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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

6 years ago

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#5299 3 years ago

I might take the day off work to drive up to Edmonton today... not too often you find a top 300 ranked game for 3x it's value! Rauuuu kick.

#5333 3 years ago


#5343 3 years ago
Quoted from nightsearcher:

Does anyone know the people selling the Fishtales and High Speed 2 or know about the conditions of these pins on Alberta kijiji

That fishtales looks sweet & shit ton of work done! &&& that street fighter 2 is pretty damn nice too! I said it was way too pricey before but people can ask whatever they want!! Who the heck am I to say anywiss! I'm on kijiji every day looking for a pin off the wishlist & as long as I think it's a fair price ...road trip!

#5367 3 years ago

Looking to buy a pin under $4000 & within an 8hr drive of Regina. (Van is ready!) Would also trade my Road Show + cash for a Metallica pro. RS plays fine but needs a full shopping. Right side G.I. is out. I have the cliffys package with 2 roll over protectors as well but not installed. PM if you are interested. Cheers

#5381 3 years ago

Time for a road trip

#5387 3 years ago

Road Show has been sold so not looking to trade it anymore

#5390 3 years ago

I thought it might of been his ol' lady!

#5392 3 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

I thought it might of been his ol' lady!

Ba dum dum! Jus'kidding! Playing the sheeet out of RS before she goes! Such a good game.. gonna miss Red for sure and hope to see her again! But ohhhhbaby the new one sure is Purdy! Can't wait

1 month later
#5570 3 years ago

Just installed a color dmd in my Metallica and was wondering what the factory Stern dmd is worth?!? It has the red piece of glass and works perfect...or,If there is any interest in it feel free to send a p.m.

1 week later
#5590 3 years ago

Long shot, but keep a look out for a 1973 TravelTime. It was stolen from a cabin near melfort sask. Worn out glass on the right side and all rubber bands are new..

1 week later
#5642 3 years ago

I call dibs on tbe f-14 in waterloo...now if i could just scrounge up the 7 thouuuusand dollars!

#5676 3 years ago

Metallica pro on kijiji calgary..$6700 obo

#5705 3 years ago

I'd love a western Tommy!!

#5725 3 years ago

I just couldn't justify buying TAF over a brand new pin! No how ...no way!! I mean, have seen the new Alien?!?!

#5770 3 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

I wouldn't buy a woz for half that.

I would !

#5782 3 years ago
Quoted from TBatti:

Is that from anyone on pinside?

I dunno but it's a fukkin beauty!

#5823 3 years ago
Quoted from Linkage:

I have two System 1 projects for sale with a bunch of parts.
Totem 1979 - Gottlieb System 1
This machine has a beautiful new restenciled paint job. Done with automotive paints and a professional clear. You will not find a nicer looking machine. Backglass looks amazing and the playfield is great.
Also comes with a second cabinet with a populated playfield for parts.
This was working perfectly within the past two years with a Pascal all in board, but the connectors do need to be repinned. The connection was iffy sometimes. I pulled the board to use in another project, so this is sold without boards. I paid $1500 for this machine when I picked it up. It's just that nice.
Joker Poker 1978 - Highly saught after game in horrible condition. Ideally needs a complete restore. Head is rough physically so I'll include an extra head (Charlie's Angels) if you restore and do a repaint / stencil. Playfield is rough as well and backglass has an extreme amount of flaking. It's a major, mojor project and also needs boards.
1979 Solar Ride Populated Playfield - Another System 1, should present a lot of good spare parts.
Boards. While the machines are being sold without boards, I think I do have some around. I will look for them and include them if possible. This include displays as well.
Will only include one set of legs unless I can scrounge a second.
Everything is in storage, so if you have serious interest I will grab some pictures. $1500 Shipping from Newfoundland included.

pm sent!

1 week later
#5867 3 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

Not sure how you ended up spending $13,800.

On what?

#5878 3 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

Anyone got a robot or locomotion?

Yup.. and you'll see me bust em both out on the dance floor at the yegpin vip party !

#5882 3 years ago

Noah...go buy that f-14!! Call the guy now man! I say that's your pin!!

#5883 3 years ago

Serious! Get it..play the heck out of it..and use it for trade bait on your 2nd pin! That's a good deal mang!

#5903 3 years ago

I plan on winning an Aerosmith LE or a batman66 real soon! So hopefully I can play the snot out of it then sell it for Aliens LE
Dare to dream...dare to dream

#5910 3 years ago

Don't make us build a wall!

#5914 3 years ago

Nu doot aboot it ! But next time bring pins WITH you to Canada...we get real cranky about our pins heading south!! Haha

#5978 3 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Brought thru Alberta borders. 5% tax 1st time. No tax the second time. $100 charge on $2000 us stern nascar. Purchased off ebay.

What condition was Nascar in?! Seems like a good deal! Especially if you got it off fleabay! (Thinking about buying one)

#6033 3 years ago
Quoted from northerndude:

Ohh, I was down in Regina for a course and hit up Rebellion and played that GB, had a great evening beer/pinball

Adam's Family and WOZ there now..wish they had room for a 3rd machine!

#6040 3 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

website says 9295cdn for pro and 8700 usd for le. Are these the real prices or what they are told to post as msrp?

I contacted the good man tommy at nitro today ...

Alien SE w/27” Monitor (7k USD) $9295 CDN + $295 Shipping (Regina Depot) + tax = $10,549 CDN

Alien LE w/27” Monitor ($8700 USD) $11,595 CDN + $295 Shipping (Regina Depot) + tax = $13,079 CDN

#6044 3 years ago

Ya, too pricey for my blood. I wish our dollar was where it was 4-5 years ago..should of been buying pins then dammit! Got into buying them too late!

#6065 3 years ago

Looking for a Tommy, R&B , or BSD. Within 8 hours of Regina would be great! Pm if you could help me out! Thanks

#6087 3 years ago
Quoted from violinfather:

Also wondering what a fair price would be on a GB pro that has been routed?

What would you pay and be comfortable with? That's how much it's worth to you. People give opinions on prices and you question their resources. Just offer a number where you won't have buyer's remorse. If he says yes, you own a GB !

#6135 3 years ago

Anyone play Freddy? It's rated pretty low..wondering how fun it is?!?

#6139 3 years ago

I hear ya! Worth checking out for sure. I'm swamped at work for a few weeks before I could get up to saskatoon...but I sure do wanna visit Pokey's cafe and try some Cuban food &pins!!

#6142 3 years ago

That'd be awesome! & heck ya I wanna get back to 'stoon soon! I missed Pokey's grand opening by a few days last time dammit!

#6145 3 years ago

Very nice TDK ! Also a JM in Loydminster that looks really good too..

#6146 3 years ago

The JM seller definitely Cheers for the right CFL team! (Pic#9!)

#6159 3 years ago

Gawd damn our dollar sucks! Do you guys think it will sink or rise soon!?

#6189 3 years ago


#6211 3 years ago

There is a pinsider in North Dakota with a bunch of sweet pins for sale if anyone can afford the dollar exchange!! He just listed his TZ & TaF.. also has a G'n'r, champions pub, new sterns, and bunch of others.. good guy too, I just can't afford to bring any back over the border! Damn U Canadian loonie
*his name is ArcadeNerd on here.. (Shawn)

#6213 3 years ago

Ya, it's too pricey to bring them across right now. Unless it's your grail...4-5 years ago when our dollar was par would be a different story! Why the hell didn't I get into collecting pins then!?!

#6225 3 years ago

I love Metallica. That's a tough one..two games for one but giving up a beauty..I'd have to keep the MET..for now anywiss!!

#6281 3 years ago

TAf on kijiji Ottawa for $4500 w/o color dmd

#6311 3 years ago
Quoted from Linkage:

I have a Demo Man for sale. 4k, Slightly overpriced, but I hate shipping and the work. Will not ship until April 24th due to work schedule, maybe April 14th if the stars align. I need to take more / better pics. Works perfectly. Had an issue recently with random resetting. Was probably just a loose cable,

should probably wait until you are able to ship it or at least be able to post pictures of it before you try and sell it! I love the "works perfectly...except for the recent random resetting..prob just a loose cable tho!"

#6313 3 years ago

I can read. I can also NOW mention the part where you held my $500 deposit for OVER a month without sending me NOTHING. Responding days later to my emails. No pic's as requested..definitely no pallet was ever shipped. Ralph, I kept this in private messages til now. But if you want me to copy and paste our conversation so everyone can read..I don't mind! I finally got fed up with your BS & waiting, & I requested my deposit back..also, the game was NOT as you described. The photos you did send showed playfield wear in more than one spot, home job paint touch ups and you never did send photos of what you claimed to be selling. Like you said to me, this community is too small to be ripping people off!

#6314 3 years ago

Basically...here's some shady photos of what the game won't look like.. pay me now..I will eventually get around to packing and shipping the pallet (when ralph feels like it) then we receive a package that is NOT as described and it is NOT worth sending back because you live in the sticks. Sounds like a good deal to me

#6318 3 years ago

Yes, I politely asked (again) and still no response! You just attacked my literacy and I felt I had to share my story. Ralph, it's still not a good idea try and take someone's money for something you have no intentions of shipping for a few weeks/month! I emailed you a couple times every week waiting for pics.. over a month later... you sent the original pics again! C'mon man!

#6321 3 years ago

Also, I would STILL be in on the deal with Linkage if I can see the pics of what's being sent! I still have the funds and he was a solid dude and sent the deposit back that day. Just better communication this time!

#6374 3 years ago

Went and checked out the FT on kijiji in Regina. Playfield shows some wear and not in very good condition as stated. Planking issues, broken plastics, right orbit and pop bumper damage, Nice guy tho and was great to talk with him. Game played good, just the pf issues held me back. Locked 3 balls like a boss! & had a good multiball! So that was good! Haha

#6384 3 years ago
Quoted from shaub:

Does anyone have a FT, WCS or a system11 machine to sell?

Full Throttle or Fish Tales? Nope to both tho! Haha

#6394 3 years ago

I read that the same as you my friend! Not sure what to think! If it has a $1000+/- in mods it should still be less than that IMO.

#6400 3 years ago

For the record.. I'm the haggling buyer in these deals... not the seller! I always want to feel like i got some sort of bargain !

1 week later
#6506 3 years ago

I think ive seen that beauty before!! That video doesn't show the powder coated rails & cabinet nearly enough!! Great resto job and good luck with the sale.

#6507 3 years ago

Ya, what he said. ^^^^^^

#6530 3 years ago

A dinosaur themed game for sale in Drumheller?! Who'd thunk that?!

#6596 3 years ago

Do they have anything for sale?!?!

#6665 3 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

Speaking of Yegpin, going to do 500 off either pin I have, or 200 off fire escape for guys on pinside - if picked up this weekend only (prices are firm though)!
Hobbit Smaug SE 10k
Avengers Hulk LE 7k
Fire Escape 1.6k

I cant find fire escape on the list of games?!? No search results found

#6682 3 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

Its not a pin, but a skill game like ICB, very rare, which is why no one has heard of it but awesome! It will be on free play at yegpin:

it was a fun game!!

1 week later
#6793 3 years ago
Quoted from puck:

Thinking my T3, JM, and Virtual Cab are on the chopping block. Need some cash for ALICE!

- All black cab, Ready for decals, but decals not included..

I have a brand new set of them decals if someone is interested...pretty sure I'll never get to restoring my JM!

1 month later
#6929 3 years ago

check his collection

#6931 3 years ago


3 weeks later
#7135 3 years ago

haha..i like it! never seen that alternate translite before! I thought love never dies?!?

#7149 3 years ago

I'm driving to Calgary tomorrow! hope to check out some location pins this week too! and the Melvins tomorrow and the RIDER game Saturday! woooot

#7167 3 years ago
Quoted from roar:

I've been gathering parts for a Silverball Mania restore for over a year now and other projects keep cutting in line and taking my time away. Another project has come up that needs some more funds so I'm looking to get out of it what I have into it.
$2,250 CDN for everything below
The Good:
Working Silverball Mania
CPR Reproduction Playfield
CPR Reproduction Plastics
New Horseshoe metal guide by vid1900
Reproduction Pop Bumper Caps and skirts
Reproduction Dead Bumper Caps and skirts
Reproduction Apron by brenna98
Reproduction Bally Sticker for coin door
New spinner stickers
Bally Conversion LED Display Kit by acebathound
Original Manual and Schematics
Backglass in great shape
The Bad:
The current playfield is "missing some paint"
CPR Reproduction Playfield - On one of the rollover inserts for the horseshoe one of the tabs is broken off on the underside, something will potentially need to be fabricated to properly hold the white star rollover piece to hold it in place
Needs new rubbers
Needs new flipper bats
Needs one new star post for the Horseshoe area, they are currently mismatched
I've converted 2 of the 5 displays to the Blue LED's but the other 3 need converting and one of the ones I've worked on needs some more work, was working on that over a year ago now when I switched to another project.
Lots of pictures over on pinballrev.

would you ship within Canada?!

#7172 3 years ago

I don't even message about the pin..i just call them a bunch of vulgar words and tell em they're scum! they never reply back tho!

2 weeks later
#7243 2 years ago
Quoted from jesperpark:

No, but i bet if you buy his Porsche he has for sale in his other listings, he will throw the tz in for free. If you buy the Lexus he may only give you a good price on the playfield

Quoted from nightsearcher:

Maybe he is selling the cars to fund a few new pins

Quoted from Meegis:

You guys realize the porsche is at a dealer and he also has a lexus for sale.

yes, they realise he has a Porsche and Lexus for sale. What are you suggesting??

#7245 2 years ago

You always gotta check their other adds !! Helps determine if the add is legit! Kijiji 101. That dude made the rookie mistake of giving his actual address... Probably a gated community anyways! Who needs 2 Porsches and a Lexus?!!

#7267 2 years ago

Scroll back up to the previously edited post! How much longer til Alien goes up for sale Dan?!? Haha, dare to dream!

2 weeks later
#7361 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheese_WizardPQ:

How much would you pay for a 7-8/10 Black hole?

3000$ right?


#7404 2 years ago

Royal rumble for $3k!! Where did u see that?

3 weeks later
#7480 2 years ago

Dirkdiggler...how much you asking for your funhouse..i might have a buyer... Pins Only, I'm working on a Funhouse deal for ya.. how much you wanna spend?! Haha (kiddin'boyz)

#7484 2 years ago

I'll throw BSD in the mix.. metallica still bolted to the floor tho! Just had the pop bumpers rebuilt too w/all new parts! New rubbers, coffin& tombstone mod, color dmd with the clear plastic speaker cover (replaces the red screened original)

#7486 2 years ago

I like where this is going! Haha. What else, what else?!?!

#7502 2 years ago

LOTR LE Calgary kijiji. $12k I think..

#7531 2 years ago

Congrats on the ac/dc Jay ! Woooot

#7543 2 years ago
Quoted from Tinnhound:

Looking for a nice AC/DC premium or LE. Please Pm me if you have or know of one for sale.

too soon DirkDiggler?!

#7575 2 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

Thanks bud!
TWD is sold

The powder coating on your pins looks amazing..espicially TWD & ALIEN.. do u do it yourself or send them out to be done? I'm thinking my MET could use some!

3 weeks later
#7700 2 years ago

I hope they'll (new owner's) pull thru and it turns out to be a deadly pin to own! I'd still want one for sure someday if they can prove to be a worthy company!! Im pulling for em tho! btw, nice pins libtech!

1 week later
#7737 2 years ago
Quoted from Holden4:

Looking to get into the hobby on a cheaper DmD or a decent SS fun themed pin.
Great forum and info here. GTA; might make a road trip down to the states eventually.

Find other pinsiders within driving distance & check out their collections... If you see a game you want (& can afford) send a PM and ask if they'd ever consider selling it! Don't expect to pick it up for way less than market value since its not even for sale! But ya never know..pinsider prices are usually better than kijiji / craigs list. Worst they could say is no! But u still get to shoot the shit about pinball!

#7762 2 years ago

Keep totan..sell jd! Wooot

1 week later
#7808 2 years ago
Quoted from Flippers_com:

Tommy is not the only P1 - Stern distributor in western Canada.
That is all I can say right now.
More will be out on Tuesday.
John :-#)#

Which Tuesday ya talkin aboot?

2 weeks later
#7867 2 years ago
Quoted from TBatti:

Call me algrande

Ok..you're algrande! Ba dum dum

2 weeks later
#7877 2 years ago

Wow! Sounds like a beauty! Glws

2 weeks later
#7917 2 years ago
Quoted from Heatbag:

Anybody got an old Joker Poker (SS) they want to sell? I have a play field and a back glass so a rough one will do just fine.
Dave Andrew

Hey dave, did you ever get a hold of pinsider LINKAGE & check about the one he had? You have been searching for a JP for a while now.. good luck!

2 months later
#8154 2 years ago
Quoted from Mitch:

Maybe just pay for a plus membership? You just sold 2 games through the site.

Meh! I say don't be so polite and pm over 20 people.. U dont need a plus membership to sell pins on here.. a donation to pinside if they sell thru the site is plenty of thanks! (Imo)

2 weeks later
#8308 2 years ago

Sweeeet ass Fishtales on saskatoon kijiji

1 month later
#8500 2 years ago
Quoted from Maken:

Buy with confidence, trustworthy seller.

Lend me $7750 with confidence, trustworthy borrower!

#8532 2 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Stephen L? I haven't talked to or seen him in probably 12 or 13 years.

Yes.. that's him. Met him a few years ago when looking at FT. Nice guy but definitely seemed distanced from the community. I also messaged him and didn't receive a response!

2 months later
#8956 2 years ago

I'll say it. $6200 for a roadshow is not reasonable! Unless it has a new pf and a tray full of coins! (Some was gonna say it!) it is pretty damn nice tho!

1 week later
#9033 1 year ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

So strange post... I recently picked up a pinball machine and asked a "non-pinball" friend to come along for the journey and exploit him for his labour LOL. Well... it seems he was quite taken when given a chance to see some games in Rob's great collection. He's now thinking that "maybe I could get just one."
He's given me a budget which is reasonable I think. He's wanting a newer game to avoid the headaches of repairs on an older game. But is struggling with finding a theme that interests him. He is a star trek and star wars fan, more trek... but isn't sure he wants to totally fan boy his place out with a machine with those themes. I wouldn't totally rule it out.
Looking for anything Sask/Ab that would be a good option for someone in that $4-$6K range. Preferably a newer game but if it it's a well restored strong title in that late 90's early 2000's era I could probably twist his arm.
What's available out there?
I'd actually thought Sandeep's Junkyard might be a fun first pin for him too but alas that ship has sailed.

Is he a bit of a car guy?! tell him he's welcome to come try Shaub's Corvette machine. His games play great! No surprises. Fun game. Cabinet and playfield in really nice shape.. annnd it comes with custom flipper bats made by spinny-vinny!! (that I gifted!!)

#9044 1 year ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

He's now thinking that "maybe I could get just one."
He's given me a budget which is reasonable I think. He's wanting a newer game to avoid the headaches of repairs on an older game.

curious how this ends up! Some good pins out there right now.. let us know what he went with if he pulls the trigger on his first pin!

1 month later
#9413 1 year ago
Quoted from northerndude:

Isn’t there a Dredd in Regina?

She gone..

#9423 1 year ago
Quoted from northerndude:

Isn’t there a Dredd in Regina?

For the record.. I still want a JD !! Aeonblack..I know u hear me! Hahaha! (I'm done buying games off peeps collection lists tho!! Or am I!)

3 weeks later
#9563 1 year ago

Taint guzzler

#9574 1 year ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Hamilton, ON. Like it says under my name. I see you are in Comox, BC.

Yours dont say where you're from bud..edit your profile to allow others to see it!

1 month later
#9894 1 year ago

Do they sell pins?!

#9938 1 year ago


1 week later
#10019 1 year ago

$4000 sounds crazy enough to me! Sell sell sell...now who wants a stripped down Beatles?!?!

1 week later
#10046 1 year ago

There is a nice Mars gods of war on kijiji saskatoon... over 75% off the price of that one!! Now that's a boxing day special! Definitely need a gotleib in my collection one day..not in the buying market right now tho..

#10055 1 year ago
Quoted from ryalter:

It is HUO according to the person I bought it from, they said they bought it for their kids back in the day.

looks like there is playfield wear near the right flipper. Do Gottlieb's have an audit for how many games played? What about coins received? That would be a better indicator than a jeep with nitrous! Just sayin!

#10056 1 year ago

Also should mention that I think HUO is a term to describe just how nice the cabinet and playfield are and also suggests low number of plays.. but at almost 40 years old that game is definitely in nice condition. HUO or not! I don't think those warranty cards and other paper work really add that much value to the price of the pin. They do help suggest its hou tho I guess!

#10095 1 year ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

It was funny though. At least I thought so. My sense of humor can be off. Or you might not have one. Not sure which is which.

I think it was your scent of humor that was a lil off!

2 weeks later
#10296 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Stop your whining and buy a Premium and support the pinball community.

Take off eh! Ya hoser

3 weeks later
#10529 1 year ago

Holy Gottlieb's batman! Awesone pin collection Ranchero! That's a badass line-up

#10586 1 year ago

gotta love the pinball community..looking out for one of our own! And FUCK CANCER ! kick the shit outta it Freezie!

2 weeks later
#10697 1 year ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

I'm going to Niagara Falls with my son for the night tonight if anyone has suggestions on good arcade spots. (No bars please. Hes 5)

Check out the Hey Canada...what's up thread. Maybe try there.

2 months later
#11160 1 year ago
Quoted from northerndude:

I wish I had pinheads near me to help or ask for help for games and beers .I am alone up in the northeast Sk.

Whatcha mean? U wanna buy a nice breakshot.. c'mon down..$2700/firm

1 month later
#11446 1 year ago

Depends if you're buying or selling.. oh and maybe the condition of the pin is worth considering too

1 week later
#11531 1 year ago
Quoted from shaub:

oh man, I'd love a volley.

Steve from porters lake strangely disagrees!

2 weeks later
#11609 1 year ago

Kinda surprised you didn't go for that MET pro for only a $1000 more.. must not be a real fan

Quoted from FlipMyBalls:

Thanks Tyler good smooth transaction. The games are beautiful.

3 weeks later
#11786 1 year ago
Quoted from Sandeep:

I’m considering now to trade Wonka standard. Low low under 100 plays game mint HUO. Great game but I have potc le by jjp so I’m looking for deadpool premium but open to other trades. Just message me.

Cash price?

1 month later
#11979 11 months ago
Quoted from Hammerhead:

Superpin is leaving the collection this weekend

Time to go to worrrrk?!

1 week later
#12027 10 months ago

Great stories guys

#12083 10 months ago
Quoted from Waynezor:

Anyone looking to move their Stern Pro machine? I've got a budget of 7k pm what you got prefer Edmonton area but will travel to Calgary. Cheers

Quick check on kijiji-- Star trek in Calgary and a Mustang right there in Edmonton...both under $7k & both look real nice!! so let us know which one ya get!

1 week later
#12176 10 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

What you put into a game does not reflect what you will get back. Less than 5k should get you an extremely nice party monsters. There is $300 of powder coating. If you buy a good machine, you dont need all that other crap. I expect the higher price tag. Maybe 1k over average. He wants double average pricing.
I put 3k of mods into my Metallica, are you saying I should expect to get 11k for it? Hes just a greedy flipper. Dont defend him lol

Why would you put $3000 of crap.. i mean mods into your MET?! its already a good machine. How much were you asking for a translite with that other crap scribbled on it? We can all figure out if we want or can afford a pin without you constantly reminding us what YOU think its worth. I have seen that Elvira as well.. its a beauty with much more than $300 in powdercoat. Who cares if he flips pins.. You've been here for a year, how did the community ever survive before that?!

#12187 10 months ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

Not against anyone but big pet peeve of mine is fs ads where seller states they don’t want to sell the game. I get that it might be a strategy or maybe life has forced you to sell but still...

Passive aggressive bullshit!

1 month later
#12343 8 months ago

Windsor Ontario to minot north Dakota is over 1900kms! Just sayin

#12346 8 months ago

They can have Justin Bieber...but they'll never get our pinballlllllls

2 weeks later
#12472 8 months ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Good early morning gang. Lots of reports coming out of this usually super happy thread. Everyone arguing please take it to pm and off the public board. Thanks.

That's ok..we got this.. we took him out on the frozen tundra behind our igloos and beat him with hockey sticks.. then gave him a bunny hug and toque and told em don't come back til you're all out of whiskey.. he'll sleep it off!!

2 weeks later
#12532 7 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Metallica sold. Star Trek mods still available

There is a parts thread..u should try there!

1 week later
#12614 7 months ago

Merry flipping Christmas

1 week later
#12644 7 months ago
Quoted from jms121:

I’m in the market for a good playing pinball machine from 3000$ to 7500.00$.Open to whatever, seeing what’s out theres ,would prefer something local but don’t have a problem having a game shipped to me.PM me or can repost any that didn’t sell before.Thanks

There is a CheckPoint in Calgary on kijiji for a very fair price... looks nice!

#12650 7 months ago
Quoted from wolv3:

Terrible game

This example looks good..LEDs, nice condition & $2500 don't get you much on kijiji.. do u think it is worse than a 80's Williams's like a high speed in the same price range?

1 week later
#12730 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

Can someone give me an idea what these may be worth:
- Bally’s Dr Who soundboard and original DMD
- Getaway soundboard and DMD
- Tommy DMD, soundboard and power-board
- Stern Elvis DMD
Just wondering if any resale value. Thanks.

About three fiddy

2 weeks later
#12812 6 months ago

Does pinside get a cut of this action?!

1 week later
#12926 5 months ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Which x rarted version was it?

Fred and barney swap their wives in it.. Worth Google'n for a good laugh!

#12938 5 months ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

Just messing around. I don't want to sell my Judge Dredd, so any time I'm asked about it or JD comes up, I increase the price. If someone actually offers me that price, I'll sell it though. Every game has a price lol.
Your Dredd is nice and worth every penny, someone is gonna walk away from that deal super happy!

Yup, i just checked my messages... i asked you in Dec. 2016 if you would sell me your JD!! Haha, over 3 years i been asking!

#12946 5 months ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

but everything else will be there.

And for that... thanks man! Can't wait!

#12953 5 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

I can't wait to play the game you're bringing too dee-bow ! What was it again?! I *know* you have a van...

I haven't registered anything yet.. but i have a sweet ass Totem and your old MET I'd be willing to bring!! Last year my PZ didn't even come back home with me! Haha, I'll be looking for Fytr's Lounge again.. coldest beverages in town!

#12957 5 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Wow, you still have that MET?! I've bought and sold a couple of them since then. She's like the girlfriend I can't quit.
I'll be sure to remember the Pil and the Wildcat, I know you SK boys love that stuff!

I wouldn't drink that piss no matter how cold it was! MET is in Pile o Bones brewery! Beer game strong! In fact, one of the owner's of p.o.b. and his wife are coming to yegpin & are both pinheads!! Stop by the van! Haha!!

#12980 5 months ago
Quoted from libtech:

Thinking of bringing a TnA up from the states, unless someone up here has one to sell?

That and bksor just don't show up on the used market!

#13021 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Unless a US citizen brings it over. If US citizen no duty and no tax if machine made in US.
Even if going tax route it is a hell of a lot cheaper than having NAVL or Sti do it.

Are u asking a Canadian to commit fraud for you!!?? Because we would never!! This thread is to sell us YOUR pins

#13029 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Not sure where you came up with that idea. I’m asking for someone to help transport a pin for me like I have done in the past and whatever it costs it costs. Pretty simple if you ask me.
The pin I’m looking to get isn’t all the expensive anyhow. Pinside values it at like $2000US.

I'm totally kidding bud!!! Except for the sell us your pins !!

3 weeks later
#13180 4 months ago

If you're comfortable with shipping a pin from out east send evandicksen a pm and get his here!! Looks like a beauty

1 week later
#13276 4 months ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

What precautions are you taking with the current Corona virus situation when picking up a game in person or selling a game? I have a few games pending pick up and was curious if others are taking precautions when doing the transaction. Are you still taking physical cash? I usually like to have people come in and try other games in my collection and talk about the hobby. But that is tough in today's environment. I have one buyer who prefers I fold and wrap up the game, so when they show up, they just have to move it to their car and we can keep our distance. Be interested to know how everyone is still making trades in person. Thanks.

I picked up an old EM the other day where the guy carried it outside his walkout basement before I showed up. I put the cash on his picnic table and he walked over grabbed it and went inside. I broke down the game and loaded it up. Never shook hands or stood within 6ft of each other. Very strange!

#13282 4 months ago
Quoted from gblgbl:

Red Flags went up for me and I walked away! Safe to say his R&B doesn’t play 100% like his ad states. Oh well onto the next deal.

Or at some point you gotta stop dealing with the tire kickers. After how many pics does it become enough? You're prob not the only buyer (place a kijiji add and discover yourself) who has these specific requests of extra pics and vids. If you're worried about a switch not registering or some other issue then don't ship pins. Maybe you could also ask some local pinhead to go check it out for ya.i don't think a gameplay vid is going to disclose any major issues someone is hiding. Shipping is already a p.i.t.a. to some people and it became not worth it to keep trying to sell you his pin(my guess anywisss )

2 weeks later
#13326 3 months ago
Quoted from Clint12:

Big Bang bar, big levowski, Wonka le, Lucy, ybr, black knight le, iron maiden le, pirates le, munsters pro, ghostbusters,acnc. Would like dead pool le. Jurassic park le. Batman 66 le. Dialed in le

I have a miss-o,Rancho,silverball mania & a sweeeet ass Totem. I'd trade any of mine for any of yours!
As mentioned, Totem is purdy noice.. so I might need a lil $$ coming my way.. pm if interested

1 week later
#13371 3 months ago
Quoted from Denwhau:

Long time reader. First time writer...lol. just never had anything to say till now.

That never stopped me

1 week later
#13414 3 months ago
Quoted from Williampinball:

Still looking for a Popeye,Maverick,IJ,TAF or TOTAN ,any shape if the price is right


1 week later
#13542 83 days ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

You just need the secret password to get in the club. The secret password is....

2 weeks later
#13705 63 days ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

Just shipped a game from Regina, Sask. to Barrie, Ontario (depot to depot) with Manitoulin. Game was dropped off Friday and arrived in Barrie on Monday night. Talk about quick shipping within Canada! If anyone is thinking of shipping these days.

What game?! & much was shipping!?

#13741 59 days ago
Quoted from ShinyNick:

Any Canadians out there interested in a good set of WoZ 1.0 LED lamp boards? Some 5.0V, some 7.5V

Does it come with a free BBB?! Aihh yih yihh.. that's a little excessive..... wish list!

3 weeks later
#13838 38 days ago
Quoted from Pinhead306:

Not sure about day and Ross but I had a game shipped from Ontario through manitoulin transport. It was very fast.

What did the total cost end up being..& was it depot to depot?

1 week later
#13911 31 days ago

I just tried lifting a robocop up three stairs by myself on a dolly & Failed! Had to get the neighbors kid to help! DataEast are not light either!

#13951 28 days ago

Pokey is pretty busy trying to open his pinball Cafe back up this week and isn't on here much right now.. Luc is in Australia! Btw, I'm at a jobsite..sitting outside the walkout patio doors of a beautiful house right now!(having a safety meeting! ) Going to to do the suspended ceiling in the games room next! ill ask around for ya Grason's Dad.. im in saskatoon for the day! Visiting Devron when I get done here!

#13956 28 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Manitoulin is killing it. No more Day and Ross for me i guess. Quoted $144 from Saskatoon, SK to Mississauga, ON.
Thats down right reasonable

Piggy back it on the Ghostbusters! Quebec can't be too far?!

3 weeks later
#14197 1 day ago

Anyone want to trade a 90's - 00's DMD pin for any Gottlieb or Bally pin off my collection. Would trade all or just one of them! +/- cash.. Depending on the deal. Must be driving distance of Regina,sk. Message me with whatever pin you'd consider trading & any questions regarding mine. cheers!

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