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Any Board Game players out there?

By Groo

6 years ago

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#1301 33 days ago

I finally got my 12th expansion when they did the reprints recently. Haven’t built nearly enough of the models but am going to be working on the campaign this year as well since the gamblers chest probably won’t be here till after fall.

1 week later
#1302 20 days ago

44 pound box arriving from Cephalofair tomorrow…

#1303 19 days ago

Played a couple of games of Dog Park. I think Wingspan is definitely the superior game, but my daughter really enjoyed it, and I appreciate that it moves along pretty quickly.

BGS 20230116 145149 (resized).jpg
#1304 19 days ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Played a couple of games of Dog Park. I think Wingspan is definitely the superior game, but my daughter really enjoyed it, and I appreciate that it moves along pretty quickly. [quoted image]

I have Dog Park but haven't gotten it to the table yet. Bought it to play with my wife as we occasionally play 2P games. How does it play at 2P?

#1305 19 days ago
Quoted from Palmer:

I have Dog Park but haven't gotten it to the table yet. Bought it to play with my wife as we occasionally play 2P games. How does it play at 2P?

With 2p it uses a bot to cause a little disruption. It's pretty easy to avoid in the bidding if you want to, it always targets the highest value breed, so you can anticipate where it will end up. Through the Park phase it may land on a space you want, which will make you decide between skipping that space or lose a victory point to get the reward. I think it works well enough to throw a little conflict in the mix, otherwise the game would probably be too passive.

#1306 19 days ago

I had Dog Park in my hand a couple of visits and just haven't pulled the trigger. It would be a perfect game to play with my niece in the group, but that seldom happens. I have been investing in some 2 player games to play with the wife and we've been having fun with Patchwork and Splendor Duel. Also just discovered Final Girl and really enjoying that as a single player game.

#1307 19 days ago

It's hard not to compare Dog Park to Wingspan, and I end up just appreciating Wingspan more because of it. Wingspan just has a more satisfying engine build. Dog Park feels like it has scoring cards and complimentary cards more than an engine. I found myself looking over what other breeds people have to see where I could gain an edge, so if you want player interaction, Dog Park probably excels in that area.

From my limited plays of Dog Park, If you're only going to pickup one, I'd definitely recommend Wingspan.

#1308 15 days ago
Quoted from Groo:

44 pound box arriving from Cephalofair tomorrow…

Is it glorious?

#1309 15 days ago

I got the insert along with it so it took us about 2 1/2 hours to punch it, assemble it and get it ready to play. Has the same field which is a good thing and it’s nice and fresh with the loot instead of just going for coins. The manual I must say, is terrible for getting you prepped and ready to play a campaign. There is a four sheet leaflet that says the first things you should do but it’s not very well done. People diving into this that aren’t medium to hard-core gamer’s and/or have played Gloomhaven are gonna have a hard time starting out. We did the first four scenarios. It took an average of an hour and 45 each which is about what we did for gloomhaven. Really looking forward to reading through the rulebook during downtime and starting off on the right foot on the next scenarios and the town building function looks really good as well as some of the new ways to get items.

Yes it’s glorious!

#1310 14 days ago
Quoted from Krupps4:

I was excited for Frosthaven but I’m completely consumed with Kingdom Death Monster. I think that game is going to carry me through 2023.

Had to look that one up (KDM)... wow...

And I thought Gloomhaven was a commitment... need to get back to that... about 1/2 way thru... put it away last spring and haven't gone back to it yet...

#1311 14 days ago

Received Aeon Trespass Odessy a few weeks ago. That game is super heavy. Not sure when I will get it to the table and will most likely be playing it solo.

#1312 14 days ago

So far the only negative thing I have to say about Frosthaven, isn't even about the game itself, but rather the special insert they went with. Almost all of my games that I play often, have an insert in there. Mostly the wood ones, some the foam, but the foam isn't the problem. It's just not set up in a way to speed up the dreaded setup and tear down. The original BT one for Gloom had the monsters nice and neatly tucked away in their own boxes with the cards and the names on them. This one just gives you a place to mash all the tokens into an organizer so that they can be stored in the box. We spent so much time trying to find the right tokens that I finally just took them all out of the storage trays and will find a way to file them all together to help setup time. The trays for the map overlays are awful as well, as they are mashed in there with only storage in mind, not for finding the ones you need. They did make up for it a bit with the map overlay accordion folder so those map pieces are easier to find. Overall I wish I would have not ordered the insert, but I'll dismantle it and come up with a better solution to fit our needs.

#1313 14 days ago

I don't have much time in KDM, maybe only 5 or 6 sessions, but went all in after those plays. That is going to be a long term type of game, spanning the next half decade or so. ATO definitely borrows a lot from KDM, and we only have 1 play in on that, but are very excited to continue that story after we come down from the Frosthaven honeymoon. ATO adds a few things, but the biggest difference out of the box is that it has everything ready to go and some nice miniatures. KDM is a lot of assembly, but that is part of the draw, model building, painting, and board gaming all rolled into one. The customization options in KDM are almost unlimited. The very adult oriented art in KDM keeps it from staying setup on the table for now, but as the kids are all growing up and moving on, there will be a more permanent setup to get through hundreds of hours (and dollars) of entertainment.

#1314 13 days ago
Quoted from Jazman:

And I thought Gloomhaven was a commitment

I think KDM is more of a financial commitment, but I don’t think it takes anymore time to play once you get going. The core set is $420, but there are sales from time to time. With the core set, there is a TON of content. It’s also very high quality. So, you do get what you pay for.

It’s the best game I’ve ever played. Like Groo said, it’s going to be a game I play for years, especially with the expansions that exist and are coming.

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