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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

6 years ago

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#33 6 years ago

I might sell something if offered lots of $$$ over book

6 months later
#711 5 years ago

Selling my Addams family. Mint playfield, limo mod, fester mod, full cliffys, mirror blades, colour dmd


image.jpg image-734.jpg image-660.jpg image-887.jpg image-828.jpg
#712 5 years ago

More pics

image.jpg image-898.jpg image-644.jpg image-956.jpg image-167.jpg
#713 5 years ago

Even more pics

image.jpg image-468.jpg image-113.jpg image-68.jpg image-483.jpg image-972.jpg image-908.jpg image-147.jpg
#714 5 years ago

Also selling my super nice twilight zone. Huo for last ten years. Pyramid topper, shiny gumballs, piano mod, rocket ship, camera mod, third magnet, mirror blades, sub woofer and full cliffys.

7500cdn no trades, no shipping

image-817.jpg image-84.jpg image.jpg image-421.jpg image-203.jpg image-937.jpg image-622.jpg
#715 5 years ago

More pics

image-800.jpg image.jpg image-880.jpg image-861.jpg image-660.jpg image-80.jpg image-939.jpg
#716 5 years ago

A few more

image-949.jpg image.jpg image-767.jpg image-173.jpg image-844.jpg image-852.jpg image-222.jpg
1 month later
#873 5 years ago

still have my taf and tz for sale, fully modded, bladed, perfect playfields, nice cabinets except tz was drilled and touched up, 7500 each, no trades, prefer local pick up

1 month later
#974 5 years ago

Gnr and metle are in maple ridge boys. Not going anywhere either. Too hard to find again.

1 week later
#1022 5 years ago

4800 is giving it away. I don't 6k is a bad price for a nice example, especially in Canada with the dollar so unfavorable

#1033 5 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

Where were you when I was giving it away then
It still took a couple of months to sell at that price.

Sorry I don't really like that game too much. I'm shocked it took so long to sell

#1034 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

I kinda thought you were giving it away too. I was shocked it took so long to sell at that price. I guess just bad timing.

Yeah nothing's selling right now or else people want it for nothing. Too many new games coming out I guess

1 month later
#1352 5 years ago

Zio is very real. I know him well. You can do business with him in confidence, very professional.

#1356 5 years ago
Quoted from YKpinballer:

It was a joke, but obviously not a funny one. Why so serious, Canadian pinside?

Cuz you sounded like a dick, use emoticons or think before posting.

1 week later
#1406 5 years ago

Just wanted to vent about the dollar for a moment. I wanted to buy mmr and th but with the dollar adding a 20% premium plus 12% tax on top of it all is just too much. If I bought and the dollar drops resale value will only be equivalent to the value of the game in usd so potentially 2k lost

The 8k mmr is $11,048 cdn after taxes exchange and shipping, just gross. Think I might wait and buy huo when usd drops.

Vent over.

Anyone else rethinking buying nib cuz of dollar?

#1426 5 years ago

Lol yeah I'm not impressed. Around 10k to my door is my max. Annoying the albertans can get it home for 10.2. I'm thinking wait on a huo and hope the dollar changes in my favour.

#1432 5 years ago

How would I do that? Got no where to send it. Then I have to drive 24 hours or so to get it home? Is there another way?

#1453 5 years ago

Tron gets pretty boring fast. Wwe could be more fun. No upper playfield on tron for one.

#1482 5 years ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

Currently on the lookout for a Starship Troopers. Working or not, would consider a players condition one as long as everything is there. And preferably in Alberta.

Nitro had a starship troopers a few weeks back

#1489 5 years ago

There was 2 ss on vancouver cl recently. Not sure if they both sold or just got pulled. One was super nice, modded, new ramps and stuff.

2 weeks later
#1532 5 years ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

Have you seen the pins? How is the condition?

I know that ij has changed hands 3 times in less than a year. It's quite faded. Plays well though.

#1544 5 years ago

They won't keep on making them. If they sell the 1000 le then yes they will make standards but they won't just make one here and there. They will do a run of say 250 then again and again until the demand is met. Then they won't make anymore unless tgere is enough demand. I doubt they will make more than a few hundred standards. The 1000 le plus lowered prices on an original should well satisfy the demand for this title.

1 week later
#1561 4 years ago

We have no choice but to wait for dollar to come back close to par. The games aren't going anywhere. Buying a huo in a year will save you even more money too. Just be happy with what you have or buy local used pins in the meantime.

#1565 4 years ago

looking for an gnr mystery when lit/axl plastic and an wh20 left boulder if any of you Canadians have these kicking around and don't need them, txs

#1569 4 years ago

7500cdn is a pretty good price for this considering the exchange rate.

#1572 4 years ago

I prefer shark tank lol

#1574 4 years ago

still hoping to find the left boulder for wh2o, the one where the mine is. anyone got one kicking around they can let go?

#1586 4 years ago

4200usd for the pair plus exchange plus 12% at the border U.S. maybe $500 shipping.

#1613 4 years ago

Big Txs to redketchup who very generously gave me an mystery when lit gnr plastic for free. He even paid the postage!

1 week later
#1721 4 years ago

Interested in zaccaria locomotion, robot, pinball champ, spooky or magic castle if anyone knows of one.

1 week later
#1839 4 years ago
Quoted from leaffan67:

Hey Western Canadian folk. Anyone have contact info for Jordan Hudson in Vancouver? PM me if so. Super nice guy and good player! I have some pin buying questions for him.

He plays in the two bar leagues in Vancouver. Occasionally in the vrpa as well. Don't have contact info but I could forward yours if you like through a mutual friend.

1 week later
#1969 4 years ago

Nitro very recently had an led acdc pro. Not sure if sold or not.

#1984 4 years ago
Quoted from NEOphyte:

Thanks extraballingtmc! Tommy at Nitro has an AC/DC LED Pro... and it's coming to Edmonton! Can't wait!
Now, how to blow the budget on mods...

Nice! Great game and tommy is excellent to deal with, I better ask him about commission on this one

1 month later
#2215 4 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Hes had it for a while now. I spoke to him twice on it. Not ready to go that high if I dont have to. Im in no rush, and it would have to be shipped (which Im fine with), just would rather find one local if possible.
A few options coming out of the woodwork, but will wait and see.

Nitro price on the stle is really good, considering the exchange rate right now. Not likely to find a cheaper one. I've played it. It's really nice, plays great.

#2223 4 years ago

That includes tax I think. Same thing as 7kish usd right now.

Kiss looks pretty sweet but the dollar is killing us.

1 week later
#2242 4 years ago

That met a year ago wouldn't have been the new led one eitger so obviously cheaper. The dollar has raised prices on everything. No way to find a met led less than 5k. Nib be around 7k after tax, dollar and shipping. Only a thousand or so less than I got an le for

#2249 4 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

It is an ok price. Locally here they are cheaper. That being said, I am looking for a premium first if I can find one.

How much is a stle there?

3 weeks later
#2398 4 years ago

I've had dr don recap a monitor for me before. excellent work

#2404 4 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

I need a 19" vertical for my Ms Pacman.

I haven't yet, was hoping to get someone local, since shipping is a pain for a monitor.

Im assuming he is in BC as well?

Yes, dr don is the technician from nitro

1 week later
#2426 4 years ago

Good deal for someone once they are all shopped.

#2428 4 years ago

Me too lol

I have a feeling we might see them all pop up soon but with a 50% surcharge

1 week later
#2464 4 years ago
Quoted from JPloof:

Back on the hunt locally (Alberta) for a Judge Dredd and Fish Tales. Anyone looking to sell or if anyone sees any pop up, let me know!

Nitro just got a jd in. Played it saturday

4 weeks later
#2665 4 years ago

Go grab that x files hawk lol

#2666 4 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

I'm willing to take a Kiss LE plus cash for my CCC.

Keep the ccc or sell for straight cash

1 month later
#3066 4 years ago

How much are wozs going for in Canada?

#3078 4 years ago
Quoted from greatwichjohn:

My WOZ 75th cost me above $13k CDN in July. $9k US, figure out or crappy dollar, tax, brokerage, & shipping. It will be at the Ottawa Show for free play this weekend.

Holy sh!t!

3 weeks later
#3298 4 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Anyone out there have a near perfect BOP. Have the 2.0 on the way!

Dg has a beautiful one but you'll probably have to pry it from his cold dead hands lol

3 weeks later
#3443 4 years ago

Is this anywhere near Pen Island?

4 weeks later
#3578 4 years ago

Yeah I don't get the need for a stle either. Pro is all the game one needs. That being said I own an metle so what do I know lol

#3756 4 years ago

probably all moldy by now, best to leave it nib

#3770 4 years ago

There's a standard near me at 8700cdn

#3790 4 years ago
Quoted from redundor:

Saw this on the local Craigslist today. No idea if he is willing to ship
vancouver.craigslist.ca link

I don't think that seller is a shipper. He is just a flipper but at least he cleans up the games first.

He is always looking to make a deal, trade or cash.

#3791 4 years ago

What do you guys think a huo standard woz should go for in cdn $? 7.5 boards plus new power supply btw.

#3793 4 years ago

Is that $8500usd nowadays?

#3818 4 years ago
Quoted from mandrick:

Lol...wouldn't call myself a flipper....Not that it is a bad thing but i certainly don't do anything for profit...I am just a collector who gets bored of the same games over time so I tend to sell them or trade them...and I think I have traded or sold 6 games over 4 years....I did refurbish one game in the past, but the only "flipping" I have done has been to Nitro for NIB games...maybe you have me confused with someone else??

Lol oh sorry mandrick. Thought it was someone else's game.

#3820 4 years ago

One at mission was decent, Emily won.

One at my house for other league finals was pretty fun. Eden won that.

#3840 4 years ago

You can't afford my sopranos. 'Get the f$cking money!'

3 weeks later
#3914 4 years ago

Don't buy it! The le adds nothing. You will lose money at that price. The code is not even finished.

1 month later
#4134 3 years ago
Quoted from Edster:

This is just plain ridiculous. Talk about money hungry border patrol. It's bad enough they grab tax on a used item but to take your truck apart and leave you there to sort it out, that is just sad. I've had some really good experiences bringing games back but now they are so hungry for money I dread even considering the trip. Nothing like being treated like a scum bag criminal when you are just trying to bring a game home from the US.

Just declare the proper amount and have a receipt and you won't have any problems. The written receipt is the key part.

#4142 3 years ago

How much you pay for sopranos?

#4151 3 years ago

oh cool so the game will still be available for play at revs?

#4157 3 years ago
Quoted from silverball0:

Yes the game is still at REVS, mapleridge but may travel to REVS Burnaby in the future. Either shaq attaq or F-14 moving into mapleridge once shopped.

F-14 please.

1 month later
#4322 3 years ago

Wanted twd pro within a couple hours of Vancouver. No shipping.

1 week later
#4356 3 years ago

How many draculas do you get for 4K? 1 or 2?

#4412 3 years ago

Several years ago I couldn't give one away for 3200. Took me about 6 months to sell it. Now they are super desirable.

#4424 3 years ago

What games will be for sale at yegpin?

1 week later
#4476 3 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

Seriously, a $8000 taf??? I guess it's now in the same ballpark as mm, tz? Please pass on whatever this guy is smoking cause i defiently want some. I see the St. Albert gorgar seller will be re listing his pin next week in a new city. Guess his Christian angle didn't work out.

Since when can you get mm for 8k cdn? Please show me so I can buy and flip.

1 week later
#4567 3 years ago
Quoted from c2scanada:

TZ in Vancouver, B.C. in excellent condition. Everything working, no errors
Mods include
- Invsiglass $400
- Colordmd $400
- Flipper Fidelity $125
- New Legs and feet $100
- New Lockdown Bar $100
- Upgraded Clock from Europe $100
- LEDs and backglass Led Mod $250
- Flippers Rebuilt including coils replaced $100
- Rocket mod$50
Spent over $1500 USD on modifications before taxes and duties
Playfield and Cabinet are in excellent condition.
$7500 CAD Firm or trade for a Walking Dead Premium or Pro +/- Cash
Local pickup only.

7500 cdn is a steal imo for this game with those extras.

#4573 3 years ago

7500 was giving it away, colour dmd and invisiglass are worth 800 cdn at least plus the other mods. I sold one with some mods but no glass and no colour display for 7k over a year ago.

1 month later
#4759 3 years ago

Overpriced tz in Abby.

Gl with twd. I been looking for a pro for several months

#4763 3 years ago
Quoted from Darscot:

I saw those last night I'm assuming the White Water is the same guy both prices are crazy. The 6k DE Star Wars is back listed again too. These probable belong in the Craigslist laughs thread.

I don't mind him asking that much but to not even put up pictures to maybe show why they are worth top dollar and then some is ridiculous. No colour dmds in them either.

#4773 3 years ago
Quoted from Darscot:

I agree, I thought about emailing him asking if they are documented HUO or insanely mint restores, in the end I figured it was just a waste of time. Did you contact him?

No. I've already owned both those titles for several years. Also he sounds like a dick lol

#4799 3 years ago

Buy in usd, call nitro. Can't beat the customer service and warranty they offer.

1 week later
#4840 3 years ago

Only a small portion of playdiums business is even pinball, their focus is on other things.

1 week later
#4918 3 years ago

No it doesn't. They just want them advertised at the same fixed price. In person or on phone all distributors can and probably will give you a better price.

#4931 3 years ago
Quoted from zero:

I think there are a couple as far as I know.. I have one, and Ed from Barenaked Ladies owns one. If you are ever in Calgary and want to give it a try you are welcome.

Just played it at CAX for first time and fell in love with it. Really cool game imo

1 month later
#5046 3 years ago
Quoted from MobRoller:

With the Vancouver Flipout expo about a month away I imagine some good trades/sales/deals are going to be popping up. I know I will be bringing a couple of machines that I am willing to part with (F-14 + Buccanneer)....maybe time to start its own thread. Who else is coming and is in the same boat?

Great idea mobroller. I might have a couple to sell there too.

#5051 3 years ago

Way too high. Probably 1000$ more than retail even never mind private sale.

4 weeks later
#5142 3 years ago

Super straight by Sonic/segasa will be for sale at Vancouver flipout this weekend. Plays perfect.

1500 obro by end of show.

1 month later
#5285 3 years ago

Looking for a gold wings and a heavy metal meltdown. No project games, players condition preferred.

#5317 3 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

Looking for a gold wings and a heavy metal meltdown. No project games, players condition preferred.

No leads yet, still looking

#5332 3 years ago
Quoted from tomdotcom:

Guy sent me pics of TAF. Looks like they were all ripped from this website...
Guys names is Andy Upsala in the email...

lol Andy upseller

1 week later
#5372 3 years ago

Still looking for gold wings and heavy metal meltdown if anyone has leads.

#5393 3 years ago

Where all the hmm hiding? Surely someone wants to get rid of that horrible annoying game with the loud rock guitars.

#5403 3 years ago

I'm trying to work out an deal in a different province. How do you guys go about making payment so both parties are safe? I read vids guide and seems to recommend escrow. What do you guys do if neither party knows the other?


#5409 3 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

Email money transfer if both in Canada.
If it's here I can check it out for you,help to get it to you if need be.

It's not in Alberta. Email money transfer but if they don't ship game then I have no recourse? The buyer is completely at risk aren't they?

#5414 3 years ago

The game I was looking at is in Saskatoon. A pinsider knows the guys and has taken several photos and a video for me. I'm pretty sure the deal is good but the actual owner of the game is not a pinsider and I don't like the feeling of being vulnerable once I send the money hoping I get a game back lol. He doesn't want to do paypal because then the seller is at risk. I do have a line on the same title in Portland,OR which is a several hour drive for me but then at least I can pay cash and pick up game in person.

Just wish there was a better way to do business but I guess there really isn't, you just have to take a calculated risk.

#5426 3 years ago

Txs guys. Gonna explore the Portland deal a bit more. Long drive but no risk. Never been to Portland either

#5431 3 years ago

Tax be pretty cheap. Only about 100. So between my gas and tax that equals the shipping kind of. It's just the time but if the owner would meet my part way would be awesome.

I got my embryon the same way. Drove about 4 hours to a random truck stop and literally slid the tarped game from one pick up to another in the pissing rain site unseen.

#5432 3 years ago

Escrow seems like a pretty good way to go but costs a few bucks.

#5435 3 years ago

Yeah I'm torn. Gonna fish around and see if anyone else has any business in Portland, maybe get another driver won't be so bad. If not ship the Saskatoon one

1 week later
#5463 3 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

Looking to sell or trade my Spooky Pinball Rob Zombie #115
All factory mods that were available at the time.
Plastic protectors,upgraded LED's,Back Alley Creations light up mods.
Hit me with your trades,no junk,no EM's

Already?! How come? Game not your cup of tea?

#5464 3 years ago
Quoted from GoodManners:

Coming into this late - Portland is an excellent Pinball city and I'm sure there are some pindeals to be had.
When I lived in Vancouver I would sometimes daytrip to Portland, pick up two pins, and drive back. Even better if you can drive down Friday and back Saturday. Good food, good beer, = win.
And as you said you can look at and evaluate the pin.
Seattle is also a good Pinball city. And closer.

Been super busy last couple weeks so games on hold. But yes there was a second game in Portland I was interested in so a 2 for 1 trip wouldn't be so bad. Most definitely stay the night though.

#5466 3 years ago

ok for sure...I do love food and I also love trucks lol

1 week later
#5513 3 years ago

Usually 500$ off for a floor model if you negotiate and they like you. However a floor model can easily sell for full price if it's the 'last one' and customer really wants it.

#5522 3 years ago

I sold my sopranos earlier this year for a lot more. Had blades, laserrific topper, original dancers and goodie bag still attached. Great game, only sold for space issues.

#5550 3 years ago

Have a friend who is looking for a lockdown bar for Atari super man.

#5559 3 years ago

Mustang premium is such a good game.

3 weeks later
#5657 3 years ago

fastbreak. really fun game

#5712 3 years ago

Led too bright. LCD by far better.

#5766 3 years ago

I wouldn't buy a woz for half that.

1 week later
#5832 2 years ago

Nitro sells parts through their website I believe

1 week later
#5852 2 years ago

Anyone got a nice rbion?

#5863 2 years ago

Ve is by far the better but providing the ghosting issue is solved

#5866 2 years ago

Not sure how you ended up spending $13,800.

#5871 2 years ago

Wow!!! That's crazy. 8k usd is about 10,800 cdn.

One more reason to hate playdium. Ripoff.

#5873 2 years ago

No shit. Pretty sure they have standards for 8k usd. Plus they also sold several le but I think those are gone now.

I got my le from Tommy, was a great experience and I prepaid before the dollar got to crazy. Was 8k usd no bs.

Plus of course the highly coveted nitro pack!

#5877 2 years ago

Anyone got a robot or locomotion?

#5913 2 years ago

Back to Staten Island and jersey shore with you

1 week later
#6001 2 years ago

If the le is 8995 what's the pro? What's the difference? And how many le they making?

#6004 2 years ago

website says 9295cdn for pro and 8700 usd for le. Are these the real prices or what they are told to post as msrp?

#6008 2 years ago

Yeah those prices can't be right.

#6017 2 years ago

Cuz it's not worth more than 5k

#6042 2 years ago

Yeah I called Tommy too. Said heighway put up price 6 months ago. Ft was 6k usd.

I see no reason to go le, defeats the swappable aspect heighway pushes.

Definitely a pricey game, better be damn good

#6114 2 years ago

wow...also don't forget pinbot

#6115 2 years ago
Quoted from c2scanada:

FS: Jackbot - Super nice with blue powder coat located in Vancouver $4000.00 CAD

oh damn I'm out of room. Great game though

#6140 2 years ago

Freddy is a stinker. You would be done after a weekend at the most

2 weeks later
#6348 2 years ago

8000 by 1.37 is 10,960. Seems good. Most Canadians add the tax value to a sale as well.

#6349 2 years ago

His profile lists standard. Are they still 8k same as le was?

#6352 2 years ago

Alberta is 5% even if they buy from another province

#6353 2 years ago
Quoted from jesperpark:

Nitro is selling standard for 11,295 plus Freight, plus taxes. Its still NIB

Almost 2k more than I was able to get my le for when dollar wasn't quite so bad. Time to sell lol

2 weeks later
#6477 2 years ago
Quoted from Casinorun:

Awesome group, anyone in B.C have anything they are currently selling, im always looking to buy.

Yeah there's rarely anything for sale in bc. Just junk like Elvis and dale jr...kidding not kidding lol

1 week later
#6614 2 years ago
Quoted from wolv3:

Any idea why that LW3 is still for sale in red deer? Overpriced?

Cuz it's lw3...

1 week later
#6719 2 years ago

I asked my broker this year too and was told they are covered under contents. Keep pics and any receipts for nib games. I do worry about how value would be established for an older title especially when condition can affect pricing so much.

1 week later
#6809 2 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

looking for a GB premium if anyone wants to trade or sell.

I could be persuaded if price is right.

1 month later
#7095 2 years ago
Quoted from psychopat:

Hi guys, looking to buy a T2 pinball from BC. I need to ship it to Ottawa. Do you have any recommendation on which shipping company I should use and how much that could cost approx?

That the one in surrey on cl?

3 weeks later
#7230 2 years ago

Oh damn that's a fun game. Just played it a bunch at replay. Lucky find

3 weeks later
#7433 2 years ago
Quoted from guido81:

Has anyone checked out that Wheel of Fortune in White Rock? I am unable to attend myself and consider myself a newb so don't want to buy something that needs a lot of work. Thank you

wof is a turd of a game, there's a lot worse titles but it's not desirable.

3 weeks later
#7490 2 years ago

My prospector and gb premium will be setup and for sale at Vancouver flipout so go play them, bring some cash and let's make a deal.

1 week later
#7539 2 years ago
Quoted from Comox-Rocks:

Just putting this out there...
Finishing tweaking up royal rumble this month. Would like to potentially trade for a Jurassic park,tommy or add cash for an AC/DC pro. Playfield is in excellent condition with only minor wear around the scoops. Cabinet has some sun fade but would look great with new decals. Game located on Vancouver island but looking to come to Vancouver/Seattle in next month.
Would consider other 90's dmd pins.

Cash price on the royal rumble?

#7584 2 years ago

Selling my gb premium. Original owner, huo, all the fixes done, plays perfect, no ghosting. I’ll take some pics later.

9k no trades. Prefer local sale but if no one local wants it I can ship if buyer makes arrangements.

#7598 2 years ago

No tax on game going to the states, just need to pay a fee around 10$.

Full gst and pst on game coming back.

#7602 2 years ago

I’d take royal rumble at a reasonable cash price.

#7604 2 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Guys, what a reasonable price for my Champion Pub? Ive had a couple of interested people but nothing solid. I really want to move it to pick up another game.

4-5kusd depending on condition imo

fwiw one just popped up yesterday near me on cl for 5300cdn obo, says its fully working

#7615 2 years ago

Gb premium still available.

9k no trades.

Can be shipped for $315

#7617 2 years ago

Not sure on that lol. Tommy said it be 315 to Alberta though

#7655 2 years ago

Sonic/segasa prospector for sale. Perfect playfield, backglass, average cabinet. Plays perfect no issues.

$1500cdn can ship if needed.

Embryon also for sale. Playfield has a bit of wear, cabinet is average, backglass is perfect. Plays perfect and has been upgraded to 7 digit scoring with new blue led 7volution displays. Also have the old 6 digit ones.

$2700 cdn can be shipped if needed.

Gb premium still for sale. 9k cdn, lower than retail even before the tax! Retail is 7400usd converts to 9250cdn as of today.

#7658 2 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

I played that Prospector (I assume it was the same one) at Vancouver Flipout and it is in amazing condition. Really looks and plays like it just came out of the box.

Txs! Yes that was mine. It really is a beautiful game, had it for several years though and it’s time to switch things up. My last sonic used to have 4.

#7672 2 years ago

Embryon now $2500

Prospector now $1400

Gb premium staying at $9000 as that’s the best priced one in BC and its already less than retail.

#7684 2 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

Embryon now $2500
Prospector now $1400
Gb premium staying at $9000 as that’s the best priced one in BC and its already less than retail.

With our dollar weakening these prices are getting better by the day!

Gb new code coming soon, retail up to $9500. Embryon rare weird themed super wide body. Prospector great family theme, hard to find machine, sucked at pinburgh? Buy this game and practice for pinburgh 2018!

#7687 2 years ago

Ok well eventually then lol

#7689 2 years ago

Feeling crazy weekend bump.

Embryon now only $2200!

Prospector only $1300!

1 week later
#7722 2 years ago
Quoted from woz:

There's a clip of Prospector in The Canadian Arcade video of the Vancouver Flipout just posted. I doubt that playfield has had any work done on it at all, certainly not by extraballingtmc
» YouTube video

Lolol oh man if only he knew!

Txs woz for that clip. Made my day