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Another Pinball Machine!

By Fredaboy1

13 years ago

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#1 13 years ago

Hi everyone,
I am happy to say that I am getting ready to get another pinball machine! I have narrowed it down to three now...here they are:
Champion Pub
Tales of the Arabian Nights
I am having difficulty choosing from these three so I'm asking for your help everyone! Which ones should I avoid, and why, or which one should I definitely get and why? Thank you so much everybody, and by the way from your comments on my last post and from my thinking I chose Medieval Madness! That's it i guess. Thanks again!

#2 13 years ago

Hey by the way I am the one who posted this...I just forgot to sign in when I did!

#3 13 years ago

Tales of the Arabian nights hands down for me!
To be honest i have not played champion pub but have played Whitewater which is a fun game to play but for me is a little bit to cheesy cartoonish in art and dot matrix animations.

Tales is an awesome all round fun to play machine and has backglass and cabinet art perhaps only second to Circus Voltaire for me.

#4 13 years ago

I would say Whitewater, cuz its the only game that I have played out of those 3. Its a fun and like said above there its a little cheesy kinda game, but I am a sucker for those games!! TOTAN looks like it would be fun and everyone talks about it. If you are into the collector and $$$ factor TOTAN is the most expensive out of the 3 as well, but if you have a MM then you should know all about that!!!

#5 13 years ago

I have owned all three of them (I sold both the Tales and the Champions Pub only 5 months ago so the memory of those games is still fresh).

The White water is my favourite, as it's just so challenging. It fast, furious and fun! The sound quality is not as good as the other two games but the wacky game play more than makes up for it. Recommended!

The Tales wins in the art and sound department - and it has great flow too! But unfortunately it has next to no humour (like most Popadiuk games) and that made me sell it eventually. Recommended if humour is not so important to you.

The Champions Pub just got boring so very quickly. I don't know why. It was not really my game, although it has good design and nice humour. Maybe it's because of the two main toys: the "jumping rope" and the "boxing hands". These subgames very quickly become annoying to play. Not recommended if you ask me, sorry if that hurts

#6 13 years ago

It depends on how much money you want to spend. WW is a fun game for a reasonable price. If money doesn't matter, get TOTAN

1 week later
#7 13 years ago

Hi again,
thank you all for commenting...it is a great help to me. After long thought and many plays I have decided to give up Champion Pub (for a later time that is ). But I do still need your guys help. Replacing Champion Pub we have another (quite good) game. This game that I speak about is Cactus Canyon. So now I ask you again....which one should I get out of these three?
Cactus Canyon
Tales of the Arabian Nights
thank you all so much for your opinions!

#8 13 years ago

LOL! Sounds like money is no object to you! GET ALL 3!!!! All of those are big $$$ machines!! Seriously though, still WHITEWATER, cuz it's the only one that I have played!

#9 13 years ago

Cactus Canyon felt 'unfinished' to me, and was ridiculous money, unless you just want owner's bragging rights?

TOTAN is the definite choice, as it is indeed a bit serious, but there is some humour thrown in (sneaking into the harem bonus? C'mon, funny stuff!), and the game plays and feels like a Sinbad movie! I don't own one, but will look to permanent ownership someday of this pin!

WW is ok, but I felt the mountain shots were too repetitive, and cleaning the playfield is a bear!! Too much stuff to scratch and damage on removal and reinstall!!


#10 13 years ago

I have a CC and I really like it. I have the 1.3 rom installed, which fixes some bugs of the older version. The main thing that feels unfinished is the match feature at the end of the play, but I don't think its any big deal... I think it is the most collectible, but there can be quite big price differences.

2 months later
#11 12 years ago

Dear friends, I have to decide between: Black Knight and Junk Yard. Money is important of course, that's why the game can't be boring after a while... What do you think I should take?

#12 12 years ago

If you are really gonna spend the $$$ for those look up the production run quantities, the current machines for sale worldwide, etc. Like collecting anything you need to find that certain balance.

Myself I'm going for the low $$$ older broken ones at the moment and looking at those things as well as repeat playability. My restorations are being made as close to original as possible without using modern non-authentic replacement components like LED's etc. I'm not rich like the rest of you collectors.

#13 12 years ago

I'm not rich. It will be my first and maybe the one machine. It's an old dream. I'm 35 now.

#14 12 years ago

I'd go for the ultra collectible machine(s) then with tons of features if it's going to be the one and only. You will never lose money on it. Get an original Cactus Canyon or Tales of the Arabian Nights etc and you'll never think back about buying something less than your dream machine. Someday just maybe I'll own one but atm I want cheap, broken, repairable challenges.

Update: I have a buyer for the Haunted House and it is now sold when the restoration is completed (I could not resist the price I was offered). I am using a tiny bit of the extra money to make my Medusa 100% original as some of the drop targets were replacements etc. I have a owner who wants me to fix up his Cactus Canyon for a future sale. Geebus I love this pinball restoration stuff.

#15 12 years ago

Me personally, I like the mid-80's early 90's Williams machines. I have a '92 Williams Fishtales, and its my newest machine and it's played the least. These era machines are usually a few hundred bucks to buy. (Don't have to be rich to find a couple hundred bucks) Black Knight is a little bit slow for me and the sounds are kind of annoying, but the playfield layout is awesome. Junk Yard is a real fun machine. But its a little 'busy' (lots of toys on the playfield) I would go for that one if I had to pick between the 2.

#16 12 years ago

The older 80's machines seem to have an "attention to detail" unlike the new ones. They thought of it as their art. Attention was paid to layout, angles, shot aiming, etc as well as the artistry on the playfield and backglass. Newer machines seem just thrown together with alot of "eye candy". Much like the movies being made today.

(BTW I was offered $2800 for the Haunted House .. I will still own one as I bought one up in MI fully restored for only $1900 delivered and will decide which one they get).

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