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Gate Mod for Jurassic Park (Now in stock)

By outcida

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

08/14/15 Update:

BETA TESTING IS DONE!!! These are now in production (slowly) and shipping.

This is a 6 piece mod that comes with the following hardware: Gate, main power cable, Spot lamp w/cable, splitter cable Backdrop bracket w/lighting and movie photo and fused main circuit board that includes all the circuitry and software.

Now taking names for the wait list. Price is $280 and it includes shipping in the continental US.

International buyers will incur additional pass through shipping charges.

Video of the final beta test model in action.

Latest rev. 06/07/15

Ok. So I've been debating on whether or not I should start a post to discuss my mod I've been working on.

I saw through reading the forums that there was a demand for a better Jurassic Park gate. Obviously others have seen that as well and congrats to goodtobedad on his version! It looks wayyy better than the original! I've also seen recently that Mezel Mods is working on something.

My thought process is 1) Just complete what I've been working on and when it's ready let everyone see it. 2) I don't want to steal anyone's thunder but at the same time when I do get mine completed I don't want people to think I stole the idea from others. 3) Do I just let my hard work go down the drain because someone came out with it first? 4) My version brings something new to the table so people can have options.

I've been working on my mod for the last 4-5 months and have spent countless hours and quite a bit of money in development so I figured what the hell. Here you go.

My mod has flickering torches and the gates are functional. I'm still working out some of the small details (JP logo, final wiring connections, documentation, and improving the final version for durability and reliability) and I figure it will be ready in about 3-4 weeks at most. I'll have a demo video of the fully functional (close to final) version in the next few days. For now you can see the crude prototype working in the video below.

This video shows the flickering torch test.

My mod will not be inexpensive as my BOM cost is already more than goodtobedad's version and it's time consuming to manufacturer. Let me know what you think. Ideas for improvement are also welcome.

Final version mock up.jpg

#6 4 years ago

Thanks for the encouraging words Aurich. I'll keep pushing on. Thanks for the compliments guys! I think it's going to be awesome when it's done.

#8 4 years ago

Hey Chad! I'm thinking of using a motion sensor that will see the ball coming and open the gate right before the ball hits the ramp. I'm waiting on a couple of sensors to come in so I can test. If that doesn't work I was thinking of possibly using the ramp switch but I'm not sure if that will interfere with the switches normal triggering for the game. If none of the above work I'll probably add another micro switch next to the existing one and dedicate that to opening the gate.

My JP is down right now for a much needed shop job so I can't remember if the lights on top (with the red rubbers) only come on at certain times or if they're on all the time.

I would think everyone would want all the torches on all the time but if not I'm open to suggestions.

#14 4 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

If I end up taking a stab at making my own gate (won't plan to sell), I was thinking of using a PIG2 since it can drive a servo and sense the game's switches.

I'm using a microcontroller that can do that as well. It's just not a PIG2. I can't wait for your T-Rex, Chad's code (hopefully) and a better gate. JP is going to be an awesome game!

#15 4 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Otherwise even something like open after starting a game and closing at game over ("The park is closed!") would be cool.

Quoted from bajapanda:

Agree with this - I'm a huge fan of overcomplicated things for the sake of overcomplicated things, but this makes the most sense in my head.

That would be interesting. I'll look into it.

#21 4 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

I've done microcontroller projects from scratch, but am not sure how to tap into the switch or lamp matrix to sense existing switches. Have you figured something out for that? It could be a matter of sensing the gate switch to trigger whatever you need the servo to do and ignore further switch hits during that time.

Honestly to this point I've been focused on the functionality and design of the gate. I haven't gotten to the trigger point integration yet. That's why it's nice to have the feedback of how people would like to see it operate. Not everything that's been suggested is possible and there are definitely limitations. The first thing that comes to mind is I could use a 6VAC relay that gets powered by one of the lamps. When triggered that would give me a dry contact to trigger my servo logic. Why is it that you would use a PIG2 in particular? I'm not familiar with that device.

#22 4 years ago

So does everyone think the torches should stay on all the time or should they only come on at certain times?

#33 4 years ago

More progress...

I just put the gate on a loop to open and close. It will not behave this way in the game. I'm still working out the details of how and when it will trigger. Hopefully I can get my JP back together this weekend (may be tough because it's my wife's birthday weekend) and start working on the integration into the game.

#34 4 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

Keep in mind that hidden directly behind the gate is a spotlight. So if you want to have a gate opening up to show the ramp, then you are probably going to want to remove/relocate the spot light as well.

Good point Chad. Hopefully the mounting solution I have in my head will work out. Again I can't try anything until I get my game back together.

#35 4 years ago
Quoted from JBK:

Beautiful!! I've thought of making something very similar. What type of lights are you using?

They are just flickering LEDs.

#36 4 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

Maybe this... keep lamps on and flickering, but when the lamp matrix would have lit the gate lamps, trigger the servo animation to open gates for a period, delay, check if still on, keep open if so and close when off. Maybe make it configurable with a dip switch? Lamps always flicker or only flicker when the lamp matrix would be lighting it...

I looked at the PIG2. That's a nice piece of hardware but it's pricy for a mod. I'm not sure that people would be willing to pay as much as I would have to charge to incorporate that along with the parts and labor cost.

#39 4 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

If you make the right mod that's well integrated, people will pay what it's worth.
In my opinion the gate should open outward. Doesn't it do that in the movie? Would it be to difficult to change now?
Are we seeing an early prototype? How flexible are you on aesthetic changes at this point? I have some feedback I can give (privately if desired). I found posting the stages of the t-rex mod to be beneficial so I could best gauge if I'm meeting expectations, but sometimes it can get overwhelming. Hang in there.

Yea the one in the movie opens inward like I have it.

I'm definitely open to feedback. I'd say post it public so we can get others opinions on things as well unless you feel posting it private would be better. I hear you on the right mod that's well integrated thing. Hell, I'm willing to pay $400 for a T-Rex... I saw how you posted progress as I followed it intently! I still do every time I see a new post to your thread. I thought that was great for people have input in the process.

This is a prototype but it's getting fairly close to the final version. At this point it won't look much different than this other than having the Jurassic Park letters and possibly a 3D printed flame in place of the laser jet printed flame I have now.

#46 4 years ago

I didn't make the progress I wanted to this weekend with shopping out the JP. Damn birthdays.

Quoted from winteriscoming:

Well the only thing I can think to mention is that the movie version of the gate seems to have a stepped structure.

My original design had the 3 stepped columns. The 3D designer I'm using changed it to what it currently is. I should be able to make the next rev with the stepped columns pretty easily.

Quoted from winteriscoming:

Is your gate 3D printed?

Yes it's 3D printed.

Quoted from swinks:

I agree with the gates in that it needs that plank look and fairly easy to achieve, simple draw in a few impressions whether straight or curved to simulate end grain and timber splits etc.
Below is what I did for the AC/DC bell mod blocks.

I like those! Is the wood grain 3D printed or is it painted on?

Appreciate the logic conversation ChadH and winteriscoming. It's going to make the integration that much easier when I get to that point. Definitely giving me some things to think about.

One question Chad. Do you know of any lamp that is triggered consistently when Bone Busting mode and Victory mode are done?

Thanks for the input everyone!

1 week later
#50 4 years ago

Update: I got my JP all shopped out (she sure does look purdy) and was able to test fit my prototype. Everything fit!!! I'm on to the next phase with the stepped structure and maybe some wood grain on the doors.

I'm struggling with programming code into my servo controller board. I'm trying to see if I can use my current hardware to open the gates during Bone Busting mode and Victory mode and then close when those modes are not active. I'm getting closer but if anyone knows anything about code please PM me. Worst case, I go to the PIG2 charge more and be done with it.

I'll post more pictures and/or video soon. I also have one little surprise up my sleeve that should be a nice addition and take the mod up a notch. Stay tuned.

#53 4 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

Maybe this... keep lamps on and flickering, but when the lamp matrix would have lit the gate lamps, trigger the servo animation to open gates for a period, delay, check if still on, keep open if so and close when off. Maybe make it configurable with a dip switch? Lamps always flicker or only flicker when the lamp matrix would be lighting it...

Ok so this is exactly what I'm trying to do now. I can connect a relay to the current gate lamps so I see a dry contact pulse (trigger) every time the lamps flash. I have script that will open the gate with one pulse and close the gates with a second pulse but I need script that can monitor the relay pulses and when it sees the first pulse open the gates and ignore any additional pulses. When no pulses are seen for x amount of time (i.e. the lamps on the gates stop flashing) the gates close.

I know nothing about script or programming and I've been making slow progress through trial and error.

#55 4 years ago

Old Gate

New Gate
V7 2.jpg

#59 4 years ago

Thanks to winteriscoming I finally have the code working properly without having to use the PIG2. The PIG2 is very nice (from the research I've done) for controlling multiple mods or a really complex mod but kind of cost prohibitive for integrating it into a less complicated mod. It would be nice if they could create a basic version that has only one in and one out for less money. Just my opinion.

Operation of the gate will be as follows:
- The flickering torches will be on all the time.
- The gates will open and stay open anytime the lamps on the current gate are flashing (Bone Busting and Victory Laps).
- The gates will close when the lamps stop flashing.

#60 4 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

That's looking much better!
Is the "Jurassic Park" lettering not printing well enough in the 3D print? Is it going to end up being 2d text that's applied later?

The text comes out fine on the 3D printer. I have two versions I'll be doing. One will have the text printed separate which may make painting easier and one will have the text printed on the arch.

I thought about using a 2D decal that could be applied but then thought everything else is 3D why take a shortcut on the text.

#63 4 years ago
Quoted from Sijcolo:

Looks good I would love to see it in person when you have it installed

We'll have to get together once it's done. I'd love to play your collection as well sometime.

1 week later
#65 4 years ago

Here is the latest version including stepped columns, Jurassic Park text, working gate that comes on with Bone Busting Mode/Victory Lap Mode.

Also includes the surprise I was talking about!
Jungle/Jeep backdrop (final design still needs to be refined) and white LED to light up backdrop when gate opens (you'll notice it go off when the gate is getting ready to close). Watch the video at the bottom!

Upper playfield picture:

Up close picture:

Video of Gate in action (The LEDs in the game wash out the video a little bit, looks much better in person):

1 week later
#74 4 years ago

Update: So I've had some struggles as of late with the electronics and working out some bugs in the code. I have all that taken care of now. I've finalized my design, my BOM is finalized and I have a good idea how long things will take to assemble. I have the build process down to 6 hours from start to finish. There are a ton of small details involved in the build.

I've come up with a price. I'll be charging $250 which will include shipping to the continental US. International shipments will be more to cover shipping. I haven't quite figured that out yet.

I'll be looking for candidates for some beta testing and feedback. Send me a PM if you're interested.

#77 4 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

i could test in fort collins for you but my jp is not working at the moment

I remember you contacted me about helping you fix your game. I can try to help once I get these gates out for beta testing. I'm not an expert troubleshooting boards as it takes me a while along with lots of research but I've been able to fix just about anything I've come across.

#78 4 years ago

I've selected the 4 beta testers I'll be working with so beta testing is closed for the time being. I should have the test gates assembled, tested and ready to ship in the next 6-7 days hopefully. If the feedback is positive and minimal changes are required I should have these ready for production shortly after the testing is completed.

One thing I'm debating on is the placement of the extra bulb that comes on when the gate is triggered to open. The circuit can either light a bulb in the arch that can illuminate the picture I showed in the video or it can light a spotlight that will shed some light on the front of the gate (similar to the spotlight mod on white water)

I'll post some video of both options in my machine later this week.

What do you guys think?

#79 4 years ago

Video with the spotlight that comes on when the gate opens and turns off when it closes.

#86 4 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

I doubt that guy is ever going to get those t-rexes made...

I like it. Do you think you'll make it user-configurable? Like have the option for the picture and bulb to illuminate it, or mount the bulb in the arch?
I look forward to getting one in my game.

I'll have to give that some thought as the two options use different parts. One is a lamp socket mounted in the arch aimed at the photo, led bulb, mounting bracket for the photo and the photo itself. It would use the same connector to plug into the controller board.

The other is a spotlight dish, lamp socket super bright LED and connector. No photo and no photo bracket. By the way the latest video is not using a super bright LED bulb. I'm looking for something that will be brighter so it really gets your attention that the gate is opening.

The spotlight lamp mounts on the plastics above the pops and below the T-Rex "food dish". lol

#87 4 years ago

Thanks to Bleacher Bum's request I'll be starting a waiting list so I can keep ahead of production and part lead-times once the beta test period is over.

As I mentioned before there are a lot of hours that goes into one of these so it will take some time to get them to anyone that wants one. I don't know how many hours a week I can actually dedicate to production as I have a full time job, a family, and I'd still like to play some pinball once in a while! I'm guessing I'll be putting them out at a rate of 1-2 a week hopefully.

I'm not taking deposits or pre-orders. I just want to get an idea how many are on board. Send me a PM if you want on the list.

Those that contact me will be entered in the order I receive them and I will respond back as soon as possible with your number.

Thanks for all the support and kind words!

#88 4 years ago

Picture of the vertical planks in the doors. This is the first of the beta test models.

My 3D printer guy ran out of filament so it will take a little longer to get the rest of the beta models done.


#90 4 years ago

In the process of documenting the mod I've come to the conclusion that the end user will have a couple of different configuration options in regards to lighting.

I intended the torch LEDs to be on all the time and the spotlight lamp to come on when the gate is triggered to open. By swapping the 2 connections you can make the spotlight stay on all the time (or just leave it disconnected if you don't want a spotlight) and have the torches come on only when the gate is triggered to open.

Sharpening my pencil to reduce my BOM cost I was able to find enough margin to include both the spotlight lamp and the arch lamp and background photo/bracket so the end user also has the choice of having either lighting option. I may also be able to include a splitter so you can have both the arch LED and the spotlight lamp on at the same time but I still need to test this last option.

#92 4 years ago

Thanks to PinMister anyone at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown this weekend will be able to check out the gate in person! It will have the spotlight option and the backdrop but unfortunately the backdrop lighting will not be available as the bracket I was working on this evening had to be scrapped.

#97 4 years ago

So after installing the gate into pinmister's JP at the show guess who walks over... Jersey Jack.

I over heard him telling another guy that he liked it and that he would have been happy if they would have done something like that for one of his games. That was the highlight of this project for me! So cool to have someone so innovative have good things to say about my work.

I also saw Kaytee and Charlie from Spooky pinball this morning. I was going to ask Charlie to take a look but they were trying to get to breakfast.

I'll be at the show on Sat. Can't wait to play AMH, Kiss, Hobbit and a few others!

Oh yea, installation took about 20 minutes and everything worked right out of the shoot. Received quite a few compliments. Always nice to hear.

#100 4 years ago

So the results are in. 630 plays in 3 days and 0 issues reported. It was so cool to be able to show off the mod to Charlie from Spooky Pinball, Greg Freres, Rob Anthony (Lock When Lit) and Tim Mezel (Mezelmods). Everyone had lots of nice things to say about it.

Quoted from ChadH:

I believe the gate will open whenever the lamps on the gate are flashing. This means it will open during Bone Busting mode and during Victory mode.
Hmmm... it would be cool if the gate also opened when the Jackpot insert in front of the ramp is lit... or even when the "O" insert (from CHAOS) in front of the ramp is lit.

I might be able to open the gates for jackpot. I don't know if I would want to do it for the O in chaos. It just keeps making the mod more complicated for installation. I'll have to do some testing.

I just received enough gates from the 3D printer to finish building the beta models. Those should be completed by this weekend and hopefully ship on Monday or Tuesday next week.

1 week later
#102 4 years ago

I don't know why I give myself deadlines. I suck at meeting them. I have the 4 beta models about 70% completed but still have some work to do. Also need to finish the installation documentation.

#105 4 years ago

06/22 evening update.

Below is a video of the final beta version of the mod. Sorry for the washed out picture. LEDs are too bright on video. It looks so much better in person.

I've decided that the gate will only open during Bone Busting and Victory modes. To make it open at other times will require the PIG2. It doesn't make financial sense and I can't justify spending the additional time it would take to make that happen. Individuals can add it themselves if they choose.

Below is a picture of mostly everything the mod will come with (minus gate and backdrop photo). I say 3 piece mod in the video but it's actually a 6 piece mod that comes with the following hardware: Gate, main power cable, Spot lamp w/cable, Backdrop bracket w/lighting and movie photo, splitter cable and fused main circuit board that includes all the circuitry and software.

The Backdrop LED strip will come in cool or warm white. Your choice. The warm version is in the video.

All connections are color coded but it also comes with a 4 page, picture heavy, detailed installation instructions.
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#107 4 years ago

Betas will be done this weekend. I'm 85% there and should have them completed on Sat. I'll be reaching out to the testers for shipping info.

I greatly underestimated the amount of time that goes into making this mod with testing, troubleshooting and fine tuning. I also figured I'd save time once I got past the prototype and started making several at once but they seem to take the same amount of time. I see a price increase at some point in the future (not for those already on the list or those that get on it soon) or maybe just a limited run as I can't see myself making a bunch of these at the current price point. My free time is more valuable than Fast Food wages. It's not quite that bad but you know what I mean.

I took one more look at triggering the gate off the Ramp Jackpot and "O" in Chaos and I just can't see how to make that happen, even with the PIG2. The lamps for Jackpot and the O come on during power up and attract mode so the gate is constantly trying to open. I guess it just makes it that much more special when you do get it to open.

#111 4 years ago

There's no one thing that is taking the most time. It's that there are so many little things that add up to a lot of time. All the electronics and cables take up majority of the time with assembly and testing taking up the 2nd most amount of time. Painting is not that high on the list. Everything is handmade which takes time. There are 37 unique parts in my assembly BOM with a total of 98 pieces. This is a complex mod with lots of pieces and moving parts.

I don't think a kit is going to work as I said some of the time is testing and fine tuning. If I sold them as kits I would have to thoroughly document the assembly process. I'm sure even then I would get lots of phone calls for support. I'd rather complete them here and make sure they are right and everything is working when they leave so it's a plug and play mod.

The price doesn't even include all the R&D and initial investment. I'm not trying to get rich here. I just want to make sure I still feel like doing these 6 months from now if someone wants one. I'm not thinking a drastic price increase. Just enough to cover the additional time I didn't account for initially.

#113 4 years ago
Quoted from twinmice:

How do you get on the list?

I've added you to the list twinmice.

#114 4 years ago

Finally finished building, testing and packing the beta test models. They will be shipping tomorrow. Feels good to get these things done and send them off into the world.

Yours is on top Chad H.

Here's an updated photo of what you'll be getting.

#117 4 years ago

The beta gates should have been received yesterday. I'm sure with the holiday weekend that we won't hear any feedback until next week. Happy 4th of July to everyone!

#120 4 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

This is a beautiful mod OP! Folks like you keeping hobby fresh and new!

Thanks underlord!

I just received my T-Rex today and I just purchased the new topper. This is going to be one tricked out JP when it's done.

2 weeks later
#121 4 years ago

Things are going well with the beta testing. I have some tweaks and additions to make to the installation instructions and a minor packaging change. I'm just waiting for a couple of the surveys to be filled out before I consider the beta phase complete. I've started production for the components I was confident wouldn't be impacted by the beta testing. Hoping to wrap up beta testing in the next week or so and start shipping the first few production gates by early August. I'll contact those on the wait list when yours is ready to ship.

1 week later
#123 4 years ago

OK. So the beta test results are in…

- There will be a minor change in packaging.
- There will be some clarifications and additional information added to the installation instructions.
- Extensive testing by Chad H revealed some strange anomalies related to when the gate opens. These are due to how the existing gate lamps are controlled by the machine's original design (which is what I use to trigger the new gate) that I was not aware of prior to development and didn't even noticed until extensive testing was done.

During certain modes the game does a random flash sequence and it includes the Gate lamps.

The anomalies are:
1. The gate opens for a short time when 2 Ball Multi-ball is activated. Opens and stays open for 10 seconds.
2. Chad reported that the gate opens for a short time when System Failure is activated. I wasn’t able to replicate that but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen for some.
3. Whenever an Extra Ball is collected at the upper right kick out the gate momentarily opens for 2 seconds (which is not enough time for it to fully open) and then closes.
4. If you’ve earned an extra ball and you drain, the gate will momentarily open for 2 seconds right before the next ball kicks into the shooter lane.
5. During Victory Lap mode every time you make the ramp shot the Gate will fully close and then reopen again.

Scenarios 1 and 2 can't be avoided.

Scenarios 3 and 4 could potentially be resolved with a time delay in the code before the gate opens when falsely triggered but then the gate also has the same time delay when it should be opening on a valid trigger. I personally like it to open right away when it's supposed to so you can watch it while you are waiting for the ball to kick out.
While I'd consider these minor issues that don't detract too much from the overall mod, I believe in full disclosure and you can make your own decision whether or not you still want to purchase the mod. It doesn’t do exactly what I wanted it to do but it’s not a flaw in the mod. Unfortunately that’s how the game was designed and to me it beats scrapping the project.

Thoughts and feedback appreciated.

2 weeks later
#128 4 years ago

I'm not worried about wear on the servos. Thanks for the feedback.

#129 4 years ago

The first 4 production models will be shipping on Monday. I'll be reaching out to the first 4 on the wait list. I have 5 more that will be shipping within the next 2 weeks. Production is SLOW going. So many details...

#130 4 years ago

I wanted to give everyone that's been following this thread and offering compliments and kind words of encouragement one last chance to get this mod at the original price of $250. After 08/31/15 the price will increase to $280. This was a tough decision and I really wanted to keep the price as low as possible but the amount of time that goes into each one of these was greatly underestimated. I'm not looking to make as much as possible here I just need to add a little more to cover my time. I hope you understand and thanks again for the support everyone!

If you've already contacted me to get on the wait list you are locked in at the original price.

#132 4 years ago

A little over one week left to get your gate mod at the original price. PM me to get on the list.

1 week later
#134 4 years ago

Only 2 days left. Get your gate mod for $250 before the price increases to $280. Sorry for the bumps if you're tired of seeing this thread but I want to make sure anyone that was following this thread gets an opportunity to buy at the original price before the increase kicks in.

#136 4 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

For those that have received and installed... did you all have original boards? I got mine in the mail yesterday, it looks super and I was so excited to start putting it in... but I don't think that I can install it because I've got Rottendog power supply and CPU boards in my JP. There are no test points to clip the mod to, and since I just now got the machine to run correctly with those boards after over a year of issues, I'm not going to solder or permanently mod the boards just to make this mod run. I've PMed outside but it's been a few hours and no response so just thought I'd check here to see if anyone else had ideas or issues with this.

image.jpg image_1.jpg

My suggestion to blondetall was to use the DK powertap. http://www.dkpinball.com/DKWP/?page_id=601

I never thought of those that had both the power supply and CPU boards replaced with aftermarket boards not having a place to tap into power for my mod. The DK power tap is inexpensive ($15.95), easy to install and requires no permanent modifications. It should work with any aftermarket board.

#137 4 years ago

BTW. Today is the last day to get on the list at the $250 price point.

#140 4 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

Would an external power supply that plugs into the service outlet be an option or are you tapping both 12v and 5v? Granted, the service outlet is always getting power, so it might be better to wire the external power supply into the game's main switched power wires so that it gets turned off with the game.

I think an external power supply would work. I'm only using the 5V line. You would definitely want to wire it to switch off when the game switches off. My mod already has a built in fuse so it would be protected if you wanted to wire straight into a power supply.

For some odd reason my service outlet is missing. There's a hole for it but no plug.

2 weeks later
#147 4 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

I really really appreciate everyone's help, but it's installed now and working just fine. (I was sure it would be something simple for you capable guys, but I'm a newbie and stressed to the max these days with family stuff, and this just was too much for my brain and limited electrical knowlege to handle.)
My husband came out of his migraine coma last night to me sitting in the floor by my machine crying, told me to go to bed, and this morning before work showed me that it works 100% now. I honestly don't know exactly what he did, but his wire stripper and the alligator clips were sitting on the machine next to JP so I'm betting he made pins for it somehow. He's very handy with electronics, computers, etc and used to wire home theaters, so he probably found supplies in his stash somewhere. He assured me that it is done properly and correctly and will not blow up. (Power supply capacitor blew up on me once when home alone, smoke everywhere, panic, not fun.)
Again, all you guys are awesome for the help, and it's very much appreciated. Maybe that info will be useful for someone else that has replacement boards and gets this mod.

Glad everything worked out for you blondetall. Hope you're enjoying the mod!

Thanks for your help dkpinball!

1 month later
#150 4 years ago

Quick update:

I've been working on a large batch. I'm about 70 percent done with this run. I got burned out on them for a while and took a break. These things are extremely tedious and consume massive amounts of my free time. I'll be out of the country for the next 2 weeks so hopefully I'll resume production after that. My target at this time is to get some out before Thanksgiving and the rest before Christmas. I'd like to get one to everyone that is currently on the list before the end of the year. Thanks for your patience everyone!

2 weeks later
#155 4 years ago
Quoted from pinwaz:

Hi Outcida,
Awesome mod,can you please add Pinwaz to the list

I just responded to your PM before seeing this. I'll add you to the list.

#156 4 years ago
Quoted from enjoyvelvet:

man that is sweet. Any installation videos being uploaded?

Thanks. I don't have an installation video and probably won't make one as I'm not very good with shooting or editing. Maybe someone that is installing one will be kind enough to document their journey.

I do have very detailed written instructions with lots of pictures.

Installation Instructions Rev B 08-15-15.pdf

4 weeks later
#157 4 years ago

I'm working on the next batch of 10. If anyone wants in send me a PM.

1 month later
#158 3 years ago

I have 1 in stock now and ready to ship if anyone is interested.

4 months later
#167 3 years ago

I have 4 of these in stock if anyone is interested.

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#168 3 years ago

Gates are now on sale for $247 if anyone is interested.

(November 25th-28th)
- 10% Off all Orders *USE COUPON CODE: "BF10OFF"

- Free shipping on orders over $50

- Free T.I.L.T. Mods Basic Board F2S ($10.99 value) included with any order over $150 You don't need to add it to your cart. It will be included with your shipment.

- Don't forget to sign up for the Pinball Points Program to start saving money.


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#169 2 years ago

I was recently able to significantly lower my BOM cost on the Functioning JP Gate by redesigning the 3D parts so I can make them in house along with some other improvements that lower labor hours slightly. Due to this I will now be able to offer the function gate mod for $240 which includes free shipping.

Also because of some recent requests I will offer a static version of the gate mod that has the flickering torch lights. This version will be $110.

You can purchase either of these on www.timspinballmods.com

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