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Anybody homebrew?

By pinheadpuckguy

9 years ago

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    #1 9 years ago

    I don't know about you but a good homebrew and pinball go hand in hand. I have been brewing for almost 3 years now. I love it. Two best hobbies are pinball and brewing. Here are just a few of my beer names. Honey I Shrunk My Weizen, Hoptical Illusion, The Heretic, I'm Not Fat I'm Vanilla Stout, Chinook Me All Night Long, Jelly Legs Wheat, Soccer Hooligan Draught Ale, and Hop Skip and Go Naked IPA. If I won the lottery I'd open a BBQ joint with pinballs and fresh brewed beer. A guy can dream.............

    #2 9 years ago

    I drink homebrew every chance I get.

    #3 9 years ago

    Yes, since 2004. But since I got involved with pins my brewing has been basically nothing. I need to make a batch as I'm about out.

    My setup:


    #4 9 years ago

    Stangbat, that is a very cool setup.

    #5 9 years ago

    Wow that's impressive..........mine is way more primitive. What's your favorite brew to make? Mine is either my vanilla stout or my Jelly Legs Wheat. DSC05287.JPG

    #6 9 years ago

    not the same..... I used to make wine few years ago
    very time consuming though

    #7 9 years ago
    Quoted from pinheadpuckguy:

    What's your favorite brew to make? Mine is either my vanilla stout or my Jelly Legs Wheat.

    I'm a hop head so I love IPAs. I've narrowed my focus down to two favorite recipes, and IPA and an alt. I'm kind of done with experimenting and when I brew now days, it is to stock up with those two. Plus I'm more of a gadget guy, not really a recipe guy. I enjoy tinkering and building stuff, the beer is an added bonus.

    #8 9 years ago

    I already have too many activities on my plate...
    Luckily, I have local microbreweries all around me! Although, I would love to try a sampler PP!
    Maybe I should take up glassmaking to make a "widebody" growler...
    I can cook though-

    "Puck N' Nimble"

    Sounds like a good BBQ place to play Pinball! (Just a dirty enough name for BBQ!)
    Trough-Sinks are a must in front of the pincade!!
    Monthly tournaments...
    Hey, I am kind of getting excited...
    And hungry.
    I've always wanted to make better AND more original BBQ sauces...

    Oh- And of course "PINSIDE" discounts!!! (for BLACK_ROSE )

    The grand opening could have Cassandra Peterson reprise her role as "Biker-Mama" from PWBA!!


    #9 9 years ago

    I like to tinker with recipes. My buddy and I thought we'd call it the Butcher Shop. The pinball wouldn't be the focus but a "bonus". We'd concentrate on our smoking meat skills and brewing. The pinball would be used on breaks. Yes Pinside discounts!!!! I am brewing a IPA infused with mellow red wine chips.

    #10 9 years ago

    I guess you could have the "Pinball" go under the title...
    If I did it- I would have it at least 70% BBQ 30% Pinball.
    You have to have a niche that people outside of your local area would want to visit!
    If you just have a few machines you are not really different from the rest!
    Balls to the wall- Balls to the wall!


    #11 9 years ago

    It's been a Few of yr's since I made some Garage wine.. But it was Good.. Strawberry..

    I do get a few jar's of N.C / Va White lightning from time to time.. Blueberry or Strait


    #12 9 years ago

    Man B_R it looks like you demolished a whole FIELD of Strawberries to make that batch!

    #13 9 years ago

    I know nothing about brewing but let me say this.....I love that avatar Pinheadpuckguy....Love it.

    #14 9 years ago

    Black rose.....That wine looks.....well.....terrible.

    #15 9 years ago

    Hooray! I thought there were only three of us who did homebrew in the pinball community! Myself, Eric Akeson (Puyallup River Brewing) and Don Bettencourt. At least that's everyone we know about in the Puget Sound area...

    >>I don't know about you but a good homebrew and pinball go hand in hand.
    And here's a song for that!

    I've been brewing for the last three years. I made 5-gallon batches at least once a month and served it up at the Seattle Pinball League tournaments (in fact, I'm their official brewer!). Now I make 10-gallon batches with two converted kegs and a propane burner I sometimes use with a wok if I'm doing Asian cooking. Only useful thing I've ever had from Anheuser-Busch. Nowhere as sophisticated as Stangbat's kit, but hey...

    Right now I've got ten gallons of Twilight Clone (that's it's name) in secondary for the Solstice Soiree, which happens right after the Fremont Solstice Parade (which is another thread in this section)! If any of you are in the area, Pinball People are always welcome at this party!
    >>Sorry, the Fremont Solstice Parade thread is in the Pinball Bar.

    Pinball players seem to favor pale ales and IPAs over darker beers, I've noticed. When they're not swilling PBR, that is...which is good for playing Fizzball, but not much of anything else...
    What's Fizzball? Glad you asked...

    #16 9 years ago

    Ahh strawberry wine - fantastic
    made a gallon and during fermentation the whole house smelled like berries for days

    #17 9 years ago

    I'll drink any of my brews while playing. I do 5 gallon batches 2-3 times a month. I will stock pile them and some have to age anyway. Yes I am SNOBBY beer drinker now. Those light beers taste like water to me now.

    #18 9 years ago

    I homebrew up in Ontario. Got a modified bar fridge with a double tap tower in the game room. Serving up a Boysenberry Lambic and an IPA right now. Just picked up a hoprocket to fresh hop beers when the hops are harvested this fall. Can't wait.
    Here's the two layered with guinness. We called it the Pinball, as we drank it at our last tourney:

    #19 9 years ago
    Quoted from NimblePin:

    "Puck N' Nimble"

    How about "Nimblepucks Silver Balls"

    Or "Nimblepucks Silver Balls & Bigbill's Big Flipper"

    Homebrewing is # 83 on my bucket list

    #20 9 years ago
    Quoted from ninjedi:

    Got a modified bar fridge with a double tap tower in the game room.

    Very nice setup!!!

    #22 9 years ago
    Quoted from Brokedad:

    From New Haven, IN, USA
    Has 8 games in collection.
    Posted 41 minutes ago | #
    I only Homegrow []

    I'd like to be your neighbor!! but at least in Cali we have home delivery so not too bad.

    #23 9 years ago

    Hee hee hee, Brokedad's a funny guy...but we do too... ...and we've even brewed the two together in one
    Wow! My kit doesn't even come close to this stuff!

    #24 9 years ago
    Quoted from wesperron:

    Black Rose.....That wine looks.....well.....terrible.

    It Does Look like Crap during the Fermenting Prcoess,,, Once it's done it's business,, and I separate it and strain it,, let it Brew for another 2-week's,, Whaa Laaa !!!

    I can make some Apple , You would swear it was Vodka ... Yea !!!

    I work for Richard Childress's daughter ( Tina ) ( Yes, Nascar's , R.C.Racing ) at the Winery

    in Lexington, NC .. I have ALOT of Bottles.. I sometimes Trade my labor for

    Musscudine Wine.. Not to sweet, But Good.. Too much wine will give me the Run's !!!! LOL

    #25 9 years ago

    Man, I had no idea so many pinsiders homebrewed although I did suspect some heavy drinkers
    Just kidding. I enjoy most home brews but I dont drink much beer anymore. When I do...I drink Moosehead. Go Canada!

    #27 9 years ago

    Homebrewer for 11 years. I've stuck to the basics. 5 gallon fermenter for two weeks, bottle and wait two more weeks. Love it and nothing beats having friends over to enjoy homebrew with pinball.

    #28 9 years ago

    I have a buddy that brews quite a bit so I drink his. He was able to take 2nd place at the Wisconsin State Fair, so he much be pretty good.

    5 months later
    #29 8 years ago

    Speaking of homebrew, in case it was missed on the other thread, I'm organizing a homebrew social and pinball tournament.
    PinBrew I will take place at Dorky's Arcade in Tacoma on Feb. 4th, 2012. Probably be running all day and into the evening. As far as I know this is will be the first IFPA tournament dedicated to homebrew. Another Seattle first! (just like the 4/20 Greenwood Pinball Open. Guess what that theme was!)
    Still working on logistics and all that, but I will be sending Josh Sharpe a notice this week formally announcing the event! If it works out (and I don't see how it could possibly miss!) it will become a yearly event!
    So, whaddaya think?

    Homebrew And Pinballs, Dammit!

    #30 8 years ago

    How did I miss this thread? I was a homebrew, beer and wine manager in 2006-8, vice president of the Dayton DRAFT club, and took a gold for best in Dayton with a Russian Imperial Stout I brewed with a friend. I judge every year for the Ohio state fair, and occasionally when I find time at other competitions.

    Currently I've really fallen off the brewing wagon and need to get back to it, my cellars being constantly full have made it so I don't really need to brew for supply, but it is a great hobby and I need to get back into it just for the fun of brewing.

    #31 8 years ago

    I've been homebrewing since 1991. I brew 10.5 gallon all-grain batches. Here's my homemade brewery and controller.

    brew_sytem.JPG PID_controller.JPG

    #32 8 years ago

    When I originally saw this posting, I figured someone was calling homebrewing the process of making a custom pin outta an original

    #33 8 years ago
    Quoted from pinheadpuckguy:

    If I won the lottery I'd open a BBQ joint with pinballs and fresh brewed beer. A guy can dream.............

    Quoted from NimblePin:

    I can cook though-

    "Puck N' Nimble"

    Sounds like a good BBQ place to play Pinball! (Just a dirty enough name for BBQ!) []
    Trough-Sinks are a must in front of the pincade!! []
    Monthly tournaments...
    Hey, I am kind of getting excited...
    And hungry.
    I've always wanted to make better AND more original BBQ sauces... []

    Oh- And of course "PINSIDE" discounts!!! (for BLACK_ROSE [] )

    The grand opening could have Cassandra Peterson reprise her role as "Biker-Mama" from PWBA!!

    You two should team up and we'll see what happens from there....

    #34 8 years ago

    It is all in dreams, kwiKi...
    In that 5 month span, I did manage to concoct a habanero hickory sauce that would be perfect for ribs.
    Now I just need six more sauces to get started!
    That- and 20 more pins!
    Oh, I can't forget... Loads of cash too!!!
    What are we waiting for again?!?

    #35 8 years ago

    boogies: And in most cases you would be right! Except beer and pinball have gone together for as long as...well, as long as there's been pinball, so that term is always going to mean one of two totally different things in pinball!
    Dunno how the label "homebrew" evolved to mean constructing/modifying your own pinball machine. I should try to find that out. I'm sure my brewing friends would be amused!

    pinheadpuckguy: Portland has two brewpubs with pinball. Seattle has none. New York City has one. And as far as I know none of them do BBQ, so you might just have a niche there. I'd keep plenty of WetNaps around, BBQ sauce can be a bitch to clean off of flipper buttons!

    #36 8 years ago

    By Look-n @ the High Tech Brew-n Machines,, We now know who the Professional Alcoholic's are . Gulp , Gulp !!

    #37 8 years ago

    Just spent 120 dollars on cider at the grocery store this weekend. Just waiting for some yeast to arrive in the mail. Preparing to hibernate next to my pin this winter!

    #38 8 years ago

    And Now!
    It's time for a look into Laughing Otter's amazingly high-tech brewing system!
    1: The brew kettle is heating up over a very precisely temperature-controlled system.
    2: Mash kettle. 23 pounds of grains in a completely-controlled mash kettle environment.
    3: Meanwhile, we need some hops for this beer. My backyard is as good a place as any!
    4: Got about six cups of fresh hops. Almost certainly Cascade. Or Saaz if it isn't. Bugger if I know the exact percentage.
    5: Incredibly precise sparging kettle. Temperatures are well-maintained and regulated throughout this critical period.
    6: And we're finally at the familiar phase of boil-the-hell-out-of-for-an-hour.
    7: This year's Cascade hops weren't too bad, actually.

    PSbrew01.jpg PSbrew02.jpg PSbrew03.jpg PSbrew04.jpg PSbrew05.jpg PSbrew06.jpg

    #39 8 years ago

    Those hops look beautiful. I am brewing a dark Belgian ale tomorrow.

    #40 8 years ago

    Did you dry out those hops or use them right off the vine?

    #41 8 years ago

    The Nuptial IPA recipe I made used hops right off the vines in the sparge cycle, which is odd but I could see why they were doing it that way. The hop essence is lifted from the cone without boiling it, so the fresh hop flavor really came through! Unfortunately, it's like a Pliny. You can't age a fresh hop beer, and you've definitely only got a limited time to drink it. I kegged mine last month and it's already fading in flavor.

    I'll be brewing next weekend for the SPL Masters tournament in December. I think it'll be another IPA (or maybe even a CDA! I haven't done one of those yet!). I also need to get started on a Scotch Ale for the Las Vegas tournament next March. I can do the IPA for that event in January. Plus I also need to make two beers (20 gal) for the PinBrew event early next February. Haven't even decided what those will be yet.

    Most of the pinball players who drink my homebrew are more partial to IPAs and pales and goldens over the more malty types of brews.

    pinheadpuckguy: Good luck with your brewing! You're making a quadrupel or a straight ale? PSbrew07.jpg

    #42 8 years ago

    Otter, best of luck on a CDA, I've had some great ones, and I've had a TON of ones that are just plain off. I guess that's the fun of being a judge!

    I love the looks of your system and trust in your abilities. Make one beter than stone 11th anniversary/sublimely self righteous.

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