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Any of you Guys and Gals CIGAR Smokers?

By spfxted

9 years ago

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#901 5 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Cigar Room coming along nicely. Got a bunch of Steampunk stuff. (Lights, etc)
My custom Shot Glass and Mug collection is getting there. (3 more in the mail!)
Hoping for a Grand New Year Opening!

a collector at heart I see

cigar room 1.jpg 272 KB

cigar room 3.jpg 172 KB

cigar room 2.jpg 160 KB

#902 5 years ago

Ahh enjoying a opusx christmas cigar with 15 year old Glenlivet life is good

#903 5 years ago

Gentlemen has the perfect recipie right now IMO

One of my favorite sticks, the Diesel Unholy Cocktail, is priced $79.99 at the moment. That is the lowest they've ever been priced. They run this special maybe twice a year with no real pattern.

The kicker is they are offering a coupon code which is very rare for

20% off plus free 3-day shipping!

I picked up 3 boxes of the UHC for $192.00 shipped

Do it! Buying sticks faster than you can smoke EM is how you end up with 5-10 year aged stogies

#905 5 years ago

Shit got real yesterday

20141229_165453.jpg 20141231_165629.jpg
#906 5 years ago

Nice! Here is our pre-New Years Eve Party at Louie's. 20 minutes after this photo, the cigars were flowing! Cuban Cohibas to open!

Louies Rest.jpg
#907 5 years ago

Always help out a neighbor this is a reward for dog sitting.

#908 5 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Nice! Here is our pre-New Years Eve Party at Louie's. 20 minutes after this photo, the cigars were flowing! Cuban Cohibas to open!

Louies Rest.jpg 213 KB

Whoa...where is the Hawaiian print???

#909 5 years ago

Not to worry! It's actually there. It's skulls and flowers. Very light grey on the black. Very classy!

1 week later
#910 5 years ago


4 weeks later
#911 5 years ago

My friend (Marquez) has a nice piece of original art on Ebay. Might be nice for someone's Game Room... link

marquez art.jpg
#912 5 years ago

Just had this one which is special Indian blend and my honey bunny had a vanilla one. Also had a great beer and she had a good cider.

image-577.jpg image-844.jpg
#913 5 years ago

If you get a chance, try the Leaf cigar...
You have to unwrap it! The cigar is inside...

leaf by oscar.jpg
2 weeks later
#917 5 years ago

Had a great meeting with a fellow Pinsider last night. I believe he's halfLife here. Cigars and drinks at the Clubhouse. Great guy! We could be brothers!

1 week later
#918 5 years ago

10% off Padron

Use code "PADRON10" until Sunday 11:59 3/22/15

Free shipping on >$150 orders

That's $135 for a box of Maduro 3000's & $155 for a (10ct) box of #2 Maduro 1926's

Baller shit right there

#919 5 years ago

Thanks for the tip! Nyuk, nyuk....

#920 5 years ago

Another great beer n cigar!

#921 5 years ago

Nice! I will be smoking another Leaf tomorrow...

#922 5 years ago

Had a Padron anniversary last weekend, was just heavenly

#923 5 years ago

That will be tonight!

#924 5 years ago

Having an Ashton before catching my flight to Dallas...looking forward to seeing everyone tonight

#925 5 years ago

Buy a new ashtray while you're there...

#926 5 years ago

Lol...I seem to always spend my fun allowance on pinball cigars and bourbon...the ashtray keeps getting neglected. For awhile I was using one of my wife's busted canning jars

#927 5 years ago
Quoted from BigT:

For awhile I was using one of my wife's busted canning jars

Hey!...whatever works...but there are some cool ones on Ebay...
...looks like you need to get a metal one...

#928 5 years ago

What you drank'n on?

Old fashioned?

#929 5 years ago

Tonight....Brandy Alexander (made with ice cream)! ...and a Leaf cigar...

#930 5 years ago

I'm still nursing my 2014 purchases


#931 5 years ago

Just got home...It's 2am. One OpusX gone....
Tomorrow ....Sparkill Steak House (NY)...then back to Porterhouse for more cigars and drinks...

#932 5 years ago

do you chase your cigar with your whiskey or do you chase your whiskey with your cigar

#933 5 years ago

Both... Well rum more so than whiskey for me personally

I also chase black coffee w/doughnuts & cigars too lol

That 1926 natural was smoked to the nub. No strength, no bitterness. It was so good I almost ate it. Wish all the 1926's were like that one.

#934 5 years ago
#935 5 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

image.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

go red sox

1 week later
#936 5 years ago

Keeping up with the collection of custom shot glasses, mugs and bottles! (could have bought a pinball machine...)

#937 5 years ago

Wait let me stand on my head These are hilarious and add to the leather soaked cigar smoke couch!

#938 5 years ago
Quoted from Drano:

A big +1 on the Partagas. My favorite Cuban brand by far... The monster Lusitanias are a thing of beauty, but the Serie D no4 is a fantastic choice.
As an addiction, cigars are a close 2nd behind pinball for me. My humidor is currently holding about 700 Cubans and maybe 300 non Cubans. I should be good for a while
Aged cigars are an exceptional treat.
My wife and I used to visit Havana and Varadero once or twice a year.
For non Cubans, I like Padron (1964s are great) and the occasional Davidoff. All very different animals.
Sadly, smoking cigars in Canada is a seasonal occupation. I just finished a Partagas Short a couple of hours ago. Very timely post!

My favorite cigar.

#939 5 years ago

I went to Cuba last summer. Just got into the whole cigar smoking. I'm surprised by how many American's smoke Cuban cigars after quickly skimming through this thread. The way the Cubans made it sound as if it was one of the rarest things you can get in the US, but looks like that's just a fairy tale. I guess the only difference is that you guys have to pay premium for the cigars since you can't really go to Cuba (just yet). I was shocked when I came back home to see that a cigar I would pay down in Cuba for $10 was literally $75+ here in Canada!

When I went to Cuba I did a search on the web before leaving of "whats the best cigar out there". Of course since I'm new to cigars that's a noobie question to ask since it's very subjective. One website praised the Monte Cristo #2. So when I went to Cuba that was the first cigar I smoked. Holy sh** was that strong. Eventually after my third one I got use to how strong Monte Cristo #2 was.

But I also tried the Romeo y Julieta Churchill which went down smooth and was very enjoyable. Key word here: "smoooooth".
#940 5 years ago

Yes, the Cuban Romeo is good...and Partagas, and Cohiba...there are places online where you can get Cubans for about $12 a stick...enjoy!

#941 5 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Yes, the Cuban Romeo is good...and Partagas, and Cohiba...there are places online where you can get Cubans for about $12 a stick...enjoy!

Interesting, will definitely start doing my online checks .

#942 5 years ago

I go to an actual store to get my Cubans...but, this Thursday Cigar Club "meeting" I'll ask for the website the other guys use...

#943 5 years ago

I wanted to talk about my experience with smoking REAL Cuban cigars vs FAKE Cuban cigars which I got burned on. Although I am new to the hobby, I have gained a lot of knowledge to be able to distinguish a real vs fake cigar simply because I bought a box of 25 fake Cohibas Maduro 5. I also bought real Monte Cristo cigars and can notice the difference between smoking a fake and a real cigar. Let me tell my story:

After going through the whole Cuban cigar experience and being burned by buying fake Cubans I started researching about Real Cuban Cigars VS fakes. The thing in Cuba is that there's so many fake Cuban cigars floating around so you need to be careful where you buy them. You don't have to go to Cuba to receive fake cigars as there are plenty of websites that also sell fake cigars so you need to do your due diligence. Any cigar being sold to you other than an official Havana House or Resort Gift shop/Cigar Shop is most likely fake. Typical places of where fakes will be sold are on the beach of your resort (by the workers themselves), by an independent house (someone claiming they work/worked at the cigar factory and have left over cigars to sell), or obviously anyone on the street. Anyone who goes to Cuba for the first time will hear about something called "Private Tours". This service is offered by a third party business where you get one personal guide and a tour for a whole day (costs around 150 Convertible Pesos). This service is normally mentioned by resort workers "secretly" so that your airline rep at the resort doesn't hear about it; they also offer this service but you'll pay triple and you won't get to pick & choose where you want to go in Cuba. It's a legit excursion so don't be scared just because of my story (if you ever go to Cuba). Anyhow, during your "private tour", your guide will bring you to their "friends" house in Havana that sells (what they claim) official Cuban cigars. The place I went to was some house in the city where the man and his wife claimed they work at the cigar factory in Havana. They say that every year the factory allows them to take home some cigars and in turn sell them for dirt cheap because they received it for free. So you will see a bunch of beautiful boxes, nice presentation of cigars that look very real all for a very cheap price. I ended up buying a box of 25 Cohibas Maduro 5 in the nice elegant black box that came with a certificate. Long story short, the cigars were fake (which I found out many months later). So if anyone goes on these "Private Tours", tell your guide that you want to buy your cigars ONLY at the cigar factory in Havana or at your resort . I was also offered fake cigars on the beach by the workers (this is common in Cuba). The workers were trying to sell me Limited Edition Monte Cristo's from 2013. Common sense kicked in and I turned down the offer. I simply said I had bought all the cigars I needed.

Anyhow, fake Cuban cigars are hard to point out because they are done so well all the way from the box and certificate to the labels on the cigars, but I'll give you guys some tips that I've learned to help you.

1). The first and real way to find out if you have a fake Cuban cigar is by the serial number. Each box you buy has to have that green serial sticker. Take the serial number on the left side of the sticker and input it here: The system will tell you if it recognizes the serial or not. But be careful because I bought my fake Maduro 5 box of 25 cigars and it came with the "Republica de Cuba" cigar certificate also, however, when I entered the number in the system last week it said that the serial was for Romeo y Julieta Churchills, which of course is not what I bought.

If you happen to buy a "single" cigar there are many ways to find out as well:

2). Take the cigar and stand it up on a table. If the cigar can stand up on it's own, that's a good indication that the cigar is real. Fake cigars will have a hard time standing up and will fall over.

3). Take the cigar and flip it so that the tip that you light is facing down. You want to "roll" the cigar in your hands (like someone lighting a fire with a wooden stick at camp). If anything falls out of the cigar it's fake. Real cigars have long leaves stacked together and should never have any pieces falling out.
4). Smoking a fake cigar is quite difficult. A real cigar goes down easy with no fight. A fake cigar will be hard because your saliva blocks the tip of the cigar and makes it harder to puff. A real cigar won't have this issue because of the way it's made (signature Habanos).
5). The "label" on the cigar itself is a very good indicator as well. For example: my fake Cohibas were pretty darn good, but the "gold lettering" of Maduro 5 on the label was coming off a little and the printing wasn't as crisp. The yellow color (signature Cohibas) was also off. Comparing it to online pictures showed that the yellow was a little bit dim compared to a more "vibrant" yellow. Of course, you cann't know this unless you have several years experience which is why you need to compare to pictures online from reputable sites.

If anyone else has experience here I'd love to hear it. If you have other ways of picking out a fake cigar please say!

#944 5 years ago

Good information. lol...never heard the one about standing the cigar up on end though...
The cigars we get from the store have been checked out by our own "expert"...they are real.
There is a webstore that also sells real Cubans. As you said, do your due diligence.
...I've had a few friends that have gone to Cuba. Mostly they are cigar store owners and get the top treatment tour. They have asked me to go, but it's just such a pain in the ass as you cannot fly directly there. That will chance pretty soon, I guess. You can also only bring back a certain number of Cuban cigars...this will also change with time...

#945 5 years ago

It's crazy because a lot of cigar enthusiasts never been to Cuba and one of the best memories I had was going on the famous cigar factory tour in Havana where they make all the cigars we smoke. The experience was wild and I started to appreciate cigars and what their worth because of the tour.

To be in a very humid room of 200 Cubans, each at their own VERY TINY workstation is a crazy sight. Each having their own tools making the cigars. What's crazy is that every single cigar that comes out of Cuba is made by hand and not machine. Really makes you appreciate smoking a cigar even more...


#947 5 years ago

Awesome video. Just learned some new things already! Going to watch this full at home since I'm at work right now with the volume off. If you sell fake cigars, you're a bastard!

#948 5 years ago

I had a question about preserving your cigars. I've received several responses in the past that seem to conflict. Since stumbling upon this thread I figured I'd ask the experts here, specifically spfxted. There's a photo that "TheDude" posted which shows tube cigars inside a cigar humidifier box.



1). Is this overkill (tube cigars in humidifier box)? Or is this the ultimate way in taking care of a cigar for longesvity?

2). Do cigars expire?

3). What's the difference between Limited Edition Cigars (ex: Cohibas) and regular cigars? People have told me that the limited edition cigars never expire, but again, do cigars really expire? Or they just get hard/break is exposed?

4). What's the best way of taking care of a cigar so that I can pull it out to smoke at any time?

5). Typically, how long does a cigar/should a cigar last for? Months? Years?

6). What's the best humidifier box for cigars?

7). *Bonus Question* What's THE best cigar you ever smoked spfxted?

#949 5 years ago

I have smoked for over 20 years, mind you I only like green herbs right now, but the basic fact you are missing is that you have a perishable substance with a certain humidity content that you absolutely have to maintain. You can't soak a dried out cigar with water to fix it, it is dead, and you don't have to let it dry out if you use a humidor. While the cigar is being sustained it is not in stasis, it is being cared for by an extremely expensive humidification scheme. Putting different buffers like boxes and tubes will effect the way this scheme works, it is not wrong or right it is different. A cigar is best when it is adequately dried and ideally humidified. Fresh rolled cigars were a little wetter so I preferred the smaller sizes for fresh cigars, from my supplier, but I never got past a very small cigar even when I was looking at about a month in age. The humidor should work indefinitely, otherwise why dish out thousands of dollars for it? The best cigar I smoked was fresh from a family friend in Puerto Rico that made me a box. Love and care made my Cubans from Puerto Rico taste extra special.

#950 5 years ago

Yes...just get the Xikar Kit. Put in the solution and maintain at between 67 and 70 humidity.
Cigars last...I know someone who had one from the 60's! Just have to be stored right.
...My favorites are Cuban Partagas and Cohiba.

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