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#101 10 days ago
Quoted from rufessor:

If you want my opinion I like it without the bolts- not really for a cosmetic preference but rather because it’s somewhat unique and the bolts don’t especially fit the theme in my viewing from a small screen having never actually seen this game

I agree on that! I would never have questioned the lightning bolts, but after seeing the flyer without bolts, they do feel out of place. At this moment I would be tempted to respect the designer's ideas and ditch them. But on the other hand my initial plan for this one was to stick closely to the original built.

Luckily I can postpone the decision

Quoted from rufessor:

(Thanks to you- I now really want one of these).

Hehe, sorry for that. But you won't be disappointed: it is an interesting game with a few unusual rules

#102 10 days ago

I took a look at my grill tonight. Sure enough you can feel where they cut out the hb. Now I'm starting to think the other one would look better

#103 9 days ago

More reasons to be happy.

One of my main concerns about the playfield was the damage in the yellow mushrooms, since they all have an ocher dither pattern as well. An additional problem is that yellow, being semi-transparent, needs primer first for a nice coverage. But not an option to airbrush primer first in these dithered areas. Hence I tried another approach: first touch up the main damage with primer and yellow paint using a paintbrush. Next lightly airbrush the yellow touch-ups to fade out the repairs. It worked...

DPW_0451 (resized).jpgDPW_0452 (resized).jpg

Touched up with paintbrush and primer.

DPW_0454 (resized).jpg

Yellow paintbrush. Touched up areas are still too visible.

DPW_0460 (resized).jpgDPW_0461 (resized).jpg

Finally airbrush. Touch ups in the yellow areas are faded out.

DPW_0466 (resized).jpgDPW_0465 (resized).jpg

I'll try to recreate some of the ocher dither patterns next.

#104 9 days ago

I have the same problem touching up my Flight 2000 playfield, in the large planet area it has the same type of dot patern, I finally found an old speaker grill with the same size holes, the pattern matches pretty good over all but I am pretty sure I will have to respray the whole area rather than just the worn spots to get it to look right. Your doing great, enjoy watching your progress.

#105 8 days ago
Quoted from crlush:

Your doing great, enjoy watching your progress.

Thank you!

Cabinet and head are primered.

DPW_0456 (resized).jpg

#106 8 days ago

Yellow and ocher repairs are done.

DPW_0470 (resized).jpgDPW_0469 (resized).jpg

I assume the touch-ups will hardly be noticeable anymore once the black outlines are fixed and the playfield is cleared.
At least it's better than before

DPW_0469_before (resized).jpg

#107 7 days ago

Hehe, although my stencils haven't been painted yet, @jibmums already used them to create a virtual pinball machine skin for the 3dArcade gaming gallery. I'm now even more eager to painting the real one

tf (resized).jpg

#108 5 days ago

DPW_0471 (resized).jpg

From experience I know that airbrushing the white/cream coloured areas make the biggest difference. This one is not different.
Mostly yellowed, cracked, damaged.

DPW_0474 (resized).jpgDPW_0473 (resized).jpg

I combined the whites with the few orange areas.

DPW_0476 (resized).jpgDPW_0478 (resized).jpgDPW_0480 (resized).jpgDPW_0481 (resized).jpgDPW_0484 (resized).jpg

I think all colour touch-ups are done. Only black remaining, and some spots in the wood tones. But I'll have the playfield cleared first.

DPW_0485 (resized).jpg

#109 3 days ago

PF looks really good!

#110 2 days ago

I think this is about the most beautiful blue colour I've ever painted...
The cabinet is ready for stencils.

DPW_0499 (resized).jpgDPW_0505 (resized).jpg

Stencils are ready as well.

DPW_0495 (resized).jpgDPW_0497 (resized).jpg

#111 2 days ago

I've started cleaning the hardware. The transformer is a good start

DPW_0492 (resized).jpg

Sanded and lightly polished the brackets, ultrasonic cleaned the harnesses, metal etched the blades, resoldered all wires. New zip ties make a difference imho.

DPW_0511 (resized).jpgDPW_0513 (resized).jpg

#112 2 days ago

Excellent job on the playfield! I like the white color you choose it matches the game well.

Curious about your process. I use Inkscape (sadly Illustrator is not available to me anymore) and Auto trace but it leaves a crap ton of anchor points and although you can simplify and reduce this the quality goes down and so I end up using the trace as a starting point- simplifying to a minimum of anchor points and heavily editing to match underlying art.

Perhaps your real job aligns with these skills and thus you can move incredibly quickly, perhaps you just spend more awake hours working on your games, but I get the sense your able to move a LOT more quickly than me and achieve the same or better quality to your work! I want to learn a bit more if your willing to share! I like doing this stuff but faster would be better

Do you have a different basic process?

#113 2 days ago

Thanks! Actually I only repainted some white areas and I matched the white of the non-repainted areas. Some people like bright whites (as seen on the repro playfields) but I don't.

About my process: indeed I use Illustrator, but never (NEVER!) the auto trace tool. These kind of tools are not precise enough imo and indeed create lots of clutter. I draw all my line art by hand, using the pen tool. I am not familiar with Inkscape but I quickly checked some tutorials and videos: the equivalent tool in Inkscape seems to be the bezier tool. Similarly to Illustrator's pen tool it allows to create curved lines by clicking and dragging and combine straight/curved by holding keys while drawing. Check a few tutorials and give it a try. It'll take a while to get used to the keyboard shortcuts and how to adjust your curves, but you'll master it soon enough. And then you'll never go back to autotrace, trust me

I have a licence for Illustrator and Photoshop because indeed I need these for my job (I'm a designer), but Inkscape seems quite powerful at first sight.

#114 1 day ago

Thank you, and yes- your exactly right, Adobe is awesome and I had that for years as I used it at work to create presentations but I am not a designer (scientist) so I got good at a few things I needed to do and then I switched jobs to an environment where I have help and the pros get the Illustrator license but I don't! So I am learning Inkscape and yes, using the Bezier tool. Its awkward since my fingers and brain still remember Illustrator but Inkscape is at least a near functionally equivalent package (I cannot justify the adobe license monthly fee for occasional use software and Inkscape is free). I think I will try to wean myself off the trace, like I said- its NOT speeding up the process. I find that placing anchor points at the corners and at inflection points is about all I need and I was spending time removing the hundreds the trace added to get down to the 5 I needed, and then having to redo... so your right, auto trace was a dumb Idea but one I have persisted in using. Next art I will start with a scan and then go right to Bezier tool.

#115 1 day ago

Second colour - sort of shady purple - is done. All looks good so far, colours match well, stencils came off really easy.
So far the good news.

DPW_0516 (resized).jpgDPW_0517 (resized).jpgDPW_0526 (resized).jpg

The bad news is that the head fell backwards (stupid me ), and both upper back corners are damaged. No drama, but a few steps back nonetheless...

DPW_0525 (resized).jpg

#116 1 day ago

UGH- nothing major but as you said time to visit the department of redundancy department! Looks good though!

#117 1 day ago

oh man that sucks, I was painting a steel motorcycle gas tank and when finished I picked it up to put it in the garage overnight and dropped it on the cement, I put a huge dent in it that I had to repair then repaint again.

#118 1 day ago

Nice! The repaint looks good. I can't wait to see the completed masterpiece.

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