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Another RotorDave USA travel odyssey thread! LA,Vegas,NYC,PAPA, down to Memphis

By rotordave

3 years ago

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#84 3 years ago

Hey guys!

I'll be posting stuff too, it's just that my phone goes flat and then the wifi goes blegh (you know).

I just want to thank you guys for all of the support so far, it's awesome that you are all following us on our trip!

To celebrate, here is a massive half and half tea from Lucille's and my mama playing a crane machine:



Thank y'all

#93 3 years ago

Hey y'all,

Today, if you were watching it, on the live stream (for the Women's World Championship and the US National Championship, you would have been very entertained.

To those of you who watched my game, that was my last game. It was also the absolute worst.

In the Women's World Champs Echa Schneider kicked me out 4-2 to her. I want to quickly thank Echa, because she's a really good player and she is nice and awesome!

In fact, I just want to thank everyone that was there today. You were all awesome and the tournament was run pretty well.

So that's me done. Maybe we'll go to another tournament later tonight? For now, I'm going to sleep. The round that me and Echa played went for about 3 hours so I'm super worn out.


#98 3 years ago



Oh well, they were only cheap anyways...


#123 3 years ago
Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

Ghost Chips, Danni

I miss the good old New Zealand commercials. It just isn't the same here, you know

How can you live without Ghost Chips and all of the other ones

Must tag this video though:

Nice play on the original

#138 3 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

How'd you guys do today? Nice Kiss shirt, you raised her well! My niece is 13 and wears Zeppelin, Floyd and AC/DC tees all the time.

Your niece sounds awesome!!!

#154 3 years ago

New York City. Soon. I don't know dates apparently. We'll be flying out... Sometime. I'm very excited. And today I got some weird ball thing...



Some weird thing that splatters, it's pretty cute to be honest.

Ugh I have no sense of time, trust me.

#184 3 years ago
Quoted from genex:

Great meeting both you and Danni in Vegas! Here's a shot of when she met Roger that I barely snapped as it happened
more pix from the tournies: http://store.orangephotography.com/p329018886

Thank you (x5,000,000,000) SO MUCH. I didn't end up getting any photos so this is really fantastic

Really, I can not thank you enough,


#202 3 years ago

Police in America are apparently like this now


The horse was called constable and some people were like "why is he called that?" Well I wonder, since it is a police horse and all that

Also, I didn't realise how many squirrels America had. They. Were. EVERYWHERE. There were so many of them. (Quick note: we don't have squirrels in New Zealand, just in case you didn't know).




#203 3 years ago



Funny article about the differences between Australia (and New Zealand, too) and America. It's funny because it's true.

#266 3 years ago

People, really? Ok. If you have to put this on stuff, then you shouldn't be making it.


JUST TAKE THE EXCESS SALT OUT OF THE RECIPE!!!!!! Like, is it that hard. I'm so confused by this sign

#277 3 years ago
Quoted from accidental:

You're not wrong about the super high toilet water level being weird. Splashy splash!

Yay! Someone else who notices! I'm not the only one...

This is the best example I could find. Unfortunately it was an Aussie one, but it'll work for the point I'm making.


Other than the fact that it has the nice blue thing in it, can you see that this is better, so then there isn't any splash back?! May I use an example of an American toilet, to contrast the last one.


With a beautiful red line to define where the water sits, we see in this toilet the sheer volume of water. When water could be saved, it is used, only to be splashed everywhere. It is quite inconvenient for the conventional person. May we agree that Aussie and Kiwi toilets are designed in a user-friendly way, that allows the user to not be splashed on the butt by backlash?!

And yes, I do have too much time on my hands - as well as the fact I ain't going to sleep any time soon

#278 3 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

Space and science center in nyc is a great day/afternoon. You can even get free passes if you Google it.

I shall admit that I have looked into that museum, and it actually look pretty good. I'm not generally one for a museum but some of the museums here are striking my interest! Whether we have time or not is a different matter, but i definitely like the look of it

#324 3 years ago

Today was really fun y'all! All the ladies at Belles and Chimes were super nice and cool and it was a very enjoyable experience

The only problem... Stern's 'Stars' machines. That game hates me to an extent that is undefinable. But I still had fun

Ended the day off with a fabulous slider from Arbies. Absolute fabulousness





#327 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

She liked her Arby's so much she went and rang the bell.


EWEWEWEEWWWEWWW That's a terrible photo of me eewwwwwew. I look so unhappy y'all.

Just jokes I don't really care.

Guess having a cold doesn't help nothin'

#328 3 years ago
Quoted from MIL:

Well done in the comp Danni . Won't be long and you'll be playing better than your Dad ... oh wait , Hang on , you already do !!

Ohhhhh burrrrrrrrnt to the ground right there. (To be honest I think he's gotten used to it) but the shots have been fired real good.

#336 3 years ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

Is the short stint with my Stars still giving you nigHTMAres Danni?
Drain, drAIN, DRAAIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN!!! (And then, drain some more! )
I wouldn't worry about it too much though.
Your poor Mom and Dad (Roadie) went several days straight last trip trying to tame it, but fell short in cutting the cosmic high score mustard.
They say in space, no one can hear you scream...but on Stars, they sure can hear you cuss!

Hahaha too true

I'll be back to your place one day and I WILL BEAT THAT MACHINE... who am I kidding I can't play that machine at all.

Quoted from marcos:

Loving the green shirt, Danni and Dave!
Speaking of which, we're sold out of most sizes...time to reorder! Or redesign, with our upcoming move around the corner, no longer on Chicago Street!


Oh my goodness I love that shirt SO MUCH!!!! I love the fabric it's made out of. It's so comfortable and it's a great fit and it's cozy and lovely and I love it

I love it more than lamp

#343 3 years ago

Squirrels. Everywhere.





#365 3 years ago

Over the past few days, I have learnt that if you don't like either berries or cherry, you'll be rather stuck trying to get cough mixture!


#411 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexF:

Holy crap, that thing reminds me of the Fiery Fist-O-Pain on Spongebob. It's ridiculous.
Yes, I have kids...


I like it a lot.


Sorry, sorry. Off topic. But yeah.


#415 3 years ago

See below for the story. I'm lazy. Boo hoo.

But we went to a small village near Centralia (and then to Centralia) and other than the fantastic spray painted art of male privates, the houses were all old and some of them were cute





1 week later
#548 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

» YouTube video

I was happy before but I swear my happiness level just jumped back up a little. Best song ever.

#570 3 years ago
Quoted from nman:

Love the toothpick. Spot on.

HAHAHA OML thank you, I thought that that really added to the whole picture's composition

Anyways, other than that I think I might go back and get one lovely vest for myself and one for my rock and roll father...


#597 3 years ago

For those who probably don't wonder why I am not usually wearing my handy dandy glasses...


Has anyone else with glasses just had one of the arms... Just kind of come off? No more pinball for me now. I can't see

#602 3 years ago
Quoted from Drewblood419:

good thing you guys are headed to Darin's tomorrow he's an Ophthalmologist. And it looks like I'll be able to make it over there after all for a bit tomorrow night Although we might stand a chance playing against you without your glasses

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY I'll come out of retirement and play with my one armed glasses. Challenge accepted

#603 3 years ago
Quoted from nman:

Yes, i have had that happen.


Funny you say that as before I even posted that photo we were in Walmart and guess what we got...


Not even kidding

#632 3 years ago

Got a pretty good score last night on WOZ. Except it burnt my retinas out and then I had to have a break. I believe that going from 'Lights Out' mode to 'Muchikin' mode (or the actual real name of it) is a terrible idea.


#640 3 years ago

Some lovely delicacies from the Pigly Wigly...


#653 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

It's pretty cool down here. Everyone is ultra polite, they open the doors for "ya all" and say hello to you in the street.

It's y'all. Not 'ya all'.
Hehehe I'm a spelling pest sometimes.

While driving yesterday there were some beautiful green areas and it felt a bit like home in a way. It was pretty, so the photo is more of a quick representation of what was actually there


It was also really hot yesterday. As a person who ONLY (kind of sarcasm, kind of true) lives in cold climates, I kind of died yesterday. But hopefully today will be as hot and then I can get a cool Sonic (not an official sponsor )


#681 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Danni is used to air conditioned climes.
Nimblepin says Auckland is similar to San Diego as far as climate goes. No snow. Temp range 10-30 degrees c. Average would be 18-22 I would guess.


#682 3 years ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

RD joked a few pages back that I wanted to build a small house next to his on their land in Pukekohe to start a homebrew pinball revolution...
I wasn't kidding.
It's that amazing in NZ.

Aww thank you Nimble,

New Zealand thanks you for the compliment *heart*

#708 3 years ago

Found a cool Ghostbusters topper (idea, if nothing else) today. Oh the findings of shopping in random shops with those weird smelly stuck things in them (insense sticks?)...


Would also like to say..

Had Sonic today. Tater tots were good, burger was alright, drink was massive (for a kiwi, not for an American I guess) and I have now learnt that Oreo cheescakes are way too sugary/sweet for my liking >_<


#739 3 years ago



Rock n roll with the New Zealand wine

Also, 20/20 would recommend.

#750 3 years ago

It's all goods at the Universal Studios...





#803 3 years ago

Big sappy paragraph upcoming

This trip has been one of, if not my, favourite trip ever.

I got to see some of my older friends, while I also met some new ones. If I made a list of all the people, it would go for ages

I want to thank all of the people who gave me advice on this trip. Any at all. Like I feel within myself (haha sappy but I do) feel like I've matured a little bit more and I feel more prepared to face school and life haha oh goodness. If that makes any sense at all that'd be great.

I want to thank all of my competition for playing with me. Pretty much - no, all of y'all were so nice and accepting of me. I felt so welcome again. It was so lovely.

I want to thank the venues that we played at. I want to thank the directors for running all of the comps that I went to.

I thank people that are reading this stupid blog thing. Like it is pretty dumb. You have to admit with some of that humour.

I feel like I learnt so much over, what, five weeks. I can't say enough but I feel like all of y'all are great.

And to clarify kiwis don't actually use y'all, it's just me and my specialness.

All of your collections and houses that we visited were fabulous. I can not thank everyone enough.

I am glad to be home though. I'm ready to get back into school and I'll be happy to start learning again and doing work (if I may say that). Especially catching up on Chinese! Haha.

I have to go now, and give my lovely sister a big hug.

For now, this is a goodbye. But (being sappy still), I'm sure I'll be back. Maybe we'll be back with a hearse? (That's a joke, but I'm not saying it ain't gonna happen)


Don't know if this has been uploaded before, but oh well.


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