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Another TAF playfield swap and overall refresh

By dmacy

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

Documenting my next swap which will be similar to the Taxi I had done for the same gentleman. This one is in far better shape but is in desperate need of some love.

It will be getting a new playfield with my usual rebuild, clean and/or replacements with new plastics, targets, switches, ramp and chrome. The cabinet needs some work and will be getting Radcals. It will get chrome trim all around as well. A new DumbAss WPC driver board will also be going in.

Here’s the as delivered starting point.

C142F39C-6500-4422-9F13-8AC6C0571027 (resized).jpeg7F34E39B-001C-40DB-A5F1-072717ED63FF (resized).jpeg982946CD-703B-4A23-9DB3-CE0B40CB64F3 (resized).jpegCF2C8B72-FEAF-41EF-AA67-0ABFD0F42606 (resized).jpeg99627C26-7684-4C6C-B0A9-4036D06157D0 (resized).jpegB9C92E89-597F-471D-A91E-770824A36908 (resized).jpegDCECEB5A-DED3-4D23-8489-781B23CF40F8 (resized).jpeg6786E03A-DD35-43F6-928D-D7783D71389E (resized).jpeg
#2 1 year ago

Playfield is on the rotisserie. She’s due for a cleaning.

422AC37A-B200-4FA5-8BEF-306D322406BC (resized).jpeg935C16A0-95F3-4D3E-AEF7-DD95CED9B96B (resized).jpeg662AD239-70C1-44FA-9920-F5374659BDDE (resized).jpeg
#3 1 year ago

It is getting all chrome trimmings courtesy of sc93cobra !

A mirrored back glass and color DMD as well.

#4 1 year ago

Top is almost torn down.

93926B7A-B1EF-4213-B605-8D8EA8E994ED (resized).jpeg2958BF8D-3692-4EAB-97BA-0414CBF010C1 (resized).jpegEB090350-7A5F-4F8A-9875-483B5B92F69E (resized).jpeg222875F6-BA64-4BB9-A5D6-CEF15B091D6C (resized).jpegF69B4C0D-4242-4201-9888-36E9A7C2B442 (resized).jpegC28A6E76-A5CE-4F50-9E61-A160EF17D576 (resized).jpeg0D3AFEC0-347F-4012-B8EE-0738FA0DA863 (resized).jpeg3A8C6A57-69CF-496D-B120-C6E566061DA1 (resized).jpeg
#5 1 year ago

This is going to be awesome! I'm here for the shiny stuff and pictures of the supervisor.

#6 1 year ago

Despite the icy morning, I was able to get a lot accomplished. The cabinet is stripped down. It’s really a decent machine other than dirty. The speaker maybe needs replaced?

The back box top came off after I took all the angle brackets out lol. My buddy Grant is taking it Sunday so he can make it nice.

E0AA9A95-6E36-41A8-8BD6-C9CF5229C712 (resized).jpeg37728134-A7D5-423F-97A8-89CCEB5DACF9 (resized).jpegCA1F91F2-957E-4293-9BF9-AECEF6392611 (resized).jpegF816C170-99D9-4BD1-BFB0-8F01E12AB286 (resized).jpeg11B6EC42-51FB-471A-833E-877F44FE46FF (resized).jpeg386245BE-1D5E-49D3-89B2-7F8093E73DA0 (resized).jpeg
#7 1 year ago

Have a local powder coater that did a hitch receiver for me. Came out great. It was rusty despite the rain in the picture making it look better.

So I’ll be able to get that done locally now too for pinball parts. He had some there that just got done.

4DA276F9-55E7-4D28-81E3-982110272818 (resized).jpeg149C61D7-3BB4-4210-BE23-A499238FDA3B (resized).jpeg4B6A2F3A-1282-4059-9026-9ED9881C593A (resized).jpegCC9739A3-1ED0-458F-814B-0769BB40D68D (resized).jpeg1B4824FC-6BE0-4BDD-9F18-D8D8B6F9A392 (resized).jpeg38F7055B-BCEE-43B2-B2C3-E5BFE7191C32 (resized).jpeg31630B68-0F46-4D87-8C81-EE2492E47484 (resized).jpeg195C463A-63D9-4B3D-BC30-905A79C82753 (resized).jpeg3FD401ED-2A8B-4339-B3E6-1DC9FAF614A9 (resized).jpegCFBB2CFD-FBEF-459B-B8AC-14555FCCDCFC (resized).jpeg
#8 1 year ago

Playfield is completely stripped down.

11C0F849-5362-4463-BFC4-9CF9AE5FB214 (resized).jpeg9CB4427D-E9C4-45B7-B4BB-4C977396EE8D (resized).jpeg2BB5B32C-44B7-4B76-9F7C-73278F6C16E9 (resized).jpegF5E7911B-6F0B-4428-8BB2-0CCEC228C976 (resized).jpeg
#9 1 year ago

Mechanisms torn apart for cleaning. The pop bumpers will get all correct coils.

The ball shooter feeder was pretty rough so it’s getting a lot of new parts. Same for the slings…

3C3AB53E-6438-477E-B092-02F98C21C794 (resized).jpeg514B9495-6AD7-4C59-8A6A-EC12EEFECFA3 (resized).jpeg5954A618-D667-49F9-B66E-1AD0AB708F47 (resized).jpeg5C541317-665F-46EE-A0EC-9169354774AD (resized).jpeg6F885B6D-A58C-4AA8-BB46-45814E92F94B (resized).jpeg6FA78658-55D8-4282-A34C-06275760DF5A (resized).jpeg730A62BE-BA7C-410C-A020-11BB29371EA4 (resized).jpeg9E0FF3F8-D4E5-4025-A3E7-E4581C7C0552 (resized).jpegB659E825-4857-46AA-B65E-BB96B70388F9 (resized).jpegBC8BB3A1-DFAE-4C1F-9172-9F44DC852627 (resized).jpegD30A151D-5A48-4EF4-95A3-EDBF0C511C96 (resized).jpegEFCA5100-239D-4F85-9D53-AC97DAFE4BB3 (resized).jpeg

#10 1 year ago

Some parts are trickling in! Thankfully the most important one has so I have no excuses.

2C0FBEB3-6D8A-400C-B965-6349F9CA6C44 (resized).jpeg
#11 1 year ago

Playfield has some parts installed.

Using Zitt clear bodies again to brighten them up. He has an opaque clear and lots of other colors to fit the theme or style. I really like them and this is not sponsored lol. At some point when I do some deep shop jobs on my own machines, I’ll be converting to them.

26F96DA5-FEC4-4B9B-AADD-C30AF9759EE5 (resized).jpegCF4D5D01-4386-446F-B5E2-B0FD522F8618 (resized).jpegB297140B-C7B6-44DE-A74D-1C959E6C914E (resized).jpeg
#12 1 year ago

Tumbled hardware ready to go.

I miss The Office and Michael Scott.

187A5A15-8FC2-4F1F-B184-397CA6ED0767 (resized).jpegD4D093B7-A496-4138-8C67-96832A8D9D37 (resized).jpeg
#13 1 year ago

Awww yeah. Here comes the shiny!

#14 1 year ago

Ohhh I like a good Addams rebuild. You have my subscription.

#15 1 year ago

Today was another day with a bunch of orders coming in. The highlight was these DumbAss boards. Beautiful!

E9D4A493-93F1-4A99-B86A-A5908C0D88DF (resized).jpeg
#16 1 year ago

Ramp flaps and scoops installed.

6DB45496-A6D8-4AD0-93ED-B0F2915B4340 (resized).jpegDE951830-F053-4F79-8990-4954F3F16D36 (resized).jpeg62799EEB-AEA4-452C-98AE-2FD68E4002A9 (resized).jpeg56B05C92-B4DC-4DE3-B5AD-A242FAF6E32F (resized).jpeg6499A8E3-0091-4CC2-B207-412AE37ED8D9 (resized).jpeg7D51E578-6D20-41E3-AE47-F388692481B5 (resized).jpeg83E0A5C0-35D6-4738-8A32-C4B85CE35898 (resized).jpeg2541C8A9-C1E6-40F6-BFCF-3D9BB7C57097 (resized).jpeg
#17 1 year ago

The bottom with lighting harness and boards in.

5271CD3D-D557-465A-9AD6-1BAA91E10B45 (resized).jpeg
#18 1 year ago

Top side coming together. GI is Comet sunlights. All rings are Titans.

58AC20E0-3502-4AB8-8FF6-C9D8A2958499 (resized).jpegEE9210E4-BB3A-4976-8E49-4A46B546B1D7 (resized).jpeg1D5A05DD-9F2C-43BA-A949-702381C206F5 (resized).jpegB7FCC71C-4DCA-4DA7-8BB4-171238AAE1FC (resized).jpeg
#19 1 year ago

I love those clear Titans!

Looking great dmacy! What's the supervisor think so far?

#20 1 year ago

She was checking that the harness was cleaned up. I’ll get her opinion on the progress of it later.

2520AA40-8D0B-42E1-8E41-E610F48B6E83 (resized).jpeg
#21 1 year ago

Well Karolina approves of the work so far. I taught her how to fist bump with her head. So Thing qualified so she considered Thing worthy too lol!

Not much to share tonight as I had a blow out that want from Taco Thursday. Gotta love PA potholes. So threw my 3 season wheels back on and got tied up with that. Very glad I have a full size spare and no issues changing it out right before getting on route 30 in Lancaster.

A7A7FE6A-C8A5-47CC-9A6F-6298F5F74FB3 (resized).jpeg03F32429-3B67-4819-967C-0B0291BAAEA8 (resized).jpeg41C0A865-5CA1-4457-8B9F-EFA0FB9595CC (resized).jpegA24F188D-8815-4FF9-85DF-5EDBE9E87B12 (resized).jpeg

#22 1 year ago

Added the swamp accelerator tonight. Ramp is being upgraded.

99E43C28-EC29-40E9-B051-3CAC4CE1D52B (resized).jpeg9415C8CC-F318-4163-8A64-F948EBCD4EE1 (resized).jpegAC4BD800-788C-4344-8630-DE9067AC1F8E (resized).jpeg0DED78ED-A9EB-46DE-9681-70C6B164142C (resized).jpeg0F036DAD-B06E-4C3A-828D-65F330230A2F (resized).jpeg3D4FFF29-8B62-4DB1-A238-BC0654C98176 (resized).jpeg42CCE243-333F-4348-8168-2426942D5277 (resized).jpeg763CD386-73A1-48CC-99B5-D808AFB6518B (resized).jpegA91F296E-278A-4A73-BF44-87EC2F6ABD3F (resized).jpegAB5AEAF5-2543-40B2-9180-FD20A4626649 (resized).jpegBC170701-362E-4723-AA5D-6480684247F7 (resized).jpegC41A6012-9B75-4A33-A5D5-25FD776474A6 (resized).jpegD3BA84E9-A259-474D-B4E9-A243260440FC (resized).jpeg

#23 1 year ago

Underside progress and difference unlit between the mirrored translite and regular.

1DF3C10F-2CE7-423F-9570-96DC186A72D0 (resized).jpegACFFAA22-A25A-48B8-B324-403EA726D1CE (resized).jpeg
#24 1 year ago

Supervisor is really cracking the tail on this one. Looks great.

#25 1 year ago

The entire cabinet will be getting chrome and it just showed up today. Hot Rod Arcade always comes through. We also went with the chrome wireforms. This one is getting pimped out.

I swapped over the parts on the ramp tonight. Added the switch cover as it feel it looks cleaner.

FF0E2136-8F78-428A-8CF1-671A39A57DA2 (resized).jpeg1934BE1B-1A5E-49D9-AEE4-402AC240983C (resized).jpegB098E092-E355-45DB-9E7C-ACA0458679AD (resized).jpeg81A8E6BC-1B66-4F41-B7A1-DFDD57301C71 (resized).jpeg07722278-25F5-44F5-8ECD-0241B376C507 (resized).jpeg

#26 1 year ago

Started on the new plastic ramp from Starship. The new clear plastic will look much better than the yellow on a new clear ramp. I added new diodes and tubing for the lamp holders.

I have most of the mechs in. I’m waiting on a few new coils to replace ones that had broken tabs.

I laid in the solenoid harness but not much done other than plugging in a few connectors. But moving along well…

5DA42EAF-D18B-4F51-97F8-E6FEEAC9F3F3 (resized).jpeg6908F80E-36B1-4023-A66E-436D7A4C3886 (resized).jpegB9466281-F237-4121-B89A-463B7F1CF96A (resized).jpeg

3CCC6D2C-FF68-4A70-A2A7-115CA1B12F96 (resized).jpeg
#27 1 year ago

Here’s some of the chrome cabinet trim.

3C54F018-EC08-4B92-A2BB-B10EFAED0A6C (resized).jpeg5A5C0B11-9AA4-4BE5-B580-DD6FEEF06CC3 (resized).jpeg

C20085AF-3319-4AA2-BE4D-F1B08492062D (resized).jpeg997A9B02-A6EB-4A86-8F81-F326C752A794 (resized).jpeg
#28 1 year ago

Wire forms are regrained and installed.

392F0D77-FBA8-4AB6-89F2-691E1120189D (resized).jpegF5CF5950-489F-4864-AF90-D7F5402CC2F4 (resized).jpeg5FCC8B20-3E1C-47F8-AA81-26CD04B98E90 (resized).jpegDBF1B209-876C-4D6E-B84E-5E7E7586380F (resized).jpeg
#29 1 year ago

I'm assuming white gloves will provided if I'm permitted to play this when you're done?

#30 1 year ago

Thing is assembled after I replaced the crimp connection.

Bookcase is back together too and installed. Thing has to wait close until the end when it’s off the rotisserie.

307AF903-1EA1-4022-B184-7B5D07F37F29 (resized).jpeg360FD984-31E3-4639-B4DC-FBED7D4EE4FA (resized).jpeg5589D808-01E0-4106-9624-49F846FBAF08 (resized).jpegB43DDF36-93E7-4110-98E2-5F995F18614B (resized).jpeg9DD09F83-696C-49D8-8CA5-6C7446EB5194 (resized).jpeg

#31 1 year ago

Let’s guess what’s wrong.

D4559843-DC22-4592-9910-8A80D867AA0B (resized).jpeg7DAE099E-D3AF-4C38-85D1-5FAFA62400A6 (resized).jpegA6C46875-AA7E-4734-8607-77BB79F48911 (resized).jpeg
#32 1 year ago

Tonight was ramp assembly, Thing decal and back panel night.

6816810C-4096-48F1-A352-CBB3DB55FB45 (resized).jpeg6D6EBFD0-4367-4265-AF40-20D0689E92E3 (resized).jpeg
#33 1 year ago

Theee are the cabinet decals that will go with the back panel decal.

6FC264FF-6246-4EA2-A400-11519558FD85 (resized).jpeg
#34 1 year ago

Karolina is about done for the night. With the rolling, she is happy with the progress.

08012E03-51BA-4637-B9A7-64355B459C64 (resized).jpeg55E199EC-EE84-4376-A673-CA0B02A366D1 (resized).jpeg
#35 1 year ago

Excellent job.

#36 1 year ago

The ColorDMD is installed. I used my own machine to load the firmware and confirm all is good.

Two standoffs were broken so installed new ones.

CBBE3836-64DA-41CC-BF11-380ED5CAA7CC (resized).jpegC17419FA-4314-4862-8556-FD04645AC697 (resized).jpeg536AB230-8436-4F60-9FF7-308B50EA35DE (resized).jpeg
#37 1 year ago

Plastics are done. Green LED’s will be added into the swamp plastics and spotlights at the slings. The last one I did really lit the slings up in the middle nicely and the owner wants them.

I had 3 wedge lamp holders that were busted like this so they got replaced.

23C278F2-ECE5-4238-BB45-C9081F1846EB (resized).jpeg58496A26-0098-4CAE-BBD2-3F364EC41E98 (resized).jpeg
#38 1 year ago

Adding a few reinforced targets. They (PL) also now have the Stern reinforced with anti sway. This his perfect for the upper swap target.

D4F04EFF-09DD-44CC-83EF-D66BCB0F5BE6 (resized).jpeg11ED2215-ED92-490F-AE5A-7EF0431E0EEA (resized).jpeg5743B4F3-D2D4-439D-939A-6335B2A9EACB (resized).jpeg
#39 1 year ago

Outhole kicker in and starting on switches with new ones being installed. New clear tubing for obvious reasons.

This is the oblong blue target by the bear kick ramp. Well it should be. And it was custom lol.

A449E1E7-D9F9-425C-9005-3D0C73E188B8 (resized).jpeg22105D3A-2C11-4223-86E7-05CDBE2016CF (resized).jpegE0498309-2475-48CA-8D1A-B9E12A6219C1 (resized).jpeg
#40 1 year ago

Ramp was fitted and Mylar at ramp flaps. I added the bear rug toy and switch covers.

018C5234-8FE9-4012-AFE8-EC8A937A1591 (resized).jpeg
#41 1 year ago

I have all new switches and optos in. More pop bumper spoons are much better. One was cracked! Not sure if it shows in the pictures.

I’m about 85% complete. Everything is soldered in less pop bumper lighting and sling spotlights (in route).

B9711720-37EB-4ED6-A56C-64E596A9A44A (resized).jpeg5512B69B-0272-4A45-AD8E-B2C9C61E96CF (resized).jpeg0504B118-51B0-4EE5-92A8-4B4564C44FBF (resized).jpeg
#42 1 year ago

Lower flippers were installed and soldered in.

Progress as of today…

D69790DD-82ED-42E4-8ECD-BFE79C160AEB (resized).jpegDEE9F82F-2F5F-4DCE-834F-F70CE62FE9A2 (resized).jpeg2457CC4C-2F41-4C69-ACF2-79D5066B5BA3 (resized).jpeg
#43 1 year ago

Thanks for posting this one of my favorites it's coming along fast

#44 1 year ago

Looks like it is ready to play pinball again. Taking tips from your progress for my upcoming PF swap.

#45 1 year ago

Following... you do very nice work!

#46 1 year ago

I'm impressed at how quickly you're making your way through this project. It would take me months to get half as close as to where you are on this.

#47 1 year ago

Thanks! It helps me to keep moving daily or almost daily (wife’s birthday was Friday). And either I order parts and order ahead or people supply them. And having spare new parts on hand too. And lastly having this title and have done several of them!

#48 1 year ago

My buddy Grant has the cabinet cleaning up nicely. Should be ready by next weekend.

348DB973-189D-48DB-AB8A-AEF0FD14F3E8 (resized).jpeg34B7B82D-19AF-469E-B003-C6E06CC22D8B (resized).jpeg3F8A29F1-91F6-49E4-9371-16BAE09E4C99 (resized).jpegB01433DD-9923-4F90-8CDA-8D68A6E6D83D (resized).jpegC6476EDE-0DB5-47DD-A4DC-25E8BC780821 (resized).jpegD0D6C1B0-C35A-479D-AEFE-2F250849E68B (resized).jpeg
#49 1 year ago

GI tested and working great. Owner wanted the green swamp lights.

A small taste of the chrome.

83D4A0CF-C723-427B-9C30-3D9C8D3F37AC (resized).jpeg6D606884-835C-48D4-8083-934D156B0B37 (resized).jpeg37CF1DF6-40C3-4186-BE9B-5E9CFE50E04F (resized).jpeg

#50 1 year ago

Karolina is done working on it for the day.

7844B2E8-BEBE-4D9D-B57E-71E095E3BE86 (resized).jpeg2EEB5A01-E89B-4287-B09A-6B38A8F0D9C3 (resized).jpeg8541EBED-7696-4198-BC7F-E309861E5DA8 (resized).jpeg
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