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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

6 years ago

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#47 6 years ago
Quoted from PinsOnly:

Hmmm, OK, Canada Thread eh! I am looking for an Avengers LE, X-Men LE, Transformers LE, and or a Star Trek Premium or LE. Sorry for the Thread Hijack Spencer. If I find something I am looking for, I will have something for sale, not sure what yet.
Thanks, Dave

PM sent

#60 6 years ago

I'm in Toronto and have a few games I'm willing to sell/trade.

The biggest one is XMLE - Wolverine #109
It's got everything! Great shape and plays nice.

I also have the following that I would consider in trade for something:
-CQ T2
-Grand Lizard
-Joker Poker
-Gottlieb Spin Out

I wouldn't sell these last 4 outright, but if offered something I want, they could be part of the deal. Looking for an upgrade to my TOTAN, a TOM, GODZILLA and maybe even an ACDC prem.

I can pack games professionally for shipping if necessary.

#76 6 years ago

Just throwing it out there, but it looks like I may be upgrading my Banzai Run soon.
My old one may be for sale in a couple of weeks. It's player condition but fully working.
Playfield is protected with full factory Mylar, but the Mylar is getting a bit tired and could be a candidate for removal and clearcoat for anyone who wants to restore a BZR. The main cabinet is pretty nice... the head has some dings. Overall, I'd say it's a 7.5
Super fun machine and rare. Also, the best music in pinball IMO.

#78 6 years ago
Quoted from scylla:

Wanted = Dr. Who (with Dalek topper intact)
Selling = NBA Stern
Drano - Joker Poker is a fantastic game. I played it a ton the last time I was at the Sliverball Museum. That's the next EM I'd love to own after Fast Draw (currently in collection).

Hey Scylla.
I don't have the EM version of Joker poker. That's a rare bird.
Mine is the more common ss.

It is a fantastic game and awesome when you have people over. Very competitive.
I don't think I'd let it go except for something I really wanted.

#92 6 years ago

Looks like that aforementioned Banzai Run is already spoken for.
Just awaiting deposit and will be bringing the game to Allentown in May.

#98 6 years ago
Quoted from tomdotcom:

I'm on the hunt for a keeper EM game. PM me if you know of one or have one or more for sale

Hard to find a 'keeper' EM. They all tend to get a bit one-dimensional after a while.

I prefer to own single player Gottlieb wedgeheads. They have progression from ball to ball... so you're not starting from scratch on every ball, like you do on most multi-player EMs.

If I had to pick one that could last a while, I'd say Centigrade 37 is a good one. I also really enjoy my Volley and Golden Arrow... but I would never call them keepers.

There are also some great early ss that feel and play like an EM and are great fun. Look at Joker Poker... maybe a Countdown? I'm sure there are many many more.

1 week later
#107 6 years ago

Man, our western brethren sure are active.
Not many games available in ON & QC by the looks of it.

I always heard the market in AB was much harder. Go figure!

1 week later
#127 5 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Wife said Elvira is not leaving...


1 week later
#161 5 years ago
Quoted from Linkage:

Has anyone here made a trip to the States solely to purchase a pin or two (or five)?
The more I think about it, the more I think it would be worth my while to drive to PA for Pinfest and come back with a couple games.
2,500 KM each way and a ferry crossing too, but I honestly think it would be worth it.
Aside from a few lucky stashes I have found, all I see like 1 Pin for sale a month in the province.

Yup... done that.
But, it is substantially closer than that for me.

Hell... with the exchange, this year I'm bringing games down there to sell
Banzai Run is already heading south; might bring another game too.

1 week later
#171 5 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Randy and I have agreed to a deal, I will be bringing Woz home soon! Super excited and thankful to meet another great pinball collector/player in Calgary.
Cant wait to add this game to the collection!!

Maybe Elvira will be getting a little crowded and need a new home?


#175 5 years ago

XMLE is also still for sale and I'm always willing to look at good trades. Specifically ones that may include a TOM, TOTAN, Centaur, Godzilla, maybe even an ACDC premium etc...

1 month later
#264 5 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Looking for a Transformers or X-man or Pirates or LoTR.
Would be willing to trade Elvira or White Water for the right deal.

PM sent

#294 5 years ago

I re-posted my XMLE FS a few days ago on PREV and MAACA (new price and open to certain trades)
Packing it for shipping is no problem. I even have the original box and can pallete the game. I think Day&Ross is about $100-$150 depending on where you are.

All details linked here, but here's a sneak peak. She's a beauty!
One of a kind with custom blue T-molding and blue metal mirror blades plus lots of extras to make it bulletproof.
Fun game with awesome combos and rules, not to mention great art. Wish I could keep it.

PREV link to full FS post:


1 month later
#484 5 years ago
Quoted from jms121:

Drano,the CV you are getting from Terry played great,had a couple games on it on the weekend.

Awesome! thanks James.

Terry's game is all wrapped up and ready to go. Should be heading out Wednesday.


1 week later
#528 5 years ago

Wow! This thread is seriously Western biased

I think all of you should also consider signing up on http://www.pinballrevolution.com/index.php if you haven't already.
You'll get a lot more Ontario and QC guys here.... which is not exactly close, but shipping games either way can be pretty reasonable and nto having to pay US$ or tax is a big plus.

1 week later
#619 5 years ago

This thread has sure gotten interesting since my last visit.
I think we need BR to step in here and hand out some English lessons

#621 5 years ago
Quoted from spiroagnew:

TOTAN seems to be one of those machines that gets people all hot, bothered and angry. Most "A-listers" do, but this game in particular. So, um, to change the topic, anyone have a EATPM for sale?

Spencer, meet Rob; Rob, Spencer

I've tried man. Good Luck!


In more positive news, I purchased this CV from a collector in AB a few weeks ago. He was a buddy of James here (not sure if he's active on the forums) and I'm pretty happy with the pin.
It had a few quirks that needed sorting out, but the game is now perfectly dialed in and adjusted and playing great!

It's also really popular with the kids



#627 5 years ago
Quoted from algrande:

I brought that one up from pinlawyer in arizona, along with a stunning MM. both were nice pins. It sure made it around Calgary among friends. lol.
I am glad you're enjoying it.

Awesome. I know pinlawyer.
The game is great. Somewhere along the way a few things fell out of alignment and it made the game play really oddly. I can see why it likely jumped around a lot
I'm big on "set-up" and was happy to fine tune it.

It's amazing how just a few tiny things can have a major impact on a pin.
The catch on one of the playfield slide-rails was bent and prevented it from catching and releasing properly when raising the playfield. That, and the DMD being mounted to the wrong holes was causing all sorts of aligment issues. Luckily I had a few guys over and we were able to lift and straighten the sucker out

Then I was getting massive airballs when shooting the right spinner (inner loop). The boom balloon was set 1/8" too low and causing the ball to hop on the edge of the wood. That was a 15 second adjustment under the playfield.

Shots to the right Acrobats ramps were falling off the ramp wireform. Again, just a matter of the wireform's steel and plastic guides being slightly out of alignment or overtightened.

After that I just had to pop out some LED bulbs that weren't lighting and bent the leads outwards to make sure they were making good contact.

The condition of the pin is excellent. I spent maybe an hour tweaking it and removed some of the mods like the picture coin door, RM shooter and balloon flipper caps (yes, I'm a bit of a purist). I don't expect it will be making too many more rounds

Thanks for the history on the pin!

Oh! One more thing.
I was also having some weird issues with the high-wire not releasing balls for multiball. It even had the upgraded LOTR style switches installed and everything seemed fine in switch edges test. I was puzzled as to why the balls were sluggish to come out of the wireform, if they came out at all. In the end I had to hang my head in shame. All I had to do was change out the balls. The original ones had become magnetized and were sticking together. Should've been the first thing I checked.

1 week later
#666 5 years ago

Just posted my super minty LOTR for sale:

Details here:

#667 5 years ago

I'll post a few pics here too.

20140714_212803 (Small).jpg 20140714_212849 (Small).jpg 20140714_213013 (Small).jpg 20140714_213339 (Small).jpg 20140714_213436 (Small).jpg 20140714_213454 (Small).jpg 20140714_213515 (Small).jpg 20140714_213555 (Small).jpg 20140714_213613 (Small).jpg 20140714_213658 (Small).jpg 20140714_213734 (Small).jpg 20140714_213746 (Small).jpg
#669 5 years ago
Quoted from Jeekayjay:

Nicer lotr than the one I had! Glwts

Adding the shaker and 'fooling' the game into thinking it was an LE was tricky... but it was worth it!
The game is spectacular and is as nice or nicer than any LOTR LE I've seen. Just missing the golden backglass and plaque

It is perfectly dialed in and plays great! I'm sure someone will be very happy with it.

#671 5 years ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

I already have to see this gem on MAACA and PinballRev..why do you torment me this way Drano?


#673 5 years ago
Quoted from bcrage88:

I am sure you will be sorry to see it leave your collection. GLWS

Thanks for the kind words.

I've had my fun. Time to switch things around.
It's a great pin and sets a real mood when playing it. One of the nicest machines in my lineup too, but you can't keep them all.

11 months later
2 weeks later
#2677 4 years ago

Anyone know where I can find a Bally Heavy Metal Meltdown?

Shoot me a PM

1 year later
#6308 2 years ago

I posted this Genesis on the local forums a week ago... just listed it here too.
One of the nicest examples you'll find of this machine. Lots of work done. Asking $1800 USD or $2400 CAD o.b.o.


I don't mind packing it for transport within Canada as long as the buyer arranges the carrier and pickup.

#6310 2 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

saw your add a few days ago, very tempting.

Sorry, she is now spoken for.

#6345 2 years ago

Hey guys,
If anyone in Canada (not really picky where) has a nice Godzilla that they would like to sell or trade, please keep me in mind.

5 months later
#7478 2 years ago

I put up a super nice Shadow with lots of extras for trade (and likley for sale also) in the marketplace here and also on Pinball Revolution and on MAACA.

Archived after 2 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Trade
Fully shopped/refurbished “Hey Guys, Just testing the waters a little. I have this really nice Shadow. I think I'm done with it... have owned it twice now. I'd like to throw it up here for potential trades f...”
Toronto, ON

4 months later
#7986 2 years ago

I've recently listed my STTNG on the usual Canadian pinball sites.
Above average example. Plays great.
Looking for $6200 CAD obo


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