deer has. Do you know the condition and is it worth the 6G he's asking thanks.

You are probably better off asking Atariaction (the post right above yours) to see if he still has his for sale.

#2996 4 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

Thats the problem with the market right now, to buy anything else youd need to get the full exchanged value, but no one wants to pay the full exchanged value yet to buy the game.

Ding ding ding...we have a winner

P.S. It only going to get worst before it gets better.

1 week later
#3029 4 years ago

I have cash up for trade for a TWD Pro

#3032 4 years ago

I'm looking at the "no tax" options

#3046 4 years ago

Transformers doesn't get alot of love but it's an awesome game. I myself owned a Pro once and regretted selling it.

#3082 4 years ago

Makes you start to wonder I guess LOL. I still love pinball but it's getting harder and harder to justify.


1 week later
#3189 4 years ago
Quoted from Cam:

Is anyone headed from Calgary to Edmonton anytime soon with room to bring back an extra machine? My work and 3 kids hockey schedules are not allowing for much pinball time these day it's already paid for, it just needs a ride home!
Just thought I'd put it out there and hope it works out....

Why not call sameday or even uship its gioing to cost you less than drive down there

2 weeks later
#3322 4 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Anyone looking for a good laugh? Check out kijiji Regina pinball. I won't ruin the surprise.

Hey Bobby!!! LOL

#3369 4 years ago

I have nothing against blackbeard and he's one of the few who actually offers his games to Canada. It's not his fault the dollar is in the shits...so how about we all cut the guy some slack. If you are not happy with the price, then don't buy it.

1 week later
#3428 4 years ago
Quoted from Edster:

I don't see Prem or LE at the Playdium website. I'll have to give them a call. I was still waiting for you to sell me yours ;-P

Not to burst your hope bubble....but....I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

#3448 4 years ago
Quoted from smokedog:

If anyone is looking to upgrade their TWD to a premium or LE, and you want to move your Pro, let me know.

Ive got dibs Ive been looking longer LOL

#3453 4 years ago

I guess we can't all have your bank roll

#3459 4 years ago
Quoted from Cam:

Has anyone from Alberta had a pin shipped from Quebec? What should I expect shipping to be from Montreal?

sameday shipped a pin for me from terminal to terminal from Sask to Ottawa for $160 tax in.

#3469 4 years ago
Quoted from smokedog:

I rescind this request. Please direct any and all TWD Pre's/LE's to Flashinstinct
I ordered a TWD Pro. It's location bound.


1 week later
#3540 4 years ago
Quoted from Twilight1:

Has anyone check out that acdc premium in regina at prairie pinball. If so what can you tell me about it. Thanks

Talked to Dylan the owner he's a straight shooter. I've purcahsed a game from him before and this transaction had no BS involved. If he says its nice...it means it's nice.

1 week later
#3630 4 years ago

Didn't we create a thread specifically for this kind of discussion?

#3642 4 years ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

Didn't we create a thread specifically for this kind of discussion?

I guess this wasn't clear enough

1 week later
3 weeks later
#3907 4 years ago
Quoted from AbacusMan:

I'm always looking to buy O-Pee-Chee hockey cards. Just saying

I've got about 300 pounds of them in my closet ranging from the 1950's (small amount) to 1999 I'm guessing they will be worth something someday.

1 week later
#3948 4 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Everyone wants a deal until they are selling their own machine. I just bought my heavily modded Tron Pro from the states because no one here would sell/trade me one. I paid $6500 US + $620 US for shipping + $510 CAD for brokerage. With the exchange at the time, that's right around 10k for a tron pro. I would have paid pretty much the same to buy one if someone sold me locally. Welcome to 2016. Get ready to watch people shipping pins BACK to the states, because they are the only ones willing to pay current fair market value. The reality is that it's not a buyers market right now, and you can't fault sellers for that.

Well shit..... I would have sold you mine for that much. So hear this, if anyone wants to buy my Tron Pro it's got the light cycles mod, the pinbits protectors, the 3D translite, silkscreened cab, the cliffy protectors / ramp protectors, the recognizer mod, Hooked bumper caps, the pinball customs sticker, HUO and fully LEDed with comet LEDS I am the second owner. $6700US shipping will be roughly $175 canada wide (you pick the transport of your choice that you arrange) and you don't have to pay brokerage.

#3951 4 years ago
Quoted from TwilightZone:

$10K CDN will probably get many Canadian Tron owners to sell LOL.

You know me. Or I would trade in for a TWD Pro with $2350CDN in my pocket cash.

#3970 4 years ago

I find it somewhat funny when they say us prices should not affect or influence the pinball market when playdium deals in US CAN conversions all the time and the market is directly influenced by the strength of the dollar.

#4000 4 years ago

I'm curious what people would think these two games go for in today's market

3D translites / silk screen cab version
Shaker motor coin taker
Pinbits protectors
Coment leds throughout
Recognizer mod
Recognizer decal
Hooked Bumper Caps
Cliffys (ramp and playfield)
Light Cycle Hallmark mod
Metal leg protectors
I'm sure I am forgetting something

ST Pro
Floor model (not HUO) but came with 173 plays
Pinbits protectors
Shaker Moter
Freddy's ramp protectors

#4007 4 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

I don't know if I'd keep advertising the silk screened cab as a feature. Most people prefer the hi res decals over the low res silkscreen cab.

I'm just stating facts that's all. At least people would know what they would be getting.

#4008 4 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

St pro used huo about 6k. You can get them new in box for $5400us which is about $7300. Though not sure what current exchange is. $7100 taxes in at xmas time when I got a quotes.

$5400Us at today's exchange rate is $7835 Cdn even before you pay taxes.

#4010 4 years ago

well post both games on maaca and pinrev
ST Pro $7450 CDN - Tron $8750 CDN

#4030 4 years ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

I have a South Park available for trade. Game has had new flipper assemblies installed, new Mr. Hankey assembly, new full set of plastics installed, NVRAM installed, flipper button protectors installed, new toppers, Cointaker LED kit, fully Cliffy protector set installed, playfield has been stripped and new rubbers installed. Also have a new set of Pinblades (not installed yet). Cab does have wear on the backbox, and on the front by the coin door. Also wear spot at one of the ball drops. Games I would be interested in trading for: Stern Playboy, Star Wars Ep. 1, Stern Grand Prix/NASCAR, High Roller Casino, Sharkey's Shootout, X-Files, Last Action Hero, The Getaway, Jugde Dredd, No Fear, Doctor Who, Baywatch, Starship Troopers, Independence day, Goldeneye, Twister.
Any questions or concerns just ask.


These always seem to be abused for a reason. However this one looks really clean

#4051 4 years ago

Are there any other distributors in Canada apart from Nitro and Starburst?

2 weeks later
2 weeks later
#4197 3 years ago

I guess they will be in that basement for quite a while longer.

#4223 3 years ago

I'm looking for a nice high speed project.

2 months later
#4675 3 years ago

Looking for....
Ghostbusters Pro (game is not for you... I'll take it off your hands)
Transformers Pro
Lord of the Rings
High Speed
Blackwater 100

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#4703 3 years ago

Looking for TF Pro...the illusive title that everyone hates but no one sells..... go figure

#4737 3 years ago

kijiji is a go check out game first. Bring money after. I never show up at a kijiji pin transaction with money in hand. I usually send the guy an email money transfer directly from his house and then chit chat until payment arrives in his email.

#4739 3 years ago
Quoted from Bigbossfan:

I've used Sameday within Canada. Last time it cost me about 200.00 to ship from Calgary to a Toronto depot. To be honest, I think rates vary upon what the cost of gas is at the time, as this plays into the transport company's cost.

I use them as well. I ship a pin from Saskatoon to Ottawa for $160 bucks. When you get it delivered to your house the price goes up substantially

#4764 3 years ago

Is it just me or Stern machines that come up for sale are a rare commodity? In Canada at least...

#4804 3 years ago

I think House of Targ in Ottawa wanted to sell there South Park but not sure..might want to investigate.

#4817 3 years ago
Quoted from Flippersdotcom:

We of course also sell Stern Pinball (always have). We also sell Jersey Jack and Planetary Pinball machines. Based out of Vancouver, BC since 1979. There are, of course, many great regional retailers in other Provinces selling machines, Absolute Pinball in Saskatchewan and Jay Richardson in Alberta, to name a few... John :-#)#

Too bad that you all have to go through playdium to get Stern machines. It's a monopoly that needs to get qwashed

#4819 3 years ago
Quoted from PureTO:

my deposit is secure and they aren't going to disappear.

Nothing is secure. Michel is sweating bullets right now because Stern is not delivering stock. The people still have to get paid so they are burning through money. I, myself am waiting on a GB Pro but if I find a Tf Pro before then I'm going to save my money and buy GB Pro down the line and who knows from who I am going to buy it.

#4831 3 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

It's posted in Saskatoon, Edmonton and Calgary so not sure. Was looking for the shipping is cheap quote thinking it was Chris in Ontario

Yeah the cab seems rough a bit at the flippers. I know it was covered with the lollipops but seems pretty drastic wish there was better pictures

#4834 3 years ago
Quoted from smokedog:

I don't personally know the owner, but I do know a bit of it's history. It was purchased and resided at the U of S arcade (either there, or Ruckers) for many, many years. Was then bought by a dealer here in town and resided with him for a long time, until sold to the person who has it on kijiji.

Asking $7 seems steap but what do I know. Seems like it was well maintained but hard to tell from those pictures.

#4845 3 years ago

Looking for TF LE Combo for the right price.

#4847 3 years ago

Yeah I know.. call me a cheap bastard but after seeing pricing trends on TF Le's in the last year or so I am not willing to spend more than $5K on an LE pending condition. Some modded ones have sold for under that. In the end we just couldn't get a deal done.

#4852 3 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

The last 3 tfle that sold in Ontario (in the last 3 months) have all been north of $6k

I was not aware of that. But none the less that game as been sitting there for two months at $5700 so there are three conclusions here. A) the folks that bought at $6K + really wanted the game at all costs or overpaid B)No one else wants a TF LE apart from me C)Times are changing.

#4854 3 years ago
Quoted from smokedog:

Bingo. Starting to saturate a bit for titles that are $4K and above. Everyone wants a deal, no one wants to lose money on a sale.
My Met didn't sell at $5K. *shrug* Going back on route, and will eventually go on kijiji.

I would have most likely bought this but have absolutely no interest in met, yet I like TF go figure

#4866 3 years ago
Quoted from Bigbossfan:

All you Calgary peeps..........if this is a legit ad for a FT, someone could get a really nice deal.

If this was in Ontario I would already be on the phone.

#4873 3 years ago

Watch that dead flipper be an unsoldered wire.

#4882 3 years ago
Quoted from brad808:

Not sure why that one hasn't sold yet. Its been for sale since may. http://www.maaca.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=20757&p=178552&hilit=Transformers#p178552

Because most people dislike TF. I personally really like it but not willing to pay that price. I'm probably the only guy here that wants this thing.

#4885 3 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

What do you want to pay? I'd pay 5k for that tf combo today if it was by me. Never hurts to make a offer.

That's what my final offer was.

#4887 3 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Obviously you don't like it enough.

Oh I like it. But I won't pay more than what I feel it's worth. I don't see anyone else lining up.

#4893 3 years ago

When greed takes over...stupid things happen. I remember in Ottawa a few years back a condo developper put up a new building for sale with great amenities and upgrade and they sold 80% of the condo in one day. Then greed kicked in and they decided to call up all the people that booked there place and told them they would not get x,y,z and that the price and gone up. Result = everybody backed out and the developer stood their with his shlong in his hands and his other fist up his a**.

#4904 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

So it's an 'auction' then eh?

6k for a routed acdc? Must be really nice with low plays.

#4917 3 years ago

This pricing scheme is such bullshit and it lets stern price fix their games.

#4923 3 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Do I need to explain what happens when there's only 1 distributor selling these pins?

Then Stern should sell directly to Nitro and everyone else that wants to sell their products as long as they meet a minimum quota order.

Quoted from Chambahz:

This "pricing scheme" is setup to protect the distributors

Then the system is broken because currently you only have one distributor in Canada Starburst Cineplex. Talk about inviting in competition.

I don't see computer part manufacturers laying down the hammer on electronic shops that advertise their products cheaper than somewhere else. Sure resellers need to advertise the MSRP but the fact that you have to call is plain non-sense.

If someone wants to make $100 bucks profit and another $300 that's their choice to make.

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#4973 3 years ago

I'm looking for an LOTR... I'm still on the list for a GB Pro but if a nice LOTR comes along I'm gonna jump ship.

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#5085 3 years ago

Has the Stern HUO "pins for sale well" completely dried up? While I see a few pop up in the west...the east coast seems dryer than the sahara desert, I'm looking for a LOTR, TF Pro if anyone as a lead let me know.

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#5132 3 years ago

Fully restored WCS is on the block. I'll take $6000K for it. Click on this link for a full documented thread about the restoration

I've spent between 400 and 600 hours rebuilding this thing from the ground up. I can't even list how many brand new things are on this game. I have documented the entire thing on pinside (https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/wcs-restoration-journal) if people wish to see the work that went in this game. Looking to get $6000.

The Good
Clearcoated Playfield
New Playfield Glass
New Legs
New Siderails
New Coin Door
New magnet Core and Magnet (lock playfield)
New woofer Speaker
New Cabinet decals
New ground braids
New back foam on stand up targets
2 New ramps (the third is unobtanium)
New Soccer Ball
New Platics with screened Coin toss
New Coil Wrappers
New post Sleeves
New Star Posts
New Rubbers
New beer seal
New Connectors and headers when needed
Flipper rebuild
Repainted back backglass panel
Pinbits Plastic Protectors
Replainted Transformer
Custom target decals
Repaired and repainted cabinet
Bolts and metal parts buffed or passed through the tumbler
Some pieces buffed to a shine
I'm sure I am missing about a gazillion things
Whatever needed to be changed was changed.

- Soccer ball black paint chipping (problem with all new soccer balls, just in cases someone thinks it's a one off)
- Small indent in clear at shooter lane (can't even take a picture of it)
- Scratched the inside of the cabinet when I lowered the PF in. You can only see the touch up when you raise the playfield (in pics)
- Missing a bit of black paint beside apron on playfield (you have to put you head over the apron to see it, will take pic)
- Playfield lifted slightly when I put in a post on the left hand side on the outlane. (will be in the same pic as previous)
- Speaker panel is cracked (as shown) replacement are $74US via Planetary

I wish to divulged everything so people don't get surprises. I'd rather say everything then hide things.

IMG_2109 (resized).JPG

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#5191 3 years ago
Quoted from Cheese_WizardPQ:

Would you buy a game from a Quebecer or are we all that toxic?

I'd buy a game from anyone as long as the game falls in my "acceptable" range. I've bought games from Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, New York and Virginia. This provincial debate non sense needs to stop.

#5212 3 years ago

I'm looking for a kid's redemption game like whac-a-mole or wacky gators etc... in case some of you guys have one lying around

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#5527 3 years ago

FT GB Pro for acdc, spiderman, TSPP, mustang prem or LOTR

Gb has
Under cabinet lighting, clear flipper protectors, flipper warning mod, library scoop light mod, storsge facility light mod, colored captive balls, shaker motor and pinball universe outlane mod.

HUO first owner less than 150 plays

NO Ghosting or issues of anykind.

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#5574 3 years ago

1.12 feels like 1.05. Just easier to get throught the modes. I wish they linked a multi all with the amount of pke switches you hit in one swoop. Game code is fairly simple as it stands. Nothing overwhelmingly original.

#5580 3 years ago

Well can't seem to find a trade for an ACDC or LOTR so putting the sucker up for sale
HUO GB Pro $7600 CDN

Mods ($500 US)
- storage facility light mod
- scoop light mod
- pinball universe upgrade out lane kit
- flipper caution overlays mod
- Shaker motor
- under cab lighting
- flipper clear protectors
- cliffy's for drop targets and drain hole (not yet installed)
- slimer speaker grills (not yet installed)
- top lane mirror (not yet installed)
- color captive balls

+/- 150 plays (I update to code 1.12 and forgot to get the count)

#5611 3 years ago
Quoted from Twilight1:

AC/DC is on hold until satday. Monday latest have a local cash deal going for two pins. Sounds like he's more interested in the other pin. So I'll update asap. Thanks for all the interest. Tim

Since you've owned both ACDC's which one is better? Take into consideration about the LED Pro version? Oppinions?

#5613 3 years ago

Looking for an AC/DC Led Pro but I don't think I could find one in Canada. They are a scarce commodity

#5619 3 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

Not much difference, just leds (which most will have by now), swinging bell and the newer metal head right?

Sounds about right.

#5634 3 years ago
Quoted from EvanDickson:

I was thinking exactly this the other day, you have to go back many many pages in this thread to see anything besides new Sterns. I think it indicates that even the newest machines don't stack up to old B/W titles, because people are willing to part with their new machines any day of the week, but not with their old.

Ive been looking for an acdc pro and cant find one go figure

#5646 3 years ago
Quoted from PureTO:

$7K for an F-14? Are there gold bars hidden inside?

Equipped with real missiles?

#5667 3 years ago

Wcsbrandes has some at his spa i thunk. I shit you not lol. Wife can relax in the spa and you can play pinball

#5695 3 years ago

We should retitle this thread to Anybody in "Western" Canada have anything to sell

#5752 3 years ago

Thats the pin that got me hooked.

#5768 3 years ago

What should my gb sell for? Serious question. Its got $500 US of mods and about 150 plays. No ghosting issues. I put $7600 OBO to remove the tire kickers out of the equation.

#5773 3 years ago

I'd trade for an ACDC + cash my way but it seems that the most popular modern Stern is nowhere to be found.

#5789 3 years ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

Looking for a Sharkey's Shootout or NASCAR/Grand Prix/Dale Jr. Working or not, pm me if you have one available.

Some dude in quebec as a grand prix

#5799 3 years ago

Price reduced on my GB Pro $7300, including $500US worth of mods.

- storage facility light mod
- scoop light mod
- pinball universe upgrade out lane kit
- flipper caution overlays mod
- Shaker motor
- under cab lighting
- flipper clear protectors
- cliffy's for drop targets and drain hole (installed)
- top lane mirror (installed)
- color captive balls

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#5856 3 years ago

Need help again how much for a taf with new clearcoat but with some ghosting inserts (3), a few ok touch ups, new ramps, chrome side rails and lockbar, wrinkled cab (all 4 legs and some less than stellar bondo cab patch work) and a few cracked plastics, a few missing cab screws, a scratched up glass, a few hacks (screw instead of x)?

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#5876 3 years ago

Ive got a gb pro for 7300 with mods shaker motor etc..

#5922 3 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Brought thru Alberta borders. 5% tax 1st time. No tax the second time. $100 charge on $2000 us stern nascar. Purchased off ebay.

The border agents in AB are civil. I get a nice 13% bill everytime i cross in Ontario

#5931 3 years ago
Quoted from violinfather:

Anybody in Alberta have a Ghostbusters LE or Premium for sale? Might also consider a Pro.

Even if I have one for sale (GB Pro) Dylan (Archer600) as one closer than me...hit him up he's in sask. Purchased my ST Pro from him and was not dissapointed. In fact I'm playing it now. Or you can buy my modded GB Pro. Your call.

#5943 3 years ago

Why is it so hard to find a damn ACDC Pro in Ontario or Quebec for that manner. Why?

#5946 3 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

yep, they are hard to find, michel from starburst in montreal said if i ever want to sell my game just call him.
how much are you willing to pay... just kidding.

That's just mean.... I do want one but not willing to sacrifice and arm and a leg and my first born .
But the trade list for my GB Pro is this:
Willing to trade for the following games (in order of preference)
AC/DC Pro / LED Pro
Mustang Premium
Lord of the rings
Metallica Pro

#5967 3 years ago

I wouldnt even touch shaq attack just for the odds to be stuck with it

#6022 2 years ago

The pro is the true LE. And i own an LE. Was impossible to find a pro. The mini playfield gets alot of hate. The only thing you need to do is deactivate the lock so the balls never stay stuck up there for the ironhide mini playfield mode. Secondly i found the star scream mech to be more fun than i thought because of the randomness of either getting the ball from the ramp or it getting dumped in the left loop. The drop target in fron of megatron also adds another level if complexity. Ive own both the pro and the LE. While the pro tends to be a bit faster, after owning both i feel you get a tad more on the le. Both are winners in my book.