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Anybody in Canada have any pins they want to sell?

By Spencer

5 years ago

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#497 5 years ago

I am still on the hunt for a really nice Alien Poker. (in SW Ontario hopefully)
I made the mistake of getting a Bally Atlantis as a filler pin and just regretted it and ended up selling it. (it was still fun...)
Best to hold out for the machine you really want at the end of the day.

3 weeks later
#648 5 years ago

I am still on the hunt for a really nice Alien Poker. It's hard to find nice looking machines from 1980....
I almost had a deal with a seller in the US but the shipping would have been half the value of the machine. I can't say I want one that badly....
I will just keep trolling the classifieds and someday.... I'll be the second person to call.....

1 month later
#819 5 years ago

I have seen one and a Fire! at the bowling alley in Simcoe a while back. They were on the market for a short time. They have a local that does the machines at that location. I could look into it the next time I am in the area.
I also remember seeing one of the limited smaller cabinet ones at ToPEC the last time I was in the basement if you're into retail. But they do take some trade ins...

#822 5 years ago

I e-mailed the White horse lanes to inquire into being put in contact with the owner of the pins. If/when I hear back I will see about getting you all in touch.
If the guy is doing a location split he may be interested in rotating the pins out and getting some fresh titles.
That's about the best I can do for now.
Now if either of you has that DE Checkpoint ramp I'm looking for it sure would make a nice gift

#836 5 years ago

Well the Bowling alley for the 8 Ball Deluxe and Fire! was a dead end. The guy had pulled out and sold off since my last visit. The owner did ask me to come by and check out an EM he has for $400 so I guess it wasn't all that bad. at least I got a line on a future project. right now I have to focus on DE Checkpoint. I had my former arcade tech bud come by and drop a few hours in it on the weekend and it's playing great and I only have to swap out a slingshot coil to get it all up and running.

2 months later
#1113 4 years ago

Sometimes I wonder why anyone would even bother with kijiji with the sky high prices point and click is getting.
although Hot Hand has not moved off $500
I am watching to see what the Dance machine goes for. I have a feeling it will be cheap compared to some of the prices I have seen others offering their machines for.

7 months later
#2546 4 years ago

Am I high?
Who in their right mind trades in or sells to a retailer of any sort and expects a fair shake unless you are related to them or saved them from certain death. May as well try the pawn shop down the street.
At least now you know the guide price when you market for private sale.

#2548 4 years ago

I myself did trade in my Wizard! For High Speed. But I got the Wiz for free and my former arcade tech buddy was really not into fixing EMs. I really don"t play my machines too often and EMs need some pretty regular play to keep the corrosion away.
On the bright side HS has been issue free since I got it from TOPEC.

#2553 4 years ago

I can see the point that retailers have overhead.
When I went to pick up my Higj Speed I saw the massive amount of torn down pins on site.
My tech buddy asked if they would sell him one for a project he got a very fast flat out NO. They go out the door rehabbed by them or not at all.
What are they going to do with 4+ F14s? Sell one for a project and keep them coming back for the parts they may need...

8 months later
#4352 3 years ago

My opinion is its a bit of a common machine. They seem to be available pretty regularly.
Not commenting on playability.

1 month later
#4592 3 years ago

I see FG way more than Shrek.

#4609 3 years ago

Probably values all those taken souls....

4 months later
#5158 2 years ago

I try the local electronic repair shops in my area when I don't have a trip to London in the near future.
I got the parts I needed for a little more plus the local electronic repair guy doesn't work on pins so he offered to refer those clients my way.
There could also be a more robust part you can swap in.

#5161 2 years ago

Too much glare in the photo to see if the CP ramp is decent.
Impossible to find....
At least I am close and already brought 1 CP back from the dead.

5 months later
#5956 2 years ago

Keep your wife happy. (Elvis HUO)
She won't mind so much when the next 80s Williams (Alien Poker in my case) shows up when it's time.

I would just be patient and strike fast when you find a minty one.

1 week later
#6090 2 years ago

If you do go book for extra time. Ottawa only has 2 seasons. Winter and construction.

5 months later
#7292 2 years ago

I ran into Meegis at VFW. He and some guy that looked like Peter Griffin were beating the tar out of each other all day.
That guy can go a few rounds.

#7368 2 years ago

Wow really? I thought there were less Magnetos than Wolverine models produced. Would have thought the opposite on price.
Sure Wolvie is a more popular character but with the magnets in the machine it seems to fit Magneto.

5 months later
#8012 1 year ago

They are actually not too badly priced in Michigan. Just has to be worth the drive, exchange and taxes.

2 weeks later
#8083 1 year ago

I have never heard anything good about owning Hercules.
I can only imagine the cost of having to replace a bumper cap or plastic.
18 square feet of gone to a 79 SS.
Damn near a pool table.
Just my 2 cents.

1 month later
#8202 1 year ago

I choked when I read the price. Until I read the ad.

3 weeks later
#8375 1 year ago

Ooooh Yeahhh
Ooooh Yeahhh

Gets annoying after a while.
Fun game though.

2 weeks later
#8435 1 year ago

JD has always been on my short list.
Loved the comic books.
That being said I avoid it cuz it's a widebody. Too much bs with my doorways.

2 weeks later
#8486 1 year ago

With Alien Poker its all about the pf wear.
Watch for the shooter lane mark along the bottom of the drop targets.
Otherwise a good 1k. More if it's nice and has bulletproofed or new boards.
Can't expect alot of play out of a 38 year old board set. My 40 pin connector was a spider nest waiting to ground me out.

2 months later
#8835 1 year ago

Probably just time to buy a car.........

#8878 1 year ago

I played the 3 insert proto of JJ PotC.
The ball was getting hung up on the ship in the back right.
Toy Story? Wtf? Kids don't buy pins. May aswell make a Wishfart pin.

1 week later
#8971 1 year ago

I played TNA and personally found it pretty open and nothing really happened in the 2-3 games I played.
Seemed pretty meh.

Not saying I suck at pinball (but I ain't no wizard either) but come on do something. If the casual player isn't seeing the flash and pomp then forget it and move down the line to the next pin at the show.

3 weeks later
#9176 1 year ago

In my area its Tuff powder coating in Harley. Anyone here local is just marking up and sending there.
Tuff will also want to sandblast to ensure no contamination / job done right.

#9178 1 year ago

My brother uses them for his dragster.
I have a set of legs and a lockdown bar that could use some freshening up.
I am in if you want to try to package up a bigger lot.

#9181 1 year ago

He now drags at Sparta 1/4 mile 60s Ford Flacon.
He used to do 1/8 mile all over northern and eastern ont and this end of Quebec.
Too much travel and wear on the rv.

2 weeks later
#9283 1 year ago

Try Als Garage Band.
That's my #1 Gottlieb.

1 month later
#9587 11 months ago

I have bought from ToPEC but never had them do service.
I did have Mike (the rip off artist, Mr Sketchy from then Dundas) do a PF swap for me. He got as little of the machine as needed, provided a receipt and I was at his door the day he said it was done.
His wife said he was out and I showed my receipt and took my pin and left, fast.

2 weeks later
#9668 10 months ago

I like to be that jerk that likes to watch the ball at eye level and press my unwashed plumbers crack into the aisle.

#9681 10 months ago

Still nothing without a Karl Urban signed translight.
Or alternately you could get Stallone but it would lower the value without Rob Schneider signing....

#9689 10 months ago

I trust Fiddy. Bonus is his kids will be great playtesters. Help you find any potential problems.

1 week later
#9723 10 months ago

My wife really likes gotg. I just don't like little severed heads in my pins.
No funhouse, no red & ted, no freddy, no wheel as bobbleheads are out of proportion.

3 weeks later
#9991 9 months ago

I'll gladly pay you tuesday for a pinball today".

I know I've heard that before.
I saw it on robot chicken. He'll eat some spinach and go to town on ya if you don't have his money.

2 weeks later
#10134 8 months ago

Nice score.
I've owned HS. Get freeplay40s clear repo ramp. Much more robust.

Fun to play to get the light/siren going.
Great superbands candidate.

#10151 8 months ago

Just get the MI pinheads to bring your buy to VFW.
Maybe you could get Brock to 'hold' a purchase for you. There must be a parts building(s) somewhere nearby.

I have also seen threads where Tim Arnold at the PHF in Vegas will hold your order if you are going to Vegas (I am sure a donation would be in order). I am heavily considering ordering a PP bg and shipping it to my wifes holtel while she is there.

You seem like a nice enough guy initially......

#10156 8 months ago

I have an suv.
I brought home Alien Poker from a trip to my techs place.
Can't say for sure about going to VFW this year yet.

2 weeks later
#10330 8 months ago

Elvis is the King
(of the B sterns)
At least in my opinion.

#10336 8 months ago

Is it just me or is there no jailhouse rock plastic?
Didn't see it when I zoomed in.
1st and only plastic I pulled (while intact) and replaced with the mod. Ten bucks usd from pinball life, I went with red.

2 weeks later
#10464 7 months ago

Yeah, they made really nice games. Alien is also very slick.
Too bad they went bankrupt.
May as well buy a Zach.
Oh wait, there's more parts available for Zacks!

#10514 7 months ago

Rapid Fire never hit the big bucks. Just not quite a pinball.
I would guess 1.5-2k

#10519 7 months ago

I just have to ask
Is hyperball the same?
If not which is 'better'?
Rapid fire, hyperball
Whatever, at least a EM is still a pin.

Call it rare and out of print and ask for trades for other rare arcade items.........
I am sure there's someone out there with fond memories.

#10525 7 months ago

Parts are not compatable.
Hyperball was the better made machine.
At least that's what I got from the articles I read.
Plus you can just use ball bearings to save $ on balls.
Cheap to led, no staying power in a collection unless you have children playing, LOUD.

1 week later
#10618 6 months ago

As long as it's not gambling rehab.

3 weeks later
#10835 6 months ago

FT it's a fun game with a good theme and wide appeal. Looks good in color.
A solid mid priced game.

Not a Bad Cats

2 weeks later
#10953 5 months ago

Ah hello,
She's telling you to buy a wide body.

1 week later
#11006 5 months ago

If you are looking for a Rock On, I know where there's one that's on again off again (working wise, not the easiest for my tech to fix)...

1 week later
#11088 4 months ago

Brantford, Colby's on Colburne had a Star Trek last tine I was there. Been there a while (years) if it's still there. It was over a year since the person that tipped me off about it.

Maybe they are looking shake things up?
At least you could play one.

1 month later
#11377 3 months ago

Thanks for posting that link.
If there is no civil suit I will be impressed.
I can't deal with companies that condone or keeps (makes excuses) to employ people like this.
Womens rights come a long way baby,
And there's no putting the cork back in that bottle.

#11417 3 months ago

Had High Speed for a while.
Still liked Checkpoint better.

#11422 3 months ago

They are both ramp dependant.
At least CP has the shaker motor, the cool key start button and the choice of music.
And of course 'winners circle'.

And most likely cheaper.....

1 week later
#11448 3 months ago

Hey it's not Alberta
Ask 5.5K and take the 1st 5K sucker that shows up.

#11453 3 months ago

Would a
Should a
Couldn't afford it then....

3 weeks later
#11620 69 days ago

Looking for a Bad Cats in Ontario to pick up the upcoming civic weekend.
Must be 100% working.

2 weeks later
#11751 52 days ago

I have dealt with tommy for board repair aswell.
Great flat rate, quick turnaround, pics if you request.

#11800 46 days ago

FIRE SALE!!!!!!!

#11824 39 days ago

My wife really wants a DK.
I don't want one that bad.
I think I will wait and see if a 1up is coming.

I would personally list it on the whats for sale in Michigain (no scammers) thread and ask to meet in windsor or sarnia. (just a thought).

#11846 34 days ago

Nascar and I could help you...

1 week later
#11866 27 days ago

He's self employed. Its a employee meeting.

#11877 24 days ago

Isn't there a Sopranos listed in Windsor for $5500???
"Gimme the f**kin Money"

#11928 20 days ago

The dude at the end of the rainbow does exist?

1 week later
#11951 13 days ago

I could hold a few for ya buddy!

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